SnoreLAB Snore Earset Review (2024): Scam or Legit?

A few months ago, I had a big snoring problem that was affecting my sleep and annoying my partner. I was tired of feeling groggy in the mornings, so I decided to find a solution.

One day, I saw a post on social media from someone who had successfully stopped snoring with the SnoreLAB Snore Earset. It claimed to end snoring without waking you up, and I was interested in trying it out.

I ordered the SnoreLAB Snore Earset, and when it arrived, I was impressed with how sleek and comfortable it looked. Setting it up with the Snore Lab app was easy.

The first night using it was amazing. When I checked the app in the morning, I was surprised to see a significant reduction in my snoring. Over the next few weeks, the Snore Earset consistently helped me have quieter nights and feel more rested. While it didn’t completely stop my snoring, it made a noticeable improvement.

So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is SnoreLAB Snore Earset?

SnoreLAB Snore Earset is a small device that helps stop snoring. It uses advanced sound recognition and bone conduction technology to detect snoring and then gently nudges you with vibrations to reduce snoring without waking you up. It aims to provide quieter and more restful nights without disturbing your sleep.

SnoreLAB Snore Earset Review


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How Does It Work?

The SnoreLAB Snore Earset works through two main components: sound recognition and bone conduction technology.

  1. Sound Recognition: The earset has sensitive microphones that detect snoring sounds while distinguishing them from other noises in your surroundings. This ensures it responds only to snoring, not to background sounds like traffic or talking.

  2. Bone Conduction Technology: When snoring is detected, the earset uses gentle vibrations sent through your ear to your inner ear. These vibrations subtly encourage you to adjust your breathing pattern, often without your awareness, effectively preventing snoring without disrupting your sleep.

How to Use SnoreLAB Snore Earset

Here’s how I use the SnoreLAB Snore Earset:

Step 1: Charging the Earset

Start by charging the earset using the included USB cable. It charges quickly and lasts for multiple nights on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about daily recharging.

Step 2: Connecting to the Snore Lab App

To make the most of the SnoreLAB Snore Earset, connect it to the Snore Lab app, available for Android and iOS devices. Pairing the earset with the app is easy; it recognizes the earpiece swiftly. Once connected, the app handles recording and storing your sleep data.

Step 3: Adjusting the Earpiece

The earpiece is designed for comfort and can adapt to either ear. It’s comfortable to wear and feels lightweight, so it won’t bother you while you sleep.

Step 4: Using the App

The Snore Lab app is user-friendly and visually pleasing. Each morning, download the previous night’s sleep data, and the app provides a sleep score. This score considers factors like when the earset was active, how long it was used, and its effectiveness in reducing your snoring. It gives you valuable insights into your sleep quality and snoring habits.

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SnoreLAB Snore Earset – Before and After Results

After using the SnoreLAB Snore Earset for two months, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my sleep and daily life. Before using this device, I used to snore a lot, and it caused problems for me and my partner at night.

But since I started using the earset regularly, I snore much less and with less noise. I also wake up feeling more rested and energetic.

My partner can now sleep peacefully, and our relationship is better because of it. The SnoreLAB Snore Earset has definitely made a positive difference in how I feel overall.

Pros of SnoreLAB Snore Earset

  1. Effective Snoring Detection and Intervention: The earset accurately detects snoring and gently intervenes with vibrations, preventing further snoring without disturbing your sleep.

  2. App Sync for Comprehensive Data: You can sync the device with the Snore Lab app to access detailed sleep data, including snoring volume and intervention details. You can also customize vibration intensity and sensitivity for insights into your snoring patterns.

  3. Tangible Reduction in Snoring: Over time, it significantly reduces snoring frequency and volume, though it may not eliminate snoring entirely.

  4. Comfort and Portability: It’s lightweight, comfortable to wear, and suitable for both home and travel, ensuring consistent sleep quality.

Cons of SnoreLAB Snore Earset

  1. Not Universally Effective: It may not work for everyone, as snoring has various causes. Manage your expectations accordingly.

  2. Potential Discomfort: Some users may find it uncomfortable initially due to its ear placement, as personal comfort preferences vary.

  3. Requires Consistent Use: Optimal results require regular use over time, which could be challenging for those who can’t use it consistently due to travel or other reasons.

Is SnoreLAB Snore Earset a Scam or Legit?

SnoreLAB Snore Earset is legit. It helped me reduce my snoring and sleep better. But remember, it may not work the same for everyone, depending on the cause of snoring and personal comfort preferences.

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1. Is the SnoreLAB Snore Earset safe to use?

Yes, the SnoreLAB Snore Earset is safe to use. It does not have any known side effects and does not disrupt your sleep in any way. It is comfortable to wear and suitable for users of all ages.

2. How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The battery life of the SnoreLAB Snore Earset is impressive. It can last for several nights on a single charge, ensuring that you won’t need to recharge it daily.

3. Can the SnoreLAB Snore Earset completely eliminate snoring?

While it can lead to a significant reduction in snoring for many users, it may not completely eliminate snoring for everyone. The effectiveness of the device varies depending on the cause of snoring and individual factors.

4. Is the SnoreLAB Snore Earset easy to set up?

Yes, setting up the SnoreLAB Snore Earset is straightforward. It comes with a standard USB cable for charging, and connecting it to the Snore Lab app via Bluetooth is quick and easy.

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