Dr Clean Spray Cleaner Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Being a busy parent, balancing work and family life, keeping my home clean is tough. Recently, I faced a tough stain on my kitchen countertop. Despite trying hard, it wouldn’t go away. So, I looked online for help and found Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner. It claimed to be eco-friendly and super effective, so I thought, why not give it a shot?

Excited, I ordered it and eagerly waited. When it arrived, I wasted no time trying it on the stain. But, to my dismay, it didn’t work as promised. The stain barely faded after many tries.

I felt disappointed. Maybe I trusted the hype too much. Keep reading as I share my entire experience.

What is Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner?

Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner is a convenient tablet-based cleaning solution. Just drop a tablet into water in a bottle, spray on surfaces. It’s advertised as powerful against stains on clothes and various surfaces, while being eco-friendly and safe for skin, kids, and pets. Plus, it includes a spray bottle for easy use.

Dr Clean Spray Cleaner Review


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How Does It Work?

Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner works by dissolving tough stains, dirt, and grime from surfaces. It claims to be great for removing grease, grime, rust, lime, and soap scum. Made with natural ingredients and active microbial components, it’s tough on hard water stains and mineral deposits. Plus, it leaves a fresh scent without harsh chemicals.

How to Use Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner

Here’s how I use the Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner:

  1. Prepare a Spray Bottle: Get a clean spray bottle. Fill it halfway with water, depending on its size and your cleaning needs.

  2. Drop the Tablet: Drop one Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner tablet into the water-filled bottle.

  3. Shake and Mix: Close the bottle tightly. Shake it vigorously until the tablet dissolves completely, usually just a few seconds.

  4. Ready to Use: Your Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner solution is now ready. Spray it onto the surface you want to clean. For tough stains, let it sit for a bit before wiping or scrubbing.

Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner – Before and After Results

My experience with Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner didn’t meet my expectations. I had a stubborn stain on my kitchen countertop, and despite using the product multiple times, it didn’t make any noticeable difference. The stain stayed put, and I ended up feeling disappointed and looking for other options.

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Pros of Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner

  1. Eco-Friendly: Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner uses natural ingredients, reducing harm to the environment compared to traditional chemical cleaners. Choosing it means you’re being environmentally conscious.

  2. Versatile: It can handle various cleaning tasks, from stains on clothes to kitchen counters and bathroom tiles, simplifying your cleaning routine.

  3. Compact and Portable: Its tablet form takes up minimal storage space and is convenient for travelers who need a reliable cleaning solution on the go.

  4. Reduces Plastic Waste: The tablet-based approach minimizes excessive plastic packaging, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

  5. 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a risk-free trial period for customers to assess its effectiveness.

Cons of Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner

  1. Quality Concerns: Reports of inconsistent effectiveness and quality issues raise concerns about its reliability.

  2. Scam Alerts: Lack of independent reviews and frequent website changes raise skepticism about the product’s legitimacy. Association with another brand with negative reviews adds to the uncertainty.

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Is Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner a Scam or Legit?

The legitimacy of Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner is uncertain. Limited reviews and frequent website changes raise concerns about its effectiveness and reliability. Its connection to “V Clean Spot,” a product with poor Amazon reviews, adds to doubts. While not confirmed as a scam, caution is advised. Choosing established cleaning products might be safer.

Where to Buy Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner?

If you are still interested in purchasing Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner despite the concerns, you can do so through the product’s official website.

However, given the uncertainties surrounding its legitimacy and quality, it may be wise to explore alternative cleaning products on platforms like Amazon.

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1. Is Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner safe to use around children and pets?

Yes, Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner is formulated with natural ingredients and is safe for use around children and pets. However, as with any cleaning product, it’s advisable to keep it out of reach of small children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion.

2. Can Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner be used on all surfaces?

Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner is designed to be versatile and effective on various surfaces, including countertops, tiles, glass, and stainless steel. However, we recommend testing it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with the surface.

