Why We Should Choose Organic Supplements For Sustainability

Our choices have contributed to our epidemic of diseases in our so-called well-fed nations. We use consumer products or consume foods that are produced by exploited workers and indebted farmers. 

Our choices, be they innocent or indifferent, have contributed to the making of dependent, starving nations that were previously self-sufficient. Furthermore, until more of us realize how crucial it is to economically and locally support time-proven organic sustainable farming and the holistic management and raising of livestock, the superior nutrient value of our food supply and abundant crop yields cannot take back their rightful places on the planet. 

Our choices must support sustainable methods to produce enough abundance for providing all of our nutrient needs without destroying the interdependent, life diversity we humans have historically benefited from for thousands of years.

With our disruption of the delicate chain of life, we have caused entire ecosystems to cascade into environmental devastation over and over again throughout history. In our unrelenting consumption, we have turned forests into deserts, health into disease. Each time humans have done this, the Earth’s ability to recuperate has been diminished, just as a person whose body is sick with diminishing resources loses the ability to recover from degeneration and illness.

The Earth is overwhelmed with toxic wastes and barren lands and is having trouble recovering, and its powerful backlash as it tries to right itself is having increasingly violent consequences on our lives and that of all living things.

As a species, if we do not focus on a whole ecology, human beings lack of foresight and vision when it comes to food production will continue to turn lush and water-abundant green lands into more deserts. A sustainable and thriving environmental approach to food production that includes preventing soil erosion and maintaining nutrient density means higher quality ingredients in your nutritional supplements

Without attention to protecting soil fertility by farmers, and without consumers making the necessary food and supplement choices to encourage such sustainable, replenishment practices, quality ingredients derived from nutrient-dense, organic food sources are likely to diminish.

Grassroots organizations’ and holistic-minded professionals’ efforts to influence an economic and health-conscious shift in consumer purchases to nutrient-rich nutritional supplements produced by ethical companies is constantly intercepted by less ethical, indifferent corporations single-mindedly selling billions of synthetic supplements without regard to optimal health. 

These two versions of nutritional supplement products are not apparent to the innocent consumer seeking to improve his or her health with supplementation.

Why We Are Confused About Supplements

Profit corporate agendas generate self-serving, far-reaching propaganda in every avenue of distribution, including ensuring no medical professional training includes knowledge about nutrients and their essential health-protective, disease-preventing benefits. 

There is very little appropriate education of consumers through the media about essential nutrients and is effectively negating the proper decisions consumers need to make when choosing their supplements.

There are no established guidelines for consumers as to which types of supplement ingredients are more effective, and there is an overwhelming amount of contradicting information because true scientific facts are minimized, distorted, or completely ignored in the name of competitive consumer sales.

Various industries have tapped into the billion-dollar consumer market of nutritional supplements, including the pharmaceutical industry. With no true interest in human vibrancy and true health, these industries leave the consumer vulnerable to purchasing supplements containing toxic ingredients derived from various industries whose products are linked to disease-causing chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

Ironically, millions of innocent consumers purchase a wide array of nutritional products that may only contain very few or inadequate amounts of essential nutrients the body may not be able to absorb and are still not satisfying their body’s desperate need for effective nutrients.

Why throw money away, literally, down the toilet by taking poorly formulated supplements. Elemental mineral supplements, for instance, end up bogging down sewage waste facilities as they must constantly remove often fully intact, undigested calcium tablets. Back in the seventies, I used to take oyster shell calcium tablets, until one enlightening day after an x-ray taken by my chiropractor showed the tablet, fully intact, on its way out of my digestive tract.

Costly advertising dollars are encouraging millions of people to manage their nutritional health with inadequate, incomplete nutritional advice and heavily leading people toward relinquishing and deferring any health decisions to drug industry-influenced professionals who mistrust the authentic nutrient substances needed for supporting life and helping it thrive. 

Choosing the right supplements and typically feeling and seeing the improved health results only confirms the vast amounts of scientific data that helps disprove any misinformed objections by those who have not been properly informed or those who have any agendas that reward them for opposing the real facts about supplements. 

Only educating consumers as to which supplement ingredients actually improve health and which do not can influence the necessary market shift toward the truly health-improving supplements while promoting better product label ingredient disclosure.

Investing in whole food, bio-compatible nutritional supplements, rather than non-absorbable, incomplete formulations containing potentially toxic ingredients actually can mean the difference between a successful health management protocol, and one that does not protect against nutrient deficiencies, leaving one susceptible to many physical ailments and preventable diseases. 

A correctly informed health-conscious consumer is the solution for ultimately improving the quality and efficaciousness of more nutritional supplements, for informed consumers demand and purchase nutritionally superior products, forcing less than optimal supplement producers to improve their ingredients to meet consumer demands if they wish to stay in business.

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Why You Should Choose Organic Supplements

Purchasing supplements with synthetic ingredients not only spells trouble for your body’s trillions of cells, it means less business for the organic, sustainable food production industry that actually improves rather than destroys vital environments that yield nutrient-dense food materials used in truly nourishing supplements. 

