ScalpHero Reviews: Scam or Legit?



On a sunny afternoon, I had a problem: my hair was getting thinner, and I was worried about losing it. I searched online for a solution and found ScalpHero. I was interested and read reviews that promised it could make hair grow back and relieve stress. I felt a mix of doubt and hope as I saw pictures of people with healthier scalps and hair.

I couldn’t resist, so I bought the ScalpHero Scalp Massager with just a few clicks. Ten days later, it arrived, and it came with a cool device, a charging dock, a USB cable, and an English manual.

I was excited as I opened it. I started using ScalpHero every day, following the instructions in the manual. The massager felt really nice and helped me relax, and it worked well with both wet and dry hair care routines.

As the weeks went by, I kept using ScalpHero, hoping to see some results. But after a month, I was a bit disappointed. My hair didn’t seem to be getting thicker, and while it was nice, it didn’t live up to all the hype.

So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is ScalpHero?

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager is designed to deliver soothing scalp massages that replicate the comforting sensation of human hands working their magic on your head.

Its primary purpose is to enhance blood circulation in your scalp, and this, in turn, can bring about a host of benefits, including relaxation, stress reduction, and even the potential for better hair health.

On their sales page, here’s what they have to say about their features:

ScalpHero can help by stimulating blood flow to the follicles to loosen the area up, which in turn delivers the nourishing nutrients needed to encourage healthy hair growth and to promote strong, thick and shiny hair.

So, as you can see, the main selling point is thick hair growth. The question is, can they really deliver what they have promised? I’ve put ScalpHero to the test to find out.


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The Science Behind ScalpHero Scalp Massager 

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager says it uses a special massage technique to target scalp tension and improve blood circulation. With its 630-nanometer red light setting, it aims to penetrate deeply into the skin, potentially reducing inflammation and promoting faster, stronger hair growth.

Here are the benefits they mention on their official site:

  1. Reduce hair loss without using medication.
  2. Promote healthier and fuller-looking hair.
  3. Provide stress relief for better sleep and overall well-being.
  4. Decrease headaches and migraines.

So, the key benefits you can expect from using the ScalpHero Scalp Massager are “hair growth” and “stress relief for reduced headaches.”

According to research, scalp massage can increase hair thickness by stretching the cells of hair follicles, stimulating them to produce thicker hair. There’s also a belief that scalp massage may dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, promoting hair growth.

While the research is limited, what’s known so far shows promise regarding scalp massages and hair growth.

Experts suggest that massaging your scalp can enhance blood circulation, positively impacting your hair and scalp. Think about the relaxing moment when your hairstylist takes extra time to shampoo your scalp at the bowl. The tension created by their fingers helps cleanse and stimulate blood flow. Scalp massagers provide similar relief. Dr. Aleta Simmons, a board-certified dermatologist, explains, “Scalp massagers can cause mechanical stress on the scalp, potentially leading to alterations in gene expression. These changes may lead to increased hair thickness.”

So, it seems that ScalpHero’s claimed benefits are supported by existing knowledge and research.

The Science Behind ScalpHero Scalp Massager 

Did I Receive My ScalpHero?

For those who shop online, the worry of not getting what you ordered is real.

Thankfully, my ScalpHero™ Smart Scalp Massager arrived within 10 days. 

It includes the Smart Scalp Massager itself, a Cordless Charging Dock, a Fast-Charging USB Cable, and an English Instruction Manual.


How to Use ScalpHero?

Using the ScalpHero became an integral part of my self-care routine, and I’d like to share my personal experience and steps with you:

Step 1: Power On and Massage

  • To start my relaxing scalp massage experience, I would first power on the ScalpHero device. The power button is conveniently located, making it easy to get started.
  • With the device buzzing to life, I gently glided it across my entire scalp. The sensation was soothing, mimicking the feel of human fingers massaging my head. It was an instant stress reliever.
  • The ScalpHero allows you to adjust the massage speed to your preference, and I found experimenting with different settings helped me discover what felt most relaxing for me.

Step 2: Daily Use

  • I made it a habit to dedicate 5 minutes every day to my scalp massage routine. Whether my hair was wet or dry, it didn’t matter; the ScalpHero was designed to accommodate both.
  • On days when I had a bit more time, I even used it during my shampooing routine for a deeper cleanse. It felt like a mini spa experience right at home.

Step 3: Enhance with Hair Oil

  • To take my ScalpHero experience to the next level, I occasionally incorporated hair oil during my massage. It not only enhanced the sensation but also provided extra nourishment for my scalp and hair.
  • I found that jojoba or sweet almond oil were excellent choices, as they didn’t clog my pores and left my hair feeling soft and healthy.

How to Use ScalpHero

Did I Get Any Results from Using ScalpHero?

After using ScalpHero consistently for 30 days, I didn’t see the promised results in terms of enhanced hair growth.

Despite the claims, my hair didn’t become thicker, and I feel like they may have exaggerated the benefits.

