Veja Sneakers Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Is Veja Sneakers a scam? If you’re reading this review, chances are you have watched the advertisement for Veja Sneakers.

With a focus on ethically and sustainably sourced products, Veja is a French footwear brand that caters to environmentally and socially conscious consumers. The brand has over 500K Instagram followers, and its shoes have been featured in Glamour, InStyle, and Hello Magazine, and Meghan Markle has worn them. 

To assist you in deciding if Veja Sneakers is the environmentally friendly footwear you’re looking for, our review will compare the brand and its products with customer reviews, promotions, and many other factors.

What is Veja Sneakers About?

Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain Morillion founded Veja in Paris in 2005 with the idea that good-quality footwear can be produced responsibly by using raw materials from organic farming and avoiding chemical additives. 

Veja sneakers are made from organic cotton, wild rubber sourced from Amazonia (for which the company pays a premium to rubber tappers), vegetable-tanned leather, and recycled plastic. In addition to its products being produced in Brazil and France, the company claims that its fair-trade practices conform to international standards.

The Veja sneakers review will get up and running after taking a look at its most prominent pro and con points.

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Pros of Veja

  • Offering a wide variety of styles of shoes and accessories that are environmentally friendly
  • Using sustainable and ethically sourced materials, all products are made in fair-trade conditions 
  • Veja offers fast shipping, sometimes in as little as 24 hours 
  • Shipping and returns are free in France and Europe
  • For US orders of $100 or more, shipping is free and returns are no charge

Cons and Complaints of Veja

Customers have cited problems with customer service, shipping, and returns, as well as issues with obtaining refunds. Lots of complaints can be found on Trustpilot

1. Quality Problems

According to one customer, his Veja Sneakers are literally falling apart after less than six months of use. There are almost holes in the soles, the leather is cracked, and the fabric inside the shoes is torn. 

After lengthy exchanges over the past couple of weeks, Veja was not willing to do anything about the issue. Most of the frustration lies in the fact that these sneakers are a real investment, but they don’t appear to last. It may have been a defective pair, however, Veja did not take that into consideration. Because of this experience, he will never shop or recommend the brand again. 

2. Problems with UK Import Fees and Taxes

For shipping to the UK, one customer ordered two pairs of V10 shoes, which would have cost $110 each if ordered and processed individually.

VEJA treated the order as a single order (worth £183.34, excl. VAT), which ended up attracting not only VAT (£40.24) but also Customs Duty (£29.23) and Clearance Fees (£12.00). That means a total of £81.47 fees & taxes – to be delivered in the UK. 

The total is £264.81 for the 2 pairs, an increase of £22.40 per pair vs processing them as two separate orders.

To avoid this kind of surprise in the future, she strongly suggests splitting orders to the UK (the disclaimer on the website for orders above £135 does not really address the actual list & magnitude of costs involved).

3. Delivery Problems

According to customers, UPS has not worked well as a delivery service. Not receiving notification of delivery and having to pick up the package at a location with very limited accessibility. Veja’s correspondence is mostly in French, which is another problem.

4. No Exchange For Wrong Size

Veja customers have complained that important information is difficult to find on its website and that shoe sizes are smaller than normal. There is no exchange to a different size when the shoe does not fit, so the customer has to figure everything out on their own. They had to pay for shipping. Customer support is not ‘help’, but instead a source of frustration and stress. 

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Women’s Veja Sneakers Review

Veja women shoes provide both function and fashion, whether you’re running, walking, jogging, or just kicking back and marvelling at your kicks. Now, we will investigate some of the best-selling items from the Veja sneakers line.

Veja Campo Chromefree White Matcha 

You can indulge in your guilty pleasure guilt-free thanks to the chrome-free, white matcha field. The Veja Campo sneakers are made of leather that is tanned without the use of chrome, metals, or acids, which means they use significantly less energy, water, and chemicals during manufacturing.

Clean and minimalist, these Vejas are the perfect everyday accessory. Their off-white exterior is offset by teal offsetting and features a suede Veja logo. The Campo Chromefree White Matcha retails for $145.

Veja V-10 B-Mesh White Nautico 

The V-10 B-Mesh White Nautico combines retro style with contemporary design. A colour-blocked design of these Veja V10 women’s shoes showcases an old-school aesthetic, which pairs well with jeans or a navy top for a casual look, as well as leggings for a gym-ready look. 

Veja uses upcycled plastic bottles to create the mesh of their shoes, even though the timeless design makes them look like they’ve been there forever. $140 gets you the B-Mesh White Nautico V-10.

