Hempvana Rocket Pain Relief Pen – Scam or Legit?

Chronic pain is a common symptom in people’s everyday lives. Most of them want to try to treat it at home, instead of spending more money on therapy centres. 

In today’s technologically advanced world, many pain-relieving devices are easily portable and very useful. 

The Hempvana Rocket Pen is a portable pain reliever. You can verify the legitimacy of the Hempvana rocket pen by reading our review.

What is Hempvana Rocket Pen?

Hempvana Rocket Pain Relief Pen is the latest upgrade to the traditional pain relief pen.

Hempvana Rocket Pain Relief Pen - Scam or Legit?

It interrupts the pain signals that lead to the brain using electrical impulses. Inflammation of the muscles is relieved by stimulating the muscles, and healthy blood flow is improved. 

As opposed to traditional pain relief, the acupuncture pen uses more potent acupuncture channels. The nodes and tips of the massager can be adjusted so these can cover a larger area.

Using the Hempvana Rocket Pen, you are able to stimulate affected areas immediately. The pen activates endorphins and stimulates acupuncture. A high endorphin level is helpful with chronic musculoskeletal pain, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries. 

The Hempavana uses TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy to provide pain relief for legs, arms, shoulders, waists, and necks.

Due to its shape, it is called Hempvana Rocket Pen. There is a rocket-like shape, but it is smaller than the dry-erase marker. This item can be easily carried in a pocket or bag.

Further, the pen offers nine different levels of massage, which you can adjust based on your needs. In addition, it offers different sessions at different times. As well as this, the LED screen allows for the change of settings.

Hempvana Rocket Pen Specifications

  • A pain-relieving tool from Hempvana, the Rocket Pen
  • Budget-friendly, $19.99
  • Product Design: Ergonomic Rocket Design
  • The latest technology: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).
  • Three unique heads are included in the product – a single point precision head, a double point precision head, and a flattened head for bigger areas.
  • There are 9 adjustable modes to massage in accordance with one’s preferences
  • LED display for managing settings
  • It is a wireless device that is powered by a battery

Hempvana Rocket Pen Features

  • TENS therapy
  • Boost endorphin production
  • Wireless
  • Doctors also use this technology for pain relief
  • Suitable for stimulating trigger points
  • 3 different head sizes and adjustable modes
  • You’ll see pulsing twitches from it
  • Fits into your pocket
  • LED display that is easy to read

Pros and Cons of Hempvana Rocket Pen

The Pros

  • It relieves pain instantly
  • Several massage modes are available, so you can choose one that suits you
  • Electrical signals are used to power the device, which is drug-free
  • Use different heads for different purposes
  • Wireless and portable
  • Simple to use
  • Shipping is free in the United States
  • Money-back guarantee

The Cons

  • It is not known how long the product will last
  • Gel not included
  • The battery cannot be recharged
  • Battery information is not available for this product
  • The official website and social media platforms lack some of the important information about  Hempvana

Is Hempvana Rocket Pen a Scam?

Hempvana infomercials claim that it gives a soothing massage to the targeted areas. As its domain is of only four months, it is difficult to make a clear assessment of the product’s legitimacy. 

Furthermore, consumers have pointed out that it is not 100% effective if we examine their claims. However, this is not a cause for concern because we should accept the differences between humans and machines.

We also found negative reviews as we did more research. There were some people who recommended it and rated it highly.

Our research on the Internet did not turn up any reviews for this website. Delivery schedules were a major complaint among the customers. 

In spite of this, some customers report that it is not 100% effective but worthwhile to purchase for pain relief.

Final Verdict: Hempvana Rocket Pen Review

Overall, we recommend this product. Tools such as these are developed for treating different kinds of issues without discrimination, so they might work well in treating yours or else they’ll spare you pain altogether.

Let us know what your experience has been if you have it already.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hempvana Rocket Pen

Is gel included in Hempvana rocket pens?

There is no gel included with the Hempvana rocket pen. However, if you buy the “Double Offer”, then you will also receive massage cream.

What parts of the body can it be used on?

Hempvana rocket pens deliver electrical signals to targeted areas through 9 adjustable modes. You can use it on your legs, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and waist.

Is it easy to use?

You can use it easily, yes. Put the head of the Hempvana Rocket Pen on the pain-affected area. A neural pathway takes an electric pulse from the button and sends it to the brain as soon as it is pressed. Brain activity increases the production of endorphins, which are chemicals that help fight pain.

How can I contact the seller?

Hempvana rocket pens can be purchased on the company’s official website. You can also find information on their social media pages. Furthermore, there is an official number on the website to contact customer service.

Contact no: 1-800-715-0695

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