Bliss Patches Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed!

Have you watched the advertisements for Bliss Patches? You may want to buy their Bliss Patches if you are suffering from knee pain because of work, exercises or ageing.

However, you may wonder if Bliss Patches can really solve your knee problems. 

Since I’m looking to buy it for my dad who suffers from constant knee pain, I have researched the brand Bliss Patches thoroughly.

At the end of this article, I’ll also let you know where to get the best price for Bliss Patches.

Below is what I’ll cover in this review of Bliss Patches.

What is Bliss Patches?

Bliss Patches (also known as Bliss Patches) is an innovative product that helps people relieve knee pain and protect their knees. 

There is an increasing trend around the world of prescribed topical medications to treat knee OA as an alternative or adjunctive treatment. Most treatment programs for OA knee pain suggest topical treatments before and after oral medication treatment because they have a relatively good safety profile (1).

Knee OA patients often receive treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as the herbal patch, which is a traditional form of treatment and is long in practice (2). Affixed to an injury or acupoint, it could relieve symptoms in certain parts of the body, such as bruises or muscle pain.

Bliss Patches are used under the principle of syndrome differentiation based on TCM theory.

Whether the pain is associated with osteoarthritis, sprains, inflammation or bruises, Bliss Patches can provide instant relief without costly visits to the doctor, surgeries, and pills.

The patch gives a warm sensation that offers up to 12 hours of soothing heat to calm the inflammation and reduce the pain. 

It also has rounded corners and flexible fabric for ease of application, and to give freedom of movement.

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How Do Bliss Patches Work?

Bliss Patches provides deep penetrating heat in the self-adhesive heating patch for your muscle, relaxes the heat, and helps relieve tense muscles.

The patches work in minutes. Within a short amount of time, your muscle and joint will feel comfortable, and the soreness might sometimes disappear completely within a short period of time. 

For external use, the pain, swelling and numbness of the knee joint shall be cleaned and dried with alcohol or warm water. 

After that, you can remove the plastic backing from one side of the patch and then apply it to the painful area. 

You can wear the patch for 8-12 hours before removing it. After application, you can gently massage the painful area and relax the muscles.

The Pros of Bliss Patches

1. Made with Natural Ingredients

Bliss Patches are made with natural ingredients and plant extracts. For sore muscles, sore joints, and arthritis, this can provide rapid and deep-penetrating pain relief.

2. Safe and Efficient 

Bliss Patches are self-heating and penetrate deeply into the injured area of the muscle. There is no side effect of using these patches for pain since they contain all-natural herbal ingredients. 

3. Easy to use

To apply the Bliss Patches, simply clean the affected skin with warm water, remove the protective film, and stick the patch to the pain area. 

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Bliss Patches Cons and Complaints

1. The price isn’t cheap

The price of Bliss Patches isn’t cheap. It is much more expensive, however, to get pain relief through physical therapy or via pills that could have serious side effects.

2. Inefficient logistics in less developed countries

Less developed countries such as India and Argentina may experience longer delivery times due to less efficient logistics. However, shipping is usually not an issue if you live in a developed country like the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, etc. 

3. Bliss Patches is not a panacea 

Bliss Patches is not a panacea for pain relief. It is better to consult a healthcare professional if you suffer from arthritis. Your primary care physician, or family doctor, should be the first person you consult if you have arthritis issues. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to you.

4. It takes time to get used to Bliss Patches

It takes a while to get used to using Bliss Patches at first, but after the second use, you should feel amazed at how much relief it provides.

What are the Features and Benefits of Bliss Patches?

Bliss Patches Summary of Benefits:

  • Instant Pain Relief: Provide effective relieve pain and inflammation from muscle strain, rheumatic arthritis, hyperostosis, knee joint ache, injuries, and more
  • Promotes Healing: Aids in faster healing of injuries caused by sports-related accidents, middle-aged knee problems, meniscus and ligament injury, etc.
  • Practical: A quick at-home pain relief solution without visiting the rheumatologist, doctor, therapist or any medication/injection
  • Maximum Absorption: The herbs penetrate directly to the joint and give a warming sensation that calms the inflammatory cells
  • Versatile: It can also be used in the neck, elbows, legs, or wherever there is a pain so long as it is not an open wound
  • Self Healing: Helps stretch the soft tissues, relax muscles, which promotes flexibility, decrease stiffness, and increase circulation to deliver more oxygen to the sore area
  • Ergonomic Design: Perfectly fits the shape of your knees so they will not fall off easily
  • Maximum Comfort: Made from a breathable material that gives no moist and stuffy feeling once pasted onto the targeted body part

Where to Get the Best Price for Bliss Patches?

Bliss Patches is a very popular product that can help you relieve knee pain and pressure.

If you’d like to get the best price for Bliss Patches, you might go to the official retail store.

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You might consider checking it out so that you won’t regret it later. 

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Bliss Patches Alternatives: Other Ways To Relieve Knee Pain

The pain in your knee can often be treated at home if it is mild to moderate. Whether you have a sprain or arthritis, there are a few ways to manage it, other than Bliss Patches.

1. Tai Chi

The ancient Chinese exercise Tai Chi can improve balance and flexibility.

According to a study published in 2009, practising tai chi is especially beneficial for people who suffer from osteoarthritis (OA). The American College of Rheumatology and Arthritis Foundation recommends it as a treatment option for OA.

Tai chi can be beneficial for reducing pain and increasing the range of motion. Relaxation and deep breathing are also part of the practice. Chronic pain can also be managed through these aspects.

2. Weight management

You can put additional pressure on your knee joints if you are overweight or obese. The Arthritis Foundation estimates that an additional 10 pounds of weight will add between 15 and 50 pounds of pressure to a joint.

If you have knee pain due to a long-term health condition, weight management might reduce pressure on them and relieve symptoms.

Your doctor can help you reach a healthy weight if you suffer from knee pain and a high BMI. This will likely involve dietary and exercise changes.

3. Willow bark

Some people use willow bark extract for joint pain, as it may help to relieve inflammation and pain. However, its effectiveness has not yet been proven by sufficient studies (3).

There may also be some safety concerns. Check with your doctor before trying willow bark if you:

  • have gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, or liver problems
  • take blood thinners or drugs to lower blood pressure
  • are using another anti-inflammatory drug
  • are taking acetazolamide to treat nausea and dizziness
  • have an aspirin allergy
  • are under 18 years old

If you plan to use a natural or alternative remedy, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

4. Exercise

Exercise can keep your muscles strong and your joints mobile. For those suffering from OA or other knee conditions, it’s essential.

By resting or limiting movement, you may be able to avoid pain, but the joint may also become stiff and slow recovery. In OA, not enough exercise may lead to faster joint damage.

People with OA can benefit from practising with another person, according to experts. It could be a personal trainer or an exercise buddy. It is also a good idea to find a hobby you enjoy.

Activities that have a low impact are good options, such as:

  • Walking
  • Swimming or water exercise
  • Tai chi or yoga

If you have the following conditions, however, you should avoid exercise:

  • an injury, such as a sprain or a strain
  • severe knee pain
  • a flare-up of symptoms

If you are returning to physical activity after an injury, you may need to choose more gentle options than usual.

Get a professional’s help in designing a program that is suitable for your needs, and adapt it when your symptoms change.

You might consider using the above methods along with Bliss Patches to treat your knee pain.

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