However, I must say that if you’re simply looking for a comfortable head massage, giving this product a try might be worthwhile.

While it may not deliver on all the advertised benefits, it does provide a pleasant experience for a head massage.

Results from Using ScalpHero

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Is It Safe to Use ScalpHero?

While using a ScalpHero massager might seem as easy as rubbing it on your skin, it’s important to be cautious. Improper use could potentially harm your hair follicles.

Like with most beauty treatments, being gentle with your scalp is key. You can safely use a scalp massager by applying gentle circular motions on wet or dry hair.

For best results, I suggest including the scalp massager in your shower routine. This can enhance the benefits of products like scalp scrubs and serums.

Is It Safe to Use ScalpHero

Pros of ScalpHero

1. Hair-friendly design suitable for all hair types

The design of the ScalpHero is thoughtful and hair-friendly. It’s made with high-quality materials and designed to accommodate all hair types, minimizing the risk of tangles and breakage.

This meant I could recommend it to friends and family with different hair textures and lengths, knowing it would work well for them too.

2. Versatile usage in wet and dry conditions

ScalpHero’s versatility truly impressed me. Its IPX-7 level waterproof protection meant I could use it confidently on both wet and dry hair, even in the shower.

This flexibility made it incredibly easy to integrate into my daily self-care routine without any worries.

3. Offers stress relief and reduces stress-related headaches

Beyond its hair care benefits, the ScalpHero delivered an unexpected bonus in my experience.

Its massage function was effective at releasing tension and promoting relaxation, significantly reducing the frequency and intensity of my stress-related headaches.

It provided a holistic sense of well-being that went beyond just hair care.

Cons of ScalpHero

1. Didn’t enhance my hair growth 

The ScalpHero didn’t boost my hair growth as expected.

Despite its use of advanced red light technology, which seemed promising, I didn’t see the anticipated improvements in the density and vitality of my hair over time.

It fell short of being the game-changer for hair health and thickness that I had hoped for.

2. Higher price compared to traditional scalp massage tools

Another downside to the ScalpHero is its cost. It’s pricier compared to traditional scalp massage tools.

While I personally found the benefits justified the expense, those on a budget might find it a less affordable option.

3. Learning curve may be required for effective use

Using the ScalpHero effectively may require some practice, especially for those new to scalp massagers or tech-driven hair care products.

Familiarizing yourself with its settings and features might take a bit of time, making it a less straightforward solution initially.

Despite this learning curve, I found the device to be worth the effort in the end.

How Much Does ScalpHero Cost?

It costs $89.99 to buy a ScalpHero massager.

I think that’s overpriced because you can find a scalp massager on Amazon at a much lower price. 

ScalpHero Cost

Refund Policy

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, but you have to cover the shipping fee for returning the product yourself.

I’ve considered returning the product, but I find it quite troublesome to communicate with their slow customer support.

Alternatives to ScalpHero 

There are many scalp massagers available in the market, and ScalpHero isn’t your only choice.

For a budget-friendly alternative, the Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager has proven to be a super affordable option that brings relief deep into my roots.

Since we all have different hair types and scalps, finding the right scalp massager for your needs is crucial for maximizing its benefits.

With the popularity of these handy tools, there are plenty of options to explore. For instance, if you’re dealing with regular product buildup, a brush with thinner bristles like the Tangle Teezer Scalp Exfoliator and Massager might be suitable for quick scalp exfoliation.

If you’re facing hair loss or have a sensitive scalp, considering silicon bristles could help prevent breakage and reduce tangles or knots in the hair.

Is ScalpHero a Scam? Should You Buy It?

I don’t believe ScalpHero is a scam because I did receive the scalp massager as promised.

However, there’s limited evidence to support its claim of promoting thick hair growth. After trying it for 30 days, I didn’t see any noticeable results.

Moreover, I find ScalpHero to be overpriced and it looks cheaply made.

You can get a massager for a few dollars that achieves similar results. Alternatively, using your own hands to massage your head seems to be just as effective.

Where to Buy ScalpHero?

Well, you can simply get the product on their official site. They claim to be offering a 50% discount.

But I suspect that’s just a gimmick. I don’t believe they will raise their price.

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1. Is ScalpHero suitable for all hair types?

Yes, ScalpHero is designed to accommodate all hair types and minimize the risk of tangles and breakage.

2. Can I use ScalpHero on wet and dry hair?

Yes, ScalpHero is versatile and can be used on both wet and dry hair, even in the shower, thanks to its IPX-7 level waterproof protection.

3. Does ScalpHero reduce stress and headaches?

Yes, ScalpHero’s massage function can help release tension and promote relaxation, potentially reducing the frequency and intensity of stress-related headaches.

4. Does ScalpHero really promote hair growth?

While some users may experience improved hair thickness and growth, individual results may vary, and there’s limited scientific evidence to support this claim.

