11 Best Push-Up Boards for Upper Body Sculpting

Want to enhance your pushup technique and make your workouts more challenging? Consider foldable pushup boards. These handy tools come in different styles, but they all help you do pushups correctly and prevent wrist discomfort.

We’ve done the research, testing for durability, comfort, stability, and adjustability, while also considering customer reviews.

After testing 20 options on the market, we have curated our top picks and expert advice on finding the right foldable push-up boards for you.

What is a Push-Up Board?

A push-up board is a versatile platform that changes how you do push-ups. It has adjustable hand grips that lift you off the ground, letting you work your muscles from different angles.

You can rotate these grips for different hand positions, making it easier to target specific muscle groups.

11 Best Best Push-Up Boards

1. LALAHIGH Push-Up Board

LALAHIGH Push Up Board, Upgraded 15 in 1 Push Up Bar, Premium ABS Pushup Stands w/ Drawstring Bag, Professional Pushup System for Chest, Tricep, Back, & Abs Workout, Portable Home Strength Training Equipment, Gift for boyfriend

The LALAHIGH Push-Up Board is a foldable, versatile fitness tool made of durable ABS ductile plastic. It features 15 snap-fit positions for various grip options, targeting multiple muscle groups like the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back. It includes non-slip, elevated handles and built-in resistance bands for a comprehensive workout. The board supports up to 300 pounds and comes with anti-slip pads for stability, a jump rope, and a carry bag.


  • Offers 15 positions for a range of exercises.
  • Made from sturdy ABS plastic.
  • Foldable design makes it easy to store and transport.
  • Comes with resistance bands for full-body workouts.
  • Can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Includes a jump rope and carry bag.


  • Needs sufficient space for setup and storage.
  • The variety of positions might be overwhelming for new users.
  • Requires a stable, flat surface for safe use.

2. Iron Chest Master

IRON CHEST MASTER Push Up Bar | At Home Workout Equipment for Chest Workouts | Push Up Board Includes Resistance Bands and Unique Fitness Program


The Iron Chest Master is a durable, 48-inch metal push-up board designed by Ron Williams. It features a unique sliding handle system for a dynamic workout, allowing adjustments during push-ups. The board incorporates resistance bands with adjustable intensity from 60 to 120 pounds, enabling a varied strength training experience. It targets multiple muscle groups including the chest, triceps, shoulders, back, abs, and biceps through six different exercises, using a patented arc movement for handles to enhance range of motion.


  • Versatile workouts with adjustable sliding handles.
  • Targets multiple muscle groups effectively.
  • Adjustable resistance bands (60-120 pounds).
  • High-quality bearings reduce joint stress.
  • Durable with a total weight capacity of 600 pounds.


  • Priced on the higher end, making it a significant investment.
  • May be bulky for some storage spaces.
  • Specific to strength training, not a full-body workout solution.

3. AERLANG Push-Up Board

AERLANG Push Up Board, Portable Multi-Function Foldable 10 in 1 Push Up Bar, Push up Handles for Floor,Professional Push Up Strength Training Equipment


The AERLANG Push-Up Board is a versatile 10-in-1 fitness tool designed for push-up workouts. It features color-coded slots to target specific muscle groups like chest, abs, arms, and back. The non-slip handles ensure a secure grip during exercises. It’s lightweight, foldable, and made of durable plastic. You can use it alone or as part of a package with extra exercise accessories like resistance bands, handles, and more.


  • Versatile for targeting different muscle groups.
  • Non-slip handles for stability.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Option for package with extra exercise accessories.


  • Limited to push-up exercises.
  • Some may prefer more advanced equipment for advanced workouts.

4. N\C Push-Up Board

The N/C Push-Up Board is a fitness tool designed for beginners in push-up training. It features a color-coded system where each color corresponds to a different muscle group: red for shoulders, yellow for the back, green for triceps, and blue for pectorals. With ten different hand grip positions, users can perform push-ups targeting various muscles while minimizing wrist strain. The board is made from durable ABS plastic, is foldable, and includes multi-angle skid plugs for stability.


  • Color-coded system makes it easy to focus on specific muscle groups.
  • Offers ten hand positions, allowing for diverse workouts and reduced wrist stress.
  • Constructed from high-strength ABS plastic; foldable for easy transport.
  • Textured, non-slip handles and skid plugs on the base provide safety during use.


