BabyMello Tummy Time Mat Review: Scam or Legit?

One sunny afternoon, I was facing a parenting challenge with my baby – tummy time. My cute little one didn’t seem to enjoy it and would cry during every attempt. I was desperate to find a solution, so I turned to the internet.

After some online searching and reading forums, I found something promising – the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat. It had great reviews and the potential to make tummy time more enjoyable. So, I decided to give it a try.

I ordered it online and eagerly waited for it to arrive. When it came, setting it up was easy. I filled it with water, and the colorful sea animal designs came to life. My baby was excited as I gently placed them on the mat.

As we started our tummy time adventure, the interactive features and fun designs on the mat grabbed my baby’s attention. The floating toys kept them engaged, and I noticed their muscles getting stronger. It made a big difference.

Having used the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat for a month, I’m here to share my experience.

What is BabyMello Tummy Time Mat?

The BabyMello Tummy Time Mat is a fun and stimulating playmat designed to make tummy time enjoyable for babies. It helps infants develop muscles and motor skills with sensory elements and interactive features.

It has floating toys, captivating designs, and is made from durable PVC for babies 3 months and older.

BabyMello Tummy Time Mat


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How Does It Work?

The BabyMello Tummy Time Mat stimulates your baby’s development through:

  1. Sensory Stimulation: With vibrant sea animal designs, it engages sight and touch for cognitive growth.

  2. Muscle Strengthening: Babies naturally use back, leg, arm, and neck muscles during tummy time, improving physical strength and coordination.

  3. Hand-Eye Coordination: Bright designs encourage interaction with floating toys, enhancing this vital skill.

  4. Preventing Flat Heads: The mat encourages head movement, reducing the risk of flat spots.

How to Use BabyMello Tummy Time Mat

Here’s how I use the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat:

Step 1: Find a Clean and Safe Surface

Choose a clean and safe area where you can set up the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat. It’s essential to ensure that the surface is free from any sharp objects or potential hazards.

Step 2: Unfold the Mat

Gently unfold the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat on the chosen surface. Lay it flat with the colorful side facing up.

Step 3: Fill the Water Section

Locate the water section of the mat, typically located in the center. Open the valve on this section and carefully fill it with water. You can adjust the water level to your liking, ensuring it’s not too full to avoid excessive sloshing.

Step 4: Inflate the Edges

Next, you’ll need to inflate the edges of the mat. There should be a separate valve for inflating. Use the provided pump or a suitable pump to inflate the edges until they are firm but not overly tight.

Step 5: Check for Leaks

After filling the water section and inflating the edges, carefully inspect the mat for any potential leaks. Ensure that all valves are securely closed to prevent water leakage.

Step 6: Place Your Baby on the Mat

Now, it’s time for your baby to enjoy tummy time on the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat. Gently place your baby on their tummy, ensuring they are comfortable and supported.

Step 7: Supervise and Interact

Always supervise your baby during tummy time to ensure their safety. Encourage interaction with the floating toys and designs on the mat. This engagement will not only make tummy time more enjoyable but also promote their sensory and motor development.

Step 8: Post-Play Maintenance

After tummy time is over, carefully lift your baby from the mat. It’s important to promptly wipe down the mat with a wet wipe or damp cloth to keep it clean and hygienic. Regular cleaning helps maintain the mat’s quality and durability.

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BabyMello Tummy Time Mat – Before and After Results

In just one month of using the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat, my baby’s tummy time experience has drastically improved. Before, it used to be a struggle with tears and discomfort, but now my baby looks forward to it. The mat’s fun sea animal designs and floating toys have turned tummy time into a happy adventure.

I’ve seen a big improvement in my baby’s muscle strength and coordination. Their hand-eye coordination has also gotten better because of the interactive elements on the mat.

Pros of BabyMello Tummy Time Mat

  1. Promotes Sensory Development: The vibrant sea animal designs and interactive elements on the mat stimulate your baby’s senses, aiding in sensory development.

  2. Durable and Leak-Proof: Made from heavy-duty PVC material, the mat is built to last and is leak-proof, ensuring your baby stays dry and safe during playtime.

  3. Easy to Set Up: Setting up the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat is a breeze, requiring only a few minutes to fill with water and air.

  4. Convenient Storage and Portability: After playtime, you can easily deflate and fold the mat flat, making it compact enough to fit into a backpack or diaper bag. This portability is perfect for on-the-go playtime.

  5. Ideal for Gifting: Measuring 26 x 20 inches, the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat is an ideal gift for baby showers or other special occasions, making it a thoughtful present for new parents.

Cons of BabyMello Tummy Time Mat

  1. Limited Playtime: While the mat provides an engaging sensory experience for babies, some infants may lose interest after a short while and require a change of activity to stay engaged.

  2. Maintenance: The mat requires regular cleaning to prevent mold or mildew buildup. Additionally, because it contains water, you should be mindful of potential leaks or punctures that could result in a wet and potentially messy playtime.

  3. Limited Portability: While it’s easy to deflate and fold for storage, the need for both water and air may limit its practicality for on-the-go use, making it less versatile than some other baby toys.

Is BabyMello Tummy Time Mat a Scam or Legit?

BabyMello Tummy Time Mat is legit and great for your baby’s development. It’s made with safe materials like heavy-duty PVC, designed to provide a fun tummy time experience for infants.

Many parents, including myself, find it valuable for sensory development, muscle strength, and preventing flat heads. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe and lasting use.

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Q1: Is it safe for babies?

Yes, the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat is made from BPA-free materials that are safe for daily use. It provides an excellent way to strengthen your baby’s neck, stomach, and arm muscles.

Q2: How do you fill the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat for tummy time?

Filling and inflating the tummy time mat is a straightforward process. Simply open the biggest valve, fill the frame with water, then begin inflating it with air using the provided pump. It features two valves, one for inflating and one for filling.

Q3: How often should it be used?

There is no set time limit for using the mat. However, babies should always be supervised by an adult when using the mat. Some parents may choose to use the mat from time to time, while others may use it more frequently if their baby enjoys it.

Q4: How do you clean it?

Cleaning the mat is easy. After use, simply wipe it down with a wet wipe, and it will be as good as new. This helps to prolong the mat’s life and maintain its quality.

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3 thoughts on “BabyMello Tummy Time Mat Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Our 3 month old is the calmest baby ever…until tummy time. She becomes a rabid werewolf. She screams, howls, and acts like you are forcing her to do something awful. This mat has changed that. At 3 months we are able to get her to have tummy time in 15-20 minute stints now. She stares at the mat, pushes on it, and when she spits up on it the thing is easy to wipe up 🙂 Filling it with water for the first time is a bit messy, because when you push down the plug water comes out, but after it’s closed it doesn’t leak. We have been using it for a week without issues, and I’m so happy our daughter doesn’t fight tummy time anymore.

  2. Baby Melli is a total joke- my package was shipped from Shanghai on March 3, and got as far as Grand Prairie Texas on March 14 where it has stopped and is not going any further-
    Usps knows nothing about where it is- I’ve sent emails to the company 4 times and no response- I’m contacting my credit card company end of today and cancelling the payment- $70!!!!!!


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