Veja Urca CWL White Oxford-Grey Rouille

The Urca CWL White Oxford-Grey Rouille is a sneaker inspired by tennis shoes. It is a light, comfortable shoe that is quite straightforward in design, but it has a youthful, playful vibe thanks to the grey Veja logo from the bottom of the shoe, the pop of red offset against the white, and the cream-coloured platform. 

The super-chic shoes can go wherever you go and with any outfit. Wear them every day for street style or on a hike-wherever you go, you’ll look stylish. It can be purchased for $150. For more information, visit the Urca CWL website. 

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Men’s Veja Sneakers Review

A runner’s comfort, durability, and unique personality make it an ideal shoe for everyday wear. The Veja men’s category offers something for every taste, whether you’re looking for the slick black Veja Condor Mesh Black White or the rugged Rio Branco Ripstop Kaki Pearl. 

Check out the Veja sneakers review below to see some of the brand’s bestsellers.

Veja Esplar Leather White Orange-Fluo 

Esplar Leather White Orange-Fluo has a classic simplicity combined with trendy, but subtle, details that make this pair a must-have. A visual pop is created by the contrast between the white of the tab and logo and the vibrant orange of the logo and back. 

If you want to make a summery look, pair them with shorts, or wear them with jeans to run some errands – whatever you decide, these shoes will suit your needs. Esplar Leather White Orange-Fluo is $120.

Veja Rio Branco Hexamesh Gravel Nautico Oxford-Grey 

This pair of Rio Branco Hexamesh Gravel Nautico Oxford-Grey sneakers combine comfort with style and function. A cushioned sole gives you some pep in your step, and they’re made for adventures big and small. 

Rio Branco’s Hexamesh Gravel Nautico Oxford-Grey are lightweight and breathable, and they have multiple colour combos that will catch the passersby’s eye. Throw these on and prepare to conquer the day (or the night) whether you’re running errands or taking a stroll at midnight. $140 for a pair.

Veja V-12 Leather White Cyprus

Your favourite pair of varsity sneakers will be the V-12 Leather White Cyprus. These go well with shorts, skinny jeans or even chinos due to their white leather exterior with green velvet accents.

Whether you’re going on a weekend away or taking them out for a day on the town, these sneakers will serve you well. No matter where you go, you’ll find these are your go-to shoes day or night. For $150, you can upgrade your shoe collection with the V-12 Leather White Cyprus.

Kids Veja Sneakers Review

Why should kids be any different from their parents in terms of style and flair? Veja kids shoes come in a number of cool styles, including high- and low-tops. The following Veja sneakers review examines some of the most popular items from this line.

Veja Esplar Suede Pouille Pierre 

A kid wearing the Esplar Suede Pouille Pierre will be a big hit on the playground. You won’t lose these shoes due to their playful and bright blood-orange colour-just make sure no mud gets inside!

With this versatile Esplar shoe, you’ll inspire your child’s love of fashion and encourage them to begin their own collection (on your dime). These eye-catchers are currently on sale for $60.

Veja V-10 MID CWL White Cobalt Orange-Fluo 

These Converse high-top shoes have a new-generation basketball shoe vibe with their white, cobalt, and orange colour scheme. Easily slip on and go, the Velcro snaps allow your kid to be ready for whatever comes their way. Colourful accents counteract the shoe’s simple design, and the mesh panels keep them comfortable and breathable. 

Wear them with jeans and a hoodie for a back-to-school look, or pair them with a jersey during game night. The V-10 MID CWL White Cobalt Orange-Fluo costs $120.

Veja V-12 Velcro Chromefree White Multico Dried Petal

Their textured colour blocking against the white exterior evokes classic skater shoes, yet they have a modern twist that appeals to today’s young, urban generation. This shoe features a gold chrome accent on the heel and a bright red Veja logo in addition to its stylish edge.

There are Velcro snaps that make for easy access, but you shouldn’t worry too much about your kids taking these off since they will never want to take them off. It costs $90 to buy the V-12 Velcro Chromefree White Multico Dried Petal.

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Veja Reviews: What Do Users Think?

What are customers really saying about our brand? Now is the time to find out what they really think. No worries, because this Veja sneaker review will reveal everything, both good and bad. 

Our Veja sneakers review had to turn to third-party sites to find customer reviews since the brand website does not publish customer reviews itself. The majority of positive customer reviews commend Veja’s commitment to transparency, ethics, and sustainability. 

One buyer praised the brand’s social consciousness on WorthEPenny, where the V-10 B-Mesh White Nautico gets 5/5 stars (despite having only 3 reviews):

“I bought a pair of V-10s about a month ago, and I’m very happy with them so far! Most shoe companies’ ethics and sustainability are questionable at best, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Veja’s business model… My partner ordered a pair of Veja’s a few weeks before me and she loves hers too.”

