Kogami Knives Review (2024): Scam or Legit?

A few months ago, I had a hard time in the kitchen. My knives were dull, making even simple tasks like slicing tomatoes difficult. I was frustrated and decided to find a solution.

While browsing a cooking forum online, I found a thread with great reviews about Kogami Knives. I was intrigued by their promise of sharpness and durability, so I decided to buy a set.

When the knives arrived, I was impressed by their sleek design and how they felt in my hand. They seemed well-balanced, which boosted my confidence.

The real test came when I used them for cooking. With a Kogami Knife, I effortlessly sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, and minced garlic. They were precise and easy to use, making cooking much easier.

Having used the Kogami Knives for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is Kogami Knives?

Kogami Knives are high-quality kitchen knives known for their exceptional craftsmanship and top-notch performance.

They combine stunning aesthetics with functionality, inspired by Japanese metalwork. Made from the finest steel, they promise a seamless and effortless cooking experience.

Kogami Knives Review


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How Does It Work?

Kogami Knives work by using high-quality steel and precise hand-sharpening to achieve razor-sharp precision. This makes them sharp and ready for kitchen tasks right out of the box.

How to Use Kogami Knives

Here’s how I use the Kogami Knives:

Step 1: Handling

Before using the knives, get a feel for their weight and balance. They’re designed for comfort and have ergonomic handles that provide a secure grip, boosting your confidence in their performance.

Step 2: Test Cuts

Start by testing the sharpness of the Kogami Knife. Slice a ripe tomato effortlessly, noticing how smoothly it glides through. The knife requires minimal effort and leaves precise slices.

Step 3: Versatility

Put the Kogami Knives to work in your kitchen. Use them for various tasks, such as chopping onions, mincing garlic, slicing herbs, or carving a roast. These knives excel in every task, offering consistent and exceptional performance.

Step 4: Maintenance

To keep your knives sharp, follow the care instructions. After each use, rinse them with warm water and mild soap. Avoid the dishwasher to prevent potential damage. Use a honing rod for regular maintenance to maintain peak blade condition.

Kogami Knives – Before and After Results

Before I started using Kogami Knives, cooking in my kitchen was a real struggle. My knives were so dull that every task felt like a huge challenge. Even something as simple as slicing tomatoes felt like an impossible task. I was constantly frustrated with my cooking experience.

However, after using these knives for just three months, everything changed. Kogami Knives made slicing, dicing, and chopping incredibly easy and precise. Tomatoes were a breeze to cut, onions surrendered quickly, and garlic practically minced itself. Meal prep, which used to be a chore, became a joyful experience thanks to these amazing knives.

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Pros of Kogami Knives

  1. Exceptional Sharpness: The razor-sharp blades of Kogami Knives make cutting, slicing, and chopping effortless, reducing the effort required for food preparation.

  2. Stylish Design: The combination of Western and Japanese design elements not only enhances functionality but also adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.

  3. Durability: These knives are built to last. Crafted from high-quality steel, they resist rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity with proper care.

  4. Versatility: The versatile blades make Kogami Knives suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks, eliminating the need for multiple knives.

Cons of Kogami Knives

  1. Price: Kogami Knives are an investment, and they may not be the most budget-friendly option. However, their quality justifies the cost for serious cooks and enthusiasts.

  2. Proper Usage: To maintain their sharpness, Kogami Knives require careful and proper usage. Using the wrong knife for a specific task can lead to blade dullness and potential damage.

  3. Safety: Due to their sharpness, it’s crucial to keep Kogami Knives out of reach of children and pets.

  4. No Dishwasher: These knives are not dishwasher-safe, so extra care is needed when cleaning them.

  5. Regular Sharpening: Like all knives, Kogami Knives will eventually require sharpening. It’s important to keep them sharp to prevent accidents.

Is Kogami Knives a Scam or Legit?

