RestoFinisher Review – Scam or Legit?

If you’re a fan of boho interior design, you know that wooden furniture is all the rage. However, one downside of wooden furniture is that wear and tear can be very noticeable. The solution? A good polish.

You could send your furniture in for a professional polish, or you could try doing it at home. There are plenty of wood polishers available online, including the popular Restofinisher. But is it really as great as it claims to be?

In our opinion, Restofinisher is not a reliable option. For one, there’s no ingredient list on the bottle, which can be a red flag for those with allergies or sensitivities. Plus, all the reviews on the Restofinisher website are positive, which seems a bit fishy. Legitimate review sites have even declared it a scam.

Thankfully, there are plenty of better alternatives out there. Pledge Restoring Oil and Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish are both great options for keeping your wooden furniture looking its best.

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What is Restofinisher?

If you’re on the lookout for a miracle product to revive your dull and lifeless wooden furniture, you might have come across Restofinisher. This product claims to penetrate deeply into the wood, preventing it from fading and restoring its original color and shine. However, the question remains – does it really work?

Well, we hate to break it to you, but Restofinisher seems to be just like any other regular oil you can use on your furniture. While it might give your wooden surfaces a temporary glossy finish, it doesn’t seem to live up to its lofty promises.

Despite the numerous glowing reviews on the product’s website, the truth is that many people who have actually tried Restofinisher think it’s a waste of money. They claim that it’s too expensive for what it is, and it simply doesn’t deliver on its grandiose claims.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a product that can really make a difference in your furniture’s appearance, it’s better to steer clear of Restofinisher and choose something with real reviews and proven results. Don’t fall for false promises and subpar products – your furniture deserves better!

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My Bad Experience

So, you might have come across Restofinisher while browsing the internet and noticed that it has some good reviews on their official website. However, if you check out legitimate review sites, you’ll find mostly negative reviews about the product. This may leave you wondering if it’s worth giving Restofinisher a try.

We decided to give it a go and bought it online, but we found it to be a bit pricey for a furniture polisher. When we tried it, we noticed that the consistency was quite runny, and it didn’t seem to hold onto the furniture well. Additionally, since I’m used to cleaning my furniture with various oils, I found that Restofinisher gave me a similar result to using olive oil. Is that just a coincidence?

Another issue we had with Restofinisher was that it made my eyes itch, which isn’t something that usually happens with oils or wood finishers, as long as they aren’t toxic. To be honest, the product seemed a bit gimmicky, but we wanted to give it a chance due to the hype surrounding it.

Following the proper procedure for wood polishing, we expected to see some great results. Unfortunately, it took a long time to dry out, and even after waiting, it didn’t restore the lost shine of our furniture. So, in the end, we didn’t find Restofinisher to be worth the money we spent on it.

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Red Flags

Let’s dive into why this product might not be as reliable as you initially thought.

No Ingredient List – What’s in it?

One of the biggest red flags about Restofinisher is that there’s no ingredient list available. That’s a major concern since customers have a right to know what they’re putting on their surfaces. The lack of disclosure on the ingredient list suggests that there may not be many ingredients at all. Some people have even claimed that Restofinisher works similarly to Olive oil, which raises questions about what exactly you’re paying for.

Irritation – Be careful!

Another issue with Restofinisher is that it’s not just toxic but highly flammable, which can be extremely dangerous. The product can cause irritation to some people, and could even lead to eye sensitivity. It’s concerning that the brand claims that the polisher isn’t toxic when it’s actually quite hazardous.

No Code – How to Verify Authenticity?

Restofinisher doesn’t have a UPC or a barcode scanner, which is another red flag. Without these codes, it’s challenging to verify the product’s authenticity. The bottle only has the company’s name and a made-in-China logo, which is pretty gimmicky. Even the manufacturer’s name is missing, making it difficult to know who to contact in case of any issues.

False Claim – Where is it Really Coming From?

