Suvie Kitchen Robot Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Have you ever wished for a kitchen appliance that can both refrigerate your food and cook a delicious meal? Well, say hello to Suvie – the innovative new kitchen robot that can do just that!

Here’s the deal: Suvie uses water to cool and cook your food, and thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control it with your phone. Sounds cool, right? Well, get ready to clear some space on your countertop because Suvie is hitting the market soon!

Now, we know there are already smart ovens out there, like the June Intelligent Oven and the Tovala Smart Oven, but Suvie takes it to a whole new level with its refrigeration feature. This means you can pop your food into Suvie in the morning, and it will keep it safely chilled until it’s time to cook. So, when you come home, all you have to do is plate your food and maybe add a little char under the broiler.

Sure, the Mellow sous vide machine also has a refrigeration feature, but it’s limited to foods you can prepare in a water bath. Suvie is different because it can cook a full meal using multiple compartments, and it can even store multiple meals at once.

According to Robin Liss, the CEO and co-founder of Suvie, “The real benefit of mobile-controlled appliances is only when they can go from storage to cooking.” And we couldn’t agree more, Robin!

So, if you’re tired of stressing over meal prep, Suvie might just be the answer to your prayers. 

How Does Suvie Kitchen Robot Work?

Suvie’s countertop design is perfect for meals that consist of a protein, a starch, a vegetable, and a sauce. Each food group has its own compartment inside the cooker. The top two compartments are for your protein and vegetable, and they’re surrounded by a metal jacket that holds water. 

At the start of the day, you simply put your food in the appropriate containers and fill up Suvie’s water reservoir. Then, you set the time you want your meal to be ready on the appliance’s touchscreen or app, and let it do its thing.

When it’s time for Suvie to cook your meal, the water in the jacket heats up and gets to work. It cooks the protein and vegetable at the top of the Suvie using sous vide and steam, respectively, and then it fills the starch compartment to cook what you have in there. (It’ll even drain itself when your starch is finished cooking!) 

Meanwhile, the sauce heats up while the rest of the meal cooks. When your meal is ready, you’ll get an alert, and all that’s left to do is broil your protein and veggies in the Suvie for a browned finish, and plate your meal.

One of the coolest things about Suvie is that it has a built-in compressor, which is the same device you’d find in full-size refrigerators. This feature enables Suvie’s refrigeration, making it possible for the appliance to keep your food fresh until it’s time to cook.

While Suvie offers an optional meal plan in which they ship prepackaged, uncooked meals that feed three to five people, you can still use the appliance with your own foods. 

The Suvie app will even give you recommendations on cook times for common items. According to Liss, Suvie’s founder, “We want this to be a platform for creativity and convenience but also innovation, and we want companies big and small to be packing meals for Suvie.”

Of course, the big question is, “Do I have room for this thing?” Suvie is roughly the same size as a tall microwave, so it might be a tight squeeze on your countertop. 

But Suvie isn’t meant to replace your go-to small appliances; it’s designed to provide another way for busy folks to cook. That being said, Suvie’s refrigeration feature could set the stage for other countertop appliances to try their hand at adding cooling to their products.

In any case, if you’re looking for an easier way to prepare healthy, delicious meals at home, Suvie might be worth checking out.

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Final Verdict

The Suvie Kitchen Robot is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that can cook, chill, and reheat your meals. It uses advanced technology and automation to provide restaurant-quality meals at home. The appliance is designed to save time and money by reducing the need for eating out or meal prep.

While the Suvie Kitchen Robot may be a cool and convenient accessory, it is also a relatively expensive investment. It’s important to consider if the features and benefits of the appliance align with your cooking habits and lifestyle before making a purchase decision.

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