ClipMyPaws Clipper Review (2024): Scam or Legit?

I used to struggle with grooming my dog, Max. He’d go crazy when I tried to brush him or use my noisy clippers. It was tiring for both of us.

Then, a friend at the dog park recommended the ClipMyPaws Clipper. She said it’s quiet and works well on different fur types. I decided to give it a try and ordered it online.

When it arrived, I was impressed with its design and the LED screen showing the battery level. When I started grooming Max, it was like a miracle. The clipper was quiet and gentle, and the ceramic blade worked smoothly through his fur.

Cleaning the blade was easy, and the clipper was ready for the next use. The ClipMyPaws Clipper transformed our grooming routine into a peaceful and efficient experience. So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is ClipMyPaws Clipper?

ClipMyPaws Clipper is an all-in-one grooming kit for dogs, cats, and other pets. It’s designed for easy and stress-free grooming at home or by professionals. The clipper features a powerful motor with five adjustable speeds, making it suitable for different pet hair types.

It’s designed to be quiet and low in vibration to ensure a comfortable grooming experience for nervous pets.

ClipMyPaws Clipper


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How Does It Work?

The ClipMyPaws Clipper is easy to use with its anti-slip, ergonomic handle for a secure grip. It keeps noise levels below 50 dB for a calm grooming environment. The ceramic blade is skin-friendly and easy to clean by detaching and rinsing it under water.

It has a rechargeable built-in battery for cordless use and grooming while charging, eliminating power interruptions during grooming.

How to Use ClipMyPaws Clipper

Here’s how I use the ClipMyPaws Clipper:

  1. Charge the Clipper: Before starting, ensure the clipper is fully charged. Plug it into a power source using the provided charger and wait until it’s ready for use. The LED screen will display the battery level.

  2. Select the Appropriate Blade: Depending on your desired pet hairstyle, choose one of the five adjustable blade sizes, ranging from 0.03″ to 0.07″. The clipper also comes with four limiting combs for added precision.

  3. Prepare Your Pet: Before you begin grooming, make sure your pet is calm and comfortable. Use treats and positive reinforcement to create a positive grooming experience.

  4. Start Grooming: Turn on the clipper using the power button. Begin by gently trimming your pet’s fur in the desired style, moving in the direction of hair growth. The clipper’s low vibration and noise levels should help keep your pet relaxed.

  5. Monitor Battery Level: Keep an eye on the LED screen to ensure you don’t run out of power during the grooming session. If the battery level drops, you can continue grooming while the clipper charges.

  6. Clean the Blade: After grooming, detach the blade and rinse it under running water. Make sure it’s dry before storing it for future use.

  7. Store the Clipper: Once you’ve finished grooming, turn off the clipper and store it safely in a dry place.

ClipMyPaws Clipper – Before and After Results

Using the ClipMyPaws Clipper has made grooming my dog, Max, much easier. Before, it was a chaotic and tiring process because he was restless, and my old clippers were noisy.

However, after a month of using the ClipMyPaws Clipper, things have improved a lot. Max now stays calm during grooming because it’s quiet and doesn’t vibrate much. The ceramic blade easily goes through his fur, making grooming simple.

Plus, you can adjust the blade size and use combs to get the perfect pet hairstyle. This grooming tool has turned a once stressful task into a peaceful and efficient experience for both of us.

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Pros of ClipMyPaws Clipper

  1. Stable Motor & LED Screen: The ClipMyPaws Clipper features a reliable motor and an integrated LED screen that displays the battery level, allowing you to keep track of power during grooming sessions.

  2. Safe Sharp Blade: Designed specifically for pet hair, the clipper’s ceramic blade is sharp, rust-resistant, and features a rounded edge to prevent accidental cuts, ensuring your pet’s safety.

  3. Adjustable Sizes & Limiting Combs: With five blade sizes and four limiting combs, achieving your desired pet hairstyle is made simple, regardless of your experience level.

  4. Portable & Ultra Quiet: Lightweight and cordless, this clipper is designed for ease of use. Its low vibrations and ultra-quiet operation create a stress-free grooming environment for your pets.

Cons of ClipMyPaws Clipper

  1. May Not be Suitable for Heavy-Duty Grooming Sessions: While excellent for regular pet grooming, the ClipMyPaws Clipper may not have the power needed for professional-grade grooming needs.

  2. May Not Handle All Types of Pet Hair: While versatile, this clipper may struggle with extremely thick or curly pet hair. In such cases, consider a specialized grooming tool.

Is ClipMyPaws Clipper a Scam or Legit?

ClipMyPaws Clipper is legit and works well. It has a stable motor, ceramic blade, adjustable sizes, and low noise levels, making it effective for pet grooming. It also ensures a stress-free grooming experience for pets.

However, consider your pet’s needs and fur type before buying, as it may not be suitable for heavy-duty grooming or tough hair.

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1. Is the ClipMyPaws Clipper suitable for cats as well as dogs?

Yes, the ClipMyPaws Clipper is designed for both dogs and cats, making it a versatile grooming tool for various pet owners.

2. Can I use the clipper on my pet’s sensitive areas, like paws and face?

Yes, the clipper’s adjustable blade sizes and limiting combs allow for precise grooming, making it suitable for sensitive areas with care and caution.

3. How often should I clean the blade?

It’s recommended to clean the blade after each grooming session to maintain its sharpness and hygiene.

4. Is the ClipMyPaws Clipper noisy?

No, the clipper is designed to produce minimal noise, keeping your pet calm during grooming.

5. Can I use the clipper while it’s charging?

Yes, the clipper features a rechargeable built-in battery, allowing you to use it cordless or while charging for added convenience.

6. Is the ClipMyPaws Clipper suitable for professional grooming?

While it’s excellent for regular pet grooming, it may not be powerful enough for heavy-duty professional grooming needs.

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