Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

I love taking care of my energetic Shih Tzu, Bella. However, one thing that always worried me was cutting her nails. Bella didn’t like it, and it stressed both of us out. We had to go to the vet often, and it was frustrating.

One day, I found a solution on social media: the Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder. It promised to make nail care easier for pets and owners. I decided to try it.

I followed the instructions for a safe nail trimming session with the Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder. It was quiet, and it trimmed Bella’s nails gradually, which made her feel comfortable. She stayed calm, which was a big change from our struggles with regular clippers.

When we finished, Bella’s nails looked great, and she was less stressed. This tool really made a big difference in our pet grooming routine, and I’m so happy with it.

Having used Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder?

The Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder is a revolutionary pet grooming tool designed to simplify the often challenging task of trimming your pet’s nails.

It’s essentially a compact and user-friendly device that promises to make nail care a breeze for both pets and their owners.

Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder Review

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How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional nail clippers, this device utilizes a grinding mechanism to gradually shorten and smooth your pet’s nails. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Power Source: The grinder is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. It comes with a USB port and cable for easy charging.

  2. Grinding Bit: At the business end of the grinder is a detachable grinding diamond bit. This is the part that does the actual nail trimming.

  3. Adjustable Openings: To accommodate pets of all sizes, the device features three different size openings for your pet’s nail to fit through.

  4. Low Noise and Vibration: The grinder is designed with quiet operation in mind. It minimizes noise and vibration to prevent scaring your pet during the nail trimming process.

How to Use Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder

Here’s I use Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder:

Step 1: Prepare Your Pet

Before starting, ensure your pet is calm and relaxed. It’s best to introduce the grinder to them without it running, letting them sniff and get accustomed to the device.

Step 2: Charge the Grinder

Make sure the grinder is fully charged using the provided USB cable. This ensures you have enough power to complete the nail trimming session without interruptions.

Step 3: Select the Right Opening

Choose the appropriate size opening on the grinder based on your pet’s nail size. This prevents any discomfort or injury during the trimming process.

Step 4: Begin the Trimming

Hold your pet’s paw gently but securely, making sure not to squeeze too tightly. Switch on the grinder and bring it close to the nail. Allow your pet to get used to the sound and vibration before proceeding.

Step 5: Start Grinding

Once your pet is comfortable, start grinding the nail gently. Avoid applying too much pressure, and make sure to maintain a smooth and steady motion. Be cautious not to grind too close to the quick, which could cause bleeding and pain.

Step 6: Monitor Progress

Regularly check the nail’s length to avoid over-trimming. The grinder gradually shortens the nail, so take your time and ensure a smooth finish.

Step 7: Reward Your Pet

After each successful nail trim, reward your pet with praise and a treat. This positive reinforcement helps create a positive association with the nail trimming process.

Step 8: Repeat for All Nails

Repeat the process for all your pet’s nails, one at a time. Remember to remain patient and avoid rushing through the session.

Step 9: Clean the Grinder

After completing the trimming, detach the grinding diamond bit and clean it with a soft towel or tissue. This ensures it remains effective for future use.

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Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder – Before and After Results

Before I started using the Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder, my Shih Tzu, Bella, really disliked getting her nails trimmed. It was a stressful experience for both of us, and we had to visit the vet frequently for it.

However, after using this amazing tool for just three months, our pet grooming routine has completely changed.

Bella now stays calm and relaxed when we trim her nails, all thanks to the grinder’s gentle and quiet approach. As a result, her nails are perfectly trimmed, and she’s much less anxious. This device has truly made a positive impact on our lives, making nail care a breeze.

Pros of Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder

1. Stress-Free Nail Trimming

The grinder’s gentle approach significantly reduces the stress and anxiety associated with traditional nail clippers. Bella was noticeably calmer during our nail trimming sessions.

2. Suitable for all sizes of pets

The device’s adjustable openings make it versatile and suitable for pets of various sizes. It’s an excellent choice for multi-pet households.

