Epify Hair Removal Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Looking for a hair removal cream that actually works? We’ve got you covered with our review of Epify Hair Removal. Not only is this product 100% toxin-free and organic, but it also promises to get the job done. But is it worth your money? Check out our review to find out!

What is Epify?

Looking for a way to get rid of unwanted body hair? Look no further! Epify is here to help. This hair removal cream promises to stop hair growth in just three months and removes hair immediately with the first application. Not only that, but it neutralizes hair follicles and dries out hair roots with regular use. So why wait? Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, silky skin with Epify!

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Epfiy Hair Removal Overview

A dermatologically-tested hair removal product that promises to be skin-friendly, EPIFY is one of the few toxin-free hair removal creams available in the market. However, the company’s background information is not transparent.

Mixed Reviews

The product has received a lot of mixed reviews. While some people claim that it works wonders and is easy to use, others have called it a waste of money and have reported no change after using it.


EPIFY costs $39 (discounted from $73) and many customers consider it overpriced compared to similar products.


EPIFY only ships orders from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Customers also have to pay for shipping. However, the product is available on Amazon, which might offer a better shopping experience.


Reviews of EPIFY are quite hit and miss. Some customers have reported that the product didn’t work or smelled terrible, while others have praised it for being quick and effective.

Epify Hair Removal Cream Review

If you’re in the market for a hair removal cream, you might want to consider Epify. This cream packs some serious ingredients, like walnut shell and sweet almond oil, to help destroy hair follicles and leave your skin smooth. Plus, the company claims it’s 100% toxin-free and organic.

However, some customers have reported a less-than-pleasant odor, which is pretty common with hair removal creams. And a few people have even said it burned their skin (also a common side effect). You’ll have to wait 5-8 minutes for the product to work, which some folks found to be a decent wait time.

As for whether it actually works, customers are split. Some say it removed their hair with ease, while others claim it didn’t do the job or stopped hair growth like it promised. So, like with any hair removal product, results may vary.

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Ingredients of Epify Hair Removal


This all-natural ingredient helps stop hair from growing back by cutting the hair follicles at their roots.

Egg White

Egg whites, packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, can help remove hair from the roots. Hair removal products often contain egg whites, which can be used alone or mixed with other ingredients to make a paste that can be applied to the skin. Adding egg whites to wax strips makes them more effective for removing hair from larger areas like the arms and legs.

Lady Her

This natural ingredient is a popular choice for hair removal creams, especially among people with sensitive skin. Lady Her not only helps get rid of unwanted hair, but it also keeps the scalp healthy and reduces dryness and brittleness.

Zirnic Herb

Zirnic Herb is a botanical extract with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that’s commonly used for hair removal.

Customer Reviews of Epify Hair Removal 

This new brand hasn’t been around for long, so there aren’t a ton of customer reviews online yet. But based on what’s out there, here’s the scoop:

  • Reviews are a mixed bag
  • Some people say it works great, while others aren’t impressed
  • It doesn’t have a strong scent right away, but you’ll notice it when you wipe it off
  • Some folks think it’s overpriced compared to similar products that are cheaper.

How to Contact Epify Hair Removal’s Customer Service?

Here are the contact details:

Contact Number: +1 (631) 354-9403

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Epify Hair Removal Review: Final Verdict

So, this hair removal product has a ton of mixed reviews, making it tough to know if it’s really worth it. The general consensus? It works, but it’s not better than the cheaper options at the drugstore.

However, if you do end up buying it on Amazon, they’ve got your back with free and easy returns if it’s just not working out for you.

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Does Epify really work?

Well, it’s a mixed bag. Some people swear by it, but others say it didn’t work for them. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin and hair is different, so results may vary.

Any side effects to worry about?

According to the company, Epify is made with all-natural ingredients and shouldn’t cause any problems. However, a handful of customers have reported skin irritation or burning.

Where can I buy Epify Hair Removal?

You can snag it on the official website or on Amazon. Easy peasy!

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