Vitamin Supplements That are Good for Men’s Sex Life

Most men are curious about what will help boost their sex lives at some stage or another. Their libido may drop during certain periods of their lives, and it’s natural that they will want to get all the help that they can get.

L Citrulline Supplements

This is an amino acid. Although this is not its main purpose – which is to help men to sustain energy while doing aerobic exercise – one the side effects of this is that it helps a man to get over erectile dysfunction, particularly when the erectile dysfunction is caused by high blood pressure.

1000 mg is taken three times a day at mealtimes, whereas to enhance your sports performance, you would take more than that, and the suggested level is 6,000 to 8,000 mg to be taken before your sports session.

Vitamin E Supplements

We purposefully left this out of the list of vitamins in the previous chapter because vitamin E really comes under the heading of making you feel younger and is, therefore, a superb vitamin to take in order to feel sexier.

The reason that it does this so well is that it is an anti-oxidant, which means it is cleaning your system of all the toxins that may be stopping you from feeling your fittest. It also protects your cells from damage due to aging. Known to delay the onset of serious illnesses, this is taken as a protective measure. Vitamin E is in many of the foods that you eat, but a supplement of vitamin E may be useful in the case of those suffering from heart disease or who have this in their family.

Phenylalanine Supplements

While you may have heard of this, you may not be aware of what it is. Supplements come in the form of L Phenylalanine and DL phenylalanine, and the L type is what we get from our foods. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease should not take this supplement. However, people take because it increases the levels of endorphins or “feel good” factor.

It has been used to boost love life and may help those taking it to feel more confident. If you already drink those drinks that have aspartame in them, then chances are that you are already taking in enough phenylalanine, but beware of not overdoing it. Excessive aspartame in your system can lead to muscle pain.

Vitamin C Supplements

This is a vitamin that helps the erection process by dilating the blood vessels. What happens when this occurs is that the blood has to go somewhere, and the penis is the obvious outlet. However, take this with caution.

You should never exceed the stated dose because this may result in diarrhea, and that’s hardly what you were aiming at. Vitamin C also helps prevents you from getting UTIs. Found naturally in fruit and vegetables, this is one supplement that is useful all year round.

Zinc Supplements

This has been linked to poor sperm count and can be found in food rather than in pill format. If you make sure that you eat your tomatoes and have a reasonable share of peas, this will help your zinc levels considerably. Bear in mind that tolerable level of zinc is 40 mg a day, so if your diet is varied and includes any of the following, you are likely to be getting this amount:

  • Oysters au naturel
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Wild rice
  • Peas
  • Yogurt
  • Pecan
  • Baked beans (canned)
  • Tomato puree

In fact, one cup of yogurt contains 1.3 mg, with the highest level of food intake coming from oysters, which is why they are probably associated with your sex life, where the measurement increases to 14.1 mg!

If you are being treated for an ongoing illness, such as cancer, liver disease, or diabetes, you may have a need for more zinc because your body will not be absorbing sufficient zinc because of your condition. Speak to your medical advisor on this, as he or she will know the recommended daily intake and will be able to give advice on the right amount for you to take.

Niacin Supplements

This is something that is essential for your love life. Given that it works on the blood flow, the benefits are obvious in sustaining an erection. You may joke about Popeye the Sailor Man and his spinach, but you may be interested to learn that he wasn’t that far off kilter with his assertion that spinach is a man’s best friend.

In fact, most of the sources of niacin can be found in your average grocery store, and you should not have to take supplements but instead make sure that you replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones so that your body gets the supply that it needs.

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