RosaLight Reviews: Scam or Legit?

I used to struggle with rosacea for years, and it made me feel really defeated. No matter what I tried, my face stayed red, inflamed, and uncomfortable. It even made me feel self-conscious around other people. Then one day, I found a review online about the RosaLight Light Therapy Mask. It sounded promising, so I did some research. The mask uses specific LED lights that are supposed to help with rosacea.

I decided to give it a shot and ordered one online. When it arrived, I followed the simple instructions and started using it regularly. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but after just a few weeks, I started seeing a big difference. My redness was going down, and my skin felt much better. I was so encouraged that I kept using it every day.

Now, after several months, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is RosaLight Light Therapy Mask?

The RosaLight Light Therapy Mask is an advanced device tailored for individuals battling rosacea. Unlike invasive treatments, this device utilizes LED light therapy to reduce inflammation and promote natural healing processes. With 150 high-intensity LED lights emitting specific wavelengths, it’s a scientifically-backed solution designed specifically for rosacea sufferers.

RosaLight Review


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How Does It Work?

The RosaLight Light Therapy Mask works wonders for rosacea, offering multiple benefits:

  1. Reduces Redness & Flushing: Emitting specific LED wavelengths, it promotes a healthier skin response, gradually reducing redness and flushing.

  2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Tailored LED spectrum calms skin inflammation, reducing irritation and angry skin.

  3. Demodex Mites Control: Red light at 633 nm reduces Demodex mite population, easing congestion and discomfort.

  4. Boosts Collagen & Elastin: Enhances cell metabolism, improving spider veins and broken capillaries.

  5. Pore Size Reduction & Sebum Regulation: Blue light minimizes pores and regulates sebum, reducing oily skin.

  6. 7 LED Light Colors: Offers versatile therapy with 7 colors, each addressing specific skin concerns.

How to Use RosaLight Light Therapy Mask

We Tested RosaLight

Here’s how I use the RosaLight Light Therapy Mask:

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

Start with clean skin free from makeup, sunscreen, or skincare products. Gently pat your face dry after cleansing to ensure it’s ready for treatment.

Step 2: Set Up the Mask

Place the RosaLight mask over your face, adjusting the straps for a comfortable fit. The mask’s design ensures it stays in place securely while you move around.

Step 3: Choose the LED Light Color

Select the LED light color that matches your skincare goals from seven options:

  • Red: Stimulates collagen, fights rosacea, and addresses spider veins.
  • Yellow: Reduces swelling, inflammation, and promotes detoxification.
  • Blue: Calms sensitive skin, minimizes pores, and controls sebum.
  • Green: Calms skin, lightens hyperpigmentation, and brightens complexion.
  • Purple: Relaxing, improves lymph metabolism, and reduces scarring.
  • Light Blue: Soothes allergies and enhances cell energy.
  • White (New): Accelerates tissue metabolism and reduces fine lines.

Step 4: Begin Treatment

Start the treatment with your chosen LED color, beginning with shorter sessions (around 5 minutes) if your skin is sensitive. Gradually increase the duration as needed, typically aiming for 10-20 minutes per session, 3-7 times a week.

Step 5: Close Your Eyes

Even though the mask has built-in eye protectors, it’s best to close your eyes during the treatment to ensure no light exposure.

Step 6: Relax and Enjoy

Relax and enjoy the soothing effects of the LED light therapy. Use this time to unwind and clear your mind for a calming experience.

Step 7: Apply Skincare Products (Optional)

After the treatment, consider applying your regular skincare products for enhanced absorption and nourishment, leaving your skin feeling radiant and rejuvenated.

RosaLight – Before and After Results

Before I started using RosaLight, my rosacea made my face red, inflamed, and uncomfortable all the time, which made me feel really self-conscious.

But after using it regularly for two months, I’m so happy with how my skin looks and feels. The redness has gone down a lot, and my skin feels smoother and less irritated.

Now, I don’t worry about going out without makeup anymore. RosaLight has really changed the game for me, boosting my confidence and easing my rosacea symptoms.

