ScalpHero Reviews (2023): Scam or Legit?

If you have natural hair, using various oils, conditioners, and styling products, combined with the natural oils and sweat from daily activities, can lead to buildup and discomfort on your scalp.

In my search for relief, I discovered the ScalpHero Scalp Massager, which claimed to provide relaxation and address scalp issues.

Curious but skeptical, I wondered if this product could really live up to its promises. Was it a worthwhile investment? To find out, I decided to try it and share my experience with you.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at its features, explore the benefits it offers, and consider any potential drawbacks I encountered while using this product.

What is ScalpHero?

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager is designed to deliver soothing scalp massages that replicate the comforting sensation of human hands working their magic on your head.

Its primary purpose is to enhance blood circulation in your scalp, and this, in turn, can bring about a host of benefits, including relaxation, stress reduction, and even the potential for better hair health.

On their sales page, here’s what they have to say about their features:

ScalpHero can help by stimulating blood flow to the follicles to loosen the area up, which in turn delivers the nourishing nutrients needed to encourage healthy hair growth and to promote strong, thick and shiny hair.

So, as you can see, the main selling point is thick hair growth. The question is, can they really deliver what they have promised? I’ve put ScalpHero to the test to find out.

ScalpHero™ - Smart Scalp Massager

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The Science Behind ScalpHero Scalp Massager 

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager says it uses a special massage technique to target scalp tension and improve blood circulation. With its 630-nanometer red light setting, it aims to penetrate deeply into the skin, potentially reducing inflammation and promoting faster, stronger hair growth.

Here are the benefits they mention on their official site:

  1. Reduce hair loss without using medication.
  2. Promote healthier and fuller-looking hair.
  3. Provide stress relief for better sleep and overall well-being.
  4. Decrease headaches and migraines.

So, the key benefits you can expect from using the ScalpHero Scalp Massager are “hair growth” and “stress relief for reduced headaches.”

According to research, scalp massage can increase hair thickness by stretching the cells of hair follicles, stimulating them to produce thicker hair. There’s also a belief that scalp massage may dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, promoting hair growth.

While the research is limited, what’s known so far shows promise regarding scalp massages and hair growth.

Experts suggest that massaging your scalp can enhance blood circulation, positively impacting your hair and scalp. Think about the relaxing moment when your hairstylist takes extra time to shampoo your scalp at the bowl. The tension created by their fingers helps cleanse and stimulate blood flow. Scalp massagers provide similar relief. Dr. Aleta Simmons, a board-certified dermatologist, explains, “Scalp massagers can cause mechanical stress on the scalp, potentially leading to alterations in gene expression. These changes may lead to increased hair thickness.”

So, it seems that ScalpHero’s claimed benefits are supported by existing knowledge and research.

Did I Receive My ScalpHero?

For those who shop online, the worry of not getting what you ordered is real.

Thankfully, my ScalpHero™ Smart Scalp Massager arrived within 10 days. 

It includes the Smart Scalp Massager itself, a Cordless Charging Dock, a Fast-Charging USB Cable, and an English Instruction Manual.


How to Use ScalpHero?

Using the ScalpHero became an integral part of my self-care routine, and I’d like to share my personal experience and steps with you:

Step 1: Power On and Massage

  • To start my relaxing scalp massage experience, I would first power on the ScalpHero device. The power button is conveniently located, making it easy to get started.
  • With the device buzzing to life, I gently glided it across my entire scalp. The sensation was soothing, mimicking the feel of human fingers massaging my head. It was an instant stress reliever.
  • The ScalpHero allows you to adjust the massage speed to your preference, and I found experimenting with different settings helped me discover what felt most relaxing for me.

Step 2: Daily Use

  • I made it a habit to dedicate 5 minutes every day to my scalp massage routine. Whether my hair was wet or dry, it didn’t matter; the ScalpHero was designed to accommodate both.
  • On days when I had a bit more time, I even used it during my shampooing routine for a deeper cleanse. It felt like a mini spa experience right at home.

Step 3: Enhance with Hair Oil

  • To take my ScalpHero experience to the next level, I occasionally incorporated hair oil during my massage. It not only enhanced the sensation but also provided extra nourishment for my scalp and hair.
  • I found that jojoba or sweet almond oil were excellent choices, as they didn’t clog my pores and left my hair feeling soft and healthy.