Of course, ethics would mean very little if the products were subpar. However, the high quality, comfort, and style of the shoes have won many customers over. The following comment was written in Zappos’s Veja sneakers review for women about the V-10 B-Mesh White Nautico’s snug fit and comfort:

One customer commented on the comfort, saying, “I saw the pictures of Meagan Markle wearing these in Australia and knew that I had to have them! I usually wear a women’s 10 to 11, so I ordered the 42, and they fit perfectly.”

At Amazon, where 219 ratings have been given, the V-10s have garnered 4.5/5 stars. Despite much glowing discussion here, one of their most frequent points of criticism is the time it takes for the shoes to “break in.”

Is Veja A Scam?

Veja is not a scam. In fact, we think that the brand might be worth buying from. 

Veja offers a new perspective on what fashion footwear should look like. Through ethically sourced materials and non-exploitative labor practices, its manufacturing process considers fair trade and the environment. Veja has been honoured as a Certified B Corporation brand for its accomplishments in this area.

The combination of this as well as the classic and timeless style of the shoes themselves shows a company that cares about both the world and the consumer. 

In the beginning, Veja sneakers may feel uncomfortable, but the same is true of many other brands of shoes. But you will be grateful to your feet, as well as your fashion sense, after a couple of days.

Veja Promotions & Discounts 

Veja sneakers are not on sale at the moment, and Veja coupons are not available. However, keep an eye on the brand website since a 30% off sale was available before.

Where to Buy Veja 

Over 1,800 Veja shoe stores in 45 countries are available worldwide, along with Veja stores in New York, Paris, and Bordeaux. Veja has a “Store Locator” section on their website that you can use to locate a retailer near you. (Thanks to a gift search when looking for a relative, we can tell you it is Hype DC that stocks the biggest selection of Veja sneakers in Australia.)

Nordstrom and Amazon also stock Veja sneakers well, but the website always has the best selection.

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Veja FAQ

What makes Veja Sneakers so popular? 

Maybe because Veja was the first brand of sneakers that truly stood for sustainable business practices? In addition to recycled materials, organic cotton, and sustainably sourced leather, the shoes are made of high-quality recycled materials and cruelty-free leather. 

Are Veja Sneakers vegan?

Veja is vegan-friendly, but it isn’t 100% vegan. The brand uses leather and suede on many of its products. 

Do Veja shoes have good quality?

That Veja Sneakers review thinks their quality is sufficient to get them worn by a Duchess speaks volumes about their quality. So, Veja shoes are good. 

Are Veja Sneakers waterproof?

Veja uses a material made by recycling polyester, called B-mesh. Hence, the shoes are water-resistant due to the fabric. 

What is Veja sizing like?  

Veja sneakers are generally true to size, according to reviews. The sizes do run large, however, so if you’re between sizes, we recommend going down. 

How long does Veja take to ship?

We ship Veja worldwide. The Veja shipping fee is $6 for orders below $79 in France; orders under $79 have free shipping. Items will arrive within 72 hours. 

For orders of $120 and over, we offer free shipping to the UK. Standard shipping to the UK is $13. Delivery usually takes five to eight business days. 

Orders shipped to Europe will arrive in 14-21 business days with shipping at $18 or free for orders of $152 or more. If you are ordering from outside the US, international shipping will cost $30 (or is free for orders of $182 or more), and your order will arrive in 14-21 business days.

Express shipping options are as follows: 

  • France—$9 (arrives in 24 hours) 
  • UK—$18 (arrives in 24 hours)
  • Europe—$14 (arrives in 24 hours)
  • International—$36 (arrives in 2-5 business days)

After your order has been shipped, Veja will send you a link to track your package via email. The French postal service’s website or UPS’ can provide you with updates on your order. 

The tax and customs charges of destination countries apply to orders for countries outside of the EU. The customer is responsible for these charges. 

What is Veja’s Return Policy?

Veja products can be returned within 28 days of delivery. In addition to being in new condition with original packaging, the return request must accompany them. 

On the Veja website, you can find more information under “Returns and Refunds.”. 

Returns should be sent to: 


Rue des 44 Arpents

91100 Villabé


For orders of $79 or more, returns are free in France. Similarly, no return charges apply to European orders of $97 or more.

There is no regular exchange service offered by Veja through its website. You will need to place a new order if you need a different size or style. You can find more information on Veja’s returns and refund policy by visiting the section “Returns and Refunds”.

How to Contact Veja 

The brand’s website has both a contact form and a “Help” button that you can use to reach Veja Sneakers customer service. Customer service responds within 72 hours.

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