ID Police Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Sitting at my kitchen table, buried under piles of paperwork, I felt overwhelmed. Bank statements, medical bills, and credit card offers surrounded me, each a potential target for identity thieves. Shredding them felt futile with so much to do.

I turned to the internet for help and found ID Policeā€”a small ink roller promising to protect personal info. Skeptical but curious, I ordered one.

It arrived quickly, and I followed the easy instructions to roll the ink over my documents. As the black pattern covered sensitive details, I felt relief.

I used ID Police regularly after that. Its portability made it convenient, and it gave me peace of mind at home and on the go. Despite occasional ink stains, it was worth it.

Weeks past, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is ID Police?

ID Police is a compact ink roller that protects your personal information from identity theft. It works by imprinting a unique graphic on items containing your sensitive data, hiding crucial details before disposal. Designed to work on different paper types, it ensures seamless protection on both matte and glossy surfaces.

ID Police Identity Protection Roller Stamp, As Seen on TV Helps Stop ID Theft by Concealing Your Info with Just One Roll, Yellow, Stocking Stuffer


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How Does It Work?

Roll ID Police over any part of a paper, and it leaves behind a unique, intricate black graphic. This graphic covers up personal information, making it unreadable to prying eyes. This simple yet effective process reduces the risk of identity theft by keeping your confidential information safe.

How to Use ID Police

Here’s how I use the ID Police:

Step 1: Open the Roller

Start by removing the black lid from the yellow body of the ID Police ink roller. This exposes the stamp-like ink you’ll use to protect your documents.

Step 2: Practice (Optional)

If you’re new to using an ink roller, practice on scrap paper first. Place another sheet beneath to avoid ink bleeding. Gently roll the ink from left to right on the paper’s surface.

Step 3: Protect Your Documents

Once you’re comfortable, apply the ink to personal documents like bank statements or prescription bottles. Cover sensitive info like phone numbers or credit card details. You can use the roller multiple times.

Step 4: Close Up

After safeguarding your documents, put the black lid back on the roller. Now your documents are safe for disposal or storage.

ID Police – Before and After Results

Before I started using ID Police, my kitchen table was covered in important papers, making it easy for someone to steal my identity. Shredding them didn’t seem to help much because there were just too many.

But after using ID Police for a month, things have changed a lot. Now, I can protect my documents easily with a simple roll of the ink roller. Keeping my personal information safe used to be a big hassle, but now it’s quick and easy.

Thanks to ID Police, I feel much better knowing that my private details are safe from anyone snooping around. It’s made my life more secure and way less stressful.

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Pros of ID Police

  1. Effective Identity Protection: ID Police effectively safeguards your personal information by producing a unique graphic that covers sensitive data. This reduces the risk of identity theft when disposing of documents, providing customers with peace of mind about their confidentiality.

  2. User-Friendly: ID Police is easy to use with no special skills or training required. It’s accessible to individuals of all ages, whether you’re a senior or a tech-savvy student, making it simple to protect your sensitive information.

  3. Portability: With its compact size, ID Police is highly portable, fitting easily in pockets, purses, or backpacks. You can carry it wherever you go, ensuring privacy even on the move, making it ideal for travelers and those constantly on the go.

  4. Quick and Efficient: ID Police offers a rapid solution for protecting personal information. Each application of ink takes only seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on document disposal and allowing for swift encryption and discarding of documents.

Cons of ID Police

  1. Ink Staining: There’s a risk of ink staining with ID Police, as the black ink may transfer to hands or clothing if not used carefully. While not severe, it’s important to be cautious during use to prevent inadvertent staining, with some users finding the stains challenging to remove.

  2. Ink Replacement: Over time, the black ink in ID Police may run out, particularly with frequent use. Replacing the ink could be challenging or impossible without purchasing a new device, potentially leading to additional costs when the ink is depleted.

Is ID Police a Scam or Legit?

ID Police is not a scam. It effectively hides personal information, reducing identity theft risk. Users praise its simplicity and effectiveness. While it’s not a total solution, it’s valuable for safeguarding sensitive data. Limitations include potential ink staining and the need for replacement cartridges, but they don’t negate its legitimacy and usefulness.

Where to Buy ID Police

If you are interested in purchasing ID Police, one of the most convenient and trusted platforms to acquire this product is Amazon. Amazon offers a secure shopping experience, a wide selection of products, and often provides customer reviews to aid in your decision-making process.

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1. How does ID Police protect my personal information?

ID Police works by imprinting a unique black graphic over sensitive details on documents, making them unreadable to potential thieves.

2. What types of documents can I use ID Police on?

ID Police is designed to work on various paper types, including bank statements, medical bills, credit card offers, and more.

3. Is ID Police easy to use?

Yes, ID Police is incredibly user-friendly. Simply open the roller, apply the ink to your documents, and close it up for safe storage.

4. Can I reuse ID Police on multiple documents?

Absolutely! You can use ID Police multiple times, providing continuous protection for all your sensitive information.

5. Does ID Police work on glossy surfaces?

Yes, ID Police is effective on both matte and glossy surfaces, ensuring comprehensive protection for your documents.

6. Is there a risk of ink staining with ID Police?

While there is a slight risk of ink staining, it can be easily avoided by using the roller carefully and following the instructions provided.

7. How long does the ink in ID Police last?

The longevity of the ink depends on frequency of use, but replacement cartridges are available for purchase when needed.

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