14 Best Mops for Quick Cleanups

To keep your home clean, mopping is essential for removing sticky spills, footprints, and grease. Mopping also ensures the removal of dirt from outside, pet drool, and bacteria.

The best mop depends on your flooring type: wood and laminate tolerate damp mopping, while vinyl, ceramic, and porcelain tiles can handle wetter mopping.

For most floors, fill a bucket with warm water and your chosen floor cleaner.

We tested nearly 40 mops and found the best ones to be easy to set up, effective for dry and wet mopping, portable, easy to clean, and maneuverable.

14 Best Mops

1. Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet XL Sweeping Kit

Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet XL Sweeping Kit

The Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet XL Sweeping Kit is a cleaning solution designed to efficiently tackle both wet and dry cleaning tasks. Its extra-large pivoting head covers more area quickly, capturing fine dust particles for a thorough clean. Safe for various floor surfaces like hardwood, vinyl, tile, stone, and laminate, its flexible head allows it to reach under furniture and along walls. The kit includes eight disposable dry cloths and two pre-moistened wet cloths for a complete cleaning solution.


  • Versatile for wet and dry cleaning tasks.
  • Extra-large pivoting head covers large areas quickly.
  • Safe for use on various floor surfaces.
  • Flexible head reaches under furniture and along walls.
  • Kit includes disposable cloths for convenience.


  • Disposable cloths add to ongoing costs.
  • May not be as eco-friendly as reusable alternatives.
  • Limited to use with Swiffer brand disposable cloths.

2. Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop

Bissell Lightweight SpinWave Expert Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20393,White/Black

The Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop is an electric mop designed specifically for hard floors. Unlike traditional mops, this one operates with a cord for continuous power supply. It features soft and spinning microfiber pads for scrubbing, which can be washed and reused, providing flexibility in cleaning. Using a spinning and scrubbing action combined with Bissell’s cleaning solution, it effectively cleans sealed and finished floors, including hardwood and laminate. One standout feature is its controlled dispensing of cleaning solution, allowing you to regulate moisture levels, particularly important for hardwood floors. Additionally, it can be used in dry mode to buff out scuffs and marks, enhancing its versatility.


  • Corded for uninterrupted cleaning sessions.
  • Reusable microfiber pads offer cleaning versatility.
  • Effective on sealed and finished hard floors, including hardwood and laminate.
  • Controlled dispensing of cleaning solution for regulating moisture levels.
  • Dry mode for buffing out scuffs and marks.


  • May struggle with cleaning tight corners due to round pads.
  • Dependency on proprietary cleaning solution may add to ongoing costs.
  • Requires access to power outlet for operation.

3. Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop

Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop for Dry and Wet Floor Cleaning - Includes Microfiber Cleaning Pad and Microfiber Dusting Pad - Dual Zone Cleaning Design for Faster Cleanup

The Bona Premium Microfiber Floor Mop is a top-notch cleaning tool renowned for its versatility and durability, designed to simplify your floor care routine. Its wide 16.5-inch cleaning head, paired with washable and reusable microfiber pads, offers both wet and dry cleaning capabilities. The pads feature a fluffy side for dry dusting and a low looped pad with scrubber strips for effective wet cleaning, providing a two-in-one solution for floor maintenance. With a lightweight, adjustable aluminum handle, it’s easy to maneuver around furniture, making cleaning a breeze.


  • Versatile for both wet and dry cleaning tasks.
  • Wide 16.5-inch cleaning head covers more area efficiently.
  • Washable and reusable microfiber pads offer durability and sustainability.
  • Lightweight, adjustable aluminum handle suits users of different heights.
  • Recommended by Bona, a trusted brand in floor care.
  • Microfiber pads effectively remove dirt and stains without damaging woodwork or cabinets.


  • Requires separate purchase of Bona’s specialized cleaners for optimal performance.
  • May not be as effective on heavily soiled areas compared to more heavy-duty cleaning tools.
  • Dependency on microfiber pads may require periodic replacement.

4. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona PowerPlus Premium Motion Spray Mop for Hardwood Floors - Includes PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solution and PowerPlus Microfiber Cleaning Pad - Vibrating Spray Mop for Wood Floors

The Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop is a high-quality cleaning tool specifically designed for hardwood floors, aimed at maintaining their beauty and longevity. With its large 16.75-inch mop head, it efficiently covers a significant area, making cleaning quicker and more effortless. Equipped with a washable and reusable microfiber pad featuring scrubbing fibers, it effectively cleans and polishes hardwood floors while tackling tough dirt and stains without causing damage.


  • Designed specifically for hardwood floors, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Large 16.75-inch mop head for efficient cleaning.
  • Washable and reusable microfiber pad for sustainability.
  • Refillable cleaning canister allows for the use of preferred Bona floor cleaner.
  • Ergonomic pole with a soft grip mid-section for comfortable use.
  • Soft bumper corners on mop head prevent accidental damage to walls and furniture.
  • Pull-out loop at the top of the pole for convenient storage.


  • Dependency on proprietary Bona floor cleaner for refill may add to ongoing costs.
  • May require additional effort for heavily soiled areas compared to more heavy-duty cleaning tools.
  • Replacement of microfiber pad may be necessary over time, adding to maintenance costs.

5. O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket

O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System, Grey

The O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket is a groundbreaking floor cleaning solution renowned for its innovative design, addressing common issues found in traditional mop and bucket systems. Its dual water tank system keeps clean water separate from dirty water, with the top chamber holding clean water for mopping and a lower chamber collecting dirty water.

After mopping, the foot pedal enables spinning the mop clean, ensuring separation of dirty and clean water to prevent cross-contamination, thereby promoting hygienic cleaning. The large mop head with microfiber strings effectively captures dirt and grime, cleaning in all directions.

Additionally, the removable and machine-washable mop head, along with the telescoping pole, adds to user comfort and ease of maintenance.


  • Dual water tank system prevents cross-contamination for hygienic cleaning.
  • Foot pedal allows for easy spinning of the mop to clean and separate dirty water.
  • Large mop head with microfiber strings effectively captures dirt and grime.
  • Removable and machine-washable mop head for easy maintenance.
  • Telescoping pole caters to users of different heights.
  • Space-efficient design.


  • May require storage space due to the included bucket.
  • Dependency on proprietary cleaning solution may add to ongoing costs.
  • Some users may find the spinning mechanism challenging to operate initially.

6. Maker’s Clean The Maker’s Mop Bundle

Maker's Clean The Maker's Mop Bundle

The Maker’s Clean Mop Bundle is an innovative cleaning solution designed to revolutionize traditional mopping methods. Developed by cleaning expert Melissa Maker, this award-winning product offers remarkable versatility and efficiency. Its standout feature is the unique taco-shaped mop head, which effectively cleans flat surfaces and reaches narrow spaces that regular mops cannot access. Ideal for cleaning around furniture, along baseboards, and even in tight corners or between appliances.


  • Unique taco-shaped mop head reaches tight spaces regular mops can’t.
  • Bundle includes microfiber pads for dry dusting and wet mopping.
  • Microfiber pads are easy to attach, wash, and long-lasting.
  • Grommets allow attachment of preferred cleaning cloths to pads.
  • Telescoping pole accommodates users of different heights.
  • Non-slip ring prevents mop from falling over during storage.
  • Mop head pivots and locks vertically for easy storage and wall cleaning.


  • Relatively small cleaning surface compared to traditional mops.
  • May not be as efficient for large floor areas.
  • Dependency on microfiber pads or alternative cleaning cloths for use.

7. Dreametech H11 Max Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Mop

The Dreametech H11 Max Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Mop is an advanced floor cleaning device that seamlessly combines the convenience of a vacuum with the effectiveness of a mop. Cordless and equipped with cutting-edge features, it redefines floor cleaning. With the ability to switch between wet and dry cleaning modes, it accommodates various floor types. Its soft brush roller efficiently picks up debris and liquid messes, including chunky food spills.


