7 Best Push-Up Boards in 2023

Welcome to our guide on the “Best Push-Up Boards in 2023.” In this article, we’ll introduce you to a selection of top-quality push-up boards to help you elevate your workout routine and build upper body strength effectively.

Whether you’re a beginner, fitness enthusiast, or dealing with wrist discomfort, we’ve got the perfect push-up board recommendations for you.

What is a Push-Up Board?

A push-up board is a versatile platform that revolutionizes the way you do push-ups. It features adjustable hand grips raised from the ground, allowing you to work your muscles from various angles. These hand grips can be rotated, enabling you to perform push-ups with different hand positions.

The ability to modify hand placement vertically, horizontally, or both enhances your workout experience and targets different muscle groups effectively.

7 Best Best Push-Up Boards

1. LALAHIGH Push-Up Board

LALAHIGH Push Up Board, Upgraded 15 in 1 Push Up Bar, Premium ABS Pushup Stands w/ Drawstring Bag, Professional Pushup System for Chest, Tricep, Back, & Abs Workout, Portable Home Strength Training Equipment, Gift for boyfriend

The LALAHIGH Push-Up Board is the ultimate choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking a versatile and robust push-up platform. Crafted from durable ABS ductile plastic, this foldable board combines lightweight design with exceptional strength and structural stability. Its non-slip push-up handles are strategically elevated, allowing for a complete pectoral stretch during each repetition.

What sets this board apart is its 15 snap-fit design positions, accommodating a range of grip options from wide to narrow. These positions are divided into four distinct training zones, catering to different muscle groups, including the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back.

Impressively, the LALAHIGH Upgraded Push-Up Board supports a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, and its quadruple-set premium spring system enables convenient folding for storage. Anti-slip pads on the base ensure stability during workouts, minimizing lateral movement.

Notably, this board incorporates built-in resistance bands, adding a new dimension to your training routine by targeting both upper and lower body muscles. Your purchase includes a high-quality PVC coated 6 mm jump rope and a convenient carry bag, making it easy to take your push-up board on the go.

2. Iron Chest Master

IRON CHEST MASTER Push Up Bar | At Home Workout Equipment for Chest Workouts | Push Up Board Includes Resistance Bands and Unique Fitness Program

The Iron Chest Master is a top-notch push-up board designed for serious strength training. Created by legendary natural bodybuilder Ron Williams, this 48-inch long platform is crafted from robust metal and stands out for its unique sliding handle system. These handles can be adjusted in and out as you perform your push-ups, adding an extra layer of versatility to your workouts. What sets this board apart is the inclusion of resistance bands, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity of your exercises.

With the Iron Chest Master, you can perform six different exercises simultaneously, targeting your chest, triceps, shoulders, back, abs, and biceps effectively and efficiently. The patented arc movement of the handles maximizes your range of motion, providing an exceptional workout for your chest muscles. Moreover, the resistance bands are adjustable, ranging from 60 to 120 pounds, ensuring you can tailor the resistance to match your fitness level.

This push-up board features high-quality bearings to minimize joint stress, and each bearing has a remarkable 300-pound capacity, resulting in an impressive total weight capacity of 600 pounds. While it offers exceptional benefits for strength training, it’s worth noting that the Iron Chest Master falls on the higher end of the price spectrum.

3. AERLANG Push-Up Board

AERLANG Push Up Board, Portable Multi-Function Foldable 10 in 1 Push Up Bar, Push up Handles for Floor,Professional Push Up Strength Training Equipment

The AERLANG Push-Up Board is a budget-friendly yet versatile 10-in-1 push-up board designed to deliver excellent value for fitness enthusiasts. It comes equipped with color-coded slots for targeting specific muscle groups, including pectorals, abdominals, arms, and latissimus dorsi, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget.

The non-slip push-up handles are constructed from sturdy, slip-resistant material, ensuring a secure grip during workouts. The board itself boasts a foldable, lightweight, and compact design, weighing just 1.5 kg, making it incredibly travel-friendly. It is made from thick plastic material, providing durability that belies its budget-friendly price.

You have the option to purchase the board on its own or choose a package deal that includes four latex resistance bands, two handles, a pair of hand grips, a door anchor, and two ankle straps, allowing for a broader range of exercise options.

