The Importance of the Food Triangle

You may not be aware of the correct foods to incorporate into your diet, and since we are talking about supplementing these, it’s important to know what your diet should contain.

Although common sense tells you that you should be eating a variety of foods that contain different vitamins and minerals, you may be surprised to learn that many modern diets do not contain sufficient nourishment to help a man make the most of his life. In fact, modern fast foods may even be depleting the needs of the body.

To explain what foods you need in order to be healthy, one needs to consult what is called the food triangle. This is where foods are divided into different boxes according to their necessity for human health and wellbeing.

As you can see, the foods that you need are shown very clearly, but there are other guidelines that will help you. For example, the more colorful the vegetables, the more goodness you can expect to derive from them, as they contain many vitamins that are essential to good health. You will see that potatoes, bread, and cereal make up quite a bit of your diet, and these are the staple foods that help the digestive system to process whatever is thrown at it.

Drinks made out of vegetables are healthy, and if you have a juicer, you will find that there are loads of wonderful recipes that can help you get your daily quota of vegetables without actually having to eat them.

Beware when it comes to fruit smoothies though, because these are loaded with natural sugars that may play with the way that your body has highs and lows. In the spaces where this diagram shows tofu and soy, you need to replace much of this with meat, although this should be of the lean variety.

At the top of the triangle, you will see that you have a space for supplements. Therefore, try to make up a triangle of the foods that you currently eat, and be very honest in your appraisal as this will help you see where deficits lie.

The average Joe in this day and age may be eating a lot of things that are not that good for energy levels. Instead of whole bread, for example, they may have a large intake of white bread. This needs to be changed to help the body digest in a correct manner and even contribute to that full feeling and prevent constipation. Rice, as well, would be better in whole format, and if using white rice, this should be strained and washed so as to avoid extra starch being placed into the digestive system.

Above all else, you must remember that water is essential and that you should be drinking eight glasses per day to retain good health. This is needed for your muscle flexibility, and although you may be a coffee or tea drinker, you have to remember that coffee and tea are both diuretics and will therefore make you urinate more, thus losing any benefit from the water within them. There are many people who believe that their coffee intake is sufficient water for them for a day, but look at it this way. If you drink a cup of coffee, you are likely to urinate three cups. Thus, coffee takes away the water from your body and can cause dehydration.

To ensure that you are not loading your body with excess fats, you also need to adjust your diet, if possible, to include Omega 3 oils. This is available in margarine format and also in the milk that you drink. Cut down from full cream milk to a half cream milk to cut down excess fat. Your sugar intake will also have an effect on your energy levels, and if you can make sure that this is stable and not excessive, this will help you feel better.

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