JOVS Venus Pro Review – Scam or Legit?

What is JOVS Venus Pro?

The JOVS Venus Pro IPL is the way to go if you want to say goodbye to unwanted hair growth. It works by zapping hair follicles with intense pulsed light energy (IPL), slowing down and eventually stopping hair regrowth. And to keep your skin looking its best, just schedule some follow-up treatments.

For skin rejuvenation, the Venus Pro has a special “SR” mode and flash window. The IPL flashes target melanin and haemoglobin in the outer skin layer (dermis) to gently heat things up. This improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and gives your skin a boost by boosting collagen production. 

As a result, you’ll see brighter skin, reduced redness and sun damage, and an overall improvement in firmness, smoothness, and repair.

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How to Use JOVS Venus Pro?

  1. Shave body hair, clean and dry skin. Try dermaplaning if avoiding face shave.
  2. Find a well-lit, quiet space with mirror and extension cable.
  3. Put on safety glasses.
  4. Adjust intensity, turn on device.
  5. Fit head to treatment area, attach flash window.
  6. Select best mode.
  7. Press flash button 3 secs for auto-flash (optional).
  8. Place window on skin, repeat after each flash.
  9. Continue until treatment area is covered.

Pros and Cons of JOVS Venus Pro


  • Exceptional quality
  • Offers IPL hair reduction & skin rejuvenation
  • Tailored light energy for various body hair types
  • Comfortable grip with rotating head
  • Easy to use on upper lip, shins, ankles, & knees
  • Speedy flashes with auto-flash mode
  • Special SR mode for pigmentation & anti-aging
  • Clinical validation & CE/FDA clearance


  • A bit heavy
  • Noisy fan
  • No skin tone sensor
  • Safety glasses required
  • More frequent sessions & initial effort compared to competitors
  • Cannot use ICE cooling with flash windows
  • No refund policy
  • Higher cost at full RRP

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Quality & Design

With its unique boxy axe shape and sleek emerald green and gold design, it stands out from the crowd. The build quality is top notch with golden metal buttons and dial in a seamless metallic-finish plastic shell that feels solid and weighty at 465g.

This beauty is mains-powered, so you won’t have to worry about charging it up. The included cord is of good quality and flexible, with a short mains cable & plug that attaches to a power pack and a longer cable that connects to the device itself.

And the best part? You’ll get a whopping 500,000 flashes from the IPL bulb. That’s more than enough for over 15 years of monthly use, and because results last longer with each top-up, you won’t need to use the device that frequently.

Controls & Modes

The handle is comfy to grip, with a long textured golden flash button and a gold dial at the top to select from 1-6 IPL intensity levels. To target specific body areas, there’s a round gold mode select button on the back of the handle to cycle through six body area modes. There’s also a continuous flash mode and ICE cooling mode.

Each body mode is optimized for hair removal in different areas and the SR mode is configured for skin rejuvenation. But, the specifics are secret-squirrel so you’ll just have to trust JOVS’ tests that the energy is set to the perfect level. The modes work with colored filters in the flash windows, but more on that later.

Flash Windows & ICE Cooling Head

The Venus Pro IPL device comes with six different flash windows, each designed for specific body areas. The flash windows are easy to grip and remove, thanks to the angled ridge and indent on the outside.

The cool-to-touch skin-cooling plate surrounds the flash bulb, ensuring your comfort during the hair removal process. The six flash windows are marked with icons and are tested by JOVS to target the hair root with the right amount of light energy.

Here’s a breakdown of the flash windows:

  1. Arm – 1 by 3 cm (3cm2)
  2. Leg – 1.2 by 3 cm (3.6cm2)
  3. Bikini – 1 by 2 cm (2cm2)
  4. Underarms – 1.2 by 3 cm (3.6cm2)
  5. Face – 1 by 1 cm (1cm2)
  6. SR (skin rejuvenation) – 1 by 3 cm (3cm2)

With the Venus Pro IPL device, you can zap hair with ease and confidence, without having to worry about skin irritation.

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Ease, Comfort & Precision

The Venus Pro is a striking-looking IPL device that’s easy and comfortable to use, with a few differences from rival IPLs.

Safety glasses & skin contact sensor

The Venus Pro comes with safety glasses that must be worn at all times. Some light flashes escape from the device’s cooling vent, and without the glasses, they could hurt your eyes. The device also has skin contact sensors that work slightly differently from other IPLs. To use the device, it must have skin contact before it will flash. You don’t have to cover the whole flash window opening – just partially covering it or touching the end with a finger will do.


