Unlock Your Glutes Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a Unlock Your Glutes review? Is Unlock Your Glutes a scam?

You may get the perfect lean figure and a gorgeous well-toned butt with the help of Unlock Your Glutes, a training program designed specifically to target the glutes.

You may get a lot of strength from your back and lower body movements thanks to your glutes, which are large and powerful muscles in your body. Prolonged sitting, however, causes your gluteal muscles to become inactive and cause a condition known as dead butt syndrome or gluteal amnesia.

You should expect poor posture, reduced athletic performance, and an increased risk of knee, back, and lower-body injuries if your glutes are weak. Therefore, to prevent these muscular imbalances and get a strong and firm butt that also improves your general well-being, you should focus on strengthening your weak glutes.

Both sexes can use the advice in Unlock Your Glutes, a straightforward workout manual that promises to help you build a perkier, more toned posterior. The program’s training helps you get into shape and maintain it for the long haul. Read this Unlock your glutes review to learn more about the program and how it can help you. Is it money well spent?

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about Unlock Your Glutes to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

In this Unlock Your Glutes review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

Unlock Your Glutes Review – Key Takeaways

Name of the Program Unlock Your Glutes
Website: https://www.unlockmyglutes.com/
Price: Get a Special Discount Here
Creator Brian Klepacki
Program Type Digital program
Use of the program Get the perfect lean figure and a gorgeous well-toned butt

What is Unlock Your Glutes Program?

If you want a healthier, firmer, and rounder butt, the Unlock Your Glutes Program is a complete workout blueprint that will take you rapidly in the right direction. 

In order to recover your health, performance, and general well-being, this expert program will teach you the strategies you need to revive your gluteal muscles and toughen the glutes muscle.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Exercise Science master’s degree holder Brian Klepacki developed the program. Brian has been coaching and developing bodybuilders, fitness models, and athletes for over 16 years. 

After extensive research and experimentation, he devised this program to assist others in successfully building lean muscle and regaining their ideal body composition. His program’s scientific credibility is its strongest suit.

In order to make his points more clear, the author provides a step-by-step instruction written in plain English. All of the methods recommended in this program are based on solid scientific research and are completely safe and effective.

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How Does Unlock Your Glutes Work?

There are particular ‘Right workouts’ in the Unlock Your Glutes program that are meant to strengthen the buttocks.

Your poor glute health stems from the fact that “You have been exercising your intestines in the wrong way.”

Brian notes that he is well-versed in the standard ‘exercises’ for targeting the glutes – squats, deadlifts, and lunges – that the majority of people rely on. However, most of the exercises focus on the back and legs, which is problematic. Gluteal activation is a byproduct of these exercises.

He goes on to explain that the glute muscles group, which includes the large gluteus Maximus, the smaller gluteus minimus, and the larger gluteus medius, is the largest muscular group in the human body. In addition to determining your butt’s shape, these muscles need to be worked out. Gluteus maximus muscle strength requires vertical, horizontal, and rotational movement.

In this section, the Unlock Your Glutes program provides you with straightforward exercises that target your glutes specifically and strengthen them in every direction. The program contains detailed directions, workout schedules, nutrition, warming up, timing, and glute exercises that focus on the butt, thighs, and lower back to activate your glutes and facilitate your mobility throughout the day.

Benefits of Unlock Your Glutes

In order to assist you obtain powerful glutes in addition to many other physical health benefits, Brian provides complete ways to glutes health and organizes them elegantly to make everything apparent.

Achieve a stronger butt

The program is designed to help you build a rounder, firmer, and more muscular butt by providing concise, straightforward, and consistent butt workout recommendations. Furthermore, the program improves your health by helping you become stronger and more powerful as well as more flexible and athletic.

No more pain

The exercises target muscle, joint, and nerve function; they prevent muscular imbalance; and they alleviate discomfort in the lower back, legs, knees, hamstrings, ankles, and flat butts.

Lose weight

Specifically, the program will help you lose weight by strengthening your buttocks, legs, lower back, and thighs. It also helps you acquire a flatter stomach and trimmer waistline. You’ll be able to run faster and perform better as a result.