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Pros of RosaLight Light Therapy Mask

  1. Effectively manages rosacea symptoms: The RosaLight™ mask significantly reduces redness, flushing, and inflammation associated with rosacea, boosting self-esteem.

  2. Supported by scientific research: Backed by scientific evidence and clinical studies, instilling confidence in its effectiveness.

  3. UV-free and safe for the skin: Operates without emitting harmful UV radiation, ensuring safety and gentleness for the skin.

  4. Offers customizable treatment with 7 LED light colors: Versatile with seven LED light colors, allowing personalized treatment for various skin concerns.

  5. Convenient for home use: Enables usage from the comfort of home, eliminating the need for frequent healthcare visits.

  6. Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee: Provides a risk-free trial period, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Cons of RosaLight Light Therapy Mask

  1. Requires an initial investment: The upfront cost may pose a financial consideration for some individuals.

  2. Users may need time to adjust to treatment: Adapting to treatment duration and intensity, particularly for sensitive skin, may require patience.

  3. Individual Results Vary: Results may vary among users, necessitating managing expectations.

  4. Demands consistency in use for optimal results: Requires dedication to consistent use to maintain achieved results.

  5. Not a One-Time Solution: Requires integration into a regular skincare regimen for sustained benefits.


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Is RosaLight Light Therapy Mask a Scam or Legit?

The RosaLight Light Therapy Mask is a legitimate skincare device, not a scam. Here’s why:

  1. Extensive scientific research and clinical studies support its effectiveness, providing confidence in its legitimacy.

  2. Many users have shared success stories, reporting significant improvements in rosacea symptoms, reinforcing its legitimacy through real-life testimonials.

  3. The product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence and allowing users to try it risk-free.

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1. Is LED light therapy effective?

Yes, LED light therapy, including the RosaLight Light Therapy Mask, is highly effective. It’s backed by extensive research from universities, medical labs, and NASA, with over 2000 reports supporting its effectiveness.

2. Does LED light therapy cause any pain or other side effects?

No, it’s pain-free and side-effect-free, providing a soothing experience for the skin.

3. Can LED light therapy damage my eyes?

The RosaLight™ mask includes built-in silicone eye protectors, but it’s recommended to close your eyes during treatment for added safety.

4. What treatment protocol do you recommend for rosacea with RosaLight™?

Start with three times a week for 5-minute sessions, gradually increasing to 10-20 minutes per session, 3-7 times a week, using different LED colors (red, blue, yellow) during each treatment.

5. Do you ship to my country?

Yes, RosaLight™ ships globally to ensure accessibility.

6. Can I use skincare products together with my RosaLight™?

Yes, you can use your regular skincare products alongside the mask, applying them after the treatment for better absorption.

7. If RosaLight™ does not work for me, can I return it for a refund?

Yes, RosaLight™ offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

8. Is RosaLight™ safe to use with antibiotics or other medications?

Since it’s UV-free, it generally doesn’t interact with medications, but consulting a physician is advisable for specific cases.

9. Is RosaLight™ safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Yes, it’s non-invasive and safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, providing reassurance for managing rosacea during these stages.

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3 thoughts on “RosaLight Reviews: Scam or Legit?”

  1. I bought Dermaluminate under the recommendation of my friends. It’s very good. I’ve experienced it. I feel very comfortable when it works. I’ll stick to it and try to reduce the pigment with the green light.

  2. I should have done my research to find this blog before I purchased Rosalight. I made the mistake of purchasing Rosalight and I am eternally disappointed & frustrated. I placed my order on January 15 and it will be a month next Tuesday and I still do not have my order. When I asked to cancel my order yesterday, magically I got the shipping confirmation email and they said if I want to cancel, I will have to pay $15.99 for each item. DO NOT order from that company again. I wanted to cancel so I could get your recommendation instead. 🙁

  3. Thank you for your recommendation! I’m glad that I chose to buy Dermaluminate. I have been using the blue and red light every day religiously to fix my cystic acne and this is changing my life! My esthetician suggested light therapy but I could not afford to keep paying the price to let her give the therapy to my skin. This is such a great alternative!


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