5. How often should I use the ScalpHero Scalp Massager?

It’s recommended to use the ScalpHero for 5 minutes daily, but you can adjust the frequency to your preference. Some users also incorporate it into their shampooing routine for a deeper cleanse.

ScalpHero Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars (based on 104 reviews)
Very good9%

Return Policy Is not honored.

March 9, 2024

They claim to refund your money up to 60 days, but you can’t get in touch with them. Email address provided appears to be nonexistent.

No response to my messages left on the number provided. This company is bogus.

Avatar for Mary

Not that good of a massage

January 8, 2024

In my opinion, the best feeling was when all the nodes were vibrating simultaneously without switching. Sadly, this occurred for a very short time. Most of the time, the vibrating nodes switch intermittently, causing dizziness and a mild headache. I do not recommend it.

Avatar for Andrew White
Andrew White

Stopped working less than a month

January 8, 2024

My ScalpHero Scalp Massager stopped charging after less than a month of use. It’s not worth the money.

Avatar for William Brown
William Brown

Painful for my scalp

January 8, 2024

I found the ScalpHero Scalp Massager to be painful for my scalp. The massage heads are pointy and rough, which feels like someone scratching your scalp. It might be nice for a while, but it starts to hurt after some time, even when used for the recommended duration. I can’t use it anymore.

Avatar for Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith

Broke after less than two months

January 8, 2024

I purchased the ScalpHero Scalp Massager and it broke in less than two months! Unfortunately, there is no warranty for this product. While it worked, it was great, but now it won’t charge, and it’s just sitting in my garbage. I wish there were better scalp massagers with warranties.

Avatar for James Anderson
James Anderson

Requires Holding

January 7, 2024

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager is an okay massager, but the issue is that you really have to hold it to apply pressure, which can be tedious and cause hand or neck cramps.

Avatar for Grace Scott
Grace Scott

Decent massager, weak pressure

January 6, 2024

I wanted something with more pressure for a deep scalp massage. This massager is okay, easy to use, and has good battery life. However, the pressure was too weak for my liking. I returned it and am happy with the process.

Avatar for Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed

Overwhelming Vibration

January 4, 2024

This device only vibrates, and after one session, it’s overwhelming/almost annoying, especially if you have sensory issues. Not helpful.

Avatar for Amelia Thompson
Amelia Thompson

Feels great but charge isn’t super long

January 3, 2024

This ScalpHero Scalp Massager feels really nice on your hair and face (when you switch out the heads). The variable speed is nice, and the massage is great if you have a headache or just want a treat. I don’t really use the massage function because it really just vibrates your palm. It seems to be high quality and an appropriate weight. It’s not cumbersome or heavy and fits easily into the palm of your hand.

I have really curly hair, and my primary concern was that this might make my hair a tangled mess, but it doesn’t. People massaging my head are actually more likely to tangle than using this.

Avatar for Zoe Baker
Zoe Baker

Needs frequent charging, not recommended

January 2, 2024

I use it every few days for about 10 minutes, and I notice that after about 2 uses, it gets slow and needs recharging. Manual shampoo brushes give more impact on the scalp. The massage tips are nice for a gentle neck massage, but there are probably better products for that. Overall, I would not recommend it.

Avatar for Alexander Turner
Alexander Turner

Not as advertised

January 2, 2024

I bought the ScalpHero Scalp Massager hoping for hair growth stimulation, but it didn’t deliver. It’s overpriced and hasn’t done anything for my hair. I find that my own fingernails feel better on my scalp. It’s a waste of money.

Avatar for David Wilson
David Wilson

No good!

January 1, 2024

I received a used ScalpHero Scalp Massager instead of a new one. The massage heads were dirty and had hair attached to them, which is unsanitary and unappealing.

Avatar for Robert Davis
Robert Davis

Husband loved it!

December 31, 2023

 Bought ScalpHero for my husband, he loved it. There are two speeds. The lower speed is good for the people who like slower massage. It reduces headache and helps to fall asleep smoothly. If you are lazy like me and do not massage your scalp regularly, this should be your go to thing. Easy to handle and lightweight!

Avatar for Reymundo Wilderman
Reymundo Wilderman

Expected More for the Price

December 25, 2023

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager does what it says, but it’s a bit disappointing. The scalp attachment is too hard, and the massager heads are weak in applying proper pressure. For the price, I expected more, such as additional heads or vibration options. Some improvements would go a long way.

Avatar for Lily Hall
Lily Hall

Pinches and sharp nubs

December 23, 2023

I really wanted to like it, but the spikey nubs are a bit sharp, and the flatter ones don’t work well for hair/scalp. I tried it on my arm a few times and ended up pinching myself a couple of times. Painful. The design isn’t good; the nubs should be spaced farther apart to prevent pinching.

Avatar for Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright

Awful. Ties my hair into knots

December 23, 2023

My hair got caught in the ScalpHero Scalp Massager, and I had to cut my hair to free it. This was a frustrating and unpleasant experience.