Kogami Knives are legit and trustworthy. They provide top-notch quality, sharpness, and durability. They also have a satisfaction guarantee, showing they care about customer happiness. Though not the cheapest, they’re a great choice for quality kitchen tools.

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1. Are Kogami Steel Kitchen Knives good?

Absolutely, Kogami Knives are exceptional in terms of quality and performance. They are crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting sharpness. They are a worthwhile alternative to other high-end brands.

2. How do you take care of Kogami knives?

Caring for Kogami Knives is simple. After each use, rinse them with warm water and mild soap, then dry them off. Avoid using the dishwasher to preserve their quality.

3. What can you not cut with a Kogami knife?

While Kogami Knives are versatile, it’s important to avoid cutting bones, frozen foods, or extremely dense materials. Using them for these tasks can damage the blades.

4. How often should you sharpen Kogami knives?

Regular maintenance with a honing rod is recommended, ideally once a week for frequent users. Keep in mind that Kogami knives are sharpened at an angle of 15-16 degrees.

5. Are Kogami knives good for cutting meat?

Certainly, Kogami Knives excel in cutting various foods, including boneless meat, cheese, vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

6. Why are Kogami knives special?

Kogami Knives stand out due to their lighter blades, balanced feel in hand, and harder, thinner steel that holds an edge for longer. These qualities make them preferred by professional chefs for precision tasks.

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15 thoughts on “Kogami Knives Review (2024): Scam or Legit?”

  1. I just received my knives yesterday and used the butcher knife today . I must say I am impressed entirely ! The Knife was razor sharp and I didn’t need to use a sawing motion to cut the liver all I needed to was put light pressure on it and it sank through the liver literally like a hot knife through butter ! GREAT Knives and well worth the price !

  2. Great value for the price.I hunted for weeks on the best knife set within my budget. Finally got these extremely sharp kogami knives for my father. You really have to take care of these Japanese knives. For the love of everything holy don’t put these in the dishwasher.Treat them well and they will treat you well!

  3. I use these knives everyday for every cutting task in my kitchen. I have only used them for about a week, but looking forward to using them for a long time. Good product.

  4. I am really glad I have this in my kitchen. It cuts everything like a hot knife through butter. Long gone are the days in which I had to struggle to get my food cut. I no longer have to push down so hard to get my food cut.

    • Dear Crystal, thank you for your comment. If there’s any problem with your Kogami knives, you might also let us know 🙂

      • Kogamisteels claim to 24/7 Customer service is a lie.
        I sent 6 emails over 4 days after placing my order. That was 8 days ago & not one response.
        I wished to cancel that order & purchase their premium Damascus range instead.
        Oh well, their loss.
        The delivery time quoted in Australia (6-10days) is actually 4 -8 weeks in the invoice & the Logistics company still has no record of the delivery ID given.
        Logistics company doesn’t respond to emails either.
        Not at all impressed.

  5. I was searching for a birthday present for my sister and decided to get a knife set as my sister loves to collect kitchen items. After going through the descriptions of this product decided to try this. This knife set comes with 8 pieces knife set that contain different kind of knifes that are essential for daily needs.
    These knives are made with high quality steel material and over all knives there are engravings that gives nice outer-look to these knife set. These knives are very sharp and Ideal to cut meat products.
    Not only these knives can be used to cut things but also these can be keep as ornament in house.
    My sister loves her birthday present and I am happy with my purchase.

  6. Just received this set and it’s beautiful and all blades are sharp and ready to go. Also, the company’s customer service is top notch.

  7. I use my knives for when I was at work and I was a head cook. They were very nice. I was a little skeptical at first when i bought these knives because it is very light. The knife is very sharp and cut really well.

  8. Received my set on Friday. have used 2 of the 8 and am already satisfied. The are very nicely weighted and balanced. And yes they are very sharp. love mine. Very glad I purchased them. Looking forward to finally having a good set of knives for the kitchen.


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