Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver Reviews: Scam or Legit?

A few months ago, I had a problem in my kitchen. I was good at cooking, but my old knife was not doing its job well. Cutting vegetables was hard, and slicing meat was frustrating. Then, I found the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver.

One day, I was looking for help with my knife issue on cooking forums, and I found a thread where people were talking very positively about this Japanese knife. They said it was super sharp and easy to use. I got curious and decided to buy it.

When the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver arrived, I was really excited. I tried it right away, and it worked amazingly well. It effortlessly cut through vegetables, and it was perfect for slicing meat. It made a big difference in my cooking.

Having used the knife for 2 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver?

The Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver is a top-notch kitchen knife made in Japan. It’s incredibly sharp and long-lasting, perfect for various cooking tasks.

Designed for comfort, it has an ergonomic handle and a finely ground blade crafted from 5Cr15Mov high carbon steel. This knife is more than just a kitchen tool; it’s a piece of Japanese craftsmanship that elevates your cooking experience.

Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver Reviews


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How Does It Work?

The Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver works exceptionally well due to its key features:

  1. Impressive Sharpness: The blade is carefully sharpened to a hardness level of 58-60HRC, ensuring it stays sharp for precise slicing.

  2. Comfortable Design: It comes with a comfortable G10 handle that reduces wrist strain, allowing for extended use.

  3. High-Quality Steel: Crafted from 5Cr15Mov high carbon steel, known for toughness and corrosion resistance. It undergoes careful processes like quenching, hand-forging, and fine grinding for a durable and unique blade.

  4. Unique Cutting Angle: The cleaver has a special cutting angle on the top of the blade, making various kitchen tasks like cleaving meats, chopping, slicing, dicing, and cutting vegetables effortless.

How to Use Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver

Here’s how I use the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver:

Step 1: Grip the Handle

Hold the knife by its ultra-premium G10 handle. Ensure your grip is firm but not overly tight to maintain control and minimize wrist strain during use.

Step 2: Choose the Right Cutting Surface

Select a stable and non-slip cutting surface, such as a wooden or plastic cutting board. Avoid using hard surfaces like glass or stone, as they can dull the blade.

Step 3: Position the Food

Place the food you want to cut, chop, or slice on the cutting board. Ensure it’s properly positioned to prevent any accidents or uneven cuts.

Step 4: Apply Minimal Pressure

One of the advantages of the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver is its sharpness, which means you need to apply minimal pressure. Let the weight of the knife do the work, and use a gentle rocking motion for efficient slicing or chopping.

Step 5: Maintain a Safe Cutting Angle

Keep the blade at a safe and appropriate angle to the cutting surface. This ensures precise cuts and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Step 6: Practice Safe Handling

Always keep your fingers and hand out of the blade’s path. Use a proper cutting technique to prevent injuries.

Step 7: Clean and Store Properly

After use, clean the cleaver with warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge. Dry it thoroughly to prevent rusting. Store it in a knife block or magnetic strip to protect the blade and ensure safety.

Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver – Before and After Results

Before I found the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver, cooking in my kitchen was tough. My old knife made me struggle with uneven cuts and hurt my wrists. But after using this amazing knife for two months, my cooking experience has completely changed.

Now, I can easily make precise slices and chop effortlessly. This cleaver is incredibly sharp, making meal prep quick and improving my cooking skills. Plus, its comfortable design prevents fatigue, allowing me to cook for longer periods without discomfort.

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Pros of Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver

  1. Exceptional Sharpness: The cleaver’s sharpness is truly remarkable. It effortlessly slices through various ingredients, making food preparation quicker and more efficient.

  2. Ergonomic Design: The G10 handle is comfortable to hold, even during extended use. It reduces wrist strain, making it a great choice for those with a passion for cooking.

  3. High-Quality Steel: The 5Cr15Mov high carbon steel blade is not only durable but also resistant to corrosion, ensuring the knife’s longevity.

  4. Unique Cutting Angle: The design of the cleaver’s blade minimizes the effort required for cutting, making it a pleasure to use for various kitchen tasks.

  5. Craftsmanship: The knife’s craftsmanship is evident in its fine details and unique hammered texture, showcasing the skill of seasoned artisans.

  6. Versatility: The Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver is versatile enough to handle a wide range of tasks, from meat cleaving to vegetable chopping, making it an all-in-one kitchen tool.

Cons of Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver

  1. Price: The quality and craftsmanship come at a cost. This cleaver may be more expensive than other kitchen knives on the market.

  2. Maintenance: High carbon steel blades require proper care to prevent rusting. Regular cleaning and drying are necessary to maintain the knife’s longevity.

  3. Weight: Some users may find the cleaver slightly heavier than their usual knives, which can take some getting used to.

  4. Not Ideal for Delicate Tasks: While versatile, the cleaver’s thickness may make it less suitable for delicate slicing tasks that require a thinner blade.

Is Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver a Scam or Legit?

Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver is legit, not a scam. It’s a top-quality kitchen tool with sharpness, ergonomic design, and versatility as promised. Although it’s a bit pricier and needs proper care, it’s a great investment for cooking enthusiasts who appreciate well-crafted knives.

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1. Is the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver dishwasher safe?

No, it is not dishwasher safe. To maintain its sharpness and prevent rusting, it’s recommended to hand wash and thoroughly dry the cleaver after each use.

2. Can the cleaver be used for bone-in meats?

While the Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver is a versatile tool, it’s not designed for heavy-duty tasks like cutting through bones. It’s best suited for meat cleaving and other kitchen tasks.

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18 thoughts on “Japaknives™ Stainless Steel Tiger Cleaver Reviews: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Razor sharp right out of the box. Trimmed 2 whole briskets, 1 rack of beef “dino” ribs. Still haven’t had to sharpen it.
    Will probably buy another.

  2. Well made product i take this knife in my last camping and it was great…great sharpness and great for cooking skills too and really easy to hold

  3. Very impressed with this knife! The durability and sharp blade make it easy to cut through many things in the kitchen. They crafty design to the blade and handle make it a nice piece to have around. I very much so appreciate the case also as the blade is sharp and it keeps us from reaching for it and cutting ourselves on accident.

  4. I have no dissatisfaction with this well crafted blade. It cuts wonderfully and has a very comfortable feel when using.

  5. I love this knife. It replaced my go-to kitchen knife for chopping all things! It comes sharp and so far it has retained its edge. Definitely quality for the price. Easy to clean and makes quick work of chicken, pork, beef, veggies, and all things in between. The knife is heavy enough that not much effort is needed to cut through anything that I have found yet.

  6. Very nice knife, I like the smaller handle. You will need to clean knife good before using, well at least I did. It had oil over the knife and needed cleaned, very happy with my knife.

  7. This knife exceeded my expectations both and quality and value… Great Knife, feels heavy. love the full tang and the grip appears to be very solid!

  8. I needed a medium size knife that could trim ribs and cheese rinds without bending the blade. I took a chance on this. It is fantastic! Sharp as a shaving razor but tough as a crowbar.


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