Avatar for Christopher Young
Christopher Young

Surface Massage Only

December 22, 2023

I expected it to provide a deep muscle massage, but it only offers a surface massage. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet my needs, so I’ll be returning it.

Avatar for Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson

Not worth buying

December 22, 2023

I bought the ScalpHero Scalp Massager for my husband, but he didn’t like it at all. It’s not worth keeping, so I’m returning it.

Avatar for Emily Davis
Emily Davis

Stopped working

December 20, 2023

It was enjoyable while it lasted, perhaps I had a defective unit. The points on the end of the massagers were a bit stiff but still comfortable. However, it stopped charging and slowly died on me.

Avatar for Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor

Battery life

December 19, 2023

I ordered this after reading about head massagers/red light can help promote hair growth after hair loss. I have had significant hair loss postpartum and have been taking hair supplements and using special shampoos, etc. This is tackling hair loss at a different angle, and the science behind it makes sense. I saw a product that was almost exactly the same being sold, which was hundreds of pounds, and thought I’d search on google, and this product appeared.

It’s fantastic, and I can physically feel the blood flow moving to my scalp after a massage. The only disappointing factor is it says a cycle lasts at least 15 minutes after a 2-hour charge. I have had mine on charge all night, and it only seems to last 8 minutes at a time. So I have been using it morning and night to get my recommended 10 minutes massage a day. I’m not sure if mine is faulty, as I haven’t seen reviews saying the same here.

Overall, it’s really nice, and I’m glad I have found it. I shall update with my hair loss journey in a few months for anyone else interested in that aspect.

Avatar for Sophia Carter
Sophia Carter

Opened Product

December 18, 2023

Although I received an open product, it’s working fine. It can be uncomfortable to use at times. I think it should be priced cheaper for what it is.

Avatar for Harper Wilson
Harper Wilson

Not Relaxing

December 17, 2023

This electric scalp massager was a bit of a disappointment. The massage tips are soft rubber and grip on my hair rather than soothing my scalp. If the tips were more rounded and smooth, it would have been better. It did not meet my expectations, so I rate this product three out of five stars.

Avatar for Evelyn Hernandez
Evelyn Hernandez

Quickly Broke

December 10, 2023

The massager is small and easy to handle, and the massage with the round heads is pleasant and soothing, especially for headaches. Unfortunately, the device broke on the second day. The upper part of the shell detached, and the device kept changing its massage speed on its own. Consequently, I had to return it. What a shame.

Avatar for Ava Robinson
Ava Robinson

Doesn't feel good

December 10, 2023

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager is a waste of money. It doesn’t provide a good massage experience.

Avatar for Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris

So far so good. I use it for a face massage

December 10, 2023

Too early to comment on the quality, but I like it so far. I love using it as a face, hands massager. Could be a bit more quiet

Avatar for Ben Jones
Ben Jones

Hair Pulling

December 8, 2023

My daughter gave me this ScalpHero Scalp Massager for my birthday, but when I use it, it tears my hair out!

Avatar for Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin

Inconsistent performance

December 8, 2023

You have to use it with minimum pressure, or one of the pads will fall off, making it useless or annoying. The massage head holder isn’t designed well. I’m considering returning it.

Avatar for Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez

Doesn't vibrate

December 8, 2023

The ScalpHero Scalp Massager has rotating massagers instead of vibrating ones. These rotating massage heads can pinch the skin and hair, especially when you apply more pressure. It’s not a comfortable experience.

Avatar for Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker


December 4, 2023

I didn’t like it. I found it uncomfortable, and at times, it caused discomfort because it’s too hard. There are better options available.

Avatar for Mia Anderson
Mia Anderson

Painful Experience!

December 3, 2023

I purchased this product expecting a vibrating-style massager, but it turned out to be more like a shiatsu kneading-type massager. The scalp attachments were too hard and felt like someone was scratching my head vigorously. It was not the experience I anticipated, and I doubt I’ll ever use it again. Quite disappointing.

Avatar for Sophia Williams
Sophia Williams

Painful, aggressive scalp experience

December 3, 2023

Using this made me feel like my scalp was being attacked. It’s too aggressive with the spike attachments, almost like a torture device. I felt like it was going to rip out a lot of my hair.

Avatar for Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson

Teeth on this massager pull hair

December 3, 2023

I can’t use it because it tears my hair out, no matter which head type I choose. So be careful not to go bald using it. I still kept it and use it on my neck and shoulders as a soft massager. It would be perfect with a “conus” shape head that doesn’t rotate and pull hair out. Too bad the product designers didn’t think of such a variation.

Avatar for Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller

Eric Murphy

December 2, 2023

I bought this product back in Feb this year. Initially, it was okay, but for the last few weeks, it has stopped charging and is not usable anymore. I can’t even find a way to return this product anymore. Will suggest not buying it.