Despite its angular shape, the Venus Pro is surprisingly comfortable to use. The handle is the right diameter for an easy grip, and the auto-flash mode eliminates the strain of pressing the flash button. The rotating head allows you to work around your body without straining your wrist. The device is heavy, but it’s not an issue when balanced upright or resting on your legs. 

For more comfort, grip the handle further up or use two hands, but be careful not to press the mode buttons on the handle.


The Venus Pro’s large treatment head and small flash opening make it harder to tell exactly where you’re zapping. To get the best results, use the device in 3cm wide up-and-down strips, sliding roughly 1cm between flashes. 

For legs, rest the device on your legs with the head horizontal and work in upward and downward strips. For arms, use the head vertically. For underarms and bikini line, use the head vertically or horizontally and follow the contours of the area.

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The Venus Pro IPL flash rate is fast, especially on lower intensity levels. Level 1 flashes every 0.7 seconds, slowing slightly as you increase the level. 

On auto-flash mode, you get 15 consecutive flashes, making it easy to pace and keep a productive rhythm. 

However, zapping your full body may take longer than the 10 minutes advertised. For a full body treatment, it takes around 25 minutes on level 1 and 40 minutes on level 6. While not the fastest on high levels, it’s still a solid option for at-home hair removal that won’t tire or bore you.


So, you turn on the JOVS Venus Pro IPL device and the first thing you’ll notice is the cooling fan, which is pretty loud throughout your session but is necessary to keep the device from overheating. If it does overheat, it won’t emit any flashes. The flashes are soft on level 1 and louder on level 6. You’ll see some light escape and with the dark green-tinted glasses, it looks pink.

Some light also escapes through the air vents on top of the device, which can be annoying depending on how you rotate the head. But you can just rotate it the other way. The ICE cooling mode feels really nice and is a cold sensation as you move the head over your skin. Just note, it must be used without the flash windows.

The filters make the flashes feel warm on the low and hotter on the high IPL intensities. The flash window metal warms up gradually to your skin temperature as you zap. I didn’t feel any stinging or burning, even on sensitive areas like my bikini line and legs. So, I think the modes and flash windows offer enhanced comfort.

Redness and a hot, tingly feeling are common after IPL, but it should go away within 24 hours. You can cool it with a damp cloth, ice pack, water spray, aloe vera gel, or a non-scented moisturizer. Just remember to cover up and avoid sun exposure after your session to lower the risk of side effects.

Effort & Results

Wanna achieve silky smooth skin? Then be ready to put in some effort and stick to a schedule with home laser and IPL devices. The JOVS start-up plan requires more frequent sessions than others, with 3 to 4 sessions per week for the first 4 weeks, followed by 2 to 3 sessions in weeks 5 to 8. 

After that, it’s all about maintenance, with sessions once a month or every 2 weeks as needed. So, carve out some time and commit to your sessions for your best results.

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Negatives of JOVS Venus Pro

The Venus Pro IPL is a decent device, but there are some things to consider before purchasing. The cooling fan is quite noisy, and you have to wear the safety glasses provided which might be an annoyance at first, but they’re comfortable and do a good job at protecting your eyes. Just remember to put them back on if you take them off mid-session.

One major drawback is the absence of a skin tone sensor. Most other IPL devices have one, which determines if your skin tone is safe for IPL and sets the intensity level accordingly. If you have fair skin, this won’t be an issue, but if you have darker skin (IV or V), you’ll need to refer to the intensity chart in the manual for safety.

Additionally, the device feels heavy and chunky in tight spaces and you might accidentally turn the cooling and flash buttons on/off when adjusting your grip. The ICE cooling head is a nice feature, but it’s a shame you can’t use it with the special flash windows which is the key selling point of the Venus Pro.

Also, the first month requires more frequent sessions (3-4 per week), which might be a bit of a commitment. And lastly, the Venus Pro is pricey, and there’s no money-back guarantee, which is a downside.

Jovs Venus Pro Review: Final Verdict

I was a bit apprehensive at first, but let me tell you, this thing works like a charm. Sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable at first, but the sensation subsides with every zap and is almost painless once you get going. 

Plus, it’s the best-looking IPL device out there – sleek, stylish, lightweight, and with simple instructions (even with all the different settings and heads).

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for hair removal and skincare, it might be worth the investment. In the long run, it could even save you money compared to regular waxing appointments. Trust me, this is one beauty product worth splurging on.

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