Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Review – Scam? Ingredients Exposed!

Are you looking for a  Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies dietary supplement review? Is  Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies dietary supplement a scam? 

There are millions of Americans who take vitamins or supplements every day, so you’re not alone. In addition to a healthy diet, there is evidence that some supplements can benefit your overall well-being with little to no risk.

Sadly, the supplement industry is also home to plenty of scammers who spread misinformation to hype questionable products and lure the unwary with deceptive marketing strategies.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been scammed yourself or if you would like to learn more, our reviews will give you the knowledge you need to spot and avoid scams with more confidence.

We have researched the brand Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies thoroughly in the past week to determine if it is a good supplement or just another waste of money. 

In this Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies review, we’re going to cover the following to help you make an informed decision.

What is Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. Collagen can be found in muscles, blood vessels, the digestive system, bones, skin and tendons. It gives your skin tightness and elasticity and it’s a building block for the cells that repair dead skin. It provides the “glue” for our joints and tendons and helps hold the body together.

Vitauthority’s Super Collagen Gummies are a high-quality multi-type collagen gummy supplement featuring highly bioavailable collagen from marine wildlife. 

Providing Collagen Types I & III, Super Collagen Gummies are the perfect match for those looking to improve the quality of their hair, skin, and health & support a healthy gut and joints.

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Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Health Claims

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, accounting for about one-third of its protein composition. It’s one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

The question is, can Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies really deliver the health benefits that are claimed in their advertisement?

We will examine their health claims in the following paragraphs to see if they are supported by science.

Health Claim 1: Glowing, Vibrant Skin

According to the manufacturer, Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies help increase skin flexibility and hydration, which helps to smooth wrinkles and increase tone and firmness of the skin. 

Skin health is the most well-researched benefit of taking collagen, says Lachman. In a January 2019 review in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, researchers analyzed 11 randomized, placebo-controlled studies of more than 800 patients who took up to 10 grams (g) per day of collagen with the goal of improving skin health. 

The results? The supplements were shown to improve skin elasticity, help it better hold onto moisture, and rev the density of collagen fibers within skin. “Ten grams per day is a small scoop,” says Lachman — and it could be a small step in preserving a youthful appearance.

Health Claim 2: Stronger Nails

According to the manufacturer, adding additional collagen has been shown to help grow stronger, longer, healthier hair and nails. Strengthened roots and faster nail growth are common with collagen supplementation.

Collagen is the building block of skin, hair, and nails as it contains many amino acids.

However, there’s very little research on the effects of consuming collagen on hair and nails. One small study found that it decreased nail breakage, but it lacked a control group for comparison. 

Health Claim 3: Support Healthy Hair

According to the manufacturer, collagen types I and III have been shown to help strengthen hair and support healthier hair.

Hair is primarily made up of the protein keratin.

Your body uses several amino acids to build keratin — some of which can be found in collagen.

When you consume collagen and other proteins, your body breaks them down into amino acids that are then used to build new proteins and compounds.

There are 11 nonessential amino acids that your body can make and 9 essential ones that you need to obtain from your diet. Collagen is primarily made up of 3 nonessential amino acids: proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline.

Proline is also the main component of keratin. Therefore, consuming proline-rich collagen should provide your body with the building blocks it needs to create hair .

However, human studies in humans on the effects of collagen on hair are lacking, making it difficult to know if this protein promotes hair growth.

Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies may promote healthy hair in a variety of ways.

For one, your body may be able to use the amino acids in collagen to build hair proteins and strengthen the skin that contains your hair roots. It may also prevent hair follicle damage and graying.

However, research on the effects of collagen on human hair is limited.

Health Claim 4: Support A Healthy Gut

According to the manufacturer, collagen’s ability to help soothe and restore our digestive system’s lining is crucial for maintaining a healthy gut.

Although no scientific evidence supports this claim, some health practitioners assert that collagen supplements can treat leaky gut syndrome, also called intestinal permeability.

In inflammatory digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel disease (IBD), there is a “gut healing” theory about collagen. Some research finds that collagen levels are decreased in patients with these conditions. By taking collagen, you might help correct a deficiency.

How To Use Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies?

Take one (1) serving (2 Gummies) at least once daily. For best results, an additional second serving can be had.

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Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Precautions and Side Effects

In general, side effects of Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies supplements are rare. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may want to hold off on taking a collagen supplement for now, since there isn’t yet enough research to come to any conclusions about their safety.

Research on the negative side effects of Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies supplements is lacking. But according to anecdotal reports, collagen supplements such as ​​might cause side effects like:

  • feeling of fullness
  • Heartburn
  • bad taste in mouth

Also, like other supplements, Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies supplement isn’t regulated by the FDA. This means that the agency can’t speak to how safe or effective they are.