More athletic physique

If you want to acquire a leaner, healthier, or more athletic body but don’t have access to a gym, this booklet will show you the perfect glutes exercises and nutritional regimens to practice at home.

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Why is Unlock Your Glutes Effective?


The program’s recommendations, facts, and strategies have all been tried and true with actual people and confirmed by solid scientific research.

Easily accessible

The program is digital, so you may save money on shipping and have immediate access to it for the rest of your life, provided you have a steady internet connection.

Sold at a friendly price

The Unlock your Glutes Program is priced competitively with similar products that focus on the glutes. There are two more benefits that are really helpful.

Simple and Practical Steps

The program determines the optimal motion for your glutes’ growth and guides you to your ideal body composition and enhanced posture in manageable ways.

Money-back guarantee

You may try out the software risk-free because it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have until the end of that time frame to request a refund if you are unhappy with the results. If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund.

What’s Inside Unlock Your Glutes?

The exercises in Unlock Your Glutes focus on strengthening the hip and butt areas, but the program is intended to be used as a whole.

Unlock Your Glutes, Main Manual

The Unlock Your Glutes Manual is a PDF guide available for instant download that will teach you how to train your glutes properly and dispel any myths you may have heard about the subject. Before going over each workout, you will learn the advantages of a stronger butt and the science behind growing powerful glutes.

Coaching Videos

All of the instructional videos for working on your glutes are shot by Brian himself and presented in high definition with detailed explanations. There are 36 exercises aimed specifically at the glutes, all of which were filmed at Clearwater’s state-of-the-art gym.

Every video is shot in crisp 1080p HD, and there are options for both ‘at home’ (using only your bodyweight) and gym-equipped workouts.

Over the course of four weeks (eight sessions), you’ll receive a variety of workout routines, including two glute workouts per week. Each session should take no more than 15 minutes.

Bonus Content

Strong Leg Workouts

You may have stronger and more muscular legs by following the exercises in this free PDF book. You can now incorporate it into your regular glute routine.

14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
Also included is a PDF nutritional plan that Brian says will aid in speedy, healthy weight loss. To jumpstart your fat reduction and see initial results, he will instruct you on where to find ingredients and how to prepare delicious meals.

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Who is the Creator of The Unlock Your Glutes Program?

Professional strength and conditioning coach and holder of a Master of Science degree in exercise science, Brian Klepacki, presents the Unlock Your Glutes Program (CSCS).

Brian has spent nearly two decades at the forefront of the field of training and exercise science, where he has developed an expertise in Functional Movement.

He invests much of his time training with athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models, learning from their experiences and using his own knowledge of effective exercise techniques.

The Compound is Brian’s headquarters and training facility near Clearwater, Florida.

Here, with top athletes, he puts the most cutting-edge research into practice to boost their efficiency and health.

Unlock Your Glutes Customer Review

According to the reviews of Unlock Your Glutes, the program is equally beneficial for men and women of any age. Users report improved buttocks and legs as well as reduced back discomfort.

The users have shared their thoughts in the following ways:

“One of my favorite body parts to work on is glutes. Brian’s workout hits them from every angle. It only takes a few minutes of exercise, ranging from heavy weighted thrusts to simple bodyweight movements that can be done at home. This workout will keep your back view in check!—Stephanie Dushane

“I used to be the guy with the flat buttocks. That’s no longer an issue for me thanks to Coach Brian’s glute training at the Compound. Because of my background in endurance sports, my ass needed a wake-up call. My wife claims that whatever I’ve been doing is working. Brian deserves credit. If you want to get rid of your flat butt, this program will help you achieve stronger glutes.” —Jim Muldoon

“Since starting Brian Klepacki’s Unlock Your Glutes program, my back, knees, and hips have felt so much better. Yes, my jeans fit better, but I’m more excited about the improvement in my overall strength, performance, and function. I’ve known Brian for a few years and can attest that he is a nice guy who genuinely cares about his clients and their success. Brian and his scientific approach to building muscle with strength can be trusted.”—Chris Wilson

