HD Free Unlimited Antenna Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a review of HD Free Unlimited Antenna? Is the product a scam?

The HD Free Unlimited Antenna is a TV antenna that lets users connect to cable networks without signing a contract or paying monthly fees. 

In addition to providing TV signals to a home, boats and RVs equipped with electricity can also be equipped with the antenna. 

The antenna can be installed inside or outside the home. Each antenna’s signal booster includes a terminal for a radio in addition to the terminals for three different televisions.

However, HD quality antennas can be very expensive and are not very helpful. You may wonder, therefore, whether HD Free Unlimited provides the best HD experience at an affordable price.

In our investigation of HDFreeUnlimited.com last week, we tried to determine whether it is a legitimate online store to assist you in making an informed choice.

What is HD Free Unlimited Antenna?

The original HD Free TV Antenna has been updated with the latest model. Despite the manufacturer’s claim, actual reviews and user testimonies do not confirm the increased range of the “Unlimited” version.

With the new UNLIMITED power antenna, the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna promoters claim they can slash the cable TV bills. Indoors or outdoors, it works. It claims to be snow-proof, rain-proof, and weather-resistant in the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna review video. 

According to the company, the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna can also receive 4K resolution, regardless of your location and television model.

Up to 3 TVs can be hooked up to it, and it is assembled completely within the box, and it only requires a simple connection.

As a one-time investment, it offers no contracts and no monthly fees. The company claims it offers free installation under a certain scheme, but the product has an easy installation process. 

For radio, it can pick up stations within a 200-mile radius.

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How HD Free Unlimited Antenna Works?

The antenna picks up electromagnetic waves that are then transmitted to the television to receive television (or radio) channels. Since it will pick up waves coming from up to 100 miles away, you should be able to receive a wide variety of channels in most areas. 

Meanwhile, the antenna’s 4G LTE filter is designed to block out signals from cell phone towers, so you can view your favorite channels with minimal interference.

How to Use HD Free Unlimited Antenna?

#1. Add Bracket or Base

If you plan to place the antenna on a flat surface indoors, attach the included base. Adding the included bracket will make it easier to hang indoors or outdoors. If you choose either option, make sure to screw both the left and right antenna arms onto the antenna.

#2. Connect White Cable

To connect the antenna, connect the white coaxial cable (which is waterproof) to the connection on the back. Give the connection the maximum amount of protection possible by sliding the boot of the cable all the way up.

#3. Place or Hang Antenna

Place or hang the antenna where you want it after you’ve connected the white cable. You should install it in a high place, and if you’re indoors, it should be close to a window or wall but not too close to other appliances.

#4. Set up Signal Booster

Setting up your signal booster will be the next step. It should be placed near your television and relatively close to your antenna. Then connect the end of the white cable that isn’t connected to your antenna to the booster. 

More specifically, the white cable should be connected to the booster’s ANT terminal (which is located on the far right side of the device). Plug the black power supply cable into an electrical outlet and connect the other end to the booster.

#5. Connect Booster and Television

As a final step, grab the black coaxial cable that came with your system. The one end of the cable should go into the ANT IN terminal on the back of your TV, and the other end should go into any of the TV terminals on the booster. 

Then, all of your parts will be set up and you can set up the remote control and find TV channels using your instruction manual.

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HD Free Unlimited Antenna Pricing

There is a cost of $99.99 plus $19.99 shipping for a total of $119.98 for HD Free Unlimited Antenna.

Due to the discontinuation of HD Free Unlimited Antenna, the As Seen on TV commercial page containing this price was removed. On Amazon and Ebay, HD Free Unlimited Antenna is still for sale.

HD Free Unlimited Antenna Features

#1. Pre-assembled

It will come already assembled when you receive it, so you won’t need to assemble it once you get it. The only thing you need to do is attach the bracket or base to your system and connect it to the other pieces, such as the signal booster. 

You will be able to move your antenna anytime without having to take it apart and put it back together. Because it’s quite compact, it should be easy for most users to carry from place to place.

#2. Can Use With Three Tvs

When the antenna is connected to the signal booster, you’ll be able to connect up to three televisions (and one radio, for FM radio signals) to it. Instead of all the televisions being tuned to the same program, you’ll be able to watch a different show on each. In addition to the cables that come with your antenna and booster, you may need some additional cables.

#3.  Adjustable Gain Dial

With this antenna, you will find a gain dial on top of the signal booster. Your television will automatically receive clear 4K reception when you use this antenna system, but you can adjust this dial to make it even clearer. 

If you live in a rural area, you might have to turn the dial up as high as possible to receive multiple channels. You can also turn it down if you already receive many networks, so you can get a more precise picture.

#4. Weatherproof

HD Free Unlimited Antennas come with an ultraviolet coating that protects them from harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snow and rain. However, your antenna will never be damaged by any type of weather, even if your signal strength decreases. 

It can also withstand a few splashes of water if you decide to use it in a boat.

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HD Free Unlimited Antenna Pros

#1.  Compatible with any remote control

Your HD Free Unlimited Antenna does not come with a remote control, but you can use the remote that you typically use with your televisions. This way, there will be no extra remotes to clutter up your home.

#2. Contracts are not required

With an established cable company, you will likely have to sign a contract and pay monthly fees in order to access a multitude of cable networks. By installing an HD Free Unlimited Antenna, you can access various networks without committing yourself to that type of plan. Only your electricity bill will be affected by the antenna, so if you stop using it for a while, there will be no additional costs.