Avatar for Brandon Green
Brandon Green


December 1, 2023

WHO KNEW?! Who knew that I was shampooing and conditioning my hair completely wrong?????? I used this after applying shampoo and conditioner, and OMG, this literally made them work 100x better! It’s like it massaged the products deeper into my scalp and into my brain because I can no longer think, and I’m writing this while I’m looking like a zombie!

Avatar for Natalie Mitchell
Natalie Mitchell

Weak Massage Function

December 1, 2023

The massage function of the ScalpHero Scalp Massager is weak, and the silicon part keeps falling.

Avatar for Abigail Lewis
Abigail Lewis

Tips too sharp, missed potential

December 1, 2023

The tips are a bit too sharp for comfort, and longer hair can get caught. It could have been a really good device but missed the mark.

Avatar for Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans

Cool massager

November 22, 2023

Very good head massager.Nice battery backup .I use it for oil massage.washable item.massage head os soft and replaceable.

Avatar for Dennis Rwabyoma
Dennis Rwabyoma

Nice but...

November 6, 2023

…. doesn’t hold a charge for long even though I charge it before each use for at least 3 hours.

Avatar for Thandeka Oberholzer
Thandeka Oberholzer

Good product

November 3, 2023

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It works in water and dry. It feels so good on your scalp, and on your muscles. When I put a conditioner and it works well on the hair. I love it so much. Best buy you will make. Love the multiple settings.

Avatar for Solomon Byaruhanga
Solomon Byaruhanga

Missing USB charger cable

November 3, 2023

ScalpHero looks good, but I did not need to use it until todayWhen I opened the box, I realized that the USB cable to charge the massager was not in the box.Kindly send me a cable.

Avatar for Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall


November 1, 2023

If you enjoy your hair stylist shampooing your hair then you will love this. I love this and it makes my head ache ease .

Avatar for Lorenz Kirlin
Lorenz Kirlin

Didn't Feel Like Much.

October 31, 2023

Your “mileage” may vary, but for me, this just didn’t feel especially good, so I quickly returned it. I’m a guy, I don’t buy things to test-drive and maybe return them.My wife soon found me a more than worthy replacement: a goofy non-motorized scalp stimulator doodad, smaller than a hairbrush, from the local buck-and-a-quarter dollar store!

Avatar for Verdie Langworth
Verdie Langworth

Defective charger

October 25, 2023

I bought ScalpHero as a gift for someone and was extremely disappointed that they weren’t able to charge it without an hassle. This gift was very thoughtful because they have bad migraines, so the fact that they can’t use this properly irritates me!

Avatar for Juan Dube
Juan Dube

Lower ur expectations

October 24, 2023

Looks good, works fine, easy to use but fails to do the job it was designed for. I wouldn’t call it a massager, more like rotating nibs on ur skin. It’s anything except for massage. The only place it felt nice was around the shoulder area, and that is if someone else uses it while u sit back and try to relax.. try is the keyword.If I had a friend to ask my opinion regarding the product I would NOT recommend them to buy it.

Avatar for Krystel Lakin
Krystel Lakin


October 17, 2023

I love it very relaxing takes the knots out my neck and shoulders

Avatar for Vanessa Mogale
Vanessa Mogale

Please don't buy this

October 15, 2023

This product quality is so bad that I was not able to turn it off and got stuck in my hairs. I had call my friend with screw drivers to open it and still I lost so many hairs. Not a good product for long hair

Avatar for Lonnie Fadel
Lonnie Fadel

Best scalp massager

October 11, 2023

 This is the best scalp massager I have used till date. Has two speed settings and moves clockwise and anticlock wise. Very good quality and has soft rubber tips for a good massage to the scalp. The sound is slightly high but not an issue for me.

Avatar for Zama Ellis
Zama Ellis

holy grail purchase

October 6, 2023

I get headaches often. I hold a lot of stress and tension in my face, head and neck. This massager provides a lot of comfort in a short amount of time. I loved it so much I gifted one to my mom. My aunt and grandma tried it and wanted one as well. I ordered 4 of the same product. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones. My dog even enjoys it.

Avatar for Anthony Kisitu
Anthony Kisitu

Feels great!

September 30, 2023

I use this on my scalp and my face when I am stressed and tense. Works really well! Feels like a facial!

Avatar for Chantel Maseko
Chantel Maseko

A bit weak and small, but then it's low cost.

September 10, 2023

One can feel that the material is well made and notcheap at all. It is adequate for the head, but I prefer a stronger motor.A bit weak and small but then it’s low cost.I prefer it if it were a bit stronger and with a bigger diameter.

Avatar for Ramiro Wolf
Ramiro Wolf

Relaxing massaging tool

September 2, 2023

 I love this product! I have been using it daily for about a month and a half. The product comes with 8 total kneading nodes. I use this product on my scalp and I have hair extensions. I don’t find any tugging on my hair with this. My hair doesn’t get tangled however there are small loops that get created in the hair as shown in my video but they are easily brushed out and I wouldn’t consider them to be tangles. I do find the massaging to be quite rough but I don’t mind it. When I use it on my mom and she loves it. I think it’s personal preference.I find the product to be slightly noisy but nothing overwhelming. My pets are very afraid when I try to massage them with this tool.

