Blaux Portable AC Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?

Summer is here, and it’s bringing along its scorching heat, which can make it challenging to stay productive at work or even do house chores. The only solution is to have an air conditioner to keep your home cool, and when it comes to portable ACs, Blaux is a brand that has been gaining a lot of attention lately.

Portable ACs have become a popular choice as they are self-contained and perfect for cooling down one room. Many models even have wheels, making them a great alternative to a window unit. Blaux’s well-designed portable AC units can rapidly cool and humidify a room or office, making life more comfortable.

However, some users have claimed that the Blaux portable unit is a scam and a waste of money because its performance deteriorates within a few days. The light blinks, and it sputters to a halt.

If you’re considering investing in a Blaux portable AC unit, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Check out our Blaux portable AC review to make an informed decision and simplify your purchasing process.

Benefits of Blaux Portable AC

Compact and Convenient

Blaux ACs are designed to be cordless, compact, and lightweight, making them incredibly convenient to use. They come with three fan speeds and an adjustable louver that ensures direct airflow. Plus, the built-in illumination works as a great nightlight.

Cost-Effective Cooling

During summers, using heat-generated appliances like desktop computers or laptops can make you feel uncomfortable. Running your central AC all day can also be costly. But with Blaux Portable AC, you can save up to five times your monthly electricity bill. You can keep yourself cool all day with this excellent air conditioner without worrying about high costs.


The best feature of Blaux Portable AC is its portability. It’s mobile, and you can take it from one place to another, whether it’s your office or a park. And, you don’t have to worry about setting it near any power outlet or keeping your child away from it since it’s cordless. You can keep it anywhere in your room or house, including areas where window AC units cannot work.


Blaux Portable AC’s unique design and features allow it to perform a variety of functions. It has three fans that you can move around to cool a particular spot or the entire room. Plus, its light illuminator sets it apart from other ACs, and the fresh green light it emits can help you relax at night.

Easy to Operate and Install

The Blaux Portable AC is straightforward to operate, and switching between its functions is easy. It’s also effortless to set up and does not require expert supervision. All you have to do is add water, insert the replaceable water curtains, and turn it on to refresh yourself.


Blaux Portable AC’s powerful battery function can last for hours per recharge. Once fully charged, it can serve you for up to five hours constantly. This means you can enjoy its cool breeze for an extended period without worrying about high electricity bills.

Humidifier and Air Purifier

Blaux Portable AC is a two-in-one device that cools and humidifies the air, making it perfect for dry indoor spaces, especially during the fall and winter seasons. It prevents dryness, itchiness, and scaly skin conditions by sending moisture into the surroundings. Plus, its extra curtains purify the dusty air, creating a relaxed and healthy environment.

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Is It a Scam?

While some people may have had negative experiences, the Blaux Portable AC is a legitimate product that offers many benefits. 

Occasionally, manufacturing faults may lead to unsatisfactory results, but taking a little risk can make your life much easier.

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Pros and Cons


  • It’s easy to use, with no installation required. Just plug it in and you’re good to go!
  • The Blaux Portable AC is remarkably quiet and comfortable, making it perfect for a personal room.
  • Its construction is top-notch, with a sleek and compact design that looks smart.
  • The unit also has a light mode that illuminates the room, and it adds moisture to the air, making it more comfortable to breathe.
  • The water curtain in the unit helps to make the air cool and healthy.


  • Unfortunately, some customers have reported terrible delivery services and long wait times for their unit to arrive.
  • The company has also been known to refuse reimbursement in some cases.
  • There have been instances of water leaking issues with the unit.
  • Finally, it may not work perfectly in humid countries or on humid days.

Where to Get a Blaux Portable AC?

You can easily purchase a Blaux Portable AC online, either from the official Blaux website or from other online retailers. Look for deals to get it at a lower price with free shipping.

Final Verdict

Living in dry, hot areas can be tough, especially when you’re on a budget and can’t afford a heavy window AC unit for your small apartment. Luckily, portable AC units are here to save the day!

While there are many AC companies out there, not all of them are reliable. However, Blaux is one brand that stands out for its well-designed, innovative, and dependable AC units.

Of course, like any company, Blaux isn’t perfect. Some buyers have complained about their customer service and late deliveries. But if you’re looking for an easy and fast way to beat the summer heat, Blaux’s portable AC units are a great option.

These units provide clean, cool air for all your activities, whether you’re reading, working, playing, or just relaxing. We think it’s worth the investment!

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How Can I Start Using My Blaux Portable AC?

Starting your Blaux Portable AC is easy! Fill the water tank from the top, turn on the power button, and within 30 seconds, you will start feeling the fresh air.

How Long Will My Blaux Portable AC Last?

A fully charged Blaux Portable AC can last up to 5 hours, which is a perfect running time for an energy-saving device.

What Comes with the Blaux Portable AC?

When you purchase a Blaux Portable AC, you will also receive a powerful and reliable battery, as well as a USB cable for charging.

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6 thoughts on “Blaux Portable AC Review 2023 – Scam or Legit?”

  1. What a bunch of crap. I ordered 3 for their special price. They sent me 3 Arctic Air models. I could buy those 3 Arctic Airs at retail price for what they charge for one of theirs. They ripped me off for 3 times the price.

    • I agree. My comments on this product was “ These units are worthless. One would be better served getting a bucket of ice and waving a hand fan across the bucket.“

  2. They want refund my money on the three I bought. You can’t even fell the fan on this thing a foot away. They refused to send me a return form insisted i PAY THE 19.00 RETURN POSTAGE. I’ve waited weeks for a partial refund. Nothing.

    • I agree. My comments were “ These units are worthless. One would be better served getting a bucket of ice and waving a hand fan across the bucket.“


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