  • Versatile for both wet and dry cleaning modes.
  • Soft brush roller effectively picks up debris and liquid messes.
  • Self-propelled design for easy maneuverability around furniture and tight corners.
  • Offers 36 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single charge.
  • Integrated water tanks for a sleek appearance.
  • Scraper on brush roll cover prevents mess buildup.
  • Automatically adjusts suction based on detected debris.
  • LED screen provides alerts for user convenience.


  • May have a relatively shorter battery life compared to some cordless vacuums.
  • Dependency on rechargeable battery for operation.
  • Some users may find the self-propelled feature less intuitive to control initially.

8. Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU Steam Floor Mop

Reliable 300CU Steam Floor Mop - Steamboy Pro Electric Steam Scrubber with 4 Microfiber Pads, 1500W, Steam Cleaner for Tile, Grout, Hardwood Floor, and Carpets, 180-Degree Swivel Head

The Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU Steam Floor Mop is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool utilizing advanced steam cleaning technology to simplify floor cleaning tasks. Designed for various hard floor surfaces such as sheet vinyl, tile, and stone, it effectively removes tough stains and dirt with its high steam generation capability. Equipped with an integrated cartridge in the water tank, it filters impurities from the water, preventing clogs and ensuring peak performance. Its triangular swivel head reaches into corners and tight spots for thorough cleaning, while four reusable microfiber pads ensure continuous cleaning material availability.


  • Generates high steam levels for effective stain and dirt removal.
  • Integrated cartridge filters impurities from water, maintaining peak performance.
  • Triangular swivel head reaches into corners and tight spots for thorough cleaning.
  • Comes with four reusable microfiber pads for continuous cleaning.
  • On-demand steam production control with trigger.
  • Slim design and large handle for easy maneuverability and carrying.


  • Not recommended for use on hardwood or laminate floors.
  • Dependency on electricity for steam generation may limit portability.
  • Some users may find the trigger control less intuitive compared to continuous steam release.

9. Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop

Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop

The Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop is a dependable and versatile cleaning tool designed for effective floor maintenance, making it a practical choice for homeowners. Its sponge mop head features a built-in scrub brush and heavy-duty cleaning surface, providing a two-in-one capability for simplifying floor cleaning and ensuring thorough results. The sponge effectively cleans hard surfaces and absorbs spills, while the brush is ideal for scrubbing floors and tile grout.


  • Built-in scrub brush and heavy-duty cleaning surface on sponge mop head for thorough cleaning.
  • Two-in-one capability simplifies floor maintenance.
  • Steel handle adds durability and strength for vigorous cleaning.
  • Replaceable sponge head saves money in the long run.
  • Suitable for use with non-bleach cleaners applied directly to the floor or diluted in a bucket.


  • Sponge head may not be very absorbent.
  • Sponge head may pop off during use if not properly secured.
  • Requires separate purchase of non-bleach cleaner for optimal performance.
  • Some users may find the need to apply cleaner directly to the floor less convenient compared to integrated cleaning solution systems.

10. Swiffer WetJet Power Mop Starter Kit

Swiffer WetJet Power Mop Starter Kit

The Swiffer WetJet Power Mop Starter Kit is an innovative all-in-one cleaning solution that has transformed wet mopping with its efficiency and convenience. The centerpiece of the kit is the Swiffer WetJet mop, equipped with a battery-powered spray system for effortless cleaning. Simply attach a disposable pad, press the handle button to activate the spray, and start mopping.


  • Easy-to-use battery-powered spray system for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Absorbent disposable pads lock in and trap dirt for streak-free floors.
  • Scrubbing strip on pads tackles tough, stuck-on grime.
  • Design includes two spray nozzles for even solution application.
  • Mini headlights brighten dark corners for easier cleaning.
  • Complete starter kit includes mop, five disposable pads, Swiffer cleaner solution, and batteries.
  • Specifically made for effective cleaning of sealed hardwood, vinyl, tile, stone, and laminate floors.


  • Cleaner bottle is not refillable, requiring additional purchases of solution bottles.
  • Dependency on disposable pads may contribute to ongoing waste.
  • Some users may prefer refillable options for cleaner solution to reduce environmental impact.
  • Disposable pads and cleaner solution may add to long-term cleaning costs.