3. USB charging convenience

The convenience of USB charging means you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries. A full charge provides ample runtime.

4. Low Noise and Vibration

The grinder’s design prioritizes your pet’s comfort with minimal noise and vibration. This was a game-changer for Bella, who used to get anxious around noisy nail clippers.

5. Gradual trimming control

The grinder’s gradual trimming mechanism allows you to control the process, reducing the risk of over-cutting and causing pain or bleeding.

Cons of Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder

1. Learning curve for users

Using the grinder effectively may take some practice, both for you and your pet. It might not be as intuitive as traditional clippers for some users.

2. Time-consuming compared to clipping

The grinding process can be slower compared to clipping, especially if your pet’s nails are excessively long. Be prepared for longer sessions.

3. Initial resistance from some pets

Some pets may initially resist the introduction of the grinder due to the sound and vibration. Patience and positive reinforcement are key here.

4. Requires regular maintenance

While the grinder itself is low-maintenance, you’ll need to clean it after each use to maintain its effectiveness.

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Is Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder a Scam or Legit?

From my own experience, I can confidently say that Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder is not a scam, but a legitimate and effective solution for pet owners. Here’s why:

  1. Real Results: I used it on my pet, Bella, and it made trimming her nails easy and safe. I could see a noticeable difference in her nail length before and after using it.

  2. Positive Customer Reviews: Many other pet owners have also had great experiences with this grinder. I found testimonials from people who, like me, found it to be a game-changer in their pet grooming routine.

  3. Money-Back Guarantee: The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its effectiveness. It gives peace of mind to potential buyers.

  4. Transparency: The product’s features and specifications are clearly stated, and the manufacturer doesn’t make unrealistic claims about what it can do.


Q1: Is the Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder safe for all pets?

While the grinder is designed to be safe for most pets, it’s essential to introduce it gradually and ensure your pet is comfortable with the device. Some pets may require more time to adapt to the sound and vibration.

Q2: Can I use the Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder on my cat?

Yes, the grinder can be used on cats as well. However, cats can be more sensitive to new experiences, so patience is key when introducing it to them.

Q3: How often should I trim my pet’s nails with the grinder?

The frequency of nail trimming depends on your pet’s activity level and the rate of nail growth. Generally, a monthly trimming should suffice, but more active pets may require more frequent sessions.

Q4: Is it necessary to clean the grinder after each use?

Yes, cleaning the grinder after each use is essential to maintain its effectiveness. A quick wipe with a soft towel or tissue is usually sufficient.

Q5: Can the grinder be used on extremely long nails?

The grinder can be used on long nails, but it may take longer to achieve the desired length. It’s advisable to trim long nails in multiple sessions to prevent over-cutting.

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4 thoughts on “Soft Pet Paws Nail Grinder Review (2023): Scam or Legit?”

  1. I haven’t been able to cut my dog’s nails in months because she is terrified of the nail clippers, I got this today and tried it out and in 5 minutes I got all her nails about half the length they were and now they are nice and rounded.

  2. Our 2 fur babies HATE to get their nails clipped. My hubby found this and said we need to try it so we ordered. Our order arrived on time and we immediately hooked it up to charge in order to try it out the next day. LOVE that this nail grinder is so darn quiet as this helps tremendously with my dogs anxiety over this ritual. I modified a shopping bag in which we put our little one in. My hubby did the grinding and I hold his head and talk to him while the job gets done. We get on the floor with our bigger dog and again hubby did the grinding while I talk sweet nothings in her ear. We drew no blood on either of our pets which that in itself is great! Overall, there was less pulling back by both dogs and I know the quietness of this grinder was a huge help.

  3. This is the second nail grinder I purchased for use with my 7 pound maltipoo. The first one we purchased was too loud and after several tries, I gave up on it. THIS ONE, however, is much quieter PLUS it gave helpful hints to get pets accustomed to having their nails done.


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