12 Best Ankle Braces in 2024

Ankle injuries are common among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and they can be debilitating. An ankle brace provides support and protection to help you heal and prevent further injuries. Consider support, comfort, breathability, and adjustability when choosing the right one. It should fit snugly without restricting movement or blood flow, made of durable materials.

At Fit Me Solution, we researched and tested ankle braces to find the best. We considered injury type, activity level, and user preference.

After thorough testing, we have picked 12 best ankle braces for different needs and budgets.

12 Best Ankle Braces

1. BIOSKIN TriLok Ankle Brace for Women & Men

BIOSKIN TriLok Ankle Brace for Women & Men - Ankle Brace for Sprained Ankle, Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Foot Arch Support, Peroneal Tendonitis Relief, & PTTD Support

The BIOSKIN TriLok Ankle Brace is a support device designed to provide stability for ankle issues. It features a figure-eight design with added arch support. This design aims to prevent injuries and alleviate discomfort, particularly associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis.


  • Recommended by orthopedists and podiatrists.
  • Offers added arch support, beneficial for preventing injuries and easing plantar fasciitis pain.
  • Made of comfortable hypoallergenic materials.
  • Can be worn with shoes or sandals for all-day comfort.


  • The figure-eight design may require some practice to fit correctly.

2. Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace

Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace, Left Foot, Medium

The Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace is designed to aid in the recovery process from ankle sprains and injuries. It features a semi-rigid design aimed at protecting the ankle from inward or outward twisting, which is crucial for preventing further harm. Utilizing air cell technology, a cross strap, and additional wraps for the forefoot and shin, this brace provides comprehensive support for the ankle.


  • Often recommended by doctors, particularly for severe sprains and acute injuries.
  • Semi-rigid design offers protection against twisting motions, aiding in injury prevention.
  • Utilizes air cell technology and additional support features for enhanced stability.


  • Can be bulky, potentially causing discomfort or difficulty fitting with certain shoes.
  • Important to specify if the brace is needed for the right or left foot when ordering.

3. ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace

ARYSE IFAST - Ankle Brace - Superior Ankle Support for Men and Women. Basketball, Baseball, Running, Football, Volleyball & More - (Medium, Black, Pair)

The ARYSE IFAST Ankle Brace is a high-performance option designed for athletes seeking superior ankle support, even with athletic shoes, including cleats. Crafted from thermoplastic polyurethane, it maintains a slim and low-profile design while providing substantial support.


  • Ideal for athletes needing excellent ankle support with athletic shoes, including cleats.
  • Functional design tailored for sports enthusiasts, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, offering a slim and low-profile fit without compromising support.
  • Available in six sizes for teens and adults, with various color options to choose from.


  • May experience wear and tear, particularly during intense activities, potentially affecting longevity.

4. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer, Black, Small

The Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer is an affordable yet effective option for ankle support and stability. It offers features comparable to more expensive braces at a budget-friendly price point. Available in black or white and various sizes, including options for kids, it ensures a tailored fit for users.


  • Wallet-friendly option providing excellent ankle support and stability.
  • Features a clever design incorporating laces, stabilizing straps, and an elastic cuff for maximum support and brace retention during activities.
  • Highly durable and comfortable, making it popular among athletes and active individuals.


  • Tends to run large, so it’s advisable to consider ordering a size smaller if you’re between sizes.

5. Bodyprox Ankle Brace

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace, Breathable Neoprene Sleeve, Adjustable Wrap!

The Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace is a versatile solution for protecting ankles, preventing sprains, and alleviating conditions like plantar fasciitis. Its unique design features a strap that wraps around the foot and ankle, providing support without restricting movement.


  • Unique strap design offers support while allowing freedom of movement.
  • Open heel design provides flexibility while still supporting the ankle.
  • Constructed from breathable neoprene, ensuring comfort, durability, and flexibility.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.


  • Open heel design may cause discomfort in the heel with prolonged wear.

