OneWorld100 Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Being a frequent traveler, I always faced the annoyance of lugging around multiple chargers and adapters just to keep my devices juiced up while on the move. On a recent trip abroad, this annoyance hit its peak when I found myself rummaging through my bag, desperately searching for the right adapter while my laptop battery drained rapidly.

Fed up with this hassle, I turned to the internet for a solution and stumbled upon a glowing review of OneWorld100. Intrigued by its promise of being compact and versatile, I decided to give it a shot.

When the package arrived, I was impressed by its sleek design, which was no larger than a credit card. Excitedly, I plugged it in and connected my laptop, phone, and tablet all at once. To my amazement, they all started charging quickly and efficiently.

Throughout my trip, OneWorld100 proved to be a game-changer. Its global compatibility meant I could easily switch between different countries without worrying about adapters. The two USB-C PD ports charged my devices at lightning speed, while the smart USB-A ports efficiently powered up my other gadgets.

So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is OneWorld100?

OneWorld100 is a compact 100W charger and adapter, as small as a credit card. It can charge five devices at once, including laptops, phones, and even AC appliances worldwide. Perfect for travelers who need power on the go.

OneWorld100 Review


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How Does It Work?

The OneWorld100 works by harnessing advanced GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, offering high efficiency in a small size. It boasts two 60W USB-C PD ports, capable of charging two MacBook Pro laptops simultaneously.

Additionally, it has two USB-A smart charging ports, each delivering up to 15W. For versatility, there’s a universal AC outlet with 10A rating and built-in protection features. Thanks to GaN tech, it’s lightweight and compact, perfect for travelers.

How to Use OneWorld100

Here’s how I use the OneWorld100:

  1. Plug it In: Find the right plug for your location and attach it to the OneWorld100.

  2. Connect Your Devices: Use the USB-C PD ports, USB-A smart charging ports, or the universal AC outlet to plug in your devices.

  3. Power On: Make sure the power source is on (like a wall socket), and switch on the OneWorld100.

  4. Charge: Your devices will start charging immediately. You can charge up to five devices at once.

  5. Monitor: Keep an eye on your devices to ensure they’re charging properly. The OneWorld100 has safety features to protect against issues like over-current and over-voltage.

  6. Unplug and Store: Once your devices are charged, unplug them, turn off the OneWorld100, and safely store it in your bag or pocket.

OneWorld100 – Before and After Results

Before I had OneWorld100, I had a hard time dealing with lots of chargers and adapters when I traveled. It was stressful trying to find the right one in my bag, and charging my devices was a pain. But since I started using OneWorld100 a month ago, everything has changed.

Now, I can charge all my devices easily and confidently. Its small size and ability to work worldwide make it super convenient. I don’t have to dig through my bag or worry about adapters anymore. I just plug it in and go. OneWorld100 has made charging while traveling a breeze, and it’s made my trips way more enjoyable.

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Pros of OneWorld100

  1. Worldwide Compatibility: The OneWorld100 works in over 200 countries, eliminating the need for multiple adapters and keeping travelers connected wherever they go.

  2. Dual 60W USB-C PD Ports: With two high-speed USB-C ports, it can charge two MacBook Pro laptops simultaneously, ensuring productivity on the go.

  3. GaN Technology Efficiency: Gallium Nitride technology enables high efficiency and a compact design, ideal for travelers looking to save space in their bags.

  4. Comprehensive Safety Features: Offers protection against various issues like over-current and over-voltage, ensuring the safety of devices during charging.

  5. All-in-One Design: Integrated design simplifies charging without the hassle of multiple loose components, reducing the chance of misplacing parts.

  6. Smart USB Charging Ports: Features two smart USB-A ports for efficient charging of smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

  7. Universal AC Outlet: Includes a 10A universal AC outlet for safely connecting AC appliances, enhancing versatility for travelers.

  8. Charge Up to 5 Devices Simultaneously: Can power and charge up to five devices at once, ensuring connectivity and productivity during travel.

Cons of OneWorld100

  1. Price: Comes with a premium price tag compared to basic travel adapters, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious travelers. However, the convenience and features may justify the investment.

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Is OneWorld100 a Scam or Legit?

No, OneWorld100 is not a scam. It’s a legitimate product from a reputable company. Users globally have given it positive reviews, praising its functionality, convenience, and reliability.

Plus, it meets safety and performance standards like IEC 60884, CE, and FCC, ensuring top-notch quality.

Where to Buy OneWorld100

If you’re ready to upgrade your travel charging experience and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the OneWorld100, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Amazon provides a reliable platform for purchasing genuine products, and you can find customer reviews and ratings to further inform your decision.

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1. Is the OneWorld100 compatible with devices from all countries?

Yes, OneWorld100 is designed to work in over 200 countries worldwide, ensuring compatibility wherever your travels take you.

2. Can the OneWorld100 charge multiple devices simultaneously?

Absolutely! With the ability to charge up to five devices at once, including laptops, phones, and AC appliances, you can stay connected on the go without any hassle.

3. Does the OneWorld100 come with safety features?

Yes, the OneWorld100 is equipped with comprehensive safety features, including protection against over-current and over-voltage, ensuring the safety of your devices during charging.

4. How fast does the OneWorld100 charge devices?

Thanks to its advanced GaN technology and dual 60W USB-C PD ports, the OneWorld100 can charge devices at lightning speed, providing efficient power wherever you are.

5. Is the OneWorld100 easy to use?

Absolutely! Simply plug it in, connect your devices, and power on. With its user-friendly design, charging on the go has never been simpler.

6. Is the OneWorld100 lightweight and compact for travel?

Absolutely! OneWorld100 is as small as a credit card and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion for jet setters and adventurers alike.

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