Restowipe Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Is Restowipe a scam? Should you buy their headlight restorers?

Headlight restorer is a product that every vehicle owner needs. We intend to check the product on the newly launched site, in addition to checking the Restowipe Reviews to measure its performance.

We all know the headlight of a vehicle is exposed to a variety of environmental elements, such as dust, fog, rain, and sun rays, and all of these lead to poor viewing and performance. 

To ensure the headlight reflects properly and performs well, it should be cleaned, and ignoring this may result in poor performance, which is why it should be kept clean and protected.

It seems that Restowipe has just been launched as the store is fairly new. It is a United States-based product.

What is Restowipe?

With its easy application feature and affordable price, it is a headlight restorer that is suitable for both domestic and international use. As evidenced by the reviews on the website, Restowipe is a solid choice.

With the ease of application, customer-friendly attributes, and a UV clear coat application that is effective, the product provides incredible performance.

This product is said to restore clarity and vision using nanotechnology. It comes in a compact package with a 50% discount if ordered immediately.

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How to Use Restowipe?

All you have to do is apply the wipe to the headlight, and you’ll see the results. Once each headlight has been cleaned, it needs to be allowed to dry thoroughly. 

The site claims the results are available in 2 minutes; users can see customer recommendations in the Restowipe Reviews column.

Several wipes are included in each package of this product. Cleans quickly, easily, and quickly when using this product.

Specifications of Restowipe

  • UV clear coat provides protection from the sun.
  • One pair of headlights received an adequate number of wipes.
  • The product is designed using nanotechnology.
  • Restore clarity and vision to plastic headlight lenses.
  • Storage and use are convenient.

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Pros of Restowipe

  • 90-day warranty period.
  • Clearness and restoration are immediately visible 
  • This is a very pocket-friendly product at an affordable price.
  • There is a discount of 50% available.
  • Customers share their recommendations in the Reviews section of Restowipe.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cons of Restowipe

  • No return or exchange policy is in place.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the product’s arrival date.
  • Among the main highlights of the site are the heavy discounts and low prices.
  • It has only been online for ten months.
  • The store has not yet received many visitors.
  • There is no information about the owner.
  • The trust score is extremely low.

Is Restowipe legit?

The following points should be considered and addressed:

  • A lot of positive reviews are posted on Restowipe, which raises some suspicions
  • There is no availability date for this product.
  • Domain age: 10 months and 29 days. The launch date is 18-05-2020.
  • There is no information available regarding exchanges and returns.
  • There is a 5% trust rating.
  • No duplicate site found.
  • The Facebook account is found, but the following is limited.
  • A very limited number of reviews have been published. The information is mostly from the site itself and only with a positive tone.
  • The site contains three corporate addresses.

With limited information about the buyer and the site’s existence of less than a year, the product and the site cannot be guaranteed.

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Customer Reviews on Restowipe

When there are any reviews on the site, it may earn some mixed reactions, but in this case, all reviews on the site praise the products and are more like marketing strategies than genuine feedback. 

There are very few reviews found on Facebook for a website with no social media presence and no recommendations from customers; again, there are few views and comments on the Facebook account.

Restowipe Alternatives: DIY Methods For Cleaning Headlights

RestoWipes, says the seller, uses nanotechnology to polish your headlights back to a brand new state.

However, instead of using RestoWipes, there are actually DIY methods for cleaning headlights. They might even be comparable to headlight restoration services in some cases.

Here’s how to clean car headlights with toothpaste:

Using an abrasive, such as toothpaste, and some scrubbing can help restore headlights that are only slightly foggy. Wash the headlights first with Windex or soap and water. After that, rub toothpaste on the wet headlight with a soft cloth. 

Start scrubbing with a toothpaste containing baking soda. Spray more toothpaste on the surface if needed. Apply a sealant after removing the protective coating.

Here’s how to use a DIY headlight-restoration kit to clean foggy headlights:

Choose a restoration kit that includes several grades of sandpaper, a plastic cleaner and polish, polishing cloths, and a protective coating. A single kit usually cleans two headlights.

When using a DIY headlight restoration kit, we recommend the following:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t make changes.
  2. Take your time. This process could take 15-20 minutes per headlight depending on how foggy the lights are. You are removing years of oxidation as well as the original protective coating.
  3. During sanding, run your hands over the wet headlights. Sand until smooth if you feel rough spots.
  4. Sand the car gently so that the paint does not get scratched. Tape around the headlights may also be recommended. However, beware: Some older cars might have the paint lifted by the tape.
  5. Make sure it’s wet. While sanding, wet surfaces with a spray bottle, bucket of water, or hose.
  6. Don’t doubt the kit. After sanding, the headlights will appear hazy, but after coating, they will become clear.
  7. Before applying the protective sealant, make sure the headlight is completely dry.
  8. You should wait several hours – or even overnight – for the sealant to dry before driving the car. Bugs or dirt shouldn’t stick to your newly restored headlight.
  9. Depending on the weather, temperature extremes, and whether the car is kept in a garage or not, some kits require reapplication of protectant every 1-3 years.

ONEighty, an auto shop in New York City that offers headlight styling and restoration services, recommends using DIY kits with caution if you’re not familiar with how to restore headlights.

According to the shop, if you don’t put a protective film on the headlights, you can restore them, but after six months, they’ll begin yellowing again because the original coating has already worn off. After polishing them, there is no coating left, so the headlights are exposed to the natural elements such as rain, snow, sun, and dirt.

Before buying any overhyped cleaning products, keep these tips in mind next time your headlights start to get dull.


With the very recent status of the site of this product, the trust score is very low and highly doubtful.

Having found no real Restowipe Reviews from United States buyers, and recommending such a newly found product, we think it is wise to recommend to the customers to wait and review the performance of this product after a few more months.

In addition, you should consider the points highlighted in the article when making your decision on whether to recommend it.

Did you find the research useful, and would you consider buying a product from an online store that just launched? Thank you in advance for your response.

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6 thoughts on “Restowipe Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed”

  1. These wipes did not help. I could not tell the difference after a mechanic used both wipes. People told me toothpaste and a rag are the best and cheapest way to go. My order was a year ago, and I just saw the receipt. I would like to enlighten people to keep the extra money in their pocket or the bank.

  2. This toothpaste thing is just as much of a joke than Restovipes. I do Headlight Restoration for a living (for 20 years ) and so far I did not find anything better then 6 stages of sanding then polish then coating

  3. I ordered my Restowipes back on the 25th May 2022 and I am still waiting for it to arrive in the mail and I paid $44.10 which included postage and have sent many emails to the Restowipe Customer Service Help Line and still no signs of this item being delivered as it is now the 16th July 2022 and I think I have been scammed out of my money.
    So be aware of ordering this item.

  4. $100 out of pocket not happy at all STEER CLEAR SCAM Bought over 2 mths ago still waiting on item
    Emailed a number of times asking be to wait a few more day, emailed a week later told to wait another week, emailed a weekend later to be told my item was lost in transit
    I asked for a refund, was told they will resend item I instructed them not to as I have waited long enough and just want a refund
    The next email I got from them was to return the item once they get it they will refund, I asked how can I return if I never received the item and was told that’s my problem to deal with

  5. Shitty product from china.
    Do not waste money and time.
    Just 1 pc of wet cloth w/ polish and white tissue with golves in it. Hard work with hand, terrible result.
    Don’t be cheated anymore. So regretted.


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