VitalSleep Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Should you buy from VitalSleep? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this VitalSleep review, chances are you have watched the ads for VitalSleep and wonder if it really delivers what it claims.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about VitalSleep to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

In this VitalSleep review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

What is VitalSleep?

The VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece aims to help people stop snoring. It was created with the assistance of a medical doctor by a long-time snorer who was frustrated by chronic exhaustion and fatigue.

VitalSleep was founded on his conviction that an effective, high-quality snoring device could and should be affordable, comfortable, and safe.

Snorers and their bed partners frequently have sleepless nights because they cannot afford the $3,000 mandibular advancement mouthpieces recommended by their dentists or physicians.

VitalSleep’s mission has been to provide personalized snoring solutions to snorers for the past ten years. By providing effective and affordable snoring remedies, they aim to improve people’s quality of life and sleep.

The VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is adjustable and moves the jaw forward to open up the airway and reduce snoring. Many snoring devices lack this important feature, making them uncomfortable or ineffective to use.

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What I Like About VitalSleep

VitalSleep addresses the underlying cause of snoring and provides adjustable jaw advancement to open the airway. It molds to your teeth for a personalized fit for comfort and effectiveness. There is a 60-night money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty included.

Adjustable Lower Tray with Teeth Impressions

The patented Accu-Adjust System of VitalSleep allows you to adjust the lower tray of the mouthpiece for maximum snoring relief. A personalized and secure fit is also provided by custom molded teeth impressions.

There are two sizes available.

Choose between the standard men’s size and the new women’s size, which is 10% smaller and designed to fit women’s mouths.

Replacements are free for the first year.

For any reason, VitalSleep will replace your VitalSleep anti-snoring solution with their best for one year.

Made in the USA

VitalSleep is made in the United States. This helps to ensure that strict manufacturing guidelines are followed and that “made in China” is avoided.

Money-Back Guarantee for 60 Nights

You have 60 nights to test out the VitalSleep snoring solution. VitalSleep will refund your purchase price and provide you with a free postage-paid return label if you are not completely satisfied with the results.

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How Does VitalSleep Work?

VitalSleep widens your airway, allowing you to breathe quietly and without snoring. It addresses the primary cause of snoring, which is a partial obstruction of the airway.

Personalized teeth impressions keep your mouthpiece in place comfortably and securely. For improved breathing, the patented adjustment mechanism allows for precise lower jaw advancement.

You can sleep in any position and breathe through your mouth or nose. The long-lasting, high-quality design ensures years of snoring relief.

1. Mold To Your Teeth

Heat it in hot water for 45 seconds to create custom molded teeth impressions for a comfortable and secure fit.

2. Adjust The Lower Tray

Position the lower jaw forward based on your snoring intensity to open your airway.

3. Wear To Bed For Quiet Sleep

Go to sleep to experience improved breathing and wake up feeling well rested.

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What are the Pros of VitalSleep?

1. High Product Quality

The products of VitalSleep are of high quality. It’s made with great materials and careful design. VitalSleep manufactures their products to the highest standards. Before being shipped to customers, all products are inspected. This greatly reduces the possibility of customers receiving subpar or defective products from them.

2. Great Customer Service

Shopping in stores with poor customer service is extremely aggravating. However, if you purchase from VitalSleep, you won’t have to worry about it. VitalSleep’s customer service is excellent. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact them; their customer service team will be happy to assist you.

3. VitalSleep’s product meets the product description

To increase sales, many stores use exaggerated marketing tactics in their advertisements. This is not the case with VitalSleep, as I discovered. The products of VitalSleep correspond to the product description. It truly delivers on its promises. They provide genuine value to their customers.

4. Fast Shipping

VitalSleep’s shipping speed is very fast, unless you live in some remote areas. You can expect your parcel within a week or two of placing your order.

When you shop online, it can be very frustrating to have to wait months for a package to arrive. VitalSleep recognizes this and has invested heavily in their logistics system. When you shop at VitalSleep, you won’t have to worry about slow delivery.

