gimbOWL Pro Reviews: Scam or Legit?

One sunny weekend, I went hiking with my friends, eager to take great photos and videos. I used my smartphone, but it couldn’t handle the stunning scenery. My shots were shaky, and my videos were not smooth. My friend Alex, a photographer, introduced me to the gimbOWL Pro.

Alex explained that this smart camera tripod could improve my photography and videography. It had AI technology for stable shots, even in dynamic places. I decided to try it.

I got the gimbOWL Pro, set it up easily, and it worked well with my phone. During our next hiking trip, it captured amazing shots and videos. The smart tracking kept our subjects in focus, and the results were impressive.

Having used the gimbOWL Pro for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is gimbOWL Pro?

The gimbOWL Pro is a smart camera tripod designed to enhance your photography and videography. It helps you capture stable and dynamic shots, making it ideal for professionals, content creators, and anyone who loves documenting moments.

gimbOWL Pro Review


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How Does It Work?

The gimbOWL Pro works using advanced AI technology to figure out the size and type of subjects in your shot. It can then rotate 360 degrees and focus on the subject automatically.

It takes a photo every three seconds to capture all the action, resulting in smooth and impressive shots and videos.

How to Use gimbOWL Pro

Here’s how I use the gimbOWL Pro:

  1. Check Compatibility: First, ensure that your smartphone is compatible with the gimbOWL Pro. It works with both iPhones and Android devices, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems.

  2. Secure Phone Holder: Attach the phone holder securely to your device. This step is crucial to prevent any mishaps during use.

  3. Enable Bluetooth: Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled.

  4. Power On gimbOWL Pro: Press and hold the button on the gimbOWL Pro for about three seconds to turn it on. You’ll see a red light indicating that it’s ready.

  5. Open Companion App: Open the companion app on your smartphone. Once launched, the Bluetooth icon on the gimbOWL Pro will turn green, signaling a successful connection.

Now you’re all set to start using the gimbOWL Pro for capturing amazing photos and videos without the need for extra hands or assistance.

gimbOWL Pro – Before and After Results

Before I started using the gimbOWL Pro, my photos and videos were often shaky and out of focus. I had trouble capturing beautiful scenes, and my shots were often blurry and jittery.

However, after using this smart camera tripod for three months, my results have improved drastically. The gimbOWL Pro’s AI technology made my shots stable, even in dynamic settings. I could easily capture stunning landscapes and fast-moving subjects, resulting in consistently smooth and impressive content.

Thanks to the gimbOWL Pro, my photography and videography skills have greatly improved, and it has taken my creative work to a whole new level, making my moments truly memorable masterpieces.

Pros of gimbOWL Pro

  1. Intelligent Tracking: The gimbOWL Pro excels in smart face tracking. It automatically follows your subject, keeping it in focus and ensuring your shots are always captivating.

  2. User-Friendly: It’s incredibly easy to use. Just download the APAI GENIE app, power it on for five seconds, and connect via Bluetooth. No complex setups or registrations needed.

  3. Facial Tracking Mode: Perfect for selfies, vlogs, or situations where you want the camera on you. It recognizes your face and tracks your movements, ensuring you’re the center of attention.

Cons of gimbOWL Pro

  1. Limited Battery Life: The gimbOWL Pro’s battery life can be quite short, lasting only a few hours depending on usage. This could be inconvenient for extended use without access to a power source.

  2. Compatibility Issues: It might not fit larger phones or bulky cases securely in its phone holder, leading to constant adjustments for stability.

Is gimbOWL Pro a Scam or Legit?

The gimbOWL Pro is a legitimate product for photography and videography enthusiasts. While it’s not a scam, it’s important to consider its limitations.

It offers hands-free photography and videography but has drawbacks like limited battery life and compatibility issues with larger phones.


1. Can gimbOWL Pro be used with both iPhones and Android devices?

Yes, the gimbOWL Pro is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems.

2. How long does the gimbOWL Pro’s battery last on average?

The battery life of the gimbOWL Pro can vary depending on usage. On average, it may last a few hours before requiring a recharge. It’s advisable to have a power source or backup plan if you plan to use it for extended periods.

3. Does the gimbOWL Pro work well for capturing dynamic shots and videos?

Yes, the gimbOWL Pro excels at capturing dynamic shots and videos. Its intelligent tracking technology ensures that your subject remains the focus, even during fast-paced movements.

4. Is the gimbOWL Pro suitable for professional photographers and videographers?

The gimbOWL Pro can be a valuable tool for professional photographers and videographers, especially in scenarios where capturing precise shots and videos is challenging. However, it’s essential to consider its battery life and compatibility with your equipment.

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  1. I did not have high hopes when i bought this .. but it has proven me wrong.. this thing is awesome.We pretty much use it everyday now and create a family VLOG with this. my son and daughter love it.

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you for your comment. Is there anything your family doesn’t like about gimbOWL? If so, you might leave a comment here 🙂


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