Wisdom Supplement Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a Wisdom Supplement review? Is Wisdom Supplement a scam?

Herbal supplement Wisdom Bible-Based can improve your health. A chiropractor and a holder of several patents on health-based technologies, Dr. Patrick Gentempo developed this all-natural formula. 

In addition to hosting Christ Revealed, Dr. Patrick is also a documentary filmmaker. Wisdom nutritional supplements are made with natural ingredients that date back to biblical times.

Furthermore, the 8-biblical ingredients are all scientifically proven to improve your health. 

According to Dr. Patrick Gentempo, biblical ingredients enhance immunity, boost metabolism, balance stress hormones, and strengthen joints and muscles.

Does this supplement work? Is it safe to use? How does it compare with other supplements? Find out in this article.

To help you decide if Wisdom Supplement is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

 Wisdom Supplement Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: Wisdom Supplement
  • Website: https://trywisdomnutrition.com/
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  •  Wisdom Supplement Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit supplement to help people improve overall health
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to improve overall health (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this Wisdom Supplement review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Supplement?

This Bible-based herbal blend is the first Christian daily supplement designed to help users revitalize their health and transform their energy levels. It combines several natural ingredients and essential oils that are backed by biblical references in a liquid form.

Wisdom can either be consumed on its own or added to another food or drink, as per the official website. It can also be applied topically. In Wisdom, the ingredients used in the formula are supported by biblical evidence.

Enhance your energy and boost your health with this formula. It contains eight herbs to support your well-being and grace. In the creator’s opinion, the formula transforms users’ energy levels and revitalizes their health in 30 seconds.

In addition, it works effectively for anyone of any age without causing any adverse health effects. The supplement uses natural ingredients only to regulate metabolism.

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How Does  Wisdom Supplement Work?

A Bible-based herbal supplement, Wisdom Bible-based Herbal Supplement, helps users balance stress hormones and strengthen their immune systems. This formula increases energy levels and vitality naturally at any age without causing any side effects.

With Wisdom, users can calm their minds and heal their bodies in a natural way. Wisdom is marketed as a potent, full-spectrum dietary supplement with increased therapeutic value, which promotes the body’s natural healing abilities. Energy levels increase, stress is reduced, and the immune system is boosted.

This supplement also reduces joint inflammation and revitalizes the skin. In addition, they maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels so the user can live a longer, healthier life. Wisdom can increase energy, vitality, and strength for everyone, regardless of age. It also promotes mental clarity, weight control, improved mood, and strength.

To improve health and taste, users can add the supplement to tea, salads, or favorite drinks. Users will feel a change in their energy levels within 30 seconds according to the official website. The following benefits can be experienced with Wisdom:

  • In just a few days, inflammation and joint pain were reduced
  • Peace and serenity are achieved by balancing stress hormones
  • Enhanced skin with fewer wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines
  • Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels to combat a variety of health problems
  • In addition to detoxifying the body, it protects the user from thousands of harmful environmental chemicals.
  • By strengthening the immune system, it protects the body from foreign bacteria and viruses.
  • Without causing any side effects, it regulates weight and metabolism better.
  • By converting dangerous free radicals into harmless waste, wisdom boosts antioxidant activity.
  • By supporting muscle and bone health, users can continue to enjoy their favorite activities for a long time.

Wisdom Ingredients Review

The Wisdom Bible-based Herbal Blend contains eight biblical herbs that have been extracted using raw herbal extraction methods patented, follow organic farming practices by USDA guidelines, and are backed by decades of research.

Several peer-reviewed scientific studies and third-party lab tests attest to the purity of the Bible-based blend. With full-spectrum herbal ingredients, users can balance their stress hormones, strengthen their immune system, and do much more. Below are the ingredients used in this formula:


Turmeric contains curcumin, the active ingredient that transforms lives for the better. Turmeric can help reduce joint pain, enhance skin health, and fight obesity, according to some studies.


The benefits of this ingredient are well known. Iron in anise aids the body in producing healthy blood cells. This ingredient is good for cellular respiration because red blood cells carry oxygen and body cells. Menopause symptoms can be quickly reduced, resulting in a decreased likelihood of depression.


Herbs of this type are the most delicate and provide the most health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants. Cinnamon contains more than 41 antioxidant compounds that can help balance blood sugar levels and protect heart health.


Plants belonging to the mint family produce this sweet-smelling ingredient. The Israelites used it in many of their ceremonial rituals according to the Bible. It aids in the circulation of blood to muscles and arteries.


Frankincense is rich in terpenes and boswellic acids. A powerful and healing essential oil, this ingredient is found throughout the world. A powerful immune system booster, it is found throughout the world.


The Bible mentions myrrh uncountable times as one of the essential oils. From simple ailments like aching ears to complex problems like hemorrhoids, it is a natural remedy for nearly every human disease.


Tulsi, also known as holy basil, contains a high level of vitamin K. Vitamin K plays a crucial role in bone and heart health. Several studies have found that this ingredient provides anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects. It might also help with cognitive function.

Milk Thistle

Herbalists attribute the anti-aging properties of this herb to the Virgin Mary. It contains several antioxidants that protect the skin and organs as well.