3. How long does it take for Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner to work on tough stains?

The effectiveness of Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner on tough stains may vary depending on the severity of the stain and the surface material. For best results, spray the cleaner onto the stain, let it sit for a few minutes to penetrate, then wipe or scrub as needed.

4. Is Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner environmentally friendly?

Yes, Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner is eco-friendly, as it is made with natural ingredients and does not contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. Additionally, the tablet-based formula helps reduce plastic waste compared to traditional liquid cleaners.

5. Can Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner be used for cleaning clothes?

Yes, Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner can be used for spot cleaning on clothes to help remove stains. Simply dissolve a tablet in water and apply the solution directly to the stained area before laundering as usual.

6. Is Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner suitable for use in septic systems?

Yes, Dr. Clean Spray Cleaner is safe for use in septic systems, as it does not contain harmful chemicals that can disrupt the natural balance of the system. However, it’s always a good idea to use products sparingly and follow manufacturer recommendations.

28 thoughts on “Dr Clean Spray Cleaner Reviews: Scam or Legit?”

  1. dr. clean spray was suppose to clean the bottom of my pots instanly it does not work a big scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dr Clean spray cleaner beställd och betald 24 maj 2022 men fortfarande ingen leverans.
    Skickat flertalet mail utan resultat.
    Varning köp inte fr detta bluff-företag!

  3. I had no problems getting the product though it took time to get here( I’m in the UK) it wasn’t excessive. So far it’s worked well on the surfaces I’ve tried and with only one tablet per bottle it works out cheaper than similar products I’ve used or seen. I wouldn’t want to return it though as shipping costs would be horrendous.

  4. I just ripped them a direct email — telling them they will make millions selling a product that does not work! Worse than “As Seen on TV!” As for their award-winning customer service? Plz, the rep threatened to disconnect the call without even hearing me out, so guess what, “I” disconnected the call.

  5. DR. Clean or DR, Scam?

    I always look for reviews before buying, After reading the reviews I was convinced. DO NOT BUY IT. Get Easy Off in the blue can. It does work. All Grocery stores sell it

  6. Dr clean spray is worthless, return it and got some money back n0ot all
    I figure something is better than nothing, had to pay to ship back.
    did not work on pots or pans,
    better off getting oven cleaner!

  7. I don’t gamble but I took a chance purchasing this product. I used it on my oven and it didn’t live up the the online advertisement. I’m pretending I went to a casino and LOST. I would NOT support the outcome of Dr. Clean. I ended up going to the supermarket and buying regular oven cleaner.

  8. My experience with Dr Clean Spray is very negative. The product doesn’t work. It doesn’t help with grease, dirt, or anything else. It is no
    more helpful than spraying water on the item you want to clean. They will not give you the FULL REFUND they advertise. They offered to pay me 60%. Please don’t waste your money!

  9. Like a few other consumers, I have purchased this product twice and not received any product at all!!

    Hmmm…… maybe I should get in contact with Consumer Affairs?

  10. I’m contacting the FTC Federal Trade Commission to report this Chinese SCAM. The 818 phone number is in the LA area so I’m notifying the California Attorney General of this SCAM too. Turned out the video, which shows foam, was marked at the top of the screen as being Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Dr Clean does NOT foam. It’s only water!!! This is FALSE ADVERTISING and I’m NOT letting them get away. I’ll shut these Chinese SCAMMERS down!!!

  11. I can’t believe I fell for this scam. The Spray Bottle and 20 Tablets were received with a half sheet of paper with contact information. Nowhere on the website where I placed the order did it say that I would have to pay for the return shipping if I was not happy with the product. I placed the first tablet into the bottle of water, it took a very long time to dissolve. I first tried cleaning my ceramic tile floors. It did not do the job, so I went to Home Depot and bought a product that cleaned the floors. Then tried the bottom of a frying pan that was slightly dirty from grease. The product did not clean the pan bottom. Money wasted on a scam.


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