VitalSleep Cons and Complaints

1. Not everyone can afford VitalSleep

For some, the price of VitalSleep may be prohibitively expensive. VitalSleep’s product quality, on the other hand, is superior to that of other similar products, which explains why it is more expensive. It is common knowledge that higher-quality products have higher costs, so the price is slightly higher.

2. Inefficient logistics in some remote areas

Remote areas may experience longer delivery times due to less efficient logistics. However, shipping is usually not an issue if you live cities with good transport network.

3. Not everyone likes VitalSleep

True, not every VitalSleep customer is pleased with the company’s products. In reality, no product can meet everyone’s expectations. To some extent, each person is unique, as are their preferences.

In case you do not like the products of VitalSleep, try to contact their customer service and see if they can help you solve the problem.

4. VitalSleep does not offer unconditional refunds

VitalSleep does not refund money to customers in all circumstances because shipping products costs money. This also helps to prevent customer fraud. So, before placing an order, make sure you read the refund policy.

If you simply change your mind and the product is in perfect condition, VitalSleep is unlikely to issue a refund.

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VitalSleep Customer Reviews

There are many VitalSleep reviews on the Internet, but not every one is from actual customers. On forums and groups, I found these real VitalSleep reviews:

“I love my vitalsleep! It definitely cuts down on my snoring. I went from a freight train to a very low zzzz. My girlfriend thanks you! I hated her having to wake up and go sleep on the couch because she couldn’t go back to sleep due to my snoring. This has been a game changer. Also, when I had to ask for a replacement because I messed one up, they sent me one quickly and without question. I take it everywhere I go overnight. It’s comfortable and easy to use.”


“I needed to do something about my snoring.I had try ed a cpap years ago and it didn’t work for me. the vital sleep came fast and it worked the first night.I got a great nights sleep and now I cant imagine not wearing it to bed.”


“I have used VitalSleep for about 1 1/2 years. My wife and I have been able to share the same bed during that time. Before we had to sleep in different bedrooms due to my snoring. VitalSleep has changed our lives for the better. It has almost completely stopped my snoring problem. My appliance didn’t last as long as I expected, and VitalSleep has honored their warrantee and replaced it for me.”


“I love this product. This mouthpiece has helped me and my husband sleep better throughout the night. My snoring was so bad without this my husband was waking me up constantly all night. Now, on the first day even, we can sleep all night because I’m not snoring. It’s also easy to breath with it in. I highly recommend this mouthpiece even for heavy snorers! Costumer service was very helpful and quick to reply.”

-Candice MacPhie Bleakley

Is VitalSleep a scam?

VitalSleep is certainly not a scam. I conducted extensive research on them, including their social media pages, review sites, forums, and so on. And I see nothing suspicious about their business. The reviews about VitalSleep are generally good.

In fact, I believe VitalSleep is a legitimate and well-established company that provides high-quality products. Otherwise, you would have found a lot of people online calling them scams.

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How to Contact VitalSleep’s Customer Service?

To contact VitalSleep’s customer service is easy. Here are the contact details:

Phone: 1-866-753-3780

Email: [email protected]

Where to Get the Best Price for VitalSleep?

VitalSleep’s product and service impressed me. So, where can you get the best VitalSleep deal?

VitalSleep appears to be doing a lot of promotion at the time of writing. There is a significant discount, but I’m not sure if the price will rise anytime soon.

That’s why I ended up purchasing something for myself, and I’m glad I did because of the excellent customer service and prompt delivery!

You should look into it so that you don’t regret it later.

What is the Best Alternative of VitalSleep?

I looked for hours to see if there were any better VitalSleep alternatives, but in vain. Although there are some products that are similar to VitalSleep, they are not as good in terms of product quality and price.

Some are more visually appealing than VitalSleep, but they are significantly more expensive. Buying something similar at a much higher price is not worth it.

As a result, to save time and money, I recommend purchasing from VitalSleep.

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