Did I Get Any Results from Using ScalpHero?

After using ScalpHero consistently for 30 days, I didn’t see the promised results in terms of enhanced hair growth.

Despite the claims, my hair didn’t become thicker, and I feel like they may have exaggerated the benefits.

However, I must say that if you’re simply looking for a comfortable head massage, giving this product a try might be worthwhile.

While it may not deliver on all the advertised benefits, it does provide a pleasant experience for a head massage.

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Is It Safe to Use ScalpHero?

While using a ScalpHero massager might seem as easy as rubbing it on your skin, it’s important to be cautious. Improper use could potentially harm your hair follicles.

Like with most beauty treatments, being gentle with your scalp is key. You can safely use a scalp massager by applying gentle circular motions on wet or dry hair.

For best results, I suggest including the scalp massager in your shower routine. This can enhance the benefits of products like scalp scrubs and serums.

Pros of ScalpHero

1. Hair-friendly design suitable for all hair types

The design of the ScalpHero is thoughtful and hair-friendly. It’s made with high-quality materials and designed to accommodate all hair types, minimizing the risk of tangles and breakage.

This meant I could recommend it to friends and family with different hair textures and lengths, knowing it would work well for them too.

2. Versatile usage in wet and dry conditions

ScalpHero’s versatility truly impressed me. Its IPX-7 level waterproof protection meant I could use it confidently on both wet and dry hair, even in the shower.

This flexibility made it incredibly easy to integrate into my daily self-care routine without any worries.

3. Offers stress relief and reduces stress-related headaches

Beyond its hair care benefits, the ScalpHero delivered an unexpected bonus in my experience.

Its massage function was effective at releasing tension and promoting relaxation, significantly reducing the frequency and intensity of my stress-related headaches.

It provided a holistic sense of well-being that went beyond just hair care.

Cons of ScalpHero

1. Didn’t enhance my hair growth 

The ScalpHero didn’t boost my hair growth as expected.

Despite its use of advanced red light technology, which seemed promising, I didn’t see the anticipated improvements in the density and vitality of my hair over time.

It fell short of being the game-changer for hair health and thickness that I had hoped for.

2. Higher price compared to traditional scalp massage tools

Another downside to the ScalpHero is its cost. It’s pricier compared to traditional scalp massage tools.

While I personally found the benefits justified the expense, those on a budget might find it a less affordable option.

3. Learning curve may be required for effective use

Using the ScalpHero effectively may require some practice, especially for those new to scalp massagers or tech-driven hair care products.

Familiarizing yourself with its settings and features might take a bit of time, making it a less straightforward solution initially.

Despite this learning curve, I found the device to be worth the effort in the end.

How Much Does ScalpHero Cost?

It costs $89.99 to buy a ScalpHero massager.

I think that’s overpriced because you can find a scalp massager on Amazon at a much lower price. 

ScalpHero Cost

Refund Policy

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, but you have to cover the shipping fee for returning the product yourself.

I’ve considered returning the product, but I find it quite troublesome to communicate with their slow customer support.

Alternatives to ScalpHero 

There are many scalp massagers available in the market, and ScalpHero isn’t your only choice.

For a budget-friendly alternative, the Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager has proven to be a super affordable option that brings relief deep into my roots.

Since we all have different hair types and scalps, finding the right scalp massager for your needs is crucial for maximizing its benefits.

With the popularity of these handy tools, there are plenty of options to explore. For instance, if you’re dealing with regular product buildup, a brush with thinner bristles like the Tangle Teezer Scalp Exfoliator and Massager might be suitable for quick scalp exfoliation.

If you’re facing hair loss or have a sensitive scalp, considering silicon bristles could help prevent breakage and reduce tangles or knots in the hair.

Is ScalpHero a Scam? Should You Buy It?

I don’t believe ScalpHero is a scam because I did receive the scalp massager as promised.

However, there’s limited evidence to support its claim of promoting thick hair growth. After trying it for 30 days, I didn’t see any noticeable results.

Moreover, I find ScalpHero to be overpriced and it looks cheaply made.

You can get a massager for a few dollars that achieves similar results. Alternatively, using your own hands to massage your head seems to be just as effective.

Where to Buy ScalpHero?

Well, you can simply get the product on their official site. They claim to be offering a 50% discount.

But I suspect that’s just a gimmick. I don’t believe they will raise their price.

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