Less organic sustainable food production means less nutrient-rich whole foods and supplements for you to use to protect yourself against the many dietary and environmental causes of disease. 

With deforestation having a devastating effect on essential ecosystems that would otherwise help ensure food abundance on the planet, and the disconnectedness and unawareness of the vital importance of nature in which many people live their lives, it is wise for consumers to make choices that help reverse this increasingly threatening and dire predicament in which we human beings have caused for ourselves. Consumer purchases are certainly what drives markets and choosing products with better ingredients surely helps ensure greater health and protection against deficiency diseases. 

Our choices can make or break the organic, sustainable agriculture industry. If we do not support them, our health and health freedom choices are at stake. Therefore, no matter what, the more we consumers support the safe food production and protection of local and worldwide, nested ecosystems that produce higher nutrient-dense crops from which supplements are made, the more you can ensure not succumbing to a deficiency disease.

If we support organic farms in which farmers manage the land sustainably, large operations and small alike, we have a greater chance of gaining the critical awareness of the importance of cooperating with nature, rather than arrogantly trying to control and conquer it. If one chooses synthetic and toxic supplements, that is one less person contributing toward maintaining the vital planetary ecosystems that determine the quality of the air we breathe, how clean our water is, and how nutrient-rich an environment is where food is grown or raised.

Insisting on choosing poorly absorbed or non-absorbable supplements to save money may only increase your medical bills and consequently cause unnecessary psychological trauma for all involved. 

With so many people choosing inadequate supplements, it’s no wonder supplements have sometimes gotten a bad rap. Those whose monetary or self-interests are served by criticizing supplements are the first to renounce the validity of supplementation, even as there is a great amount of scientific evidence that continues to increase that reveals proper nutritional supplementation’s impressive effectiveness. 

The notion of synthetic nutrients is an oxymoron, so buying synthetic supplements because you want to be health-conscious doesn’t make any sense, especially if you buy organic foods. Selecting useless supplements along with being proud of buying organic foods is inconsistent and self-contradictory.

Millions of people are making daily nutritional choices that have an immediate and long term effect on their health, and because of those choices, made either purposely or innocently, they are suffering the health consequences. 

Choosing the right supplements means not only accelerates any healing process or helps to maintain health vibrancy, but it also means your choices help support interdependent ecosystems that maintain diversity and abundance of life in environments where thriving habitats play an essential role in the nutritional health-building and health-protecting value of your food. 

The more consistent a consumer you are in making both health-conscious and environmentally conscious product choices, the more you ensure your own thriving and that of billions of species that can synergistically ensure an abundance of Earth’s food and renewable resources indefinitely.

By supporting the organic agriculture and supplement manufacturing industries that produce whole food, nutrient-dense and bio-available nutrients, you play an essential role in planetary health and assures your continued thriving.

Sustainable agricultural methods keep greenhouse gases carbon, nitrogen and methane from being released into the atmosphere, and recapture them back into the soils where they belong where they are utilized properly by beneficial organisms in the soil and plants. 

Such soil and plant activity supports rich, living soils that hold pure water and high amounts of nutrients, while forming and preserving healthy water sources that support a diversity of life living interdependently and in synergy. 

This results in superior nutritional supplements being derived from foods found to be higher in nutrients and from healthier, humanely raised animals grazing on nutrient-rich pastures and fed nutrient-rich feeds.

Among other toxic food and product choices, when you select synthetic supplements, you are having a much greater impact on your world than you might think, having a hand in fueling a negative cascading effect that increases your impact on the world’s ecology is already in danger of destroying all life on the planet in just a couple of generations. 

If your supplements contain chemical preservatives and additives better left to clean your car or polish your furniture with, or if they contain genetically modified organisms that would never occur in nature and are known to confuse your cells’ DNA genetic code sequencing, it would be wise to simply dispose of them. 

Unless you support the organic sustainable food production industry, your otherwise toxic choices adversely impact your health and diminish the critical, synergistic symbiosis of all living things, and the less access you have too powerful healing, restorative, regenerative nature’s medicines that safely and effectively protect your health as they have done for human beings for thousands of years.

Through encouraging and supporting the synthetic chemical production mindset with what you eat, put on your body, inhale or drink, you diminish your health and environment upon which you depend. 

By buying nutritional supplements containing toxic ingredients, current conventional agriculture is encouraged to continue polluting the environment, destroying biodiversity and producing chemically-laden foods that cause hormonal disruptions leading to obesity and associated disease risks such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes

Toxic food production is also linked to birth defects, brain and nervous system disorders and other conditions that can be prevented or alleviated with a daily diet free of toxic chemicals and rich in the full range and adequate potencies of essential nutrients and detoxifying, DNA-correcting phytonutrients.

By making informed choices in your food and nutritional supplement selections, you can help prevent toxic chemical manufacturers from succeeding with ever-increasing their profit interest ties with other disease-producing industries that control the distribution of toxic substances and continue to be the culprits that are causing a sick, dumbed-down populace. 

Now is not the time and in fact, it has never been the right time, to purchase cheap, toxic nutritional supplements that do not improve your health and in fact, harm you and your environment.

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