Vans vs Converse – Which Brand is Better?

One’s sense of style is quite individual. Although many people have go-to brands and wardrobe staples that instantly boost their self-esteem, finding the perfect pair of sneakers may be a real challenge. The traditional sneaker war between Vans and Converse has been a heated topic of conversation in the shoe business for decades.

Each pair of shoes has its own unique background. Paul Van Doren founded Vans as the first “skater” sneaker, and it’s still one of the top brands out there today. On the other hand, Marquis Mills Converse founded Converse and popularized the sneaker as a separate category of sporting footwear.

Although each shoe’s history is distinct, they are now both considered essential pieces of casual, everyday footwear.

Even yet, the question of which is superior remains unanswered. Which brand of sneakers, Vans or Converse, is the better buy? Keep on reading to learn more.

Vans vs Converse

Both pairs of shoes have their advantages and disadvantages, but both also have many wonderful features. Here, we’ll compare and contrast the two shoes so you can make an informed purchase.

Converse Pros

The Converse All-Star sneaker, available in both high and low top variations, has become ubiquitous in the world of casual clothing. The shoes are often available in a wide range of colors and designs, making them easy to match with a wide selection of wardrobe staples.


Converse shoes are a little more versatile in terms of how they can be styled than other brands. A lot of people look cool in Converse whether they wear shoes with a t-shirt and jeans or a miniskirt and a dressy top.

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to style, Converse are easier to incorporate into an existing outfit than Vans are because of their more laid-back, streetwear vibe, while Vans have a more rough, skater vibe.

Wide Variety of Styles

No other brand can compete with Converse when it comes to the sheer number of available options in terms of color, design, and style.

They can choose between high tops and low tops, and they come in virtually every hue of the rainbow and an abundance of patterns and styles. As Moreover, they are always releasing new styles.

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Converse Cons

Narrow Fit

Converse sneakers, in general, have a narrower fit than other brands. Wider feet may find it uncomfortable to wear Converse, especially for extended periods of time.

Can be Difficult to Clean

Canvas construction gives Converse sneakers a rougher feel than others. For this reason, washing nice shoes can be a real pain.

To keep your Converse looking good, you may need to scrub them more frequently than other sneakers.

Vans Pros

Vans has created a name for themselves as a leader in both the casual and sports shoe markets with their iconic “skater” style. They come in a rainbow of hues and designs.

Super Functional

There aren’t many shoe options that can compete with Vans if you’re constantly on the go and on your feet. As a result of their slightly wider construction, they are frequently more pleasant to wear for extended periods of time while out and about.

The rubber outsole provides exceptional traction, so you can do whatever you want to do without worrying about slipping.


Vans are the most wearable of the two shoe options, and for good reason. Vans are a wonderful option if you’re prone to blisters from new shoes because the thinner fabric helps prevent them.

Vans Cons

Not as Durable

These shoes aren’t quite as durable as Converse. Converse are more durable because they are constructed from a canvas that is both thicker and more coarsely woven.

Vans don’t provide as much arch support as Converse and wear out faster. That may seem strange at first, especially for newcomers trying on the sneaker.

Less Versatile

Because of their unique, gritty, and skater-like aesthetic, Vans shoes don’t always go with what you’re wearing.

It may be more challenging to incorporate them into more formal clothes than converse.

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How to Style Vans and Converse?

The sneaker designs of these two companies are distinct, although they share many aesthetic cues. They go best with slim-fitting jeans or a pair of straight-legged pants. Sure, you may pair them with whichever bottoms you like, but slim-fit pants are always a safe bet.

Wear Vans with deconstructed jeans and a graphic tee or sweatshirt for an edgy skater vibe. If you’re going for a laid-back look, Vans are the way to go.

Dress up a sundress or nice jacket and straight pants with a pair of Converse. This is a fantastic way to add some polish to an otherwise relaxed getup.

Vans vs Converse: Final Verdict

In a battle between Vans and Converse, who comes out on top? Shoes are an investment that can last for years and cost more than other types of clothes, making the decision to buy them a challenging one. Whether you choose Vans or Converse is a matter of taste and individuality.

In any case, whether you go with Vans or Converse, you’ll end up with a high-quality pair of shoes. While one may be superior in some regards to the other, you can rest assured that you will be appearing fashionable for quite some time with either option.

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