Mambobaby Float Reviews: Scam or Legit?

On a sunny summer day, my husband and I decided it was time to introduce our 9-month-old daughter, Lily, to the water. We went to the local pool, hoping she’d enjoy it. But to our surprise, she was terrified and clung to us tightly when we put her toes in the water.

We felt desperate to make her comfortable, so I looked for a solution on my phone. I found something called the Mambobaby Float, which promised safety and comfort. We decided to give it a try.

When it arrived, we followed the instructions carefully. At first, Lily seemed unsure, but as her feet touched the water, her eyes filled with curiosity and excitement. The Mambobaby Float had transformed her fear into joy.

With its secure harness vest and UV shade canopy, Lily felt safe and protected. We watched in amazement as she kicked her legs and splashed her tiny hands, exploring the water with enthusiasm.

Having used the Mambobaby Float for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is Mambobaby Float?

The Mambobaby Float is a specially designed pool float for babies and toddlers, making water fun and safe. It helps babies float on their backs or enjoy the water on their tummies.

It prioritizes safety and comfort with patented technology, giving parents peace of mind during aquatic adventures with their little ones.

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How Does It Work?

The Mambobaby Float uses PearlFoamâ„¢, a special buoyant material, for excellent water support. Its durable, waterproof skin ensures long-lasting use.

The float features a secure harness vest with button lock catch, adjustable button holes, and Velcro, ensuring your baby’s safety while allowing them to move their arms and legs in the water. It also has leg support to prevent tipping forward.

Additionally, it includes a UV shade canopy with SunSmart UV Protection 50+ to shield your baby from harmful sun rays.

Who is Mambobaby Float For?

Mambobaby Float is designed for babies and infants aged 3 months to 2 years. It’s ideal for parents who want to safely introduce their little ones to water adventures, whether it’s at the beach, pool, or during bath time.

How to Use Mambobaby Float

Here’s how I use the Mambobaby Float:

  1. Inflate the Float: Start by using an air pump to properly inflate the Mambobaby Float to the right level for stability.

  2. Secure Your Baby: Gently place your baby into the float’s harness vest. Adjust the crotch and chest straps to be snug but not too tight for your baby’s comfort. Make sure the leg support is in place to prevent slipping.

  3. Fasten the Lock Catch: Securely fasten the button lock catch to prevent your baby from slipping while in the water. Double-check that it’s properly engaged.

  4. Adjust the Canopy (if applicable): If you’re using the UV shade canopy, position it to provide shade and sun protection for your baby.

  5. Supervise at All Times: Remember that the Mambobaby Float is a swim aid, not a substitute for adult supervision. Always closely watch your baby while they’re in the water, whether it’s a pool or any other water setting.

  6. Enjoy the Water: Once everything is set up and secure, let your baby enjoy the water while being safely supported by the float. Encourage them to kick, paddle, and explore their surroundings while staying close and attentive.

  7. Exit the Water Safely: When it’s time to leave the water, carefully remove your baby from the float and dry them off for a safe and comfortable transition out of the water.

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Mambobaby Float – Before and After Results

Before we started using the Mambobaby Float, our 9-month-old daughter Lily was scared of the water and would hold onto us tightly. However, after just three months of using this amazing swim aid, our experiences in the pool became much more exciting.

Now, Lily looks forward to her time in the pool, and she is filled with curiosity and happiness as she splashes around, kicks her legs, and explores the water. The Mambobaby Float not only helped her overcome her fear but also boosted her confidence in swimming at an early age. It’s a total game-changer, thanks to its safety features and UV protection, giving us peace of mind and Lily endless fun in the water.

Pros of Mambobaby Float

  1. Safe Water Introduction for Babies: The Mambobaby Float provides a secure and comfortable environment for babies to get used to the water, fostering confidence and early swimming skills.

  2. Patented PearlFoamâ„¢ Technology: The patented PearlFoamâ„¢ material offers excellent buoyancy and durability, making the float effective and long-lasting.

  3. Enhanced Safety Features: The float prioritizes safety with a button lock catch to secure the baby, adjustable harnesses for a customized fit, and leg support for stability.

  4. UV Shade Canopy: It includes a UV shade canopy with SunSmart UV Protection 50+ to protect your baby from harmful sun rays during outdoor water play.

  5. Wide Age Range: Suitable for babies aged 3 months to 2 years, ensuring versatility as your baby grows.

  6. Easy Setup and Inflation: Simple and convenient setup for stress-free water activities.

  7. Encourages Water Play: Encourages active engagement with the water, promoting physical activity and sensory exploration.

  8. Provides Parental Peace of Mind: Knowing your baby is secure and comfortable in the water gives parents peace of mind during water activities.

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Cons of Mambobaby Float

  1. Requires Adult Supervision: Like all baby swim aids, constant adult supervision is necessary, even with safety features in place.

  2. Limited Warranty: The product comes with a limited warranty, although replacements for damaged or defective products are available.

  3. Not Suitable for All Water Activities: While it works well in pools and calm waters, it may not be ideal for more active water activities like swimming in rough ocean waves.

Is Mambobaby Float a Scam or Legit?

Mambobaby Float is legit, not a scam. It delivers on its promises for safe water experiences for babies. It has innovative tech, safety features, UV protection, and adapts for different ages.

Adult supervision is necessary, and the limited warranty may concern some, but they replace damaged products.

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Q1: How much does the Mambobaby Float weigh and what are its dimensions?

The Mambobaby Float weighs only 800g and has dimensions of 48cm x 45cm x 15cm, making it comfortably sized for babies aged 3 months to 2 years.

Q2: Does the Mambobaby Float come with a shade cover?

Yes, every order includes a 50+ UV shade cover to protect your baby from the sun.

Q3: What is the weight limit for the Mambobaby Float?

We recommend a weight range of 6kg-18kg for the Mambobaby Float.

Q4: Does the Mambobaby Float require constant supervision, or is it safe to use alone?

While the Mambobaby Float is designed with safety features, it is not a substitute for adult supervision. Always ensure that your baby is under close supervision when using the float in the water.

Q5: What inspired the creation of the Mambobaby Float?

The Mambobaby Float was created by parents who, after experiencing various kids’ pool floats, found a need for a safe, lightweight, and baby-friendly swim aid. Their desire to address this gap in the market led to the development of the Mambobaby Float.

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