Vertoku Knives – Don’t Buy Before Reading This Review

Is Vertoku Knife a scam? If you enjoy cooking, you may wonder if Vertoku Knives are able to help you cook with ease and flexibility.

Vertoku knives are derived from the traditional Japanese chef knife and used at home as an affordable chopping accessory. Further, they play a major role in restaurants.

Due to the quality of the Vertoku knife, its look and feel, my wife asked me to get her the set.

However, I am always cautious when buying things online. Therefore, I have spent some time researching Vertoku to see if it can live up to its name.

At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you where to get the best price for Vertoku Knives.

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Below is what I’ll cover in this review of Vertoku Knives.

What are Vertoku Knives?

Vertoku knives are Japanese-inspired knives. The design and craftsmanship are all Japanese styles.

Vertoku knives’ selling point is their sharpness. They claim to cut meat, frozen food or fruits better than other knives because of their excellent craftsmanship.

The knives are made of stainless steel so that it is durable and corrosion-resistant. There are various knives available in their knife set:

  • 8” Chef Knife
  • 8” Slicing Knife
  • 8” Bread Knife
  • 7” Santoku Knife
  • 7” Cleaver Knife
  • 6” Boning Knife
  • 5” Santoku Knife
  • 3.5” Paring Knife

However, when I was going to fill in my credit card information, I found that the price is cheaper on Amazon

That’s why I ended up buying a set of Vertoku Knives for my mum from which turned out to be a great decision!

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Why Do You Need  Vertoku Knives?

If you like cooking, you should understand how important knives are.

You can save a lot of time and energy by cutting different ingredients with a sharp and lightweight knife.

Also, different ingredients have different texture and size, it’s much more convenient to have a collection of knife sets ready in the kitchen. You will have more flexibility in making any cuisines you can imagine.

For example, an 8” slicing knife is great for cutting thin slices of roast, fruits and vegetables. 6” Boning knife can be used to cut meat away from bones and joints easily.

Different knives are crafted for a specific purpose in cooking. If you only use one type of knife, it’s much harder to cook different meals, especially if you care about the aesthetic look of foods. 

After all, cooking is not just for eating but also an art that you want to make look beautiful. You can have more control over the appearance with the help of professional knives.

If you know anyone who likes cooking, giving him or her a professional knife is a perfect gift.

The Pros of Vertoku Knife

1. Razor Sharp Edge

The Vertoku knife set is made of high carbon forged stainless steel (440A), which has a Rockwell hardness of 54+, which makes it anti-corrosive, rust-resistant, sharp, and durable. Hand-sharpened to 13-15 degrees per side, the blade maintains a perfect balance between ultra-thin slicing and maximum resilience for smooth cutting.

2. Ingenious Design

The design of the Vertoku knife combines elements from both Western and Japanese styles. This knife is made of laser-etched wood veneer and features a wave pattern. It can transform simple cooking into something beautiful.

3. Multipurpose

Cutting is easy and precise thanks to the blade’s gentle curve. The excellent performance of the Vertoku knife makes it ideal for mincing, dicing and slicing fruit, meat, fish, and vegetables in the kitchen.

Vertoku Knife Cons and Complaints

1. The Price isn’t cheap enough

It isn’t cheap to buy a Vertoku Knife. However, it is durable and can last for many years. Vertoku Knife sets are well worth the cost if you enjoy cooking or if you wish to give them as a gift.

2. Inefficient logistics in some less developed countries

In less developed countries, such as India and Argentina, delivery times may be longer due to inefficient logistics. In developed countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, etc., shipping is usually not an issue.

3. You must learn to use the right knife for the right job

There are different types of knives included in the Vertoku Knife Set. The right knife must be used for the job. Chopping knives, boning knives, and carving knives are used for cutting bone and meat. Your blade will become dull and small pieces will break off if you fail to do so. Chipping is what this process is called. What a waste of such a Vertoku Knife!

4. Don’t let your children or pets play with Vertoku knives

Vertoku Knives are extremely sharp. If your children or pets love to play around in the kitchen, you should keep them away from it.

5. Dishwasher detergent can damage Vertoku Knives

Vertoku knives can handle water, but dishwasher detergent can damage them. 

6. Vertoku knives need sharpening eventually

No matter how carefully you cut, you will eventually need to sharpen your Vertoku knife. You will need more force to cut with dull blades, increasing your risk of an accident. Therefore, it is important to keep Vertoku knives sharp. It simplifies the process of cutting things as well. Don’t wait until the very last minute to sharpen. Maintaining a fairly sharp edge is easier than getting a  dull blade sharp again.

What are the Features and Benefits of  Vertoku Knives?

Vertoku knives are good because of the following features:

  • Sharpness: the knives have razor sharp edges
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle
  • Rust resistant
  • Different sizes and length of knives are available in the knife set

Where to Get the Best Price for Vertoku Knives?

Vertoku knives are great in design and craftsmanship.

If you’d like to get the best price for Vertoku Knives, you might go to the Amazon store.

It is now selling Vertoku Knives at a fraction of the original price. I’m not sure if the price might go up soon.

That’s why I ended up buying a set of Vertoku Knives from there and I still don’t regret it because of the great customer service and fast delivery!

You might consider checking it out so that you won’t regret it later.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vertoku Knife

Are Vertoku Knives good?

Vertoku knives are made of excellent steel. They’re durable enough to be used regularly in a kitchen, and with periodic maintenance, they will remain sharp for a long time. This makes them a great alternative to any other luxury brand.

How do you take care of Vertoku knives?

Vertoku knives should be rinsed and dried after each use. You won’t have any problems if you don’t use the dishwasher.

What can you not cut with a Vertoku knife?

Never twist the blade, sideways pressure will damage it. Bones, frozen foods, and items that are extremely dense should not be cut.

How often should you sharpen Vertoku knives?

Knives that are used frequently should be honed with honing rods once a week, ideally. The Vertoku knives are sharpened at a 15- to 16-degree angle.

Are Vertoku knives good for cutting meat?

Versoku knives are great for cutting a variety of foods, including boneless meat,  cheese, vegetables, herbs, and fruit.

Why are Vertoku knives so special?

In addition to being lighter, Vertoku knives feel more balanced in the hand, and the steel in their blades is harder, thinner, and able to hold an edge for a longer period of time. Chefs appreciate their precision abilities precisely for these reasons.

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