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Positive and Negative Feedback of Unlock Your Glutes

Positive Feedback

  • As the #1 DEMONSTRATED By working out to build a stronger, fuller butt, you can improve your confidence and self-esteem and increase your attractiveness to friends, partners, and potential romantic interests.
  • You’ll feel younger and more energized than you have in years after employing the “GM3” Method to activate and prime your body’s greatest sleeping muscle, release your inhibitory muscle group, and incorporate strength-training, muscle-building, and fat-burning workouts.
  • Get rid of more of the “junk in your trunk” in less than a month so you may feel confident in your body and sit for extended periods of time without experiencing muscular soreness.
  • Gain strength and growth in your glutes quickly even if you can’t get to the gym, and you won’t be able to skip your workout no matter how many times you try.
  • Improve your athletic performance to new heights by releasing latent potential and tapping into previously untapped reserves of strength and stamina.

Negative Feedback

  • It’s easy to follow and finish, but you need to be dedicated to get the greatest results.
  • Users with significant ailments to their back, hips, or legs should probably see a doctor before starting the program.
  • Not available in the same way that a physical good would be

Who Is Unlock Your Glutes Best For?

Both sexes are welcome to participate in the Unlock Your Glutes Training. Office workers and even seasoned gym warriors with dead or sub-par butts would benefit greatly from the program because it is designed just for them.

So, from now on, if you’ve got dead butt syndrome or your behind is just looking too weak and saggy, this regimen will aid you immensely in providing it (your glutes) strength and excellent shape.

Unlock Your Glutes Pricing and Discounts

Be wary of unscrupulous websites claiming to offer exclusive activation links for only $17. Since the usual price of the program is $17 on the official site, no special coupon or discount links are available.

Discounted copies of Unlock Your Glutes can be purchased at unlockmyglutes.com for $17.00 or $27.00.

  • Physical Copy of Unlock Your Glutes $27.00, The book and DVD shipped to your home, and instantly download the digital versions.
  • The digital copy of Unlock Your Glutes is $17.00 and bonuses for instant download.

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Unlock Your Glutes Refund Policy

Unlock Your Glutes is a very user-friendly workshop. You can return it within 60 days and get your money back. 

Within sixty days after purchase, a full refund will be issued if the customer is not happy with the outcomes. Your entire payment will be refunded, no questions asked.

Unlock Your Glutes Review: Final Verdict

This book, Unlock Your Glutes, is the ultimate glute-specific training routine that will help anyone get a rounder, firmer, and more muscular butt.

By adhering to the program, a large number of people have achieved their greatest results. Everyone, men and women alike, can benefit from the program, which will help you achieve your ideal body shape and develop impressive glutes.

The program does more than just help you develop a nice butt—it also boosts your strength, power, athleticism, and muscle mass. Bodyweight exercise has additional benefits, like helping you achieve a more toned physique and an uprighter posture.

The Unlock Your Glutes is a superior option, though, if you want to improve your butt and legs using only bodyweight workouts.

Just try it out, and you’ll soon be on your way to a more energized, confident, and attractive physique.

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Unlock Your Glutes FAQs

1. How is this program superior to other glutes-dedicated routines?

Based on his experiences, Brian explains that the program targets all three gluteal muscles through a wide range of exercises and actions. Most competing software is based on antiquated research that prevents consumers from achieving their goals.

2. Who is Unlock Your Glutes for?

Anyone, regardless of gender or ability level, can benefit from this training. When used properly, the program can help anyone improve their physical condition.

3. How long shall users require partaking?

At the outset, the program will take about four weeks, and it will be necessary for the participant to exercise only twice per week. For those who want to maintain their results, however, the four-week program can be repeated as often as desired.

4. Is there some specific gym equipment needed?

Yes, but not too much. Working out with one’s own bodyweight and various forms of resistance is the major focus of this regimen. You may do them anywhere, although for some resistance exercises you may need a couple of little items like dumbbells to get the desired effects.

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