Lastly, Restofinisher claims to ship from the US on the website, but in reality, it comes all the way from China. It may not make a significant difference, but it’s concerning that the company is making false claims so openly to sell their product.

In conclusion, Restofinisher may not be the best product out there due to its lack of ingredient disclosure, potential for irritation, lack of authenticity verification, and false advertising. It’s always a good idea to do your research and read reviews before purchasing any product.

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Alternatives to Restofinisher

Restofinisher not doing the trick? No worries! Here are some of the best furniture polishes that will leave your furniture looking as good as new. These polishes are highly reliable and gimmick-free, so let’s dive in!

Pledge Restoring Oil Furniture Polish: Easy Application

Pledge Revitalizing Oil 16 oz. Furniture Polish

Looking for a polish that’s easy to apply? Pledge Restoring Oil Furniture Polish is your answer! It comes in a spray form that makes application a breeze. This polish is great at removing crayon marks, fingerprints, and water rings, leaving your wooden furniture smear-resistant. Just be careful while spraying to avoid applying it to areas you don’t intend to.

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care: Quick and Hydrating

Scott's Liquid Gold Pourable Wood Care- Cleans & Dusts (Pack of 2)

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care is perfect for those who want a quick and hydrating solution for their wooden furniture. This spray is highly nourishing and won’t dry out your old wood. It doesn’t leave any residue or buildup and gives your furniture the perfect shine without requiring a lot of buffing. Plus, it’s smear-free!

Guardsman Clean & Polish for Wood Furniture: Versatile and Protective

Guardsman Clean & Polish for Wood Furniture - Cream Polish 16 oz - Silicone Free, UV Protection - 461500 (2)

Guardsman Clean & Polish for Wood Furniture is a versatile solution that works both as a cleanser and a polisher. It keeps the color of your furniture intact and reduces any signs of discoloration. This spray also works great at removing water and crayon marks while hiding any signs of scratches. It even provides UV protection, so your furniture won’t lose its color over time.

Weiman Furniture Wipes: Convenient and Glossy

Weiman Wood Cleaner and Polish Wipes - Clean, Polish & Protect Wood Furniture, 30 Count

Weiman Furniture Wipes are the easiest option for those who want a convenient and glossy finish. These wipes are highly effective at removing all kinds of smudges and provide UV protection for your furniture. They also leave a nice lemon scent around the house.

In summary, there are several alternatives to Restofinisher that can help you keep your furniture looking its best. Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences and get your furniture shining again!

Final Verdict

if you’re thinking of giving your wooden furniture a little makeover, you might want to steer clear of Restofinisher. Truth is, it doesn’t really live up to its claims. Don’t fall for the hype!

The good news is, there are plenty of other polishes out there that work a lot better. And the best part is, they’re specifically designed for wooden furniture, so you can use them with peace of mind knowing they won’t cause any damage.

And remember, Restofinisher might not be your best bet if you want to keep your old wooden furniture looking its best. After all, who knows what’s in that mystery ingredient list?

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3 thoughts on “RestoFinisher Review – Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I really liked the Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer. I brought it because we had on end table that was in bad condition. So we brought it to see if it would help. It did a great job. Over the past week most of our older wooden furniture as now been redone. Give it a try!

  2. If you look carefully at the RestoFinisher video you will clearly see that the table top they are “refinishing” has been sanded smooth so of course their product or any other product is going to look fabulous.
    Don’t believe it will simply remove water stains that easily.
    Also 46 dollars for a little spray bottle ??!! And that’s at 50 percent off!!!
    Run away!!
    You can get a readily available product at many paint stores that is just as effective and not as costly and it’s made by Howard. It’s called (drum beat) Restor a Finish. RestorFinish is on the edge of copyright infringement. All they can do is claim it is non toxic and “green” and blah, blah. Sorry. I applaud new technology but most oil based products are still superior especially for clear coat finishes


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