The AERLANG Push-Up Board is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their push-up workouts and target specific muscle groups without breaking the bank. Its budget-friendly price point makes it an accessible option for fitness enthusiasts at all levels of experience.

4. N\C Push-Up Board

The N/C Push-Up Board is an excellent choice for individuals new to push-up boards and looking to kickstart their fitness journey. Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, this board shares a resemblance in both appearance and functionality with our top-rated board, the LALAHIGH Upgraded Push-Up Board.

What sets the N/C board apart is its intuitive color-coded system, making it exceptionally beginner-friendly. Each section of the board is color-coded, indicating which muscle group you’re targeting during your workout. Red signifies shoulders, yellow for back, green for triceps, and blue for pectorals. This feature ensures that even newcomers can easily identify and work on specific muscle groups.

Furthermore, the N/C Push-Up Board offers versatility with ten distinct hand grip positions. These positions accommodate various wrist angles, including a neutral grip, allowing you to customize your workouts and reduce the risk of wrist strain. The handles are textured and non-slip, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure grip.

Constructed from high-strength ABS plastic, the platform is both robust and conveniently foldable, making it compact and lightweight for effortless transportation. To prevent any unwanted sliding during workouts, the base of the platform is equipped with multi-angle skid plugs.

Though it may not provide as many exercise variations as some other boards on the market, the N/C Push-Up Board’s affordability, ease of use, and focus on muscle group targeting make it an excellent choice for those new to push-up boards and seeking variety in their training regimen.

5. Power Press Push-Up Board

POWER PRESS Push Up Board – Home Workout Equipment, Push Up Bar with 30+ Color Coded Combo Positions for Exercise – Portable Gym Accessories for men and Women, Strength Training Equipment, Original

The Power Press Push-Up Board is a versatile and user-friendly option for those looking to enhance their upper body strength without the need for heavy equipment. This color-coded system allows you to target different muscle groups effectively. The board is divided into color-coded slots that correspond to specific body parts, and by adjusting the handle placement, you can perform up to 14 different push-up variations.

Constructed from durable carbon fiber material, both the board and handles are exceptionally strong, ensuring long-lasting performance. The oversized handles reduce wrist tension, promoting a comfortable workout experience. The board comes in two pieces that fit together securely, and it features non-slip pads on the bottom, preventing it from sliding during your workouts.

With a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Power Press Push-Up Board is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. It’s compact and lightweight, measuring 38.2 inches x 24 inches x 2 inches, making it easy to store and transport. Additionally, your purchase includes a comprehensive 10-week workout program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

While it offers a variety of hand positions for effective muscle targeting, it does not provide options for increased resistance, making it more suitable for those seeking bodyweight-based workouts.

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6. YIGM 360°

YIGM 360 ° Rotation Push Up Board Push Up Bar Upgrated Push-up Board Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts Portable Push Up Stands

The YIGM 360° push-up board stands out for its unique ability to rotate the handles through a full 360-degree range. This innovative feature significantly reduces wrist strain during push-up exercises, making it an ideal choice for those concerned about joint discomfort.

Constructed from robust ABS plastic, the folding board is designed to withstand the rigors of regular workouts. The rubberized handles, positioned at an optimal height from the base, allow for a deep stretch of the pectoral muscles when you reach the bottom of your push-up motion. Additionally, the rubber coating enhances comfort and minimizes the risk of slipping due to sweat.

While the YIGM 360° offers impressive rotational capabilities, it’s worth noting that the hand positions are not adjustable inward or outward, limiting its versatility. This push-up board is well-suited for beginners seeking an ergonomic and wrist-friendly option, but it may lack the variety required for more advanced users with specific training goals.

7. Barwing Home Gym

The Barwing Home Gym is a comprehensive fitness system that goes beyond the traditional push-up board, making it an excellent choice for those looking to achieve a complete body workout in the comfort of their home. This multifunctional system combines versatility and convenience, offering a range of exercise options that rival those of a commercial gym.