Avatar for Chizoba Olutola
Chizoba Olutola

Good and bad

August 23, 2023

My scalp and neck like it, my hair not so much!

Avatar for Zoe Powell
Zoe Powell

Cannot live without it anymore

August 13, 2023

Relieves my tension headaches caused by neck strain. I couldn’t recommend this enough! I use it on my head, neck, shoulders and it’s a life changer.

Avatar for Mustafa Crona
Mustafa Crona

Broke down in 2 months

August 6, 2023

How do you repair such a piece? Can you repair it.. or is it for the trash cans! Worked beautifully well for about 2 months.. and then stopped working and stopped getting recharged! AVOID

Avatar for Matt Tumwiine
Matt Tumwiine


August 1, 2023

Originally, i was skeptical because i thought it would rip out my hair but i got comfortable and started using it regularly. One night i was using it like i usually do and within 2 seconds it had a patch of my hair stuck IN the machine. I panicked and tried to turn it off but i turned up the speed in the process and the hair got sucked in even more. I’m grateful it wasn’t a HUGE patch of hair, but this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Avatar for Pascale Monahan
Pascale Monahan

Simply Amazing!

July 22, 2023

I am recovering from hair loss due to vitamin d deficiency. My scalp was so sore at one point. This was until I used this massager on my scalp. It helped to sooth my scalp and now it’s not as sore. It was also so relaxing. I didn’t experience any hair pulling or discomfort at all. I did use the scalp massager while my hair was in 2 strand twists.

Avatar for Aslam Bumb
Aslam Bumb

Great for hair growth

July 15, 2023

I bought bc a girl did a video on hair growth and used this. It really does help. I use it every night before bed. It’s very relaxing and I truly think it stimulates the scalp for growth.

Avatar for Eunice Kabuye
Eunice Kabuye

Better than I expected.

July 5, 2023

This product massages my scalp without tangling my hair. It also has several speeds to increase or decrease intensity. I am hoping for stimulation of my hair growth but I am also benefiting from the reduced tension in my head/scalp and I am able to relax better every night.

Avatar for Tabitha Toy
Tabitha Toy

It works!

June 13, 2023

I purchased this for personal use, but my cat had other ideas! It really helps with my headaches. And the silly cats says it helps him too!

Avatar for Retta Gorczany
Retta Gorczany

Feels so nice.

June 5, 2023

I really had my concerns I’m worried about my hair being Tangled. It is easy it does not tear my hair it does not hurt. I have been brittle hair and it has not damaged and the scalp massage with my special hair growth oil is been wonderful

Avatar for Santiago Tromp
Santiago Tromp

Most relaxing device I own

May 31, 2023

This is hands down my favorite purchase of 2023 so far!! Get this and enjoy! Your welcome!!!

Avatar for Mohammed Kennedy
Mohammed Kennedy

Stopped working after just a few uses.

May 27, 2023

Worked good for a few days and then it started turning off every 3 seconds.

Avatar for Savita Mitter
Savita Mitter

great product

May 23, 2023

I use it to massage my scalp with rosemary oil, use it for years. prompt delivery

Avatar for Monica Sane
Monica Sane

Most used for 3 years

May 7, 2023

This is one of the most used gadgets I’ve ever purchased. I use it for my scalp,arms, legs,etc.My husband uses it to massage his hands and arms to relieve stress from old injuries.Lost a star because the little nodules fall off and sometimes disappear. He’s threatened to glue them on. To be fair,they stay on,mostly, when using them on the head. Just falls off when you’re doing hands and arms, not the intended use.

Avatar for Candice Harris
Candice Harris


May 6, 2023

Really helps to relieve my migraines. Nothing is perfect but this is a huge help

Avatar for Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker

Feels like tiny hands

April 28, 2023

ScalpHero massager is awesome. It makes you feel great. I had to order one for my dog. He enjoys it as well. I can’t say if it’s helpful in growth but I’m sure it is. It stimulates your scalp and it feels amazing. I love it!

Avatar for Tracy Miller
Tracy Miller

Cannot open the base to recharge. It is closed so tightly

April 11, 2023

I love this scalp massager. It came charged and i used it right away, but the problem is when I opened up the base to see what is inside the base, I closed it so tighly and now I cannot open the base any more to recharge. It is so tightly closed. What should I do?

Avatar for Anne Kibirige
Anne Kibirige

Does not work after 3 month of low use (twice per week)

April 9, 2023

This device looks and feels good.When it works it provides good feel massage of head.However, my device works in one direction only. When I try to switch mode to change direction it works just about 5 seconds and stops.But this is no big deal.What makes me disappointed that after three month of not intensive use (1-2 times a week) it stopped working. It starts and works for about 5 seconds and stops. I have to start it again – for another 5 seconds.I am going to contact manufacturer, let’s see what they can reply.To be continued…

Avatar for Breanna McGlynn
Breanna McGlynn

Exceeded expectations!