6. Velpeau Ankle Brace

Velpeau Ankle Brace - Stirrup Ankle Splint - Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains, Tendonitis, Post-Op Cast Support and Injury Protection for Women and Men (Foam Pads, Large - Left Foot)

The Velpeau Ankle Brace is a stirrup-style ankle brace designed to provide exceptional support and versatility for individuals dealing with ankle injuries, such as grade 2 or 3 sprains, tendonitis, or those aiming to prevent injuries. Notably, it features gel or foam pads on both sides of the ankle, offering excellent support and comfort.


  • Stirrup-style design offers exceptional support for ankle injuries.
  • Gel or foam pads on both sides provide superior comfort and support.
  • Versatile use for cold or heat therapy, allowing for therapeutic applications to aid recovery.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.


  • Each order includes only one brace; specify if it’s for the right or left foot.
  • Freezing or microwaving the foam pads can damage them; use caution when applying cold or heat therapy.

7. Modvel 2 Pack Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

Modvel Foot & Ankle Brace Socks for Sprained Ankle Compression Sleeve - Ankle Support for Women & Men - Tendonitis & Arthritis Ankle Brace Sports Running, Torn Ligaments & Women Stabilizing Ankle Wrap

The Modvel 2 Pack Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve provides reliable ankle support with enhanced comfort and flexibility. This package includes two compression sleeves, offering users a cost-effective solution. Constructed from high-quality nylon, these sleeves ensure a comfortable fit.


  • Includes two compression sleeves in one package, providing value for money.
  • Made from high-quality nylon for comfort and flexibility.
  • Available in various sizes (from Small to XXX-Large) and 11 different colors, catering to individual preferences.
  • Features double silicone gel strips to prevent slipping during activity.
  • Wicks away moisture to keep feet dry and odor-free.


  • Getting the right size may require some adjustment for certain users.

8. Bauerfeind Breathable Knit Ankle Brace

Bauerfeind - AchilloTrain - Achilles Tendon Support - Breathable Knit Ankle Brace for Targeted Relief of Achilles Tendon Without Limiting Mobility - Right - Size 3 - Color Black

The Bauerfeind Breathable Knit Ankle Brace, also known as the AchilloTrain Ankle Brace, is a premium soft brace designed to provide exceptional comfort and support, particularly for individuals dealing with Achilles tendonitis. Crafted from breathable knit fabric, it offers a comfortable and secure fit around the foot and ankle.


  • Constructed from breathable knit fabric for optimal comfort and security.
  • Extra padding on the heel and Achilles tendon area provides relief and helps prevent pain from tendonitis.
  • Available in three colors (Black, Nature, and Titanium) and five sizes, catering to various foot sizes.
  • Each order includes one brace, with the option to specify if it’s for the right or left foot.


  • May offer more support than needed for individuals with milder or occasional Achilles issues.

9. Swede-O Ankle Lok Reinforced Laced Ankle Brace

Swede-O Ankle Lok Reinforced Laced Ankle Brace with Stays, High Support for Sports, Black, Small

The Swede-O Ankle Lok Reinforced Laced Ankle Brace is a versatile and supportive solution designed to provide complete ankle protection, particularly beneficial for individuals with unstable ankles or those recovering from injuries. Its customizable support features make it an ideal choice for various needs.


  • Removable side stabilizers offer additional support when needed and can be taken out for increased flexibility during recovery.
  • Elastic material on the back ensures comfort and breathability.
  • Laced design allows for precise adjustment to suit individual preferences.
  • Available in two colors (black or white) and six sizes to accommodate various foot sizes.


  • Lacing up the brace may require some time and effort initially.
  • While offering excellent support and customization, achieving the perfect fit may require patience.

10. Ankle Roll Guard Armor1 Ankle Support

Ankle Roll Guard Armor1 (Left Foot) Ankle Support; Patented and Tested Alternative to an Ankle Brace for Ankle Roll Prevention, Ankle Support, Sprain Support; Good for Walking, Sports, Stroke

The Ankle Roll Guard Armor1 Ankle Support offers a unique method of ankle protection without restricting movement. Unlike traditional ankle braces, it attaches to the outside of your shoe, making it compatible with various types of footwear, including athletic shoes like cleats.