11. iRobot Braava Jet m6 Robot Mop

iRobot Braava Jet m6 Robot Mop

The iRobot Braava Jet m6 Robot Mop is an advanced and efficient robotic cleaning device designed to simplify floor maintenance. Developed by iRobot, a renowned expert in robotic floor care, it boasts a range of features to streamline the cleaning process. Capable of both wet and dry cleaning, it works on various hard floor surfaces such as sealed hardwood, vinyl, tile, stone, and laminate. The robot mop utilizes disposable and reusable pads to offer cleaning flexibility, starting with dry sweeping to capture dust and pet hair using an electrostatic pad before switching to wet mopping with a mix of warm water and iRobot’s floor cleaner to dissolve grime effectively.


  • Capable of both wet and dry cleaning on various hard floor surfaces.
  • Includes disposable and reusable pads for cleaning flexibility.
  • Smart Mapping technology enables efficient navigation and learning of better cleaning patterns.
  • Customizable cleaning schedules and room-specific cleaning options available through the app.
  • Remote monitoring of the cleaning process via the app.
  • Offers hands-free and efficient cleaning for added convenience.


  • May take longer than manual mopping due to the automated process.
  • Dependency on proprietary cleaning solution may add to ongoing costs.
  • Initial setup and learning curve for Smart Mapping technology may be required.
  • Higher upfront investment compared to traditional mops.

12. Marvel Mop

Marvel Mop


Marvel Mop is an innovative cleaning tool that simplifies the mopping process with its self-cleaning system. It features a dual-bucket setup, with one side for clean water and the other for rinsing dirty water. Simply dip the mop in the clean water, mop the floor, then rinse the mop in the dirty water side by pushing down on the handle, leaving it clean and ready for next use.


  • Effortless cleaning with self-cleaning feature.
  • Versatile on different surfaces like hardwood and tile.
  • Adjustable handle for user comfort.
  • Eco-friendly with reusable microfiber cloths.


  • Bulkier design compared to traditional mops.
  • Limited coverage for large areas.
  • May require extra effort for tough stains.

To learn more, read the review of Marvel Mop.

13.Mighty Thirsty Mop

Mighty Thirsty Mop - Household Essentials Made of Revolutionary Polymer Compound, Easy-to-Clean, Easy-to-Store & Super Absorbent Self Wringing Mop with Reusable Washable Pads with Mop Head Replacement

The Mighty Thirsty Mop is a game-changer in home cleaning, featuring a unique polymer construction with super-absorbent pockets and 33 dirt-collecting channels. Its clever design ensures it reaches tight corners and baseboards, while the angled handle activates its powerful cleaning capabilities. The five-roller wringer removes excess liquid and doubles as a storage stand. Quick drying prevents mold and mildew, and its versatility suits various flooring types.


  • Super-absorbent with 33 dirt-collecting channels
  • Clever design for reaching tight spaces
  • Five-roller wringer for efficient liquid removal and storage
  • Quick drying prevents mold and mildew
  • Versatile for different flooring types


  • Slightly higher cost compared to traditional mops

To learn more, read the full review of Mighty Thirsty Mop.

14. Floor Police

Floor Police Cordless Electric Mop, As Seen On TV, Self-Propelling Hardwood and Tile Floor Cleaner with Dual Spinning Mop Heads, One Mop with 6 Cleaning Pads

Floor Police is a cordless mop designed to make floor cleaning faster and easier. It operates with a rechargeable battery and utilizes a spinning action to clean surfaces efficiently. Users can choose from six washable pads, including microfiber, scrubber, and polishing options, to tackle various cleaning tasks. Simply attach the pad, coat it with disinfectant or water, power on the mop, and let it glide across the floor, navigating obstacles effortlessly with its swiveling head.


  • Efficient cleaning with spinning action
  • Versatile pad options for different cleaning needs
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Reduced manual effort required
  • Environmentally friendly with reusable pads


  • Does not come with its own bucket

To learn more, read the full review of Floor Police.

