Supercle Cat Litter Mat Reviews: Scam or Legit?

One day, I got fed up with finding cat litter all over my house because of my mischievous cat, Whiskers. He seemed to love making a mess! So, I decided to find a solution. I went online and discovered the Supercle Cat Litter Mat. It promised to keep floors clean by trapping litter. Excited to try it out, I ordered one.

When it arrived, I placed it in front of Whiskers’ litter box. To my surprise, it worked like magic! The mat caught the litter on his paws, stopping it from spreading everywhere.

I was so impressed that I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is Supercle Cat Litter Mat?

The Supercle Cat Litter Mat is a special mat made to solve the problem of scattered cat litter. It has a unique double-layer honeycomb design with a textured surface. This design cleans your cat’s paws as they leave the litter box, stopping them from spreading litter around your home.

Its honeycomb holes trap all kinds of litter, like clumping, clay, pine, corn, wheat, crystal, and paper. The mat keeps the litter contained, keeping your floors clean.

Supercle Cat Litter Mat Review


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How Does It Work?

The Supercle Cat Litter Mat works great because of its smart design. Here’s how it works:

  1. Litter Trapping: When your cat steps out of the litter box, the mat’s textured surface catches and traps the loose litter on their paws with its large honeycomb holes.

  2. Secure Storage: The mat holds onto the trapped litter, keeping it from spreading all over your floors. Say goodbye to messy litter trails!

  3. Easy Cleanup: Cleaning is easy-peasy. You can shake, sweep, or vacuum the mat to remove the trapped litter. Or just dump it back into the litter box to save time and reduce waste.

  4. Waterproof Protection: The bottom layer of the mat is waterproof, protecting your floors from urine stains and keeping them looking good as new.

How to Use Supercle Cat Litter Mat

Here’s how I use the Supercle Cat Litter Mat:

  1. Put the Mat in Place: Position the mat in front of or under your cat’s litter box. Make sure it’s where your cat can step on it after using the litter box.

  2. Let Your Cat Do Its Thing: Allow your cat to use the litter box as usual. When they step out, their paws will touch the mat.

  3. Trap the Litter: The mat’s honeycomb design catches loose litter granules on your cat’s paws.

  4. Clean Up: Keeping the mat clean is easy. You can:

    • Shake it gently to get rid of trapped litter.
    • Use a broom or brush to sweep litter into a dustpan.
    • Vacuum the mat to remove trapped litter.
    • Wash it with water since it’s waterproof, or wipe it with a wet cloth.
  5. Reuse the Litter: Pour collected litter back into the litter box to reduce waste.

Supercle Cat Litter Mat – Before and After Results

Before I got the Supercle Cat Litter Mat, my house was always messy with cat litter scattered everywhere. My cat’s messy habits made it a daily struggle.

But after using the Supercle Cat Litter Mat for just a month, my floors have stayed really clean! No more litter all over the place, no more annoying cleanups. It’s like magic! Now, I can chill out and have a clean home, all thanks to this awesome mat. It’s really made a big difference in keeping my place neat and tidy.

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Pros of Supercle Cat Litter Mat

  1. Keeps Litter Tidy: The mat’s smart design traps litter effectively, so you spend less time cleaning up messes.

  2. Easy to Clean: Whether you shake, sweep, or vacuum, tidying the mat is a breeze. Plus, it’s waterproof for simple washing.

  3. Protects Floors: With a waterproof layer, it shields floors from stains and spills, ensuring they stay in top shape.

  4. Various Sizes Available: You can choose from different sizes to fit your space perfectly, making it versatile for any room.

  5. Pet-Friendly and Durable: Made from gentle, sturdy materials, it’s kind to your cat’s paws and lasts a long time.

  6. Safe for Pets: It’s completely safe, with no harmful chemicals, so you can trust it won’t harm your furry friend.

Cons of Supercle Cat Litter Mat

  1. Size Matters: Picking the right size is important. If it’s too small or doesn’t match your cat’s habits, it might not catch all the litter.

  2. Some Cats Need Time: While most cats adjust quickly, some may take a bit longer to get used to the mat’s texture.

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Is Supercle Cat Litter Mat a Scam or Legit?

The Supercle Cat Litter Mat is legit, not a scam. Happy customers praise its design, which tackles litter tracking with its honeycomb pattern and waterproof bottom layer.

Where to Buy Supercle Cat Litter Mat?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the hassle of scattered cat litter, you can purchase the Supercle Cat Litter Mat on Amazon. Amazon offers a convenient platform for ordering, and you can choose from various sizes to suit your needs. 

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1. What makes Supercle Cat Litter Mat different from other mats?

The Supercle Cat Litter Mat stands out with its unique double-layer honeycomb design and textured surface, effectively trapping litter and keeping your floors clean.

2. Is the Supercle Cat Litter Mat easy to clean?

Yes, cleaning the mat is a breeze! You can shake, sweep, vacuum, or even wash it with water thanks to its waterproof bottom layer.

3. Is the Supercle Cat Litter Mat safe for pets?

Absolutely! It’s made from gentle, pet-friendly materials and contains no harmful chemicals, ensuring your furry friend stays safe and happy.

4. How do I know if the Supercle Cat Litter Mat is right for my cat?

If your cat uses a litter box, the Supercle Cat Litter Mat can help keep your floors clean by trapping scattered litter from their paws.

5. Does the Supercle Cat Litter Mat work with all types of litter?

Yes, it works with a wide range of litter types, including clumping, clay, pine, corn, wheat, crystal, and paper.

6. How long does the Supercle Cat Litter Mat last?

With its durable construction, the Supercle Cat Litter Mat is built to last, providing long-term litter containment for your cat’s needs.

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