The Mellow Dog Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?

Have you seen the ads for The Mellow Dog Calming Bed on Facebook? I bet you’re wondering if it’s the real deal and if it’s worth investing your hard-earned cash on it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to give their furry friend the best relaxation and emotional support, right?

There are so many options out there for calming dog beds, making it tough to decide which one to go for. So, I decided to do some digging and research the brand thoroughly. Plus, I even bought one for my Bichon who gets quite anxious to see if it would work.

After trying it out, I’m here to give you my honest opinion and let you know if The Mellow Dog Calming Bed is worth the hype or not. I’ll even spill the beans on where to get the best price for it. So, let’s dive in and find out together!

What is The Mellow Dog Calming Bed?

Have you ever had those restless nights where you just can’t seem to get comfortable? Well, our furry friends go through the same thing too! But fear not, because The Mellow Dog Calming Bed is here to help! The Mellow Dog Calming Bed Review

This dog bed is the ultimate solution for anxious pups. It’s designed to provide the same comfort as your own mattress, but with an added bonus – it’s super easy to clean! No more stressing over stains and smells, this bed is machine washable and dryer safe.

What’s even better is that it’s proven to ease dogs’ anxiety. The high raised rim provides maximum comfort and security, while the buttery soft material will make your pup feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud.

So, if you’re tired of waking up feeling like you’ve run a marathon because your pup kept you up all night, it’s time to try The Mellow Dog Calming Bed. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

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Why Do You Need The Mellow Dog Calming Bed?

If your furry friend gets anxious or reactive, especially when left alone, meeting new people, or during thunderstorms, you might want to consider getting them a Mellow Dog Calming Bed. Why? Well, built-up stress can seriously affect their health and wellbeing, causing a loss of appetite, self-harm, and even a shorter life span. Yikes!

By giving your pup a calming bed, you create a safe and comfortable space where they can feel secure and relaxed. The raised rim of the Mellow Dog Calming Bed is designed to provide that sense of security and soothe their nervous system, making it easier for them to calm down and get some deep sleep.

Not only that, but the Mellow Dog Calming Bed is also super cozy and stylish. It’s like a fancy hotel bed for your dog! And if you have a friend who’s a cat person, this bed makes a perfect gift for their feline friend too.


The Mellow Dog Calming Bed is a therapeutic pet bed designed to help your furry friends relax and feel more secure. This bed has been trusted by therapists for decades to help ease anxiety, and it’s now available for pet owners who want to provide their pets with the same benefits.

Proven to Ease Anxiety

The Mellow Dog Calming Bed is an effective way to calm your pets. Its raised rim creates a sense of security and activates the nervous system in a positive way, which helps your fur kids to calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly. This bed has been tested and proven to help dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks, as well as rescue dogs.

Super Comfortable

The Mellow Dog Calming Bed has a unique design that mimics the feeling of being hugged or held by you. This feature makes it easier for cuddly dogs to sleep in their own beds. 

It is also ideal for pets who love to curl up, providing head and neck support with the raised rim, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Ridiculously Soft Vegan Fur Fabric

The Mellow Dog Calming Bed is made from ultra-soft vegan fur, one of the comfiest materials around. This fabric is so soft that it’s often used to make baby blankets. Its long fibers are buttery soft, durable, and machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh for your pets.

Easy to Clean

The Mellow Dog Calming Bed is not only comfortable for your pets but also easy to maintain. Dog accidents happen, but you need not worry as you can simply toss it in the washer and dryer. Both the covers and the cushions are safe to clean in the washer and dryer, making it hassle-free to keep it clean for your pets.

In conclusion, the Mellow Dog Calming Bed is an excellent investment for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and calming environment. With its proven anxiety-easing benefits, super-soft vegan fur fabric, and easy-to-clean features, your pets will surely love their new bed.

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Where to Get the Best Price?

If you’re worried about your pet’s anxiety or restless sleep, The Mellow Dog Calming Bed might be the perfect solution. And the good news is, you can now grab it at a fraction of the original price by heading over to the official retail store.

But hurry up, because it’s a limited time offer and the price might go up very soon. I personally bought The Mellow Dog Calming Bed from there and I can vouch for the great customer service and fast delivery. So why not give it a shot and check it out? You don’t want to miss out on this deal!

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