Eternal Clear™ High Frequency Therapy Wand – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Is  Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand a scam? Can it produce lasting improvement and benefits to your skin profile from routine use?

Facial wands are popular tools used by estheticians to reduce wrinkles, zap acne, and help regrow hair. Besides eradicating hyperpigmentation and scars, the best high-frequency wand can also remove under-eye circles and scars. 

I had heard about high-frequency wand from my esthetician but didn’t know I could have an affordable one in my home.

However, when I was researching the brand Eternal Clear™, I found another brand of high-frequency wand which has all the functions of Eternal Clear™ but sold at a lower price. I’ll talk more about it at the end of this article.

Below is what I’ll cover in the review of Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand.

What is Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Therapy Wand?

Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand is an excellent choice for the on-the-go and those on a budget. At a fraction of the cost of a professional facial wand, Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand is great value for those needing acne and wrinkle relief. 

It also offers four different attachments for use all over the face and body.

In addition to reducing acne, wrinkles, and collagen production, the high-frequency neon treatment also helps leave you with healthy, glowing skin.

Each electrode has a specific application. The mushroom electrode works all over the body. The tongue electrode reaches sensitive areas, such as the face. There’s a bent electrode for targeting zits, and the comb electrode stimulates the scalp for healthier hair.

Treatment options include four types: indirect high-frequency, high-frequency therapy, the ‘spark’ method, and hair-care therapy.

With the facial wand, you can apply your favourite beauty cream or serum to your skin and use your favourite attachment, allowing the product to absorb into your skin.

You can easily use this wand if you have the right electrode attached: just place the wand on the desired area for 20–30 seconds at a time.

After just a few uses, you should see noticeable acne and wrinkle reduction results. The face wand might not have the most powerful technology on the market, but its portability and versatility make it very attractive.

However, I found a much better alternative HeyClearSkin™ High-Frequency Therapy Wand which has all the functions of Eternal Clear™ but sold at a lower price.

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What does Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand feel like?

Depending on the frequency and where it is placed on your face, you may feel either slight vibrations or rubber bands being popped on your face. 

This sound is the neon or argon gas passion being delivered to your skin through the glass, so don’t be alarmed. These are the low currents! 

Additionally, there is a slight smell, but it’s no big deal. It’s just distinct! Overall, it’s pretty painless!

Features & Benefits of  Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand

  • Complete Skin Care System – All human cells use the universal currency of ATP to move energy from the inside to the outside. As we age, the production of ATP falls, which impacts how we age outwardly. Sagging skin, hair loss and age spots are the hallmark signs of decreased cell activity from ageing.  Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wan amplifies cell turnover by supercharging ATP synthesis to slow, halt and ultimately reverse the ageing process leading to firmer younger skin.
  • Acne Treatment – A high-frequency treatment is great for treating acne-causing inflammation underneath the skin surface to eliminate acne scarring.
  • Improved Skin Profile – Several different areas of skin therapy, such as acne treatment, wrinkle reduction, and skin rejuvenation, are specialized in  Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand. More importantly, regular use leads to an overall dramatic improvement in skin profile.
  • Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines –  Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand produces 10 watts of power at high frequency 50-60Hz waves which is completely painless and effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines over time by boosting circulation and collagen product which help “plump” skin cells to fill in voids which are the underlying cause of wrinkles and fine lines.

Pros and cons of Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand


  • A mess-free system that doesn’t require any gels, chemicals, or residue
  • Comes with four different contoured wands for exacting precision
  • A cost-effective option that’s great for sceptics and beginners


  • Not as powerful as the high-frequency facial treatment provided by estheticians. However, a typical high-frequency facial treatment costs between $100 – $300 per session.  

Where to get the best alternative for Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand?

Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, eliminate skin irritation, and improve the overall skin texture for younger-looking and smooth skin.

However, Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand is overpriced and it doesn’t provide free shipping. 

If you’d like to get the best alternative for Eternal Clear™ High-Frequency Wand instead, you might go to the official retail store.

Since HeyClearSkin™ High-Frequency Therapy Wand has all the functions of Eternal Clear™ with free shipping, I have decided to buy it instead, which turns out to be a great decision!

It has drastically decreased the lifespan of my blemishes and helps them heal faster.

You might spend a few seconds checking it out so that you won’t regret it later.

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9 thoughts on “Eternal Clear™ High Frequency Therapy Wand – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed”

  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I was a bit leary about purchasing another facial product/tool. But I was not disappointed. I purchased this to help with my adult acne and it has made a world of difference.

  2. I have bought the HeyClearSkin recommended by you. Very easy to use. Really helps eliminate acne spots before they develop. Skin tone has improved and evened out!

  3. Thank you for your advice! I’m glad I chose the alternative! I wasn’t expecting miracles and so far it has not produced any miracles. BUT I have used it every day for a week now and it has cleared all the little zits I had scattered over my face, and got rid of the two cystic acne spots that have been on my chin forever. I also had some “pockets” on my face. The ones that fill up with white stuff but never show as a zit… those are gone too! I’m pretty amazed. Still waiting on my dark and puffy eyes to go away and my forehead wrinkles but that will take a lot more time. Lol

  4. So far so good, the Heyclearskin wand has been useful for enlarged pores and hasn’t irritated my skin. The product is comfortable to use, I will continue to try other modes, this uses well. Can’t wait for my friend to try it who has acne.

  5. I m using the heyclearskin wand for my acne and I can see results on the next day. Blemishes are getting smaller and they are not itching. I m using it for my hair as well but it takes a several month to see results but I noticed that my scalp is less oily after a week of everyday use

  6. I was skeptical of your recommended wand but heard great things from my friend.
    I saw results after the first couple uses! I have highly sensitive skin with redness from rosacea, also acne prone. This helped with all my issues.
    I use it for approximately 10 minutes every evening after cleansing and applying my serums.

  7. Thanks for your recommendation! The seller was very patient to answer my questions about how to use the product. The shipping was fast and delivered on time. I use this device to help decrease the bacteria on my face, shrinking my pores and improve my skin texture. After use it for couple times, I see my skin improving and it definitely worth the price!

  8. I did not expect to see results after the first treatment but I definitely did! It took a few days after I used it to see results, but just after one use I visibly noticed a difference. I also did this on my boyfriend’s forehead wrinkles and he noticed a difference too!

  9. I should have done my research to find this blog before I purchased ETERNAL CLEAR. I made the mistake of purchasing ETERNAL CLEAR and I am eternally disappointed & frustrated. I placed my order on January 15 and it will be a month next Tuesday and I still do not have my order. When I asked to cancel my order yesterday, magically I got the shipping confirmation email and they said if I want to cancel, I will have to pay $15.99 for each item. DO NOT order from that company again. I wanted to cancel so I could get your recommendation instead. 🙁


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