  • Does not support as many exercises as some other push-up boards.
  • Mainly suitable for beginners, might not be as appealing to advanced users.

5. Power Press Push-Up Board

POWER PRESS Push Up Board – Home Workout Equipment, Push Up Bar with 30+ Color Coded Combo Positions for Exercise – Portable Gym Accessories for men and Women, Strength Training Equipment, Original

The Power Press Push-Up Board is a fitness tool designed for enhancing upper body strength without heavy equipment. It features a color-coded system with slots for targeting specific muscle groups. Adjusting the handle placement allows you to do 14 different push-up variations. Made from durable carbon fiber, it’s strong, and the oversized handles reduce wrist strain. Non-slip pads keep it stable during workouts. It’s compact, lightweight, and includes a 10-week workout program.


  • Versatile upper body workout tool.
  • Color-coded system for muscle targeting.
  • Durable carbon fiber construction.
  • Oversized handles for wrist comfort.
  • Non-slip pads for stability.
  • Suitable for a wide range of users.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Includes a 10-week workout program.


  • No adjustable resistance.
  • Primarily bodyweight-based exercises.

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6. YIGM 360°

YIGM 360 ° Rotation Push Up Board Push Up Bar Upgrated Push-up Board Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts Portable Push Up Stands

The YIGM 360° push-up board is a fitness tool designed to enhance push-ups. Its standout feature is the handles that rotate 360 degrees, aimed at reducing wrist strain. Made from sturdy ABS plastic, it has a foldable design and rubberized handles that allow for a comfortable grip and a deep stretch during exercises.


  • Rotating handles reduce wrist strain.
  • Durable ABS construction.
  • Rubberized handles for comfort and non-slip grip.
  • Ideal for beginners due to ergonomic design.


  • Hand positions are not adjustable sideways, limiting versatility.
  • May not suit advanced users seeking specific training adaptations.

7. Barwing Home Gym

The Barwing Home Gym is a versatile fitness system designed for home use. It features a non-slip base with ten anchor points for resistance bands and includes four bands of varying resistance levels. A resistance bar is included, which can be attached to the bands for exercises. Push-up bars are also part of the system, offering slightly elevated push-up positions. While these positions aren’t adjustable, the system allows for a wide range of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, and push presses. It also includes accessories like a non-slip floor pad, ankle straps, resistance band handles, and a door anchor for diverse workouts.


  1. Compact and Space-Efficient.
  2. Customizable with varying resistance levels.
  3. Versatile, enabling multiple exercise options.
  4. Includes accessories for a full-body workout.
  5. Cost-effective compared to gym memberships.


  1. Limited push-up bar position adjustability.
  2. Requires proper exercise technique for effectiveness.
  3. May not fully replace the experience of a commercial gym.

8. Power Up Exercise Board

Power Up Exercise Board Review

The Power Up Exercise Board is a versatile fitness tool designed to provide a full upper body workout and engage core muscles. It features a color-coded push-up system with holes corresponding to specific muscle groups, making it easy to customize workouts. Assembly is simple, with handles inserted for a secure grip, and users can choose from a variety of exercises like wide grip and decline push-ups. The board’s angle and position can be adjusted for personalized intensity, catering to users of all fitness levels.


  • Versatile upper body workout
  • Color-coded system for easy customization
  • Simple assembly with secure grip handles
  • Wide range of exercise options available
  • Adjustable angle and position for personalized intensity


  • Primarily targets upper body muscles
  • Some users may find the color-coded system confusing initially
  • Limited lower body exercise options
  • Effectiveness may vary based on individual preferences and fitness levels

To learn more, read the full review of Power Up Exercise Board.

9. UltraFlexPress Training Board

UltraFlexPress Training Board Review

The UltraFlexPress Training Board is a portable exercise tool designed for full-body workouts. Its foldable design makes it convenient for users of all fitness levels to engage in various exercises targeting multiple muscle groups, including the chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, and core. With comfortable silicone handle grips and built-in features like a counter and timer, users can track their progress and maintain consistency in their training routines. The inclusion of tension bands adds resistance and variety to workouts, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the board.


