Restowipe Review – Scam or Legit?

If you’re looking for a headlight restorer, you might have stumbled upon Restowipe. But is it worth buying? We decided to do a little investigation by checking out the newly launched website and Restowipe reviews to see how well it works.

As we all know, headlights are exposed to a lot of environmental factors like dust, rain, and sunlight that can make them perform poorly. It’s important to keep them clean to ensure they reflect properly and function well.

So, what’s the deal with Restowipe? Well, it’s a new United States-based product that claims to restore your headlights to their former glory. While the store is fairly new, we wanted to see if it’s a legit option for your car’s needs.

What is Restowipe?

Looking for a headlight restorer that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Restowipe! This easy-to-use product is perfect for both domestic and international use, and has been receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers.

One of the best things about Restowipe is how simple it is to apply. Plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like some other headlight restorers out there. And with a UV clear coat application that really works, your headlights will be shining bright in no time.

Using nanotechnology, Restowipe promises to restore clarity and vision to your headlights. And if you order now, you can take advantage of a 50% discount and get this amazing product in a compact package.

So why wait? Give Restowipe a try and see the difference for yourself!

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How to Use Restowipe?

If you’re tired of driving around with foggy headlights, you might want to give Restowipe a try. 

Using this product is super easy – all you have to do is grab a wipe and apply it to your headlights. According to the website, you should be able to see results in just 2 minutes! Don’t believe us? Check out the Restowipe Reviews column for some happy customer recommendations. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about running out of wipes anytime soon, because several of them are included in each package. 

After you’ve wiped down both headlights, just make sure to let them dry completely before hitting the road again. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it gets the job done.

Specifications of Restowipe

Restowipe comes with a UV clear coat that protects your headlights from the harsh sun, keeping them looking brand new for longer. Plus, you don’t have to worry about running out of wipes too quickly as just one pair of headlights receive an adequate number of wipes.

The best part? Restowipe is designed using nanotechnology, making it highly effective in bringing back the shine to your headlights. And to top it off, the product is super easy to store and use.

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Restowipe: Pros and Cons to Consider

If you’re looking for a product that can help restore the clarity of your car’s headlights, Restowipe might be worth checking out. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you should consider before making a purchase.


  • Restowipe comes with a 90-day warranty period, giving you peace of mind in case of any defects.
  • The product promises to deliver immediate results in terms of clarity and restoration.
  • One of the best things about Restowipe is its affordability. It’s a pocket-friendly product that won’t break the bank.
  • As of now, there’s a 50% discount available that can make the product even more attractive.
  • Customers have shared their recommendations and experiences with Restowipe in the Reviews section of the website.
  • The support team is available round-the-clock, seven days a week, so you can always get help if you need it.


  • There’s no return or exchange policy in place, so you won’t be able to return the product if you’re not satisfied with it.
  • It’s uncertain when the product will arrive, so you might have to wait longer than expected.
  • Restowipe heavily emphasizes its low prices and discounts, which might make you wonder about the quality of the product.
  • The online store has been around for only ten months, so it doesn’t have a long track record.
  • The store hasn’t received many visitors, which might make you question its popularity.
  • There’s no information available about the owner of the website, which could be a red flag.
  • Finally, the trust score of the website is very low, which might make you hesitant about making a purchase.

So, should you buy Restowipe? It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. While the product does have some attractive features, the lack of a return policy and uncertain delivery dates could be deal-breakers for some. Additionally, the low trust score and lack of information about the owner might make you think twice before making a purchase.

Is Restowipe a Scam or Legit?

If you’re wondering about Restowipe’s legitimacy, we’ve got some points you might want to consider.

Firstly, there are quite a lot of positive reviews of Restowipe out there, which is great, but some people have raised concerns about whether these reviews are genuine.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there isn’t an availability date listed for the product, which might make you wonder how long it will take to get your hands on it.

It’s also worth noting that the domain is relatively new, only 10 months and 29 days old as of the launch date (18-05-2020). So, you might want to think twice before placing an order.

There isn’t any information available about exchanges and returns, which could be a bit worrying if you’re considering buying from Restowipe.

On top of that, Restowipe only has a 5% trust rating, which is pretty low. And while we couldn’t find any duplicate sites, the Facebook account seems to be pretty limited.

