Bossa Review – Scam or Legit?

So you’re thinking about buying the Bossa Invisible Hearing Aid, but you’re not sure if it’s trustworthy. I totally get it – it can be tough to know which hearing aids are worth your money. The good news is, I did some research on Bossa and I’ve got some info to share with you.

First off, a good hearing aid should help amplify soft sounds and make it easier for you to hear things you’ve been struggling with. 

Unfortunately, a lot of hearing aids out there are overhyped and don’t really do much. That’s why I took my time researching Bossa and getting feedback from other users before making a decision. I’m looking for a hearing aid that can help my dad, who has moderate hearing loss.

At the end of this article, I’ll also let you know where you can find a good alternative to the Bossa Invisible Hearing Aid. But for now, let’s dive into my review of Bossa.

Overview of Bossa Hearing

Bossa Hearing is a company founded by CEO Kathy, who experienced hearing loss at the age of 55 and was discouraged by the high cost of traditional hearing aids. The company’s mission is to provide affordable hearing aids for people with mild to severe hearing loss, without the need for an audiologist. The company’s slogan is “Unite the World, One Word at a Time.”

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Bossa TX-1 Mini Review

The customer reviews for the TX-1 Mini hearing aid are generally positive. One customer has mild to moderate hearing loss and purchased two of the devices after reading good reviews and appreciating the fair price and 1-month return policy. 

They found that the hearing aids improved their hearing immediately and the quality of sound was good. They found it took a little while to get used to the extra sounds they could hear but eventually stopped being bothered by them. 

They also appreciate the customer support they received from the company. Another customer has tried several other hearing aids and found that the Bossa Hearing aids have a good quality sound, especially for the advertised price. 

They were impressed with the attention to detail in the packaging and accessories, and appreciated the well-written instructions. 

They also appreciate that the company seems to have put thought into delivering what a US customer would want. They also find the price to be exceptional.

Bossa TX-5 Mini Review

The customer reviews of the TX-5 Mini hearing aid from Bossa are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the product as “the best thing since sliced bread” and an “outstanding value.” 

Customers also appreciate the high-tech features of the hearing aid, including background noise reduction software, long battery life, and a portable charging case. 

Additionally, customers have noted that the company is helpful and responsive throughout the purchase and follow-up process, and that the price structure of the products reduces the cost of hearing aids from thousands of dollars to a few hundred dollars. 

Some of the customers mention that they have tried other hearing aids before but found that the TX-5 is the most reasonably priced and best quality in the market. They also mention the 30-day money-back guarantee of the product.

Bossa ProTon Plus+ Review

The ProTon Plus+ is a new hearing aid from Bossa Hearing that boasts some impressive features. It’s 20% smaller than their previous model, making it nearly invisible when worn.

 The charging case has also been re-engineered and now provides 40+ hours of hearing without interruption. 

The 2023 X2 Digital Microchip technology is the real star of the show though, with built-in tinnitus management software and a background noise elimination feature that apparently works better than anything else on the market. 

Overall, it sounds like a pretty solid option for anyone in need of a hearing aid.

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Benefits of Bossa Invisible Hearing Aids

Check out the Bossa Invisible Hearing Aids. They’re as small as a pill, making them practically invisible when you wear them. Plus, the new TX-5 Mini model is 30% smaller than our previous version, but packs in even more technology.

And speaking of technology, the TX-5 Mini comes with a super cool charging case that gives you 35+ hours of use per charge. So even if your hearing aid runs out of juice, just pop it back in the case for a quick charge.

But that’s not all – the 2022 X5 Microchip technology is next level. It’s designed to work for 95% of people with hearing loss and even has built-in tinnitus management and background noise elimination features.

And the best part? These hearing aids won’t break the bank. 

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How Long Until I Get Used To My Hearing Aids?

So, it’ll take a bit of time for you to get used to your hearing aids. Experts say you should wear them for at least three weeks to fully acclimate. Here’s a rough timeline for adjusting:

  • Start by wearing them for 1-2 hours a day while you’re at home, doing your usual activities. The first few weeks may be a little tough as you get used to the fit.
  • By the second week, start wearing them outside too. Gradually increase the amount of time you wear them each day, aiming for 3-4 hours by the end of this week. You’ll start to hear things you couldn’t before!
  • By the third week, you should be good to go for any type of outside conversation, whether it’s in a busy restaurant or at work. Congrats on getting used to your hearing aids!

