Sootheez Slippers Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

If you have stumbled upon the advertisement for Sootheez Slippers and are contemplating whether to invest in a pair, let me share my personal experience with you. 

In this review, I will provide an honest account of my experience with Sootheez Slippers, highlighting their comfort, functionality, and overall value for money. I will also share where I found the best price to ensure you don’t end up overpaying for these remarkable slippers.

Unparalleled Comfort and Support

As soon as I slipped my feet into the Sootheez Slippers, I was greeted by an unparalleled level of comfort. The patented design with its 1.6-inch (4.5cm) thick sole support provided an exceptional cushioning effect, making every step a delight. 

Made from High-Elastic EVA material, the slippers were not only lightweight but also incredibly soft, allowing me to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort or strain on my feet. The extra thickness of the sole truly made a difference in providing ultimate comfort.

Sootheez Slippers Review

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Functionality for Everyday Use

What sets Sootheez Slippers apart is their remarkable functionality. The footbed and outsole are ingeniously engineered to transport water away from the foot, ensuring that my feet remained dry and comfortable even in wet environments. This feature proved to be invaluable, whether I was using communal showers, visiting the spa, or lounging by the pool. 

Unlike other slippers with holed designs that sometimes caused discomfort, Sootheez Slippers’ thickened soles provided additional protection and alleviated any worries of foot pain.

Anti-Slip and Waterproof

One of the key concerns I had while searching for slippers was their grip on slippery surfaces. Sootheez Slippers surpassed my expectations with their durable EVA rubber outsoles, which offered excellent traction on any slippery ground. 

Whether I was walking on wet tiles or navigating a slippery poolside, I felt secure and confident in each step. 

Furthermore, the slippers’ waterproof materials ensured that they remained in excellent condition even after multiple uses in wet environments, making them a reliable choice for water-related activities.

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Versatility and Style

Sootheez Slippers effortlessly blend versatility and style. With their casual design, they are perfect for any season and occasion. I found myself wearing them indoors in my bedroom, bathroom, and living room, appreciating the comfort they provided throughout the day. 

Moreover, these slippers proved to be a fantastic companion for public showers, steam rooms, dorms, camps, and even hotel locker rooms. The adaptability of Sootheez Slippers allowed me to enjoy their comfort and protection wherever my adventures took me.


My personal experience with Sootheez Slippers has been nothing short of remarkable. From the unmatched comfort and support to the functional design and versatile style, these slippers have exceeded my expectations. They have truly become my go-to footwear for everyday use and various activities. If you’re searching for a gift or simply looking to enhance your own comfort, Sootheez Slippers are an excellent choice. 

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  1. I love the comfort of these Sandals. Conforms perfectly to my feet. I like wide so it’s perfect. I was searching for a comfortable pair of shoes for daily house wear and decided that these may well be what I was looking for. Glad I made the purchase.


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