Dermay Derma Mask Reviews: Scam or Legit?

One morning, as I was getting ready for work, I spotted a new problem on my face: annoying acne. Feeling frustrated, I remembered a friend’s suggestion about the Dermay Derma Mask. Though doubtful, I decided to give it a shot.

After a quick online search, I found out about its fancy LED therapy and customizable treatments. Curious, I ordered the mask and eagerly waited for it to arrive.

When it came, I followed the simple instructions and added it to my nightly skincare routine. With regular use, I started seeing a big improvement in my skin. The acne started disappearing, and my skin looked brighter and smoother.

Now, weeks past, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is Dermay Derma Mask?

The Dermay Derma Mask is an advanced LED Therapy mask designed to provide professional-level skincare treatments at home. It uses LED and Infrared Light therapy with seven different colors, each targeting specific skin concerns. This versatile device has become a popular choice for addressing various skin issues.

Dermay Derma Mask Review

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How Does It Work?

The Dermay Derma Maskā„¢ uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology with seven colors, each targeting specific skin concerns:

  1. Red (625-740nm): Stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles.
  2. Yellow (565-590nm): Alleviates redness, promotes radiant skin.
  3. Green (520-565nm): Balances oily skin, reduces blackheads.
  4. Blue (445-520nm): Fights acne-causing bacteria, inflammation.
  5. Cyan (425-445nm): Calms inflammation, boosts cell energy.
  6. Purple (380-425nm): Fades acne scars, rejuvenates skin.
  7. White (380-700nm): Accelerates tissue metabolism, improves skin texture.

With 288 LEDs, including dual Infrared Light, it offers thorough treatment for radiant skin.

How to Use Dermay Derma Mask

We Tested Dermay Derma Mask

Here’s how I use the Dermay Derma Mask:

  1. Prep Your Skin: Start with clean skin, free from makeup or other products, using a gentle cleanser.

  2. Choose Your Color Treatment: Pick the color treatment that matches your skincare goals for the day from the seven options available.

  3. Charge Your Mask: If needed, plug in the mask using the USB cable provided. It takes about 30 minutes for a full charge.

  4. Adjust the Mask: Ensure the mask’s adjustable strap fits comfortably on your head by adjusting the top and side straps.

  5. Begin the Treatment: Turn on the mask, select your color treatment, and let the voice guidance lead you through the session for relaxation and proper treatment.

  6. Duration of Treatment: Each session lasts 10 minutes. Keep your eyes closed during this time to let the mask work its magic and relax.

  7. Aftercare: After the session, turn off and unplug the mask. Resume your regular skincare routine as desired. You’ll often feel rejuvenated and refreshed afterward.

Dermay Derma Mask – Before and After Results

Before I started using Dermay Derma Mask, my skin had a lot of acne and didn’t look very bright. But after using it for two months, the change is amazing. My acne has gone down a lot, and my skin looks clearer and smoother. It used to look dull, but now it’s got a nice glow, which makes me feel more confident.

Dermay Derma Mask has really changed the game for me. It’s like getting professional skincare treatment without leaving home.

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Pros of Dermay Derma Mask

  1. Customizable Treatments: The mask offers various color treatment options, perfect for addressing specific skincare concerns like fine lines, acne, redness, or oily skin.

  2. Professional-Grade LEDs: With 288 high-quality LEDs, each treatment session delivers consistent and powerful results, visibly improving the skin over time.

  3. FDA-Registered: Registered with the FDA, ensuring it meets rigorous safety and effectiveness standards, providing peace of mind to users.

  4. Cordless and Portable: Its rechargeable battery and portable design offer freedom of movement during treatments, eliminating the need for being tethered to electrical outlets.

  5. Built-in Eye Protection: Equipped with see-through eye shields, ensuring safety during treatments by protecting eyes from LED lights.

  6. User-Friendly: Features voice guidance and a smart sensor for ease of use, making the experience hassle-free.

  7. Versatile: Effective for various skincare concerns, including signs of aging, acne, or redness, with different color treatments targeting specific issues.

  8. Backed by Scientific Research: Supported by scientific research and clinical studies, affirming its efficacy in the skincare industry.

Cons of Dermay Derma Mask

  1. Higher Initial Cost: Initial cost may be relatively high compared to traditional skincare products, but viewed as a long-term investment in skin health.

  2. Requires Consistent Daily Use: To achieve significant results, consistent daily use for 4-6 weeks is recommended, which may not be suitable for everyone.

  3. Effectiveness May Vary: Results may vary depending on skin type and concern, with improvements not immediate for everyone.

  4. Mild Sensations Possible: Some users may experience mild sensations like warmth or tingling during treatment, though generally considered normal signs of the mask’s effectiveness.

Is Dermay Derma Mask a Scam or Legit?

No, Dermay Derma Mask is not a scam. It’s an FDA-registered skincare device, assuring safety and effectiveness. Users, including myself, have seen positive changes in skin quality, such as reduced fine lines and rejuvenation. Its LED therapy technology is backed by scientific research.

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1. Is LED therapy safe for all skin types?

Yes, LED therapy, like the Dermay Derma Mask, is safe for all skin types and tones. It’s gentle and non-irritating, but it’s wise to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult a healthcare professional if you have specific concerns.

2. How often should I use the Dermay Derma Mask?

For optimal results, use the Dermay Derma Mask daily for 10-minute sessions over 4-6 weeks. Make it a regular part of your skincare routine.

3. Can LED therapy replace other skincare products?

LED therapy complements your skincare routine but doesn’t replace other products. You’ll still need cleansers, moisturizers, etc. The Dermay Derma Mask enhances overall skin health and appearance.

4. Are there any side effects of using the Dermay Derma Mask?

Side effects are usually mild and temporary. You might feel warmth or tingling, but it’s normal and hasn’t caused discomfort for most users.

5. Can I use the Dermay Derma Mask while traveling?

Absolutely! It comes with a travel bag, making it convenient to maintain your skincare routine on the go.

6. How soon can I expect results?

Immediate effects include improved skin radiance. Significant changes like wrinkle reduction require consistent use over several weeks. Be patient and consistent for the best results.

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3 thoughts on “Dermay Derma Mask Reviews: Scam or Legit?”

  1. I would not buy any products from that company. The Mask is very uncomfortable to wear and leaves indentations around the eyes. I received the mask at the end of February and it took me until middle of March to finally get the address I needed for the return. The receival of the Return was verified by the post office. We now have June 21, 2023 and I have not received my money back yet.
    worst customer service e

  2. Although Dermay promises 100% money back guarantee, they do not fulfill there promise! I purchased the mask in February 2023 and wanted to return it, since it was very uncomfortable to wear and left marks around the eyes. It took several email attempts to get the return address. I shipped the mask back in beginning of March 2023, with delivery receipt. As of today June 28,2023 I have not seen a refund. I sent another email a week ago, not surprisingly, I have not received an answer.
    A very frustrated cu

  3. I bought the mask in February of 2023. The mask is very uncomfortable and not only hurts around the eyes but also leaves indentations. I ask for an RMA # to return the mask, since I was well in my 30day money back return time. It took several attempts to get the RMA number. No body answers the telephone. I returned the mask in time by post office. The mask was returned to Dermay in time for refund. No refund was coming. In the meantime I did ask my credit card company to adjust my account. They wanted more data from me, which I sent, unfortunately too late, since I went on vacation. So the full amount was charge to my card again. I did contact Dermay again in May and was ask by Lauren Williams to send the Tracking Number, which I did! I never heard from them again. It is July 20th by now and I still have no refund. I reported Dermay to the Better Business Bureau and to the Federal Trade Commission. (


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