  • Lightweight design, weighing only 2.4 ounces, ensures minimal interference with movement.
  • Constructed from EVA rubber, providing durability and support without adding bulk to the shoe.
  • Features a thin strap positioned under the sole, enhancing comfort during wear.
  • Versatile design accommodates different types of footwear.


  • Each order includes only one brace, and it’s one size fits most.
  • Important to specify if the brace is intended for the right or left foot when ordering.

11. SmartFitKit Ankle Protection Sleeve

SmartFitKit™ Ankle Protection Sleeve

The SmartFitKit Ankle Protection Sleeve is a versatile solution designed to provide comfort and support for individuals experiencing ankle discomfort during physical activities. Made from durable Neoprene material with 4D stretch technology, it offers a snug fit without restricting natural movement. The sleeve features a Velcro tab for secure closure, targeting ankle joints and arch nerves effectively. It promotes proper blood circulation, aids in faster recovery from foot-related issues, and prevents new ankle injuries.


  1. Comfortable and supportive fit.
  2. Versatile design suitable for various activities.
  3. Promotes faster recovery from foot-related issues.
  4. Prevents new ankle injuries with compression and support.


  1. May not be suitable for severe ankle injuries.
  2. Sizing may vary; check the chart for the perfect fit.
  3. Some users may experience discomfort with prolonged wear.

To learn more, read the SmartFitKit Ankle Protection Sleeve review.

12. Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks for Women & Men - Best Ankle Compression Sleeve, Nano Brace for Everyday Use - Provides Arch Support & Heel Pain Relief (Black, Medium)

The Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is a compression sleeve designed to alleviate foot pain associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis, sprains, Achilles tendonitis, and flat feet. Made with high-quality orthopedic materials, it provides gentle compression to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow, while offering external support to prevent harmful movements and expedite the healing process. It’s discreetly worn under socks and shoes for everyday use.


  • Effective pain relief for various foot conditions.
  • Versatile solution suitable for plantar fasciitis, sprains, Achilles tendonitis, and more.
  • Comfortable fit under socks and shoes.
  • Durable and easy to maintain with machine washability.
  • Positive customer reviews and testimonials.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.


  • Results may vary from person to person.
  • Sizing can be challenging.
  • Prioritizes functionality over aesthetics.
  • Some users may experience initial discomfort or tightness.

To learn more, read the full review of Koprez Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve.

How to choose the best ankle brace

  1. Consult your physician for guidance.
  2. Consider the support level (rigid, semi-rigid, soft) based on your injury.
  3. Ensure a proper fit using sizing charts based on your shoe size or ankle circumference.
  4. Choose the right material for comfort, like neoprene for support or breathable fabric/knit.

This will help you find the right ankle brace for your needs.

Are there any risks to wearing an ankle brace?

Wearing an ankle brace has benefits for injury prevention and recovery, but it comes with risks. It’s important to use one under a doctor’s supervision. The main risk is wearing it for too long, which can weaken muscles, create dependence, and affect balance. Prolonged use may also irritate the skin.

Which ankle brace is best for sports?

The best ankle brace for sports depends on your needs and activity. Consider a lace-up or rigid stirrup brace for maximum support and stability.

Is it safe to wear an ankle brace all day?

Wearing an ankle brace all day is safe if it fits well and feels comfortable. But remember to take it off periodically to let your skin breathe and prevent irritation.

Do ankle braces really help?

Yes, ankle braces are beneficial for injuries or chronic instability. Consult an ankle specialist for proper guidance and brace selection.

Can an ankle brace weaken your ankles?

Wearing a brace long-term can weaken your ankle if you become dependent on it. Physical therapy helps rebuild strength and function.

What’s the difference between an ankle brace and an ankle stabilizer?

Ankle braces and stabilizers are often used interchangeably, but true braces have stirrups or side buttresses for injury prevention, while stabilizers may be more flexible.

How often should you wear an ankle brace if you are recovering from a minor injury?

For minor injuries, wear an ankle brace for 2-4 weeks, then during activities for 6-8 weeks. If it’s still bothersome, see a doctor after a month.

Can you wear an ankle brace to bed?

You can wear an ankle brace to bed, but it’s often not needed, especially for minor injuries. Consult your healthcare provider for guidance based on your injury.


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