HD Free Unlimited Antenna Review: Scam or Legit?

One lazy Sunday, I got frustrated with my cable bill, so I looked for alternatives. A friend suggested the HD Free Unlimited Antenna, claiming it solved the cable-cutting problem. Curious but skeptical, I checked online reviews, finding glowing testimonials about TV freedom without monthly fees.

On a whim, I ordered the antenna. Unboxing felt like discovering a cost-effective entertainment secret. Contrary to my tech fears, the setup was like a simple puzzle with clear instructions. Soon, my living room had a sleek antenna promising free HD channels near the window.

The real test came during a movie night. There was no suspense on my end—no buffering, no pixelation. The HD Free Unlimited Antenna delivered a clear, uninterrupted cinematic experience.

Having used HD Free Unlimited Antenna for 3 months, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is HD Free Unlimited Antenna?

The HD Free Unlimited Antenna is a TV antenna made to grab over-the-air signals, giving you access to different channels without needing a cable subscription.

Its special feature is that it claims to provide cable network access without any monthly fees or contracts. This makes it a great option for those wanting to ditch traditional cable services.

HD Free Unlimited Antenna Review


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How Does It Work?

The HD Free Unlimited Antenna works by grabbing electromagnetic waves from the air and turning them into TV signals for your television. These waves carry info from broadcast stations, and the antenna catches and sends them to your TV.

Plus, it has a built-in 4G LTE filter, making sure your TV signals stay clear, even in places with strong cell phone signals. This filter blocks disruptive signals, giving you a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

How to Use HD Free Unlimited Antenna

Here’s how I use HD Free Unlimited Antenna:

  1. Add Bracket or Base:

    • If using the antenna indoors, attach the included base to place it on a flat surface. Alternatively, attach the included bracket to hang it indoors or outdoors.
    • Screw both left and right antenna arms onto the antenna before attaching the base or bracket.
  2. Connect White Cable:

    • Take the white coaxial cable (waterproof) and plug it into the connection on the back.
    • Slide the boot of the cable all the way up for maximum protection.
  3. Place or Hang Antenna:

    • After connecting the white cable, place or hang the antenna where desired. For indoor use, ensure it’s close to a window or wall but not too close to appliances that may interfere with the signal.
  4. Set up Signal Booster:

    • Place the signal booster near your TV and relatively close to your antenna.
    • Connect the end of the white cable not connected to your antenna to the booster. Connect the white cable to the booster’s ANT terminal, located on the far right side.
    • Plug the black power supply cable into an electrical outlet and connect the other end to the booster.
  5. Connect Booster and Television:

    • Take the black coaxial cable included and connect it to the ANT IN terminal on the back of your TV.
    • Connect the other end to any of the TV terminals on the booster.

With these steps completed, refer to the instruction manual to set up the remote control and find TV channels.

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What I Like

1. No Extra Remote Needed

Compatible with existing TV remote control, minimizing clutter.

2. No Contracts or Monthly Fees

Freedom from contractual commitments and recurring fees, providing cost flexibility.

3. Versatile for Different Settings

Suitable for various settings, including homes, boats, and RVs, given access to electricity.

4. Customizable Reception

Adjustable gain dial on the signal booster allows fine-tuning for optimal reception.

5. Weatherproof Design

Withstands harsh weather conditions, featuring an ultraviolet coating for protection.

What I Don’t Like

1. Signal Quality Diminishes with Multiple TVs

Signal quality may diminish when connecting multiple TVs through the signal booster.

2. Performance Comparable to Cheaper Alternatives

Some users find its performance similar to lower-cost alternatives available in retail stores.

3. Not Suitable for Wooded Areas

Challenges in areas with dense tree coverage may impact signal reception.

4. Occasional Reception Instability

Users report occasional instability in reception, especially in remote areas.

5. Questionable “Unlimited” Range Assertion

The claim of an “unlimited” range may not hold for users in remote locations.

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Is HD Free Unlimited Antenna a Scam or Legit?

The HD Free Unlimited Antenna is legit, not a scam. It offers a budget-friendly option to access free OTA channels. Though it doesn’t have an “unlimited” range, it gives access to local and some cable channels without contracts or monthly fees.

User feedback suggests it works well in areas with good signal coverage. Performance depends on location and signal strength, so consider your needs and location before buying.


Q1: What channels can I access with the HD Free Unlimited Antenna?

The antenna provides access to various over-the-air channels, including local and select cable channels. The available channels may vary based on your location and signal strength.

Q2: Can I use the HD Free Unlimited Antenna in a rural area?

Yes, the antenna is suitable for rural areas where cable or satellite options may be limited. It allows access to free over-the-air channels, providing an alternative to traditional cable services.

Q3: How many TVs can I connect to the HD Free Unlimited Antenna?

The antenna supports up to three TVs with a single signal booster. However, users have reported that signal quality may decrease when connecting more TVs.

Q4: Is the HD Free Unlimited Antenna difficult to set up?

No, the setup process is straightforward and doesn’t require specialized knowledge. The step-by-step guide provided with the antenna ensures an easy installation process.

Q5: Can the HD Free Unlimited Antenna be used on a boat or RV?

Yes, the antenna’s versatility makes it suitable for use on boats and RVs, provided there is access to electricity. It has been reported as a convenient option for entertainment in various settings.

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3 thoughts on “HD Free Unlimited Antenna Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. The claim is you can receive all the channels they show in their ads. What they DON’T tell you is that you can only receive those channels IF they are offered OVER THE AIR by a local TV channel provider; for instance your local channel 4 (for example) has a base channel 4, followed by channels 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc. and they offer some of the satellite-only channels on these sub-channels.

  2. It’s an over the air antenna and unless you live where there are no mountains or hills or buildings then it might work. 200 mile radius is a bunch of crap unless your on a boat off of tampa bay or miami (what the tv add shows) I live 95 miles from a large city so this should work but I’m not going to spend money for something that won’t work then try to get a refund. Their customer service is in India so you wo’t understand them and I wanted them to send me a unit and I will review for them but no go. (does that mean the product does not work (probably)

  3. there’s no thing as an HD antenna. an old pair of rabbit ear or a simple copper wire could be used as an antenna. all TV transmitters are digital & don’t have the range as the old analog signals, by about half. most all transmit on a UHF frequency even though show on a true as VHF(2-13). digital, more so, is line of sight. buildings, trees, terrain, interior walls, even LED light bulbs will pixelate the signal. average range of digital signal is 60 miles & that truly depends on the height, higher, the better, of any antenna & obstructions. I had an outdoor yagi antenna that didn’t received as well as a cheaper indoor antenna hung in a window & patio glass door.

    All of their claims are misleading. picks up on a “200 mile radius” is only a 100 miles. play on words to mislead. “HD” antenna, no such thing. it could receive “4K” but no OTA station broadcasts a 4K signal, mainly in 720p. OTA will appear better than a cable feed because it is not compressed, which they do point out, their only true claim. cable systems compress signals to fit more channels, even at 1080i you can see the difference, 720p is clearer. personally, I found Mohu Leaf 50 indoor antenna hung in a window picks up all 74 channels in my city setting.

    Save your money


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