HD Free Unlimited Antenna Cons and Complaints

There is more smoke than fire with the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna, just like it’s predecessors. There are so many channels that you can count them on your fingers, say reviewers.

The following are the most common complaints we found online about HD Free Unlimited Antenna.

#1. With more TVs, signal quality decreases

With a single signal booster and antenna system, you can connect up to three televisions, but the signal strength will likely decrease as you add more televisions. With only one TV connected to your antenna and booster, you are likely to receive more channels than with two or three.

#2. Nothing Better than a Cheap Wal-Mart Antenna

HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna users complain that it is simply a cheap $10 Walmart antenna. Customers frequently note that the results and quality are the same, nothing better.

#3. Cannot be used in wooded areas

It has been reported that some users cannot receive a signal from wooded areas when using HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna. Antennas must be placed above trees in order to receive a signal.

#4. The Reception is unstable

Sometimes, moving the antenna is necessary for a steady reception. This is only helpful if you live near a city. If you live near a big city like New York, you will have the best luck with the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna. A clear sky is also necessary for a good signal.

#5. The “UNLIMITED” promise in the HD FREE TV Antenna is just a marketing ploy

An antenna that is advertised as having an unlimited range is a marketing ploy. This isn’t the case. A HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna can receive signals for up to 100 miles theoretically.

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Advice on HD Free Unlimited Antenna

You should always clean any snow from your antenna if your antenna is outdoors and you live in a snowy area. Snow may interfere with the ability of one of these antennas to pick up as many channels as it normally would when partially covered by snow.

Amazon is the best place to purchase HD Free Unlimited Antenna before buying online. Similar items can always be found at lower prices on Amazon.

HD Free Unlimited Antenna Return Policy

HD Free Unlimited Antenna is backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Depending on how the original order was shipped, return shipping costs vary. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs if you decide to cancel an order that has been returned to the company.

You may reach Customer Service by calling 888-596-2538 between 8:30am and 5:30pm EST Monday through Friday, or by emailing [email protected]

All returns are sent to:

2880 North Lamb Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89115

Attn: HD Free Unlimited Antenna Returns

HD Free Unlimited Antenna Contact

You can contact the company using the following information if you have questions about ordering or about any of our great products and services:

  • Customer Service line: 888-596-2538 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday EST
  • Email – [email protected] 24 hours/7 days a week. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

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HD Free Unlimited Antenna Reviews: Final Verdict

This antenna does not have an unlimited range, as most people believe. In fact, the intention is to mislead people with this name. There are a number of indoor TV antennas on the market, including the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna. 

A $10 antenna performs as well as or better than this one, according to reviews. Indoor antennas cannot be transformed into something they are not by any amount of advertising. The HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna has both the benefits and drawbacks of an indoor antenna. 

There are a few channels to choose from and poor reception is one of the biggest drawbacks. It is unlikely that you would enjoy the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna if you really enjoy watching television.

HD Free Unlimited Antenna FAQs

What free movies and networks do you receive?

ABC News, CNN News, Retro RTV, HSN, FOX, AVIVA, NBC, ION TV etc

What is the range of HD Free Unlimited Antenna?

The manufacturer claims a range of 100 miles.

How easy is it to use the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna?

According to the review, the antenna can be used straight out of the box without any installation required. You can install it either inside or outside of your house or RV, just like any other antenna. 

HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna makers emphasize the usability aspect of their antenna, but actual buyers don’t see any benefit to this. 

The way they promote the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna – is foolish. They mention this (indoors/outdoors) is a common feature of any antenna, so they mention this in their reviews.

3 thoughts on “HD Free Unlimited Antenna Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!”

  1. The claim is you can receive all the channels they show in their ads. What they DON’T tell you is that you can only receive those channels IF they are offered OVER THE AIR by a local TV channel provider; for instance your local channel 4 (for example) has a base channel 4, followed by channels 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc. and they offer some of the satellite-only channels on these sub-channels.

  2. It’s an over the air antenna and unless you live where there are no mountains or hills or buildings then it might work. 200 mile radius is a bunch of crap unless your on a boat off of tampa bay or miami (what the tv add shows) I live 95 miles from a large city so this should work but I’m not going to spend money for something that won’t work then try to get a refund. Their customer service is in India so you wo’t understand them and I wanted them to send me a unit and I will review for them but no go. (does that mean the product does not work (probably)

  3. there’s no thing as an HD antenna. an old pair of rabbit ear or a simple copper wire could be used as an antenna. all TV transmitters are digital & don’t have the range as the old analog signals, by about half. most all transmit on a UHF frequency even though show on a true as VHF(2-13). digital, more so, is line of sight. buildings, trees, terrain, interior walls, even LED light bulbs will pixelate the signal. average range of digital signal is 60 miles & that truly depends on the height, higher, the better, of any antenna & obstructions. I had an outdoor yagi antenna that didn’t received as well as a cheaper indoor antenna hung in a window & patio glass door.

    All of their claims are misleading. picks up on a “200 mile radius” is only a 100 miles. play on words to mislead. “HD” antenna, no such thing. it could receive “4K” but no OTA station broadcasts a 4K signal, mainly in 720p. OTA will appear better than a cable feed because it is not compressed, which they do point out, their only true claim. cable systems compress signals to fit more channels, even at 1080i you can see the difference, 720p is clearer. personally, I found Mohu Leaf 50 indoor antenna hung in a window picks up all 74 channels in my city setting.

    Save your money


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