Titan Smart Pro Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

So, you might’ve heard that even traditional watchmakers are jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon these days. A little while back, we checked out the Titan Smart and were pretty impressed. Now, Titan’s upped their game with the Titan Smart Pro.

We’ve been rockin’ this bad boy for a couple weeks now and can safely say it’s a step up from the previous model. With a more premium design and a better display, you’ll be feelin’ fancy. Plus, it’s packed with even more health and fitness tracking features. 

First Impressions: The Titan Smart Pro Watch Review

Just got my hands on the Titan Smart Pro watch and I gotta say, this thing feels premium. The metal case gives it a solid and finished look, and the included straps are super comfy. I got the blue one for this review and I have to say, it looks pretty sharp.

One thing I love about this smartwatch is that it’s not too thick, making it a comfortable wear all day. And if you’re not a fan of the bundled straps, you can always swap them out for something that suits your style better.

There are two buttons on the right side that are easy to press and feel responsive. On the back, you’ll find pogo pins for charging and a heart rate sensor for tracking your health stats. Just like most smartwatches, the Titan Smart Pro is IP67 rated, so you can take it for a swim without any worries.

Charging up is a breeze – the charger attaches to the pogo pins magnetically and the watch goes from 0-100% in just an hour. That’s faster than the Apple Watch Series 7 which takes over an hour and a half for a full charge.

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Review of its Health and Fitness Features

Hey there! I recently tested the Titan Smart Pro smartwatch and here’s what I found. The most important thing in a smartwatch is how well it tracks your health and fitness and how it connects with your smartphone. The Titan Smart Pro nails the first part. It has all the sensors you’d want in a smartwatch, plus some extra ones like a temperature sensor.

The accuracy of step tracking and workout tracking is spot on. I compared it to the Apple Watch Series 7 and it held up pretty well. There’s even a built-in GPS for location tracking, although it’s not as good as some other premium watches. With 14 workout modes, you’ll have plenty of options to track your physical activity. Plus, it even reminds you to stand up and walk around a bit.

Sleep tracking was surprisingly accurate too, even more so than the Apple Watch Series 7. Sadly, I couldn’t test the mid-day nap tracking. All the health and fitness data is stored in the Titan Smart Pro app on your smartphone. However, if you delete the app, you’ll lose all the data, which is a bummer. The company should consider syncing with Apple Health or Google Fit in future updates.

A few downsides to mention – it doesn’t have a loudspeaker, so you can only accept or reject calls but you’ll have to use your phone to talk. It also doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so firmware updates can only be done through your phone.

Overall, the Titan Smart Pro delivers on health and fitness tracking and has some unique features not found in other smartwatches. Just be prepared for some limitations in terms of connectivity.

The Watch That Lasts a Week (or More!)

One of the standout features of this watch is its seriously impressive battery life. On a single charge, it lasts up to 2 whole weeks! Even with the always-on display mode turned on, it still lasts for a full week. And, bonus: it charges super fast with its magnetic charger. No need to stress about battery life with this watch – it’s a total powerhouse.


The 1.19-inch OLED display on the Titan Smart Pro is a big improvement over the Titan Smart’s LCD. It’s bright, clear and the contrast is fantastic. The watch faces look pretty cool on it. You won’t have trouble reading the display even in bright sunlight.

However, the bezels are a bit thick and the company tried to hide it by making the UI all black. You’ll see the thickness when you use brightly colored watch faces or scroll through the app list. Other devices have thinner bezels and the Titan Smart Pro feels a little behind in that aspect.

One issue with the Titan Smart Pro is the inconsistent Lift To Wake sensitivity. Sometimes the screen wakes up right away, but other times it takes a second or two. It may not seem like much, but even a one second delay can be frustrating in real life.

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Software & App Experience

The Titan Smart Pro can connect to either an Android or iPhone through its app. The pairing process isn’t the smoothest though, as the QR code for pairing is displayed at max brightness on the watch’s screen, making it a bit hard for your phone’s camera to pick it up. But don’t worry, with a little bit of adjusting, you’ll be able to get the pairing process started.

During the setup, the app will ask for some details about your body, like your age, height, weight, and gender. Once that’s all done, you can set your fitness goals, like your daily step count, calorie burn, and more.

As for the “smartwatch” part, the Titan Smart Pro app lets you choose what app notifications you want to receive from your paired smartphone. There are also apps for weather, music, camera, reminders, and more, but unfortunately, you can’t set the alarm directly from the watch. Plus, you can’t download any third-party apps.

Using the smartwatch is pretty straightforward. Swipe up from the bottom to access the control center, swipe down from the top for notifications, and swipe left or right to switch between widgets. When you’re inside any app or menu, a right swipe takes you back to the previous screen. The scrolling feels a bit stuttery, but that could just be a weak processor or a 30Hz display.

When notifications come in, you can tap on them to view them or swipe them away. However, unlike other smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, Amazfit, Fitbit, and Xiaomi, you can’t reply to messages or even clear notifications in the notifications area.

There are plenty of watch faces to choose from, but they’re not customizable. The app does allow you to use your own photos as the watch face background, but you can’t change the widgets. This is one area where Titan really needs to improve. Maybe they should switch to Google and Samsung’s Wear OS platform for better integration, access to third-party apps, and customisable watch faces.

So, that’s it for the Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch. It’s a bit of a hit and miss, but it’s still worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch.

Titan Smart Pro Review: Final Verdict

The Titan Smart Pro delivers as a fitness tracker, with a decent screen, comfortable design, accurate tracking, GPS, and long battery life. But, it falls short on the smartwatch experience, such as interacting with notifications, data syncing, and customization.

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