Xuper Mask – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

As a result of Covid-19, everyone must wear a face mask. In response, many companies produce advanced face masks, and Xuper Mask is among the most revolutionary.

These newly created face masks are being questioned by the people of the United States. Keep reading to learn more about these masks.

What is Xuper Mask?

Using a HEPA filtration system, William developed advanced face masks. Face masks like these allow users to travel on an aircraft without hassle.

William plans to introduce this technology-driven face mask to the public on April 8, 2021. A joint venture between Williams and Honeywell has created these masks.

It is the brainchild of Jose Fernandez. A fixed price of $ 299 has been set by the manufacturer.

While returning from London in March 2020, Jose Fernandez planned to design an advanced face mask.

His idea was to make a mask that contains a phone, headphones, and shields people from the flu virus as well.

Features of Xuper Mask

These high-tech masks have unique features that can’t be ignored.

There is a noise-cancelling audio system, and there is a HEPA air filtration system.

Users will appreciate Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and microphone capability. Three dual-speed fans are included with the mask.

This LED day glow face mask has a built-in set of earbuds. It also includes a LED day glow light.

With a fully charged battery, the advanced mask operates for seven hours. From this perspective, the mask is completely different from other standard face masks, as well as its functionality.

How Does Xuper Mask Work?

The developers have designed the Xuper Mask in such a way so that it can easily fit any head shape. It is available with a silicone face seal and an elastic strap.

The mask comes with a battery, and users need to charge it before they use it. Once fully charged, the mask can operate for 7 hours. You can charge even though you are wearing it.

This advanced and hi-tech mask is available in two color schemes. It is available in white, grey, orange, and black and orange.

A carrying case is included with the set from Xuper Mask. As well as the HEPA filter, a charging cable and earplugs, the company also offers a 3-month supply.

Final Verdict: Xuper Mask Review

In this pandemic, masks are a must. In producing a hi-tech face mask, William has undoubtedly made a revolution. 

However, the reviews should come first before you decide whether to buy the products.

Interested in purchasing Xuper Mask? How helpful do you think this advanced mask is? I would like to hear about your views in the box beneath.

1 thought on “Xuper Mask – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed”

  1. When you buy this mask, it will make you sweat from your face causing uncomfortable moisture inside of it. Then, it will become wet, and when you get it home, you won’t be able to charge it, and the charging cord will catch fire if you don’t monitor it, mine almost burned my hands. They have a clause that says if you take certain packing tags and stickers off of it, you cannot return it at all, EVEN IF THEY SEND YOU A DEFECTIVE ONE!!!! When you go to the website to register the mask for warranty purposes, the site will tell you your serial number is invalid and you won’t be able to register it at all. There is no customer service, and they don’t care that someone who put trust in them is out of $300 dollars they’re getting rich, off of peoples money. I am a mailman, I have children, a wife, BILLS, and a mother in law who has lung disease. I jut recently got over Covid which could’ve killed me and my nine year old. I bought this mask thinking it was goin to be a good thing. But it turns out that all this is, is another big scam by the takers, to rake in peoples money, without a single care as to what happens if their product fails us!!!! Shame on will I am AND Honeywell, for ripping me, and anyone else who buys this mask off. No refunds, no customer service, no replacements of the masks, no compassion, no justice, no love , no humiliation, not a single care!, cheers to the takers!!!


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