Snow Skin Review – Scam or Legit?

If you’re searching for a way to remove pesky skin lesions like skin tags, warts, and fibromas, you may have come across the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen. As someone who’s been looking to get rid of age spots, I’ve done my fair share of research on this product and I’m here to share my findings.

What is Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen?

The Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen is a sleek and compact device that promises to help you achieve flawless skin by safely removing skin tags, warts, and other unwanted skin imperfections. With its minimalist design and advanced technology, this small but powerful tool has caught the attention of many beauty enthusiasts.

But what exactly is plasma? Well, plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter, and it forms when a gas is superheated. It’s important not to confuse this with the plasma that’s present in your blood, as they are entirely different things. When you use the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen, an arc of plasma is generated which singes the skin, leading to the creation of the desired marking. This process is repeated until the entire treatment area has been covered.

One of the standout features of the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen is its LCD display, which shows the battery and operating levels. This makes it easy for users to monitor the device and ensure that it’s working at optimal levels. Additionally, users report that the device removes skin spots with ease, and that they notice an improvement in their skin’s condition after use.

While the process of using the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen may cause some mild discomfort, it’s important to note that this is a normal part of the process. Some users have found that using numbing cream after the procedure can help to ease any pain or discomfort.

If you’re new to using the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen, you’ll be pleased to know that a user manual is included in the package. This makes it easy for beginners to get started and ensures that they use the device safely and effectively.

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How Does It Work?

The Snow Skin Fibroblast Plasma Pen works by applying small charges of Plasma energy to the skin. This causes the skin to go through a process of sublimation, where the area that you apply the pen turns into a gas and rejuvenates to its younger form of skin.

How Long Will The Results Stay?

The duration of results you get from using the Snow Skin Fibroblast Plasma Pen depends on the type of skin issue you’re treating. 

For skin tightening, skin lifting, wrinkles, etc., the results can last for 2-3 years before needing to use the pen again. For moles and acne, once they’re removed, they’re gone permanently!

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What Skin Issues Is This For?

Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen can be used to treat a wide range of skin issues, such as skin tightening, sebaceous hyperplasia, blemishes, fine lines, cherry angiomas, crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines, turkey neck, marionette lines, neck lines, sagging eyelids, stretch marks, wrinkles, skin tag removal, upper and lower eyelids (bags and hoods), acne scars, accordion lines, pore reduction, tightening loose skin on the stomach, lip flipping, photo-aging, seborrheic keratosis, jawline tightening, freckle removal, and more.

How Is This Fibroblast Plasma Pen Different From Other Companies?

Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen is CE approved and trusted by estheticians and clinics. It’s a high-quality and affordable option for a fibroblast plasma pen that can be used professionally or at home. 

While most other companies that offer plasma pens can only be used for simple things like removing skin tags, blemishes, acne, warts, or cherry angiomas, Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen can treat a wide range of skin issues.

How Many Needles Are Included?

The Snow Skin Fibroblast Plasma Pen comes with 10 fine needles, 3 coarse needles, and 1 bolt adapter to connect the needle to the pen. 

For maximum sanitation, it’s recommended that you use and throw away each needle. If you need to order more needles, you can do so on our “Extra Needles” page.


Snow Skin Co is currently offering an ongoing special at $99.00 USD for 1 set of the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen today. The regular price for 1 set is $149.95 USD.

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CE Approved and ROHS Certified

The Snow Skin Plasma Pen is a safe tool that is CE approved and ROHS certified. This means that it has been tested and certified to meet high safety and quality standards.

6 Month Warranty and 7-Day Guarantee

You can have peace of mind when you purchase the Snow Skin Plasma Pen, as it is backed by a 6 month warranty in case of any malfunctioning or breakage. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, the tool is also backed by a 7-day guarantee for a full refund.

Multiple Benefits

The Snow Skin Plasma Pen is a versatile tool that can help you achieve a variety of skin goals. It can tighten skin, remove skin tags and blemishes, remove sebaceous hyperplasia, resurface the nose, and even remove crow’s feet. With so many benefits, you can get the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

Save Money

The Snow Skin Plasma Pen can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that would have been spent on expensive trips to the clinic. With this tool, you can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost.

Is There a Better Alternative?

After researching and comparing different options, we found that the Skin Delux Plasma Pen offers all the features and benefits of the popular Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen but at a much lower price point. This makes it a more affordable option for those who are on a budget but still want to achieve great results.

So, if you’re in the market for a plasma pen and want to save some money without sacrificing quality, we recommend checking out the Skin Delux Plasma Pen.

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Are there reviews for the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen?

Yes, there are reviews for the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen both on the Snow Skin Co website and on third-party review pages. However, it’s worth noting that Snow Skin Co filters only the highest-rated reviews for their website. If you want to see lower-rated reviews, you can search for them on Google.

What is the warranty?

Snow Skin Co offers a 6-month warranty specifically for the Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen, as well as a 7-day guarantee. You can find more information on the Snow Skin Co Refund Policy and Warranty page.

Which countries do you ship to?

Snow Skin Co offers worldwide shipping.

Is there a way I can pay in installments?

Yes, Snow Skin Co has partnered with Sezzle to offer payment for their products in 4 interest-free installments.

Can your pen treat sebaceous hyperplasia?

Yes, Snow Fibroblast Plasma Pen can treat sebaceous hyperplasia, among other skin issues.

How long is the downtime (healing)?

After fibroblasting, the healing process takes about 5-7 days, and the skin will look normal again. The real results on the treated area will start to show in 2-4 weeks when the elastin and collagen production begins. The final and best results occur at week 8.

Do you work with clinics/organizations who might want to order in bulk?

Yes, Snow Skin Co works with clinics all around the USA. If you want to order in bulk, contact [email protected], and they will show you the steps to order in bulk.

Is there a way to order more needles separately if I need more?

Yes, you can order extra needles separately or with your order on the “Extra Needles” page for $24.95. The package includes 10x fine needles and 1x coarse needle.

What payment providers do you guys accept?

At Snow Skin Co, we offer a variety of payment options to suit your needs. You can pay using all major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Sezzle. With Sezzle, you have the option of splitting your payments into four installments.

Why should I fibroblast at home instead of visiting the dermatologist?

If you’re looking to get fibroblasting done, doing it at home is a more affordable option compared to visiting a dermatologist. 

Whether it’s for moles, acne, skin tags, skin lifting, skin tightening, or wrinkles, a visit to the dermatologist can cost upwards of $1000, which can be an overcharge. 

By using the Snow Skin Fibroblast Plasma Pen at home, you can achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost.

How long is shipping?

They ship directly from the warehouse located in Utah, as well as the international warehouse. The estimated shipping times are as follows:

  • United States: 2-6 days
  • Europe: 6-12 days
  • Australia/New Zealand: 4-12 days
  • Rest of world (Worldwide): 5-26 days

Please note that delays may occur at times.

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