BeaBos Broom Reviews: Scam or Legit?

I used to really dislike cleaning my house, especially because I have two fluffy cats. Dealing with their fur all over the place felt like an impossible task, and my regular broom wasn’t up to the job. I got frustrated and tired of it, so I searched online for a solution.

One day, while looking at a forum for pet owners, I found a story from someone who had the same problem. He talked about a cool cleaning tool called BeaBos Broom that was designed to handle pet hair and dust. I was curious, so I decided to try it out.

I ordered the BeaBos Broom and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. When it came, I put it together, adjusted the height, and started sweeping. To my surprise, it easily picked up and trapped all the pet hair that had been bothering me for so long. The rubber bristles didn’t let the hair stick, and cleaning the broom was simple.

Having used the BeaBos Broom for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is BeaBos Broom?

BeaBos Broom is a unique cleaning tool with special ionic electrostatic bristles that effortlessly remove pet hair, dust, and debris from different surfaces. It can be used indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile cleaning solution.

It’s especially great for pet owners, effectively tackling cat hair, dog fur, and dirt on various surfaces like hardwood floors, carpets, and upholstery.

BeaBos Broom Review


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How Does It Work?

The BeaBos Broom works by using a unique design with a soft rubber head that attracts and traps pet hair, dust, and debris, making it easy to sweep them into a pile. What sets it apart is that hair doesn’t stick to the rubber bristles, and you can rinse off dust easily with water. Plus, the rubber bristles stay in good shape even after lots of use.

Its ergonomic handle design makes sweeping easy without needing to bend down, which is a time and back-saver, especially for those with mobility issues.

How to Use BeaBos Broom

Here’s how I use the BeaBos Broom:

  1. Assemble the Broom: The BeaBos Broom comes in sections; connect the handle and broom head securely.

  2. Adjust the Handle: The handle is adjustable for different heights (16.5, 33.5, or 49.6 inches). Twist and lock it to your preferred length.

  3. Start Sweeping: Hold the handle, angle the broom down, and begin sweeping.

  4. Sweep Carefully: Move back and forth with gentle pressure; the rubber bristles collect dirt and debris.

  5. Dispose of Debris: Use a dustpan or the built-in squeegee to gather debris in a pile for easy removal.

  6. Rinse the Broom Head: After use, rinse the broom head with water to keep it clean and ready for the next use.

BeaBos Broom – Before and After Results

Before I got the BeaBos Broom, cleaning was really tough. My house was always covered in pet hair, and my regular broom just couldn’t handle it. It felt like an impossible task.

But after using the BeaBos Broom for three months, it’s been amazing. Now, cleaning is easy. The BeaBos Broom easily gets rid of pet hair, dust, and dirt, and my floors look great. It’s comfortable to use with its adjustable design and ergonomic handle. Cleaning the broom is simple, and it’s really durable.

My home is cleaner than ever, and I can’t imagine going back to my old way of cleaning. The BeaBos Broom has made a huge difference for me.

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Pros of BeaBos Broom

  1. Effortless Cleaning: The BeaBos Broom easily collects dust, hair, and debris from floors and carpets, saving you time and effort.

  2. Adjustable Design: It has a flexible stainless steel rod that can be adjusted to three different lengths, catering to people of different heights. The broom is also securely assembled for durability.

  3. Reusable Broom Head: The broom head is washable, prolonging its lifespan and making it cost-effective.

  4. Versatile Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning, thanks to its built-in squeegee edge. Use it on various surfaces like gardens, balconies, patios, and garages.

Cons of BeaBos Broom

  1. Not for Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Not ideal for handling larger debris such as rocks or gravel; better suited for everyday cleaning.

  2. More Effort for Deep Cleaning: May require more effort for tough stains or spills compared to a vacuum cleaner or mop.

  3. Risk of Scratching: Although it’s made of soft rubber, it can potentially scratch delicate surfaces like high-gloss floors or countertops. Test on a small area first if you have such surfaces.

Is BeaBos Broom a Scam or Legit?

BeaBos Broom is a legit and handy cleaning tool. It’s great for collecting dust and hair, durable, and flexible. But, it’s not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and should be used carefully on delicate surfaces. Overall, it’s a useful tool for dealing with pet hair and dust.

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Q: Can the BeaBos Broom effectively pick up sand that my pets track into the house?

Yes, the BeaBos Broom is capable of effectively gathering dirt, sand, and other debris when used on hard surface floors. The pliable rubber bristles can even reach grout lines on tile floors to remove dirt trapped in the grout.

Q: Can I use the BeaBos Broom to sweep light snow on a sidewalk or remove snow from a car’s roof?

While you can use the same broom for both purposes, it’s advisable to have a separate broom for each to prevent dirt and debris from scratching your car’s surface. The BeaBos Broom can effectively sweep light snow from sidewalks and clear snow off a car’s roof.

Q: Is the BeaBos Broom suitable for sweeping hair in a barbershop?

Absolutely! The BeaBos Broom is an excellent choice for sweeping hair in a barbershop. Its bristles won’t get tangled in the hair like a regular broom, and it can reach smaller areas, including those under chairs.

Q: Does the broom come with a removable squeegee, or do I need to remove it? 

Yes, the BeaBos Broom features a built-in squeegee on the opposite side of the bristles. It doesn’t interfere with your sweeping and can be used to push debris into a pile for easy pickup. This makes it convenient for sweeping fur on stairs and baseboards.

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2 thoughts on “BeaBos Broom Reviews: Scam or Legit?”

  1. My cat likes to “swim on carpets”. She plants her claws in the rugs and pulls herself with the force of her front legs. It looks like she’s swimming but it makes a rug full of well-embedded hair. You think you clean your rug with a vacuum? This broom will make a few years of dirt come off your rug.

  2. We have three dogs and a definite need for a product like this. It works very well and pulls huge clumps of dog hair out of the carpet.


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