Vitamins and Supplements For Athletes and Bodybuilders

Since people that aren’t overly athletic often need to take vitamins and supplements to remain healthy it stands to reason that athletes and bodybuilders would definitely need to take vitamins and supplements, doesn’t it? 

After all, athletes and bodybuilders are using more energy than most people. And, when athletes watch their diets in order to keep their weight down they could be depriving their bodies of needed vitamins. But not all bodybuilders or athletes do need to take vitamins and supplements.

It’s true that athletes and bodybuilders have an increased need for vitamins and minerals since they are working their bodies much harder than most people do but athletes and bodybuilders also tend to pay more attention to their diet and choose healthy food which makes it possible for them to get the vitamins and minerals they need from the food they eat instead of from supplements. 

Some athletes and bodybuilders choose not to take vitamins and supplements and instead focus on eating a very well balanced diet to give them the nutrition they need.

Before an athlete or bodybuilder starts to take vitamins or supplements experts in sports medicine and sports nutrition recommend that athletes and bodybuilders: 

Make better food choices – Even taking vitamins and supplements won’t make up for a diet of heavy, rich, greasy fast foods or overly processed food.

Take an objective look at diet – What are you really eating every day? For two weeks write down everything you eat on a sheet of paper and look at the foods you eat the most and the least so you can create a more balanced diet for yourself.

Take into account the snacks you eat and what you drink – If your diet is fairly balanced and you eat a lot of protein bars or other nutritional supplements or you drink a lot of sports drinks or shakes then you could be getting all the extra nutrition that you need from those snacks and drinks.

The bottom line when it comes to athletes and bodybuilders taking vitamins and supplements is that if you eat a balanced diet and you supplement your diet with shakes and high-performance snacks you probably only need to take a multi-vitamin every 2-3 days if at all. 

Talking to your doctor about your athletic goals and your diet is a good place to start when you’re trying to decide what supplements, if any, you want to take. Some athletes and bodybuilders do need vitamins and supplements though, for a variety of reasons.

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Athletes and bodybuilders that do need to take supplements in order to maintain their current health and help them achieve their athletic and bodybuilding goals have had a lot of success using these 5 supplements in addition to eating a very well balanced diet:

  1. Creatine – Creatine is beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders because it increases the amount of ATP in the body. ATP is stored in the cells for energy and it provides the cells with that extra boost of energy that they need to function under a lot of stress or under extreme circumstances. So athletes and bodybuilders that need to have as much energy as possible often use Creatine to get it.
  2. Glycerol – Glycerol is an oily liquid that is often used in beverages as a thickener. Taken by itself glycerol can help keep the body more hydrated than water alone. And any athlete knows that even the slightest bit of dehydration can impact performance. Adding glycerol to your daily routine can help fight off dehydration.
  3. Glucosamine Sulfate – Glucosamine helps to rebuild cartilage and connective tissue. Since athletes depend on their joints and their joints can take quite a beating during their daily training and athletic matches or during bodybuilding sessions taking glucosamine sulfate every day will help keep the cartilage and connective tissues healthy and strong.
  4. Flaxseed oil – Flaxseed oil is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which you already know are important for maintaining healthy brain function and mental clarity. But flaxseed oil can also help your body metabolize fat, making it a great supplement for athletes that need to use that fat for energy. Flaxseed oil can also help lubricate joints so that they work better and don’t become as stiff and sore as they would normally.
  5. Amino Acids – Many athletes and bodybuilders are deficient in amino acids because of their gruelling training schedules and the stress of their workouts. But having enough amino acids is crucial in order for the brain to function effectively and to help the body burn fat for energy. Athletes need to watch their body fat amount as well as providing enough fat and calories to be burned for energy so amino acid supplements for athletes and bodybuilders are very important.

These aren’t the only supplements that professional athletes and bodybuilders need but they are the most important when it comes to staying healthy and giving the body what it needs to increase performance.

There are also supplements that contain multiple natural ingredients to help you burn fat. Resurge is one of them.

While other supplements promote nutritional factors, meal replacement forms, appetite suppression, or similar effects, Resurge boosts your body’s metabolism by increasing your core temperature.

Resurge also promises to help you sleep better. Because studies have shown that sleep deprivation is associated with deficiencies of growth hormone and elevated levels of cortisol, both of which contribute to obesity.

Resurge contains melatonin as its first ingredient. Research shows that your body naturally produces melatonin, a hormone that tells your brain it’s time to go to sleep. It might allow your body to absorb enough melatonin to maximize your natural melatonin production.

However, before making any purchases, you might want to read the reviews.

Last but not least, remember that you should always consult your doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you are pregnant or taking medication. 

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