  • Portable and foldable design for convenience
  • Targets multiple muscle groups for a comprehensive workout
  • Built-in counter and timer to track progress
  • Includes tension bands for added resistance and variety


  • Assembly required for attaching tension bands
  • Limited resistance for advanced users

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10. Maxpush Board

Maxpush Board Review

The Maxpush Board is a portable fitness device designed for upper body workouts at home. It features color-coded handles corresponding to different muscle groups, allowing users to perform various push-up positions effectively. Its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it convenient for home use or on-the-go workouts. The Maxpush Board offers versatility, catering to users of all fitness levels, and provides guided workouts to ensure proper form and muscle engagement.


  • Portable and convenient for home or travel workouts.
  • Versatile with color-coded handles for targeting specific muscle groups.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced users.
  • Offers guided workouts to maintain proper form and maximize effectiveness.


  • Initial learning curve for adapting to the color-coded handle system.
  • Limited focus on upper body workouts, may not be suitable for those seeking full-body exercises.
  • Weight limit of 600 pounds may restrict use for heavier individuals.

To learn more, read the full review of Maxpush Board.

11. Quadropress

Quadropress Review

Quadropress is a push-up board designed to improve upper body workouts by targeting specific muscle groups. It features a color-coded board with 14 preset positions, guiding users to place their hands correctly for effective muscle engagement during push-ups. The portable design makes it suitable for workouts anywhere, while the comfortable hand grips ensure a secure hold. With regular use, Quadropress can lead to increased upper body strength, muscle definition, and endurance.


  • Color-coded system simplifies hand placement for targeted muscle engagement
  • Portable design allows for workouts anytime, anywhere
  • Comfortable hand grips reduce strain during exercises
  • Effective for improving upper body strength, muscle definition, and endurance


  • Primarily focuses on upper body workouts, limited lower body engagement
  • May not provide a complete fitness solution on its own
  • Requires sufficient floor space for effective use

To learn more, read the full review of Quadropress.

How to Choose a Push-Up Board

  1. Key Features: Find a board with hand grips a few inches above the ground for better chest stretching. Look for rotatable and cushioned handles for variety and comfort. Ensure it can support your weight.

  2. Material Choice: Go for strong materials like steel, aluminum, or sturdy plastic. For boards with rotating grips, check for quality ball bearings. Grips should be textured and resist sweat for a better hold.

  3. Build Quality: The board should be strong enough for your weight without quick wear. Parts should move smoothly. Example: I use the Quadropress for easier, more effective push-ups.

  4. Price Range: Prices vary. Basic plastic ones are cheaper, but steel or aluminum ones cost more. Balance your budget with what you need.

  5. User Reviews: Read feedback from actual buyers about comfort, motion range, and how long it lasts. Focus on comments from long-term users and their customer service experiences.

Benefits of Push-Up Boards

  1. Easier on Your Wrists: Push-up boards help avoid wrist pain. They let you grip them in a way that’s more comfortable, making shoulder movements smoother too. This is really helpful if you’re doing a lot of push-ups or trying out different kinds.

  2. More Push-Up Types: With a push-up board, you can try lots of push-up styles easily. You can change your hand positions quickly and even do more advanced moves safely, like planche or handstand push-ups. Great for beginners to learn safely!

  3. Better Torso Lift: These boards let you lift your torso higher. This change makes some muscles, like your upper chest, work harder in different ways.

  4. Deeper Stretch for Chest: By starting higher on a board, you can lower your chest more than in a regular push-up. This deeper stretch works your muscles harder, which can help them grow.

  5. Focus on Specific Muscles: You can adjust your hands on the board to target different muscles. Bring them close to work on your triceps, or use the board for core exercises. It gives you more options in your workout.

1. Do Push-Up boards work effectively?

Yes, push-up boards can be highly effective when used consistently and properly. They reduce wrist strain, enhance versatility, and offer multiple angles to work different muscle groups effectively.

2. Is it possible to build muscle with a push-up board?

Yes, you can build muscle with a push-up board, especially if you’re a beginner. As you progress, adding extra resistance or incorporating other weight training exercises can further promote muscle growth.

3. How many push-ups should I aim for daily?

Aim to do a minimum of 40 push-ups per day for overall health benefits. To build strength, consider working up to 100 consecutive reps, but for muscle building, incorporate additional resistance.

4. Are push-ups superior to planks?

Yes, push-ups are more dynamic than planks, engaging multiple muscle groups through a full range of motion. While planks have their benefits, push-ups offer a more comprehensive workout.


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