Several body processes and threats are combatted by these ingredients together. As recommended by the creator, these ingredients work together to reduce inflammation, regulate stress hormones, rejuvenate skin, and regulate blood sugar levels, among other benefits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Blend?

  • Herbal formulas can reduce inflammation, thereby aiding recovery.
  • Your stress hormones will be regulated by Wisdom’s nutritional blend, protecting you from mental disorders.
  • The Wisdom nutritional formula claims you can prevent aging by using this product because it can revitalize your skin.
  • Your blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels can be balanced with wisdom supplements.
  • Herbal supplements such as Wisdom contain ingredients that detoxify your entire system.
  • Wisdom bible-based supplements contain all the ingredients that can help boost your immune system, thereby preventing illness.
  • Supplements based on the wisdom of the bible can increase metabolism and help you lose weight.
  • Your organs can be protected by wisdom by converting harmful radicals into harmless waste.
  • Strengthen your muscles and joints by consuming Wisdom.

How To Consume Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Blend?

Wisdom nutritional supplements can be used in a variety of ways by consumers. For added flavor and taste, Wisdom dietary supplements can be added to food or drinks. By placing two drops of Wisdom herbal supplements on your tongue, you can consume them.

As the ingredients get dissolved in your bloodstream, savor the rich flavor. Finally, Wisdom’s nutritional supplement will moisturize and revitalize your skin. Before you go to bed, you only need to topically apply a few Wisdom oil drops.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Supplement?

Wisdom Bible Based Herbal Blend has some positives and some negatives, just like any other product.


  • All-natural ingredients make it safe to use
  • The formula is all-natural and can be used by anyone
  • Stress is reduced and energy levels are boosted
  • It helps users live longer, healthier, and more vital lives
  • It uses only the most potent and scientifically backed herbs in the Bible
  • Easy to use and blends well with salads, teas, and drinks
  • Allergen-free, sugar-free, and GMO-free
  • The supplement needs to be taken twice daily by users
  • Wisdom improves digestion, sleep, and youthful energy.


  • Supplements are only available online through the official website. Offline purchase is not possible.
  • Based on the level of commitment to the product, results may vary from one individual to another.
  • Before taking any supplement, users should consult a physician. Doses should not be exceeded.

Who Can Use Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Blend?

Herbal supplements from Wisdom are 100% portable and are a great option for individuals who are constantly on the move. 

Wisdom supplements claims that this product is beneficial to people who want to improve their energy levels, boost their immunity, and reduce their stress levels.

Furthermore, people who engage in a lot of physical activity may find Wisdom herbal supplements useful for enhancing recovery by relieving joint and muscle pain, boosting metabolic rates, and improving blood circulation. 

For longevity and vitality, the elderly can benefit from dietary supplements that revitalize their skin, regulate their blood pressure and glucose, and alleviate joint inflammation.

What are the Side Effects of Wisdom Supplement?

Pumpkin seed oil is a critical component of Wisdom Bible Based Herbal Supplement. The ancient Chinese used it as a treatment for both breast and prostate cancer. When used with traditional chemotherapy, pumpkin seed oil inhibits tumor growth.

The Wisdom Bible-based Herbal Supplement can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes, but it is still an excellent product.

What Makes Wisdom Bible-Based Herbal Blend Effective?

Wisdom nutritional supplement maker extracts, prepares, and transforms ingredients from seeds into healing oils using cutting-edge technology.

The ingredients in Wisdom nutritional supplements are safe, natural, and effective.

Biblically and scientifically, each of these eight ingredients improves your health.

A pure and earthy taste is what most people will appreciate about Wisdom Bible-based essential oil. The scent and color of Wisdom oil are also all natural.

Neither preservatives, fillers, nor chemicals are used in Wisdom Herbal supplements. Additionally, Wisdom herbal supplements do not contain any GMOs or toxic elements.

Wisdom’s bible-based dietary supplement contains no sugar, making it a safe option for diabetics.

Wisdom Herbal supplements are manufactured in the United States. It is FDA-approved and GMP-certified, according to the maker.

A maker of dietary supplements claims that it contains no allergens such as gluten, soy, or dairy.

Manufacturers of Wisdom supplements use eco-friendly, safe technology and adhere to organic principles to protect the environment.

Wisdom herbal supplement makers claim that a patented technology keeps all the ingredients pure and effective, unlike similar products on the market.

Wisdom herbal supplements contain no stimulants, so you can consume them at any time. This product is also non-addictive.

Is The Wisdom Bible Herbal Supplement Worth Buying?

You may not always know what you need to live a happier and healthier life. Taking such important decisions can be difficult when we lack motivation or foresight.

It is important to monitor your weight after establishing healthy habits like a better diet and regular exercise.

It is the best herbal supplement on the market that will help you lead a healthy life if you want to live longer and feel better.

Wisdom Pricing and Discounts

If you’re ready to start using this product, the first step is to purchase it. The Wisdom health supplement costs $59 for a bottle that lasts 30 days. For its positive effects, you will only pay two bucks per day.