At its core, the Barwing Home Gym includes a non-slip grip base with ten anchor points designed for attaching resistance bands. The set includes four resistance bands with varying levels of resistance, allowing you to customize your training intensity. Additionally, a resistance bar is included, which can be connected to the bands to replicate the feel of using a barbell during exercises.

The system also features slots for the included push-up bars, enabling you to perform slightly elevated push-ups with a neutral hand position. However, it’s important to note that the push-up bar positions are not adjustable, which may limit some exercise variations compared to other specialized push-up boards.

Where the Barwing Home Gym truly excels is in its ability to provide a full-body workout experience. It allows you to simulate a wide range of exercises typically found in a commercial gym, including squats, deadlifts, and push presses. To further enhance your training options, the package includes a non-slip floor pad, ankle straps, resistance band handles, and a door anchor, enabling you to replicate cable pulley machine exercises and target various muscle groups effectively.

While it may have limitations in terms of push-up variations, the Barwing Home Gym stands out as a comprehensive home gym system that offers complete workout versatility, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a diverse and effective fitness solution.

Benefits of Push-Up Boards

1. Reduced Wrist Strain

Traditional push-ups can strain your wrists due to the immobile inverted position they require. Push-up boards offer a neutral hand grip, reducing wrist strain and improving shoulder joint mobility. This comfort factor is especially crucial during high-repetition workouts and advanced push-up variations.

2. Versatile Push-Up Variations

Push-up boards encourage versatility by enabling a wide range of push-up variations. You can instantly change your hand position and elevate your hands from the floor, making it safer and more accessible to perform advanced variations like planche push-ups and handstand push-ups. They are particularly beneficial for beginners, helping them explore various push-up types safely.

3. Enhanced Torso Elevation

Push-up boards allow you to elevate your torso safely, shifting the muscle emphasis during your workouts. For example, an elevated push-up targets the upper chest more intensely, offering a unique angle to work on specific muscle groups.

4. Expanded Range of Motion

Starting with an elevated hand position on a push-up board allows you to lower your torso below your hands, resulting in a deeper chest stretch compared to standard push-ups. This increased range of motion places greater stress on the target muscle, promoting muscle growth.

5. Targeted Muscle Group Focus

Adjustable hand positions on push-up boards enable you to shift the focus of your workouts. By positioning the hand grips closer together, you can target the triceps instead of primarily working on your chest. Some push-up boards even facilitate abdominal and core exercises, expanding your workout options.

What to Look for When Buying a Push-Up Board

Before investing in a push-up board, consider these key factors:

1. Features

Look for hand grips that are several inches from the floor to allow for a greater chest stretch. Rotatable handles provide versatility, while cushioned handles enhance comfort during workouts. Check the maximum user weight capacity to ensure it accommodates your needs.

2. Materials

Choose a durable push-up board made from materials like steel, aluminum, or strong plastic. Check for high-quality ball bearings in boards with rotating hand grips, and ensure the hand grips are textured and sweat-resistant for a secure grip.

3. Build Quality

Ensure the board is sturdily constructed to handle your body weight without causing wear and tear. Moving parts should rotate or lift smoothly without friction.

4. Price

Push-up boards come in various price ranges. While basic plastic models are budget-friendly, higher-spec steel or aluminum options may be pricier. Consider your budget and requirements when making your choice.

5. Reviews

Read online reviews from verified purchasers to gather insights on comfort, range of motion, and durability. Pay attention to long-term users’ experiences and customer service feedback.

Push-Up Board FAQs

1. Do Push-Up boards work effectively?

A: Yes, push-up boards can be highly effective when used consistently and properly. They reduce wrist strain, enhance versatility, and offer multiple angles to work different muscle groups effectively.

2. Is it possible to build muscle with a push-up board?

Yes, you can build muscle with a push-up board, especially if you’re a beginner. As you progress, adding extra resistance or incorporating other weight training exercises can further promote muscle growth.

3. How many push-ups should I aim for daily?

Aim to do a minimum of 40 push-ups per day for overall health benefits. To build strength, consider working up to 100 consecutive reps, but for muscle building, incorporate additional resistance.

4. Are push-ups superior to planks?

Yes, push-ups are more dynamic than planks, engaging multiple muscle groups through a full range of motion. While planks have their benefits, push-ups offer a more comprehensive workout.

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