How to Choose the Best Mop

When you’re in the market for a mop, making the right choice can make your cleaning routine a breeze and ensure excellent results. To help you shop for mops like a pro, let’s break it down:

1. Type of Mop

Your choice of mop depends on factors like your budget, floor type, and cleaning needs. Here are some popular types:

  • Flat Mops: Perfect for small spaces and light spills. They use disposable or reusable pads and are budget-friendly.

  • Spin Mops: These come with a foot pedal for easy wringing and often have a dual-tank system to separate dirty and clean water. Electric spin mops are also available.

  • Sponge Mops: Great for scrubbing and absorbing stains and spills. Ideal for tile and vinyl floors.

  • Spray Mops: Similar to flat mops but with a built-in cleaning solution bottle, eliminating the need for a separate bucket.

  • Steam Mops: Use heat for disinfection without chemicals. They are a bit pricier but offer a chemical-free cleaning solution.

  • Vacuum Mops: Combine suction power with cleaning solutions, suitable for various surfaces, including sealed flooring, carpets, and rugs.

  • String/Twist Mops: Traditional style with a thick, twisted rope mop head, known for their scrubbing power.

2. Size & Weight

Consider your living space and storage options when it comes to the size and weight of your mop. Here are some recommendations:

  • Compact Mops: Ideal for small spaces, apartments, or limited storage. Options like flat mops, spray mops, string mops, or sponge mops work well.

  • Heavy-Duty Mops: If you have ample space or a large home, consider heavy-duty choices like vacuum mops or steam mops.

3. Accessories

Many mops come with useful attachments like scraping tools and brushes to tackle tough spots and hard-to-reach areas. While these extras may increase the cost, they can enhance the mop’s performance and make your cleaning tasks easier.

What type of mop do professionals use?

Cleaning professionals often prefer using spin mops for their convenient wringing, ease of maintenance, reusability, and compatibility with various floor types.

Steam mops are also recommended by some experts for their ability to clean and disinfect without harsh chemicals, making them a convenient and eco-friendly option.

However, it’s important to be cautious when using steam mops on sensitive floors like hardwood, as they may not be suitable for such surfaces.

What Is the Best Type of Mop to Use On Hardwood Floors?

For hardwood floors, use a mop with a flat microfiber head, like the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop available at Amazon. It’s designed for wood floors, doesn’t use too much water, and comes with a special solution. Microfiber absorbs liquids quickly, which is ideal for hardwood floors that you don’t want to soak.

What Type Of Mop Is Best For Floor Tiles?

For floor tiles, the Oxo Microfiber Spray Mop is an excellent choice. It has a built-in scrubber for cleaning grout and is great for tile cleaning. You can find it on Amazon.

What is the lifespan of a typical mop?

The lifespan of a typical mop varies. It can last between six months and two years, depending on the type and quality. Some mops, like vacuum or electric spin mops, can last longer with proper care and maintenance.

How Often Should I Mop My Floors?

Mop your floors as needed, depending on factors like pets, roommates, and foot traffic. Generally, once a week after vacuuming is a good guideline, but you can do it more often if necessary, especially when expecting guests.

Can you put a mop head in the washing machine?

Yes, you can usually put a mop head in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle with hot water and mild detergent. After washing, hang it to air dry completely before storing it with the pole and other accessories. It’s also a good idea to clean the mopping bucket separately and store mops with the mop side up to prevent dust buildup.

How well do mops remove bacteria and germs?

Steam mops effectively sanitize floors by killing germs with high temperatures. Other mop types remove dirt and some germs but don’t kill bacteria or viruses. To sanitize with a steam mop, follow the manual’s guidelines for the right number of passes.

Alternatively, use a germ-killing floor cleaning solution following the label instructions. Be cautious as steam mops may damage certain floor types, so check with your flooring brand and ensure cleaning solutions are compatible.

Is it worth it to buy a more expensive mop?

Yes, it’s worth buying a more expensive mop. A high-quality mop can last for years, maintain clean floors, and save you money in the long run. Better absorbency and durability make them a wise investment in cleanliness and cost savings.

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