SleepObrace Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?

So, you’re thinking about buying SleepObrace, right? You’ve probably seen the commercial and want to know if it’s worth your money. 

Let me tell you, this little device is pretty cool. It applies even pressure to your entire jaw while you sleep, helping to strengthen your teeth, gums, and jaw. 

And, it can even improve your overall facial appearance. Plus, it helps correct your bite and move your teeth if you’re using traditional braces. But, I know what you’re thinking – “SleepObrace? Never heard of it.” Don’t worry, I did some digging for you. I spent the past week researching the brand so you can make an informed decision. 

And, don’t worry about overpaying – at the end of this article, I’ll let you know where to get the best price for SleepObrace. So, stay tuned!

What is SleepObrace?

SleepObrace is a pretty cool orthodontic solution that can give you the same or even better benefits as regular braces, but at a fraction of the cost. It creates intense pressure throughout your jaw, which can help give you a defined jawline, close gaps, align your teeth, and improve your overall facial aesthetics.

Not only does SleepObrace help with teeth alignment, but it also addresses bad oral habits that can cause crooked teeth, crowding, gaps, and bite misalignments. 

Plus, it’s like a habit-correction device because it helps train you to unconsciously change your oral posture and place your tongue in the right spot. And the best part? It even helps stimulate nose breathing, which can get more oxygen into your body and prevent snoring.

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How Does It Work?

The correction process is split into three stages: D1 (soft) is for getting used to the orthotics and initial correction, D2 (moderate) is for further adapting to the orthotics and enhancing the remedial effects, and D3 (hard) is for increased correction force during post-correction and maintenance. 

And the best part is, if you wear it regularly at night, the “Tongue Plate” will teach you to hold your tongue at the roof of your mouth and breathe through your nose – which has a ton of benefits (just ask any doctor!)

Why Choose SleepObrace?

Universal Shape

SleepObrace – it’s made of non-toxic, flexible materials that apply strong and even pressure to your jaw. This helps give you a defined jawline, close gaps, align your teeth, and overall improve your facial aesthetics. Plus, the material used is designed to fit most jaws without causing any abnormal tooth displacement.


Want to improve your teeth and jaw alignment? SleepObrace comes in 3 levels and includes dental tools to help you get there.


Once you’ve got that perfect jawline, keep it toned with JAWCHEWz – it activates over 57 facial muscles.


And if you want to take it one step further, level up your new smile with a comprehensive whitening kit – you’ll see results in just 6 days!

SleepObrace vs Traditional Braces

Are you tired of traditional braces that just straighten your teeth but don’t address the root cause of your issues? SleepObrace is here to change that. 

Instead of just treating symptoms, it targets the causes of crooked teeth, snoring, and other problems, like mouth and improper breathing habits. But don’t worry, it still works just as effectively as traditional braces when it comes to aligning your teeth and closing gaps.

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What Can It Help With?

Good question! It can address:

  1. Dental Crowding
  2. Teeth Gaps
  3. Narrow Dental Arch
  4. Teeth Misalignment (Crooked Teeth)
  5. Bite Misalignments (e.g. Overbite..)
  6. Snoring & Teeth Grinding
  7. Mouth/Improper Breathing
  8. Low Sleep Quality & Headaches
  9. TMJ

So, if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to fixing your dental and breathing issues, SleepObrace is definitely worth checking out!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of SleepObrace express satisfaction with the product. Caitlin Meehan reports seeing a “huge improvement” in their teeth crowding after just two weeks of use, and adds that it has also helped with teeth grinding, snoring, and TMJ. 

Sae M. also expresses appreciation for the product being made available to the general public, and notes that it is a “great blessing” as an alternative to full-on braces with an orthodontist. Most reviewers are happy with the results they are seeing.

Where to Get the Best Price?

SleepObrace is a great option if you’re looking for a teeth realignment device. It’s free from artificial colors, odors, and latex, and it evenly distributes force between your lower and upper jaws to help define your facial features. 

Plus, if you buy directly from the official retailer, you’ll get the best deal. Right now, the price is really low, but it might go up soon, so don’t wait too long to check it out.

I personally had a great experience with the customer service and fast shipping, so I decided to buy from them. Give it a try!

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How to use SleepObrace?

Just make sure to brush your teeth before you put it on and wear it every night while you sleep. Also, it’s a good idea to use it for 1-4 hours during the day while you’re studying, reading, watching TV, using the computer, or working.

How often should I use SleepObrace and for how long?

Wear it every night while you sleep, and also while you’re studying, reading, watching TV, using the computer, or working. For best results, we recommend wearing it for different periods of time depending on the stage you’re using:

  • Stage 1 (D1) is soft, so wear it every night for 1-3 months straight.
  • Stage 2 (D2) is moderate, so wear it every night for 6-8 months straight.
  • Stage 3 (D3) is hard, so wear it every night for 5-8 months straight.

We suggest getting all three stages at once for maximum convenience, efficiency, and the best price.

Is this safe?

Yes, they only use non-toxic, BPA-free, and phthalate-free materials that haven’t been tested on animals.

How much does shipping cost to my country?

They offer free worldwide shipping on all orders!

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  1. My teeth have aligned so much since I started using it . I havnt had much problem with mouth pain at all . It is worth the money .

  2. Easy step by step directions. Straight forward on how to custom fit it to your teeth. I really like the little carrying case too!


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