Lastly, the site’s reviews seem to be mainly from the site itself, and they all have a positive tone. Plus, there are only a very limited number of reviews published online.

Restowipe does have three corporate addresses listed on their site, but with limited information about the buyer and the site’s existence of less than a year, we can’t guarantee the product and the site are completely reliable.

So, before you decide to make a purchase from Restowipe, it might be a good idea to do some further research and consider all the points we’ve raised here.

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Customer Reviews

Wondering about Restowipe and what people are saying about it? Well, we’ve got the scoop for you!

Mixed Reactions? Not Here!

You know how sometimes you check out reviews on a website and they’re all over the place, leaving you wondering if the product is actually any good? Well, that’s not the case with Restowipe. All the reviews on their site praise their products to high heavens! Some may call it marketing, but either way, it’s clear that people love Restowipe!

Facebook Reviews? Few and Far Between.

Now, you might think that Restowipe’s Facebook page would be full of reviews, right? Wrong! There are very few comments and reviews on their Facebook page, despite the fact that they don’t have a strong social media presence. So, if you’re looking for feedback from other customers, you might have to dig a little deeper.

Fina Verdict

After checking out its website, we’re not so sure about its trustworthiness. The site looks a bit sketchy and we couldn’t find any legit reviews from buyers in the US.

We’re not trying to discourage you from trying Restowipe out, but we recommend waiting a few more months before making a decision. That way, you can get a better idea of how well it performs and if it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Of course, you should always do your own research and take into account the factors we mentioned in this article before deciding whether to give Restowipe a shot.

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Restowipe Alternatives: DIY Methods For Cleaning Headlights

Are you tired of foggy headlights but not keen on buying expensive products like Restowipes? Fear not, as there are simple and affordable DIY methods to restore your headlights to their former glory.

To start, use Windex or soap and water to wash your headlights. Then, grab a soft cloth and toothpaste that contains baking soda. Rub the toothpaste on the wet headlights and gently scrub until clean. If needed, apply more toothpaste and repeat. After removing the protective coating, apply a sealant to keep them shining bright.

Alternatively, you can opt for a DIY headlight restoration kit. These kits usually include sandpaper, plastic cleaner and polish, polishing cloths, and protective coating. Follow the instructions provided in the kit, take your time, and make sure to wet the surfaces while sanding to avoid scratches.

However, be cautious when using DIY kits as some require reapplication of protectant every 1-3 years depending on weather and other factors. If you’re not familiar with headlight restoration, it’s best to seek professional help.

Remember, after polishing, there might be no coating left on the headlights, so it’s important to apply a protective film to keep them from yellowing again. With these simple tips, you can easily clean your headlights and enjoy a brighter and safer drive!

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8 thoughts on “Restowipe Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. These wipes did not help. I could not tell the difference after a mechanic used both wipes. People told me toothpaste and a rag are the best and cheapest way to go. My order was a year ago, and I just saw the receipt. I would like to enlighten people to keep the extra money in their pocket or the bank.

  2. This toothpaste thing is just as much of a joke than Restovipes. I do Headlight Restoration for a living (for 20 years ) and so far I did not find anything better then 6 stages of sanding then polish then coating

  3. I ordered my Restowipes back on the 25th May 2022 and I am still waiting for it to arrive in the mail and I paid $44.10 which included postage and have sent many emails to the Restowipe Customer Service Help Line and still no signs of this item being delivered as it is now the 16th July 2022 and I think I have been scammed out of my money.
    So be aware of ordering this item.

  4. $100 out of pocket not happy at all STEER CLEAR SCAM Bought over 2 mths ago still waiting on item
    Emailed a number of times asking be to wait a few more day, emailed a week later told to wait another week, emailed a weekend later to be told my item was lost in transit
    I asked for a refund, was told they will resend item I instructed them not to as I have waited long enough and just want a refund
    The next email I got from them was to return the item once they get it they will refund, I asked how can I return if I never received the item and was told that’s my problem to deal with

  5. Shitty product from china.
    Do not waste money and time.
    Just 1 pc of wet cloth w/ polish and white tissue with golves in it. Hard work with hand, terrible result.
    Don’t be cheated anymore. So regretted.


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