April 3, 2023

Love this massager & will recommend to friends & family!

Avatar for Felton Fadel
Felton Fadel

My cat likes it!

April 2, 2023

I admit I bought it for my cat and was shocked when he took to it right away! He never likes any toys I buy for him.

Avatar for Ingrid King
Ingrid King

Not worth

March 30, 2023

I am surprised by all the raving reviews here. This product doesn’t make any difference at all. Wish I could return, but the return window is closed.

Avatar for Alana Bosco
Alana Bosco

Perfect for what I need it for

March 27, 2023

Love this little thing is perfect for a nice 5 minutes head massage after shower

Avatar for Emilie Jacobs
Emilie Jacobs

My mom took it 🙂

March 23, 2023

It is awesome .. my mother liked it very much. She did not want me to take it from her. I will buy another one 🙂

Avatar for Tiara Lueilwitz
Tiara Lueilwitz

Everyone wants one now

March 18, 2023

I purchased three of these and kept one for myself- I think it works great- and everyone is asking for one now.

Avatar for Heath Leuschke
Heath Leuschke

Love it

March 8, 2023

Perfect for massaging . Feels so good. Great for hair growth promotion . It has 2 different settings . Good purchase !

Avatar for Darrion Erdman
Darrion Erdman

This is one of the best gadgets I have gotten. It is truly amazing I love it.

March 2, 2023

It feels great on your scalp. It doesn’t pull your hair. It is very very good.

Avatar for Nilima Gopal
Nilima Gopal

Works great

February 24, 2023

It doesn’t snag my long hair. It stays charged long. It’s comforting and relaxing. It has easy grip to hold during use. It’s worth buying.

Avatar for Catharine Tuhame
Catharine Tuhame


February 20, 2023

The Scalp Massage was too large and also very heavy..

Avatar for Karley Hane
Karley Hane

If you have long hair forget this...

February 6, 2023

The feet on this are that gummy sticky kind of plastic and pull/tangle hair as it moves around the head. Terrible design for long hair. Hair ended up in a huge mesh/tangled pile. It would have been better if it had the hard plastic that was smoother. Major design flaw would not recommend.

Avatar for Barry Mutabuza
Barry Mutabuza

Feel so good!!

February 4, 2023

Best head massage ever!! I feel great!!

Avatar for Issac Smitham
Issac Smitham

What is this ?

February 1, 2023

It isn’t really a massage . The tips are hard. Difficult functionality

Avatar for Madhu Vora
Madhu Vora

Best little scalp massager

January 27, 2023

Best little scalp massager. Gets the job done.

Avatar for Jabari Christiansen
Jabari Christiansen

A truly wonderful hand held massage unit

January 26, 2023

This massage unit is the best I have ever had. This one is build to last. Rechargeable, ergonomic and comes with a full set of replacement tips. Great for really stimulating the scalp and works well on the body as well.

Avatar for Kole Kuphal
Kole Kuphal

Buy it right now!

January 24, 2023

I have bought this 3 times in a row for myself, my mom and my friend. Definitely helps with headaches. I recommend doing the inversion method while using this massager to relieve stress.

Avatar for Kemi Babatunde
Kemi Babatunde


January 9, 2023

It hurt my head so bad. The things that sit on your head and spin are hurtful I wish the bottoms were rounded.

Avatar for Jacinthe Swaniawski
Jacinthe Swaniawski

Reliable! No cord!

January 7, 2023

I bought this because my hair has been thinning for over 2 years now (it was rather thick before), so I decided to try a few things to help. In order to increase blood circulation, I decided to get a scalp massager. It is rather lightweight, and the massaging tips are soft and detachable to clean. There is also a second set of tips included. It took a little for me to get used to its action, but now I relax into it. It doesn’t tangle my shoulder length hair. I even use it to massage my face (sinus area in particular) as well as neck/back/shoulder area. It keeps a charge for a long time, and since it is cord free, it sits on my nightstand ready to use at night for relaxation (or even in the middle of the night to help relax my neck/shoulder. What is not to like?

Avatar for Titi Motalo
Titi Motalo

Ehhhh I was expecting more…

January 6, 2023

I gave ScalpHero as a gift & had a chance to try it out after given. I wasn’t impressed. I was hoping for more… it barely did anything.

Avatar for Alfred Morgan
Alfred Morgan

Product only worked for a few months...

January 3, 2023

The ScalpHero massager only worked for a months which was very disappointing of course. It’s easy to use and does it’s job but we expected it to last longer than 3 to 4 months!

Avatar for Libby Tromp
Libby Tromp

Amazing product

December 31, 2022

This scalp massager is amazing. Feels great! It is soothing and relaxing. It also massages the neck good too! It so great that I just purchased a second one for my Mom. I highly recommend this product. My only gripe is that there is no two day shipping!

