Temptooth Reviews: Scam or Legit?

One day, I had a problem with my teeth. I lost one of my front teeth in an accident, and it made me feel really uncomfortable and self-conscious about how I looked. I knew I needed to do something about it, but I was worried because getting a permanent fix from the dentist would be expensive and take a lot of time.

So, I started looking online for other options, and that’s when I came across something called Temptooth. It caught my attention because it offered a DIY solution for temporarily replacing a missing tooth. I read that it was affordable, easy to use, and would look natural, which sounded perfect for my situation.

I decided to give it a try and ordered the Temptooth kit. I was really excited when it arrived. I followed the instructions carefully, which told me how to soften the material, shape it to match my missing tooth, and then place it between my other teeth.

To my surprise, it looked incredibly natural! With Temptooth in place, I could smile confidently and talk without worrying about how I looked. It gave me a temporary fix that I really needed.

Even though it wasn’t a permanent solution, Temptooth turned out to be a cost-effective and user-friendly way to fill the gap in my smile. It helped me regain my confidence while I thought about my long-term options for fixing my missing tooth. So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is Temptooth?

Temptooth is an affordable DIY dental option to replace a missing tooth temporarily. It’s for situations like accidents or injuries.

Temptooth helps you fill the gap in your smile without expensive or time-consuming dental procedures, allowing you to eat, talk, and smile confidently.

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How Does It Work?

Using Temptooth is straightforward. In the kit, you’ll find a safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable material to shape into your missing tooth’s likeness.

Simply soften the material, follow the provided instructions to create your replacement tooth, and it fits securely between your other teeth.

It’s easy to remove when needed, making it versatile for various situations.

Who is Temptooth For?

Temptooth is for people dealing with the cosmetic problem of a missing tooth. It can be useful for those who:

  1. Lost a tooth but aren’t ready for a costly permanent implant or bridge.
  2. Need a quick and budget-friendly way to enhance their smile for social events, job interviews, or situations where appearance matters.
  3. Prefer an easy-to-use solution without numerous dental appointments.
  4. Want an affordable alternative to expensive dental treatments for temporary tooth replacement.

How to Use Temptooth

We Tested Temptooth

Here’s how I use the Temptooth:

  1. Heat the Material: Start by warming the tooth replacement material using hot water or a microwave, following the kit’s instructions.

  2. Mold the Tooth: Softened material can be shaped to match your missing tooth, ensuring it looks natural.

  3. Insert the Tooth: Carefully place the crafted tooth between your existing teeth in the gap, adjusting for comfort.

  4. Enjoy Your Smile: With Temptooth in place, you can smile, speak, and eat confidently. It’s a temporary fix, so consult a dentist for a permanent solution if needed.

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Temptooth – Before and After Results

After using Temptooth for a month, my smile and confidence have improved significantly. I used to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable because of a missing tooth.

Thanks to Temptooth, I now have a natural-looking smile without any worries. It blends perfectly with my other teeth, making it hard to tell it’s not real. This affordable and easy-to-use solution has restored my appearance and boosted my self-esteem. I can eat, talk, and socialize confidently without thinking about my dental issue.

Temptooth has made a big difference in my life, providing a temporary solution that feels very permanent.

Pros of Temptooth

  1. Affordable: Temptooth is a budget-friendly alternative to costly dental procedures for replacing missing teeth, making it a money-saving option.

  2. Safe Materials: It uses non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility.

  3. User-Friendly: Temptooth comes with clear instructions and video tutorials, making it easy to create a replacement tooth at home, saving you from multiple dental appointments.

  4. Natural Appearance: It seamlessly blends with existing teeth, providing a realistic look, boosting confidence, and serving well for cosmetic purposes.

  5. Durable: Engineered to last for months, Temptooth offers durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  6. Versatile: It can be used for various teeth, accommodating multiple missing teeth situations.

  7. Prevents Shifting: Filling the gap with Temptooth helps prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, contributing to overall oral health.

Cons of Temptooth

  1. Temporary Solution: Temptooth is not a permanent fix; it addresses the cosmetic aspect but requires professional dental care for long-term solutions.

  2. Precise Molding: Achieving the right size and shape during the molding process can be a bit challenging and may require multiple attempts.

  3. Removal Required: In some situations, Temptooth needs to be removed before eating, drinking, or sleeping, requiring extra care and maintenance.

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Is Temptooth a Scam or Legit?

Temptooth is a legitimate product, not a scam. It’s a temporary tooth replacement solution for missing teeth, following DIY dentistry principles. It’s effective if used as instructed, but it’s not a permanent fix.

If you consider using it, read the instructions carefully and consult a dentist for complex dental needs.

ositive customer reviews and feedback support its legitimacy as a practical temporary dental aid.


1. Is Temptooth safe to use?

Yes, Temptooth uses non-toxic and biodegradable materials, making it safe for both you and the environment.

2. Is Temptooth a permanent solution?

No, Temptooth is a temporary fix for missing teeth. For permanent solutions, consult a dentist.

3. Can I eat and drink with Temptooth in place?

While Temptooth is removable, it’s advisable to remove it before eating, drinking, or sleeping in specific situations.

4. How long does Temptooth last?

Temptooth is engineered for durability and can last for months, offering a long-term temporary solution.

5. Does Temptooth blend naturally with existing teeth?

Yes, Temptooth is designed to seamlessly blend with your existing teeth for a natural appearance.

6. Is Temptooth available for multiple missing teeth?

Yes, Temptooth is versatile and can be used to replace multiple missing teeth.

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