10 Best Easter Gifts For Kids in 2024

Looking for Easter gifts for kids of all ages? Fill those Easter baskets with creativity! Classic candies and chocolate bunnies are must-haves, but there’s more to explore.

In 2024, fidget toys are still a hit for keeping hands busy. Surprise collectibles shaped like eggs add excitement. Younger kids love cuddly plush toys, and there are spring-themed items, outdoor toys, and creative kits.

No matter what you pick, your kids will have an egg-citing Easter celebration!

10 Best Easter Gifts For Kids

1. MAGIFIRE Playtime Matching Eggs For Toddlers

MAGIFIRE Playtime Matching Eggs for Toddlers, 12 Matching Eggs with Coordinated Shapes and Colors, Montessori Toys, STEM Educational Toys for 1-2 Years Old

These eggs are not just for decorating but also for teaching organizational and fine motor skills to kids aged 18 months to 3 years. They’re BPA-free, easy for little hands to grip, and come with 12 eggs and a plastic carton for easy cleanup.

2. Build-A-Bear Peeps

Kids love cuddly stuffed toys, and Build-A-Bear offers a delightful range of customizable playmates. Check out their PEEPS® Plush Collection in various colors and patterns. Your child can personalize them with accessories like bandanas and more.

3. Skillmatics Card Game – Found It! Outdoor Edition

Skillmatics Card Game - Found It Outdoor, Scavenger Hunt for Kids, Girls, Boys, Fun Family Game, Gifts for Ages 4, 5, 6, 7

Encourage outdoor play with the Skillmatics Card Game – Found It! Outdoor Edition, a scavenger hunt game that’s educational and exciting. It’s suitable for kids aged 4-7 and teaches essential skills.

4. Bazooka Candy Brands Easter Candy Box

Bazooka Candy Brands Holiday Candy Variety Pack 18 Count:Fun Bulk Candy for Kids from Ring Pop,Push Pop,Baby Bottle Pop&Juicy Drop-Candy Gift Box for Birthdays,Party Favors,Stocking Stuffers

Ditch the chocolate this Easter and opt for the Bazooka Candy Brands Easter Candy Box, featuring Ring Pops, Baby Bottle Pops, and Juicy Drop Pops. This pack contains 18 pieces in assorted flavors and is great for various Easter activities.

5. Move2Play Easter Egg Toss

Move2Play, Egg Toss, Hilariously Wild and Fun, Active Play Kids Game, Birthday Game For Kids Ages 3, 4-8+, Preschool, Toddler, Indoor, Outdoor Toy

Get your kids outdoors with the Move2Play Easter Egg Toss game. It simulates an egg toss experience without the mess. Soft, machine-washable eggs with smart sensors make it interactive, and there are over 40 Egg-Mazing puns for added fun.

6. The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit

The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit - Arts and Crafts Set - Includes Egg Decorating Spinner and 8 Colorful Quick Drying Non Toxic Markers [Packaging May Vary]

Create unique Easter egg designs without the mess using The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorating Kit. It includes a spinner and 8 non-toxic markers (batteries not included). Suitable for kids aged 3-10.

7. CRAVEBOX Easter Snacks Box Variety Pack Care Package

CRAVEBOX Snack Box Variety Pack Care Package (50 Count) Christmas Treats Gift Basket Boxes Pack Adults Kids Grandkids Guys Girls Women Men Boyfriend Candy Birthday Cookies Chips Teenage Mix College Student Food Sampler Office School

Kids adore snacks, and this care package has 50 assorted salty, sweet, healthy, and savory treats, including chips, pretzels, candies, and cookies. All items are individually wrapped, making it perfect for large gatherings. It includes brands like Airheads, Pringles, and Quaker Chewy bars.

8. Melissa and Doug Burrow Bunny

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal (9 inches)

The Melissa and Doug Burrow Bunny is a super soft, handcrafted bunny ideal for kids aged 3+. It’s perfect for snuggling, tea time, and imaginative play.

9. Aurora World Rolly Pet – 5” Chickadee Chick

Aurora® Round Rolly Pet™ Chickadee Chick™ Stuffed Animal - Adorable Companions - On-The-Go Fun - Yellow 5 Inches

The Aurora World Rolly Pet – 5” Chickadee Chick is an adorable stuffed toy for kids aged 3+. It’s made from quality materials and fits easily in a backpack or for storytime cuddles.

10. Filled Easter Eggs With Surprise Toys Inside

120 Pcs Prefilled Easter Eggs with Toys Inside, Pre Filled Plastic Easter Eggs Bulk for Easter Egg Hunt Supplies, Easter Party Favors, Easter Basket Stuffers Filler, Pre Stuffed Easter Eggs for Kids


Make kids squeal with joy with 21 Filled Easter Eggs containing Pokemon toys and a paint set for creative fun. These plastic eggs are an excellent alternative to candy and chocolate.

Tips for Choosing an Easter Gift for Kids

1. Age and Developmental Stage

Make sure to pick a gift that matches the child’s age and development level. Toys often have age recommendations on the packaging. For older kids who still love Easter but are beyond traditional toys, think about giving them an activity kit or craft like the LEGO Easter Rabbits Display or the Kid Made Modern Egg Painting Party Craft Kit.

2. Gift Size

Consider how you plan to present the gift. Some families use Easter baskets, while others prefer hiding items for an Easter egg hunt or giving gifts in different ways. Think about whether the gift needs to fit in a basket, an Easter egg, or another type of container.

3. Seasonal Versatility

Easter gifts don’t have to be limited to the holiday itself. If you want a gift that can be enjoyed beyond Easter or isn’t tied to religious themes, look for something suitable for spring or summer. For example, the Sunny Days Entertainment Maxx Bubbles Leaf Blower can provide hours of outdoor fun.

FAQs about Easter Gifts for Kids

1. What can I give my kids instead of candy for Easter?

Instead of candy, consider giving your kids creative and interactive gifts that they’ll enjoy long after Easter. For instance, you can give them a gardening kit to watch plants grow. Easter activities and games are also popular choices, with searches on Etsy increasing by 45%.

2. How do I choose an age-appropriate Easter gift for kids?

Always check the manufacturer’s label to ensure the gift is suitable for the child’s age. Be cautious of small parts that could be a choking hazard for kids under 5. Younger children may like tactile toys like slime, rattles, and shakers, while older kids might prefer interactive gifts like robot-building kits and crafting sets. Consider gifts that the whole family can enjoy together, like Easter-themed games and crafts.

3. How much should I spend on Easter gifts for kids?

The amount you spend depends on your budget. Typically, you can consider spending between $20 and $100. You can customize it based on your willingness to splurge or stay within a budget. You have the option to create a basket with smaller items or invest in a single, more substantial gift that your child can use for a long time. There are affordable gift options available to make Easter special without overspending. 

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