Avatar for Hellen Prosacco
Hellen Prosacco

Stops working really quick

December 29, 2022

I got this and it worked fine for a month or two. Then no matter how long I charge it, it just shuts off. If you like being annoyed then get this massager.

Avatar for Keeley Hickle
Keeley Hickle

Everything I Expected and Then Some!

December 12, 2022

I have suffered from terrible migraines all of my life. This massager is better than any other massager I have ever tried on my head and even works great on the neck and shoulders! I give this product a perfect 5 stars for the best head massager. Easy to charge batteries and use.

Avatar for Adolf Stracke
Adolf Stracke

Holds up to head massaging

November 30, 2022

I like using it on my upper portion of my foot since most stand alone on the floor massagers do not massage that area, I have numbness in that area, this unit has great potential for that but one of the massage feet pops off, but it helps with that issue, even though I like the head massaging application also, would hope the manufacturer reaches out to me, will test it out till my return window closes at the end of January 2023

Avatar for Hunter Blanda
Hunter Blanda

Pets Love 💕

November 20, 2022

I’m kinda on the fence about this one for myself. I dislike it for actual scalp massage because the silicone fingers tend to tug at my very long hair and a I’m paranoid this will cause breakage. Perhaps if I used it through a thin cloth? But I love it elsewhere. Back of my neck, and weirdly my temples and jaw when a tension headache is building. But most importantly, the pets love this little gadget. At first they were concerned with the noise, but once ai got it on them, they’d lean into it (especially in the cheek area), and I have one dog who looks at it expectantly until I go get it. I can hear Stevie Griffin in my head: “Mom, Mom, Mumma, Mumma, Ma, Ma…” which it seems like he’s be saying if he could talk to try to convince me to let him get his rubs in. huh! just occurred to me that I should try it on his tummy! Well worth the splurge.* If your animals are nervous at first, start with running it near them for a bit to get them used to the noise before you actually use it on someplace less threatening than their face, like their side. Once they figure out it feels good, you can proceed.

Avatar for Anthony Watson
Anthony Watson

Works great

November 10, 2022

It feels really good when you have migraines. Nice to use around sinuses as well. Just don’t push down. Let ScalpHero do the work for you.

Avatar for Eleazar Schimmel
Eleazar Schimmel

hand massager easy to use

October 26, 2022

This hand cordless massager is very useful headache or anywhere pain or stiffness. I use maximum 5 minutes and its good enough. I fully charge ScalpHero once then use it for few days for 2…..5 min. It has 4 small hands felt very good with them. Good one

Avatar for Marilou Gottlieb
Marilou Gottlieb


October 14, 2022

The best buy ever! Buy this for someone you love!

Avatar for Aslam Prabhu
Aslam Prabhu

Good for bold people

October 11, 2022

I got little bit disappointed because this product is tangling my hair and produces excessive amount of dandruff. It does not necessarily pulls hair but if you do not lift it occasionally it will pull hair and it already tangles it. I do not need more hair loss.

Avatar for Mona Jaggi
Mona Jaggi

Wow very nice product. I didn't expect to truly like this product

October 9, 2022

I got this as an alternative to acetaminophen and just give my head a massage and relax.The product is lighter than I thought it would be.I only use the low setting. It ACTUALLY feels like fingers massaging your scalp.When done you place it on its base and there are two circles to line up and it will auto recharge the massager. The device and base are keyed so you can only place it in the base in one way so that it charges. Nice design touch. Note: if it gets bumped, since there is no plug, it could bump off the contacts and not charge. Just place the base in an out of the way place and you’ll be fine.I would definitely recommend this for you if you need to destress.

Avatar for Odie Hammes
Odie Hammes

It's not abrasive. Gentle on the scalp

October 6, 2022

It’s gentle on the scalp. It’s not abrasive. I love the fact that it has varying speeds.

Avatar for Michael Collins
Michael Collins

Won't hold charge

September 21, 2022

I wanted to like this scalp massager but it just does not charge. It was in charge for hours and I took it out and it still won’t turn on. Complete waste of money and I’ll be returning.

Avatar for Virat Srivastava
Virat Srivastava

Easy to use

September 1, 2022

ScalpHero works great! Perfect to sooth a headache away. Very gentle on the scalp. Easy to hold. My dogs love it too 🙂

Avatar for Priyanka Luthra
Priyanka Luthra

My husband loves it

August 22, 2022

My husband uses Scalphero daily. He wore out the first one and is using his second

Avatar for Dorian Zboncak
Dorian Zboncak

Stopped working after 6 months

August 20, 2022

It stopped working properly after 6 months. Now it turns on for about 5 seconds before it shuts off. Wish there was a way to contact the seller to get a replacement.

Avatar for Sienna Edwards
Sienna Edwards

Breaks hair

August 11, 2022

The hair gets stuck in the legs and breaks. Not recommended.

Avatar for Marguerite Barrows
Marguerite Barrows


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