Zen Body Shower Head Review (2024): Scam or Legit?

I always had a problem with the weak water pressure in my shower, which made me unhappy every time I used it. It felt like I was showering with a feeble garden hose instead of enjoying a refreshing shower. I wanted a better experience, but my old shower head just couldn’t do the job.

Then, one day, I came across a discussion online about a product called the Zen Body Shower Head, which was known for saving water and providing a spa-like shower with stronger water pressure. I read many positive reviews and thought it might be the solution to my shower problems.

I didn’t hesitate and ordered the Zen Body Shower Head online. Installing it was easy, and I was impressed by the various shower modes it offered, including a powerful jetting option.

When I turned on the water, I was amazed by the transformation. The water pressure increased significantly, and I felt rejuvenated as the shower head’s ionic filtration system improved the water quality. After just a few uses, my skin and hair felt noticeably smoother and healthier.

So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is Zen Body Shower Head?

The Zen Body Shower Head is a water-saving shower head that offers both high water pressure and water conservation. It can save 30-35% of water while increasing water pressure by 200%.

It also has an ionic filtration system to soften and purify hard water for better skin and hair health.

Zen Body Shower Head Review


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How Does It Work?

The Zen Body Shower Head works by using laser-cut holes to control water flow, saving water and increasing pressure.

It also has an ionic filtration system with mineral stone beads that balance water’s metal content, soften and purify it, and maintain pH balance for better skin and hair health.

How to Use Zen Body Shower Head

Here’s how I use the Zen Body Shower Head:

  1. Remove your old shower head: Unscrew your current shower head from the hose or arm and make sure the area is clean.

  2. Attach the Zen Body Shower Head: Screw it onto the hose or arm securely, but don’t over-tighten to avoid damage.

  3. Adjust the settings: The Zen Body Shower Head has three modes – Rainfall, Jetting, and Massage. Rotate the shower head to choose your preferred mode. You can switch between modes during your shower.

  4. Enjoy your shower: Turn on the water, step in, and experience increased water pressure and the benefits of the ionic filtration system.

Zen Body Shower Head – Before and After Results

After using the Zen Body Shower Head for two months, my shower experience has greatly improved. Before, I had weak water pressure like a feeble garden hose. But now, with the Zen Body Shower Head, the difference is incredible. The powerful jetting option wakes me up in the morning, and my showers are refreshing.

My skin and hair have also gotten better. The ionic filtration system makes my skin smoother, and my hair is healthier. Plus, it saves water, which lowers my bills and helps the environment.

Pros of Zen Body Shower Head

  1. Water Savings: This shower head helps save water, reducing your water bills and supporting sustainability.

  2. Improved Water Pressure: It increases water pressure by 200%, providing a refreshing shower experience.

  3. Ionic Filtration: Removes impurities from hard water, resulting in smoother skin and healthier hair.

  4. Easy Installation: No need for a plumber; it fits standard fixtures and is DIY-friendly.

  5. Customizable Shower Modes: Offers three shower modes to suit your preferences.

Cons of Zen Body Shower Head

  1. Compatibility: It may not fit perfectly with all standard fixtures, so ensure compatibility.

  2. Price: It’s relatively pricey compared to regular shower heads, though long-term water savings may offset this.

Is Zen Body Shower Head a Scam or Legit?

Zen Body Shower Head is legit. It lives up to its claims of boosting water pressure, saving water, and using ionic filtration. Just keep in mind its limitations and potential downsides. It’s a genuine product that can enhance your shower experience.


1. Can I install the Zen Body Shower Head myself?

Yes, installation is designed to be user-friendly. You can easily replace your existing shower head with the Zen Body Shower Head without the need for professional assistance.

2. Will it fit my shower fixture?

The Zen Body Shower Head is designed to fit standard shower fixtures with a Size G1/2” connection. However, it’s advisable to check the compatibility of your existing setup before purchasing.

3. How does the ionic filtration system work?

The Zen Body Shower Head uses mineral stone beads to filter and purify the water. These beads help balance the heavy metal content, soften the water, and maintain its pH balance. This process can have a positive impact on your skin and hair.

4. Can it save me money on water bills?

Yes, the Zen Body Shower Head is designed to conserve water, potentially leading to savings on your water bills over time.

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