Consider purchasing more than one bottle of Wisdom Nutrition if you feel confident that you’ll like it. You can save money if you do. If you buy three bottles, the price drops to $49 each. However, if you get a six-month supply, you’ll only pay $39.

We offer free shipping on all products, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your money will be returned to you if you dislike their effects within 180 days, no questions asked.

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard are accepted for payment of this Christian supplement. You’ll get them from ClickBank, an online retailer with a good reputation that safeguards your personal information.

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What are the Results of Wisdom Supplement?

Based on my research, I found that many users had achieved positive results by taking Wisdom supplement as directed. If the results take time, you shouldn’t overlook the supplement. The right results can be achieved only if it is taken for at least three to six months. 

The problem with some users is that they expect miraculous results after a month. If you don’t take the Wisdom drops for the recommended time period, these won’t happen. 

Wisdom supplement users who took it correctly had the right results. They took the supplement for at least three to six months. Depending on how their lifestyle changed, their results have lasted for up to 2 years. 

Due to the Wisdom supplement’s antioxidative properties, it improved their sleep cycle, digestion, increased energy levels, and boosted their immune system. 

The finest results come from eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and sleeping enough.

Is Wisdom a Scam or Legit supplement?

Wisdom supplement reviews indicate that it is a health supplement with science-backed evidence. 

A raw extraction technology was used to extract the herbal formula. It ensures unwanted elements are removed from the formulation and only pure ingredients are used. Throughout the process, the facility used Organic Farming Practices. 

However, there are a number of 3rd parties and eCommerce sites that sell counterfeit supplements. Authentic Wisdom supplements are fake replicas that may harm the health of their users.

As a result, I recommend ordering Wisdom from the official website because you will be able to use a supplement with authentic ingredients. Additionally, the order will be secure and safe. 

In the U.S., the supplement was manufactured in an FDA-certified and GMP-certified facility in a sterile and strict environment. As a result, only the official website will allow you to order a legitimate bottle of Wisdom.

Wisdom Supplement Customer Reviews & Complaints

Wisdom supplements are not dangerous if taken regularly. My research indicates that people who have tried the Wisdom formula are very happy with the results. 

No side effects were reported by users who took the supplement as instructed for 3 months. Several Wisdom Supplement reviews explain how they were able to boost their immune power, improve sleep, and remain youthful. 

Additionally, they avoided stress and anxiety, and felt happier in general. It’s true that some people got results slowly, while others got them quickly. As each person has a different body type, it works differently for them. 

Based on my user experience, I have only shared the relevant information in this Wisdom supplement review. Your results may vary depending on how well you take the supplement and how readily it works.

Where to Buy Wisdom Supplement?

Wisdom Bible Based Herbal Supplement can only be purchased from the official website. Interested buyers can access the site to place an order. Despite the fact that the product is natural, scarce, and takes a long time to produce, the manufacturer offers it at a discount, offers free shipping on all US orders, and ships internationally. The current prices are:

  • Buy one bottle of Wisdom Bible Based Herbal Blend for $59 per bottle with free US shipping
  • Buy two bottles of Wisdom Bible Based Herbal Blend for $49 per bottle with free US shipping
  • Buy six Wisdom Bible-based Herbal Blend bottles for just $39 per bottle with free US shipping

Additionally, the manufacturer offers a 180-day money back guarantee. If after one year of consistent use, users do not notice any positive changes in their health, they can request a full refund. The user needs to return the empty bottles for a refund. 

For more information, please contact:

Wisdom Supplement: Final Verdict

Wisdom is an herbal supplement that claims to start working in seconds. Your immune system will be strengthened and your overall health will be improved when you take the supplement daily. Wisdom contains ingredients that support energy, vitality, and more at any age. 

To boost their nutritional value and improve their taste, wisdom can be added to salads, teas, drinks, and other foods. After using Wisdom, you will see a noticeable improvement in your health, energy, and appearance.

By using Wisdom, you can commune with the wisdom of the body in your body, heart, and spirit every day. You can have more energy, vitality, strength, mental clarity, a healthy weight, better mood, and more, regardless of your age! 

The ingredients in herbal supplements like Wisdom, for example, can have powerful effects on the body, which can pose unexpected risks. If you experience any allergic reaction, consult your doctor first.

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Wisdom Supplement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the ways the Wisdom drop can support every individual?

Fresh herbs with natural healing properties make up the supplement. 

It improves health, transforms energy levels, regulates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, balances stress hormones, and builds stronger muscles and bones. Wisdom also calms the mind.

2. Is Wisdom Supplement safe?

The Wisdom daily supplement is made up of 100% biblical herbs extracted using raw herbal extraction technology and produced organically. 

It has been well researched and has been studied for its effectiveness. Due to its lack of toxic substances, it is safe for everyone.

3. Who shouldn’t use Wisdom Supplement?

Consult your doctor before using the product if you are under treatment, allergic, or pregnant or lactating.

4. How long should one use Wisdom Supplement?

Wisdom needs to be used for at least 3 months, but there are no side effects if the usage is extended to 6 months.

5. Is there any guarantee?

A 180-day money back guarantee is included in the Wisdom supplement.

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