In turn, it’s difficult to know if a collagen supplement contains the ingredients it claims to have. It’s also possible that collagen supplements may contain:

  • heavy metals (like cadmium)
  • allergens (like hydrolyzed collagen from fish)
  • microbial contaminants
  • different doses than listed on the label

When purchasing supplements look for products that contain a USP Verified Mark on the label. This mark indicates that the product:

  • contains the ingredients listed on the label
  • doesn’t contain harmful contaminants
  • will break down and be absorbed by the body within a specified amount of time
  • has been made according to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing practices (CGMPs)

Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Customer Reviews

As with any supplement,  Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. The effects can vary from person to person, after all.

At the time of this writing, Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies has received a rating of 4.5/5 out of 282 reviews on Amazon.

Positive Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Customer Feedback

According to this customer, the supplement works on her thinning hair.

“Great tasting and great product. Took this for thinning hair and it really helped in 6 weeks. I now have new hair growth and my fingernails have never been so strong. I just purchased my second bottle.”

Negative Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Customer Feedback

This customer is not satisfied with the texture and flavor.

“These supplements have not really seemed fresh, or the right flavor, in about six months. Not sure what is up with that. I believe they are helping hair and skin….but I am not happy with flavor or texture change in the last few months…”

Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Shipping Policy

Vitauthority offers free shipping for all domestic US orders.

All domestic orders ship within one business day via USPS, DHL or FedEx from our warehouse in eastern Pennsylvania. Most orders are received in 2-6 business days.

Tracking information is sent via email from [email protected] once your order is processed.

Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies, or if it arrives damaged, you may return the unused portion sixty (60) days from the order date for a refund minus a 15% return processing fee.

To return a product or start an approved exchange simply enter your order number and email address used for your order here:

You may email Vitauthority at [email protected] as well. You will be given a choice where we can send you a return shipping label to send your package back via USPS for $10, or, you may choose to ship the package back and upload tracking info.

The return shipping address is: 


500 Commerce Drive

Quakertown, PA 18951

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Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Ingredients

Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies has a unique formula. The product was created with natural ingredients and some scientific backing. You might achieve the promised benefits by using the Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies supplement on a regular basis.

Below is a list of the ingredients in Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies supplement.

  • Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Peptides (from Grass-Fed Beef)
  • Chicken Bone Broth Collagen Concentrate
  • Hydrolyzed Fish (Pollock) Collagen Peptides
  • Eggshell Membrane Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C

Where to Buy Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies

When it comes to distributing its supplements, the brand keeps it pretty close to the chest. Though you can find select products on Amazon and Walmart, its full selection is available from

Vitauthority Contact Information

If you need any other information that this Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies review did not include, you can get in touch with the brand via:

  • Phone: 1-866-256-2154
  • Contact form on the website of Vitauthority

Final Verdict: Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Reviews

Customers have given Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies positive reviews, but you should still speak with your healthcare provider before starting a new dietary regimen. Many supplements on the market have various ingredients and fillers. They can have side effects and may interact negatively with drugs. Therefore, you need proper guidance from your doctor to help you make the right decisions.

Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies FAQs

How are Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies manufactured?

Every Vitauthority product is manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered and cGMP certified facility.

Are Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies tested for heavy metals or contaminants?

According to Vitauthority, every product is tested for heavy metals, bacteria, mold, pathogens, and other nasty by-products to ensure that the final finished product is perfectly clean and ready for use!

I take prescription medication-is it okay for me to take Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies?

When taking pre-existing medication, we strongly recommend you check with your healthcare provider or prescribing doctor before taking any dietary supplement to ensure there are no interactions with your current medication.

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Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies Alternative: Food Sources

“Foods like bone broth contain a bioavailable form of collagen your body can use right away, making it arguably superior to supplements,” says registered dietitian Carrie Gabriel. A 2012 review on nutrition and aging also concluded that fruit and vegetables are the safest and healthiest approach to boosting skin health.

Plus, since over-the-counter supplements such as Vitauthority Super Collagen Gummies are largely unregulated, it’s probably safer to stick with a dietary approach to boosting collagen.

Eating collagen-rich foods or foods that boost collagen production may also help create the building blocks (amino acids) you need for your skin goals. “There are three amino acids important for collagen synthesis: proline, lysine, and glycine,” says registered dietitian and beauty expert Katey Davidson, MScFN, RD.

Food sources of collagen include the following:

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Egg whites
  • Citrus fruits
  • Berries
  • Red and yellow vegetables
  • Garlic
  • White tea
  • Leafy greens
  • Cashews
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Beans
  • Avocados
  • Soy
  • Herbs high in collagen (Chinese knotweed, horsetail, gynostemma)
  • Herbs that help to produce collagen (gotukola, bala, ashwagandha)

The above foods are considered to be foods to improve skin elasticity, anti-aging, and help joint pain by individuals who recommend this diet. It is important to note that while small, limited studies have shown some benefits of consuming collagen, it is unclear whether these benefits would have also occurred by consuming any type of protein and maintaining a healthy diet in general. Also, since collagen cannot be absorbed and is broken down into amino acids when consumed, the consumption of collagen does not guarantee that any new collagen will be made.

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