Customer Reviews of Bossa Hearing Aids

Overall, it seems like the majority of customers are very happy with the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aids. They mention that the hearing aids work well and they appreciate the added features like the rechargeable carrying case. 

However, a few customers have had issues with customer service and refunds. One customer mentioned that they had to report the company to their credit card company for not refunding them. Another customer mentions that the company did not honour the 1-year warranty period for their order.

Where to Get the Best Alternative of Bossa Hearing Aids?

If you’d like to get the best alternative for Bossa, you might go to Amazon.

I just found a very similar product on Amazon that can produce the same or even better results. It is also more reasonably priced!

You should look into it so that you don’t regret it later.

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How can Bossa hearing aids help with tinnitus?

Well, while they can’t cure it, they can boost ambient sound which can make tinnitus symptoms less noticeable. And according to the customers, they’ve seen an improvement in their quality of life since using the hearing aids.

What is your return policy?

No worries, they have got you covered. They recently updated it to a 45-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your Bossa hearing aids, just send them back and they will give you a refund. Plus, they offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty in case of any problems due to workmanship or design.

Why are your prices so low compared to other hearing aids I’ve seen?

Simple. They don’t have the same costs as other companies. They avoid the expensive overhead of audiology centers and streamline their processes so they can pass the savings onto you.

Do I need to take a hearing test before buying?

You’re right! The hearing aids are designed with cutting-edge technology to work for nearly everyone. With volume controls and different-sized ear tips included with your order, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit without having to see an audiologist or take a hearing test.

How do I care for my Bossa hearing aids?

No problem. With some simple maintenance, your hearing aids will last you a long time. Remove the ear tips and gently clean them with a cotton swab, keep them away from water, and make sure to recharge them each night.

What does the “O” and “N” stand for?

The “N” stands for “ON” and the “O” stands for “OFF”.

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9 thoughts on “Bossa Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. Your article is correct. I was told to return my aids for credit as regardless of earpiece I could not stop the whistle. I returned the end of June and this is mid August and 3 promises of a credit to be done that day, I have not gotten my credit. I do not recommend them at all. I then went to Hue and my aids work fine.

  2. I purchased a set and was immediately charged. I never received the product. I was informed there was no timeline for delivery. I canceled my order. I was promised a refund but never received. Learn by my mistake they are a Scam!

  3. I purchased the Bossa Hearing aids with the upgrade. They did not do me any good and the unwanted sounds were overbearing. I returned them as per the Bossa agent’s instructions. It has been over two months and several “Promises” from them, but I have gotten no return. I will be filing a complaint with my Attorney General soon.

  4. I was told that they had a money back guarantee. I sent the hearing device back because they were too big to fit into my clients ears…it just kept whistling loudly and falling out. They “apparently” did not receive the device within the warranty period and said they would send another device instead. I declined because I did not want another crappy device that did not work. They have now stopped responding to my emails.


  5. I have been waiting for 2 months. I sent an email tonight telling them I would report then as a scam and will let my credit card company know.
    Will never suggest this company to anyone.

    Anne Marie

  6. Six weeks later and still no hearing aid has arrived. The charge to me was posted via credit card on Aug13-22. I think I have been doped and will nev er get the hearing aid and will not receive my monet back even if I grt the hearing aid. I also cannot find a number to call a complaint. Someone help me find a number to call Bossa.

  7. I purchased Bossa Hearing Aids new TX-5 Mini that was supposed to fit in my ears. If I were an elephant they would fit in my ears. I called them and followed their instructions on how to return them which I did including sending them by Certified Mail a month ago. I called today and was on hold for over twenty minutes. The agent claimed she was unable to locate my return and became upset I had sent them back via Certified Mail. When I inquired when the refund would be processed she hung up on me. Since I used my banks credit card I will be disputing the entire purchase including shipping. Don’t do business with this company, they lie. I have now purchased EARGO Hearing Aids at